Arc 4: Shocking Orphanage
Chapter 71: Breeze

What it meant by separating it into three portions, Yan Jing Cai didn’t dare imagine it.

He really didn’t want to see at cut open head sitting on his plate. He was afraid that he might vomit immediately at the sight of it.

Xi Yixiang patted Yan Jing Cai’s back fiercely and said through gritted teeth: “Okay, okay. We’ll pay attention and definitely won’t……..throw them out.”

Su Min who stood at the back felt distressed for Yan Jing Cai’s back.

With her using that much strength to pat his back, he didn’t dare imagine how it felt.

The old director who was reassured nodded, “I have taught you all since young that it is shameful to waste things so you cannot throw out the food. You must eat them all and don’t waste them. Understood?”

Su Min responded: “Yes.”

Yan Jing Cai said: “We won’t. We really won’t.”

The old director looked at the three of them carefully to confirm that they weren’t lying: “Since this is the case then I’ll go back. You should go to sleep earlier tonight. Will you be having breakfast tomorrow morning?”

The three said in unison: “No.”

The old director narrowed his eyes, “It’s bad for you not to eat.”

Yan Jing Cai said: “Director, us young people have trouble getting up in the morning……so we don’t usually eat breakfast. You don’t need to prepare it for us.”

The old director nodded, “Okay then.”

He turned and went downstairs. Seeing the directors back disappear down the stairs, Yan Jing Cai and the others breathed a sigh of relief.

No one expected him to find out about them disposing of the food.

To be honest, the first location where they had threw it out at wasn’t very conspicuous and you would need to look very carefully to find it. Unexpectedly, he had really noticed it.

Xu Yixiang went downstairs to ensure that the director had left and then ran back up. She asked: “How did you know the director would find out?”

Did you really bribe a ghost?

Su Min said: “Intuition.”

He didn’t think that much at that time and just suggested it subconsciously. He didn’t expect it to really happen.

Su Min who finished saying that saw Xu Yixiang looking at him with a “you’re definitely just making excuses” and “don’t deceive yourself” look.

He really……has no words.

Yan Jing Cai thought of something else, “Han Qinqin was discovered. Will she end up the same as Shi Nansheng?”

Afterall, it also had something to do with the food.

Su Min thought for a few seconds and said: “If that is the case then Han Qinqin’s quite unlucky today. Her method of death should be different to Shi Nansheng’s.”

You offend Xiao Chen by eating the finger, but you offend the director by pouring out the food.

From the looks of it, the director really might not be human and may just be disguised as a human. It looks like Han Qinqin would die very miserably.

It was usually the normal looking ones that are the craziest.

The cinema would give him a new hint tonight. He suspected that it would probably be related to Han Qinqin.

Su Min threw away those thoughts, “Are you guys hungry?”

Yan Jing Cai looked embarrassed, “Hungry.”

Having not eaten properly for a whole day, it was a complete contrast to his usual diet. How could he not be hungry?

Su Min laughed, “Then let’s eat.”

Yan Jing Cai silently swallowed, “How many snacks did you bring? Why do you still have more after we ate all that?”

He didn’t pay attention to how much he had eaten this afternoon.

Su Min thought back, “I think it should last us until the end of tomorrow. We can only eat sparingly. Otherwise we would end up hungry after finishing it all and end up eating Xiao Chen’s food.”

Hearing Xiao Chen, Yan Jing Cai’s expression instantly changed.

The psychological shadow left by him was too strong. He didn’t expect him to be able to have all those tricks up his sleeves with the food. He had never seen such a scary chef.

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After returning to the room, Su Min opened his suitcase.

In fact, he had brought along dry biscuits but, because it didn’t taste as good as the other snacks, he kept it at the bottom and left it for later. He pulled out a few at the top first.

Xu Yixiang was dumbfounded, “You’re even more amazing than I am.”

More than half the suitcase was filled with food. How could he think of bringing so much here? This Su Min really is a scary person.

She had only heard about Su Min through Yan Jing Cai but now she well and truly understood that Su Min was a very strange person.

Su Min handed over two boxes of Oreos, “No milk.”

Yan Jing Cai received it, “You can still eat it without milk.”

Being able to eat this is already very good, okay?

Su Min opened a packet of dried cranberries. He inspected the room as he ate, and he locked the room from the inside.

He softened his voice: “I found Ming Ming’s file earlier.”

Xu Yixiang asked unconsciously: “Human?”

Su Min recalled the contents, “The file stated that Ming Ming came here last spring and was adopted by someone but was soon sent back. Since then, he had always been staying in the orphanage.”

Yan Jing Cai stopped his act of eating, “It doesn’t sound strange. He may have been adopted when the photo was taken.”

“Maybe.” Su Min thought about it, “He probably had some problems, so he was sent back. He’s probably human.”

But if Ming Ming was human, then what was going on with the game of Statue that night?

Su Min still remembered that incident. It gave him a very strange feeling and Ming Ming really didn’t look human at that time.

It was too contradictory.

“Why don’t we look for the other children that we haven’t seen until now?” Xu Yixiang bit onto a biscuit, “They’ve never appeared together, and director even mentioned that they’re sick. We can use that as an excuse to see them.”

The old director mentioned that there were only seven children.

They had already seen four so there were another three that had not yet appeared. They didn’t now if they truly did exist.

Su Min said: “We’ll go and see tomorrow. It’s not safe at night.”

He also wanted to go to the other side. There were no clues here and the movie is related to the orphanage so the children might hold the clues.

Xu Yixiang touched Yan Jing Cai and whispered a few words to him.

Yan Jing Cai turned over and said to Su Min: “I’ll accompany Xu Yixiang over to the other side. You be careful.”

Su Min nodded, “En.”

The couple finally left to chat with each other. He had thought that they would stay in the room the whole time.

The room became quieter as soon as they left.

Su Min opened the window and a gust of wind blew over. There was no moonlight outside. Everything was dark.

Chen Su then suddenly appeared beside him. His presence was very obvious.

Su Min didn’t say anything. He just ate his snack in silence and then prepared to close the window.

Before he could do that, Chen Su took the initiative and spoke up: “What do you think of her suggestion?”

Su Min pulled out another dried cranberry and asked, “What suggestion?”

Chen Su wasn’t happy. How could he forget so quickly?: “She asked if you bribed a ghost but you didn’t. Why don’t we make that the truth?”

Su Min just finished eating when he heard his words. He turned around to look at him, but he still couldn’t see his face, “You peeked.”

How did he know about it? He wasn’t there earlier.

Chen Su said: “I didn’t.”

Su Min didn’t believe him, “Don’t bother me watching the movie.”

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Chen Su said: “I’m also from the movie.”

“Then tell me what your role is.” Su Min now was interested, “Apart from the identity of Jing Xian, what other identities do you have?”

He had appeared in several movies after that and he would appear without being called for, so it wasn’t wrong calling him a Jing Xian.

So Su Min was suspicious of his identity.

Chen Su chuckled, “I’ve also been a patient.”

As soon as the word patient appeared, Su Min threw the snacks at him. The snacks passed through Chen Su’s body and fell to the ground.

Yan Jing Cai who had just returned to get his clothes was startled by this. He didn’t see Chen Su there and whispered, “What’s wrong?”

Su Min took a deep breath, “Nothing.”

Yan Jing Cai looked around suspicious, “You be careful.”

The lights in the room weren’t on. He felt that Su Min was probably mulling over his thoughts in the dark and just left the room after fumbling around in the dark room a little.

Su Min bypassed Chen Su and picked up the snacks on the ground. Fortunately, it didn’t fall out from the bag or they would have less to eat.

He placed emphasis on each word: “What damned patient were you?”

Chen Su said innocently: “I was your patient.”

Su Min sneered: “I don’t remember having a patient like you.”

Chen Su moved over and got close to his neck. He breathed slowly at that intimate distance, “Have you forgotten about what happened?”

Su Min said: “Forgot.”

Chen Su: “………”

Finally rendering the other party speechless, Su Min calmed himself down. He no longer paid attention to the ghostly Chen Su.

After a while Chen Su slowly spoke up: “Snacks are bad for your health.”

Su Min: “If I don’t eat, I’ll starve to death.”

Although Xiao Chen didn’t add anything to his food, he didn’t know if he used his hand to make it and whether it was still edible.

Chen Su said earnestly: “I was telling the truth earlier.”

Su Min squeezed the bag in his hand and said: “Then I would rather eat the snacks. Can you be as sour or as sweet as them?”

The dried cranberries were something his original character bought, and he casually packed it in preparation for the orphanage. He didn’t expect it to suit his taste.

Chen Su spoke seriously: “Of course I can.”

Su Min: “………My god, you’re too narcissistic.”

Chen Su: “…………….”

Why did he feel that Su Min is getting better and better at speaking?

Su Min ate several pieces of preserved fruits and was a little pleased about being able to render Chen Su speechless. It was even evident just looking at his expression.

Chen Su saw this clearly too.

While Su Min wasn’t paying attention, he carried him over to the windowsill. Su Min who was caught off guard was startled causing the dried cranberries in his hand to fall to the ground.

Su Min was angry: “Are you crazy?”

Chen Su said softly: “Compensate you.”

After saying that, he lowered his head and kissed Su Min. He used his hand to grip him tightly to prevent him from falling down.

Su Min’s back was empty and the sensation of being about to fall off any minute made him uncontrollably tense up. He grabbed Chen Su’s shoulder for support.

His mind got more and more muddled.

The door to the room suddenly opened.

Su Min returned to his senses and was a little stunned when he saw Yan Jing Cai come in.

Yan Jing Cai was also a little surprised. He muttered, “…….Su Min, why are you sitting on the windowsill now?”

From his point of view, Su Min was sitting alone on the windowsill. As long as he leaned back slightly, he would fall off.

Don’t tell me he has given up and wants to end his life?

Su Min’s seemingly empty hands were holding tightly onto Chen Su. He heard the other party groan a little and he suspected that a ghost could also feel pain.

He said to the person at the door: “I……..I just wanted some fresh air.”

“…….Then be careful.” Yan Jing Cai had a shocked expression, “That is too dangerous. You should come down.”

Chen Su was blocking in front of Su Min. He bit onto Su Min’s chin.

Su Min found it itchy but he was afraid of being discovered by the two protagonists, so he pretended to hum in response.

Yan Jing Cai: “You’re still not coming down?”

As they spoke, Chen Su had already moved from his chin down to his neck. Occasionally he would lick it, like he was tasting something delicious, but no one saw it.

Su Min pushed Chen Su and said through gritted teeth: “Can you get lost?”

Yan Jing Cai was in disbelief: “What did you say?”

He was actually cursed at and was asked to get out.

Su Min: “……….”

No, I didn’t, I wasn’t speaking to you.

Xu Yixiang who followed behind him saw this scene and her expression changed drastically. She shouted: “Su Min, don’t do this! You won’t die jumping off the second floor and will only end up in a wheelchair!”

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