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Arc 4: Shocking Orphanage
Chapter 76: Hug

Ming Ming revealed a smile, “Yeah.”

He said that simple word in a naïve and innocent tone.

Yan Jing Cai who was denying it a moment ago was dumbfounded. He couldn’t take in the situation and his mind was in a state of chaos.

When they met earlier, Ming Ming was clearly just a child but now he looked as if he was a completely different person.

Xu Yixiang was a little calmer than Yan Jing Cai but she was also stunned. She asked: “Did you call us back? Why did you call us back?”

And he even pretended to be the old director.

If it was really an email sent out by Ming Ming, then it was a terrifying thought. He had mentioned in the email that the old director didn’t have long to live – was this true or false?

The fire gradually swept over.

Su Min asked: “Did you call us back so that we could die here?”

Even now, he didn’t know what Ming Ming’s intentions were. With Shi Nansheng and Han Qinqin meeting that kind of fate, they would probably also die if things continued like this.

If they didn’t go and check on the children today, they probably wouldn’t reach this stage and would have just died without knowing anything.

But the movie had set up only a few situations. Once you have gone through almost all of them, the movie was about to reach its end.

The smoke got thicker and thicker. Any more and they would suffocate in here.

Su Min immediately decided: “Let’s leave here first.”

Yan Jing Cai asked with frustration: “But he’s over there so how can we go past? Are we going to get rid of him?”

But killing someone wasn’t something anyone could do.

Ming Ming and they were only about two metres apart. Su Min thought for a moment before walking over and picking Ming Ming up in his arms. He then went downstairs.

“Follow me.”

Ming Ming didn’t expect Su Min to do something like this.

The doll was squeezed between him and Su Min and you could smell an old scent coming from it. It probably wasn’t washed for a long time.

Xu Yixiang was pulled along by Yan Jing Cai and they both ran down.

The entire second floor was engulfed in flames. When they left the stairwell, fire poured out from above.

“Our luggage is probably all gone……..”

Xu Yixiang panted while shouting, “Ah, so angry!”

She was probably annoyed by everything that had happened over the past few days and she couldn’t help but yell out at the empty first floor.

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The first floor also started to burn.

It was very sudden. When they came down from the second floor, the first floor was fine, but it now started to burn fiercely like the second floor.

Ming Ming struggled in Su Ming’s arms.

Su Min held onto him tightly and didn’t let go. They all ran out to the yard.

From the outside, they could see that the entire orphanage was alight. Large clouds of thick smoke poured out from the windows, soaring up into the air.

The sky was dark.

Ming Ming struggled in Su Min’s arms, but Su Min had no intention to let him go. In the end, the doll fell out.

The moment the doll fell, Ming Ming’s attitude changed.

He opened his mouth and bit hard onto Su Min’s shoulder. Although it was small, he had sharp teeth and he used a lot of strength.

Su Min winced in pain and released him.

Ming Ming quickly picked up the doll and held it in his arms. He looked at Su Min warily with a pale face.

Su Min asked again: “Why did you call us back?”

Ming Ming grinned widely, “To let you play with me.”

Yan Jing Cai who was watching on felt a chill down his spine.

He had thought that everything was done by Xiao Chen or the old director but from the looks of it, everything was done by this child here instead.

He had planned everything and kept everyone in the dark. He then planned to let them die again in the orphanage where they had once lived.

Yan Jing Cai was speechless.

Xu Yixiang sensed that his mood was off and moved over to silently comfort him.

Su Min and Ming Ming continued to confront each other. Behind them was a fiery background.

He asked: “How did you know about us?”

Su Min couldn’t figure this out. Unless the director told him himself, how could a child know about their contact information?

Ming Ming fiddled with the doll and didn’t say anything.

Yan Jing Cai behind him said: “He must have seen our contact details when we contacted the old director. I would always leave contact information behind when I sent over money.”

Su Min turned around, “You also sent money?”

Yan Jing Cai nodded, “I would send over every month and also some food.”

Although it wasn’t a large amount, it was the intention that counts.

Su Min now understood the situation a little more. Ming Ming had probably gotten his hands onto their contact information after they’ve been maintaining contact with the orphanage and he used that to send them an email.

As for the contents of the email……..

The old director was already dead, yet he made up a lie saying that the director didn’t have long to live.

The name of the movie was “The Last Supper”. Without a doubt, this was associated with that painting and the number of people here were exactly thirteen.

The old director was Christian, and Ming Ming also had a cross hanging from his neck. Although he may not be Christian, he was likely influenced by it.

 Thirteen people were drawn next to Ming Ming’s bed and he had planned on calling thirteen people here but Xu Yixiang’s arrival had disrupted his plans.

So, Su Min surmised that Ming Ming had probably changed his mind and left things to develop on its own. In the end, the last supper that he had planned for never occurred.

If Su Min didn’t participate in the holographic viewing of the movie, the number would be exactly thirteen.

It was this variable that disrupted his train of thoughts. He had overlooked this the entire time. If he realised this sooner, he could have possibly found out about the truth earlier.

Ming Ming spoke up: “You must stay with me.”

Su Min looked at the doll in his arms.

The doll was a young girl. She wore a red dress. Although it was quite worn out, you could tell that the original owner of the doll should be a young girl.

“Your little sister is gone?”

It shouldn’t be an older sister. Very few movies would have an older sister role and the little sister trope was much more common.

Sure enough, as soon as he said that Ming Ming’s expression changed.

His expression soured and he looked at Su Min with a look of dislike and disgust.

Su Min understood now. His younger sister was his sore spot.

Yan Jing Cai asked: “He has a little sister?”

Su Min stood up, “Yes, the doll in his arms is probably his sister’s. She probably isn’t here anymore and that’s why he’s doing all these things.”

He just wanted to find sacrifices to accompany her.

Su Min reached over. Ming Ming tried to avoid him, but he was unsuccessful, and Su Min managed to touch the doll in his arms.

He praised: “It’s pretty.”

Ming Ming’s eyes widened. It must have been his first-time hearing something like this. You could visibly see his mood improve.

Su Min didn’t expect his last word of praise to affect him so much. Sure enough, he was still a child. An adult wouldn’t react like this.

Ming Ming held tightly onto the doll, “You can go.”

Looking at him now, you could see that his eyes were very beautiful. It was different to the eyes from before but there still were no emotions, or at least, you couldn’t tell what he was feeling.

Su Min squatted down and looked at him, “You’re staying here?”

Ming Ming didn’t answer.

“He probably meant that he’s letting us go.” Xu Yixiang said: “Su Min, are you going?”

She didn’t feel much towards Ming Ming and was even a little scared. Her first choice was naturally leaving this place as soon as possible.

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Yan Jing Cai also said: “Let’s go.”

If this child suddenly changed his mind, they would no longer be able to leave, and they would be burned to death here.

Su Min wanted to pick Ming Ming up again but this time he was able to escape.

Ming Ming increased the distance between them.

Su Min was helpless. He could only follow his words and leave.

They weren’t far from the outside world and soon the three of them stood outside the main gates to the orphanage.

After they all went out, Ming Ming lowered his head and played with the doll for a while. He then turned around and walked into the building.

A few minutes later, Su Min saw him standing by the window on the second floor.

“Is he going to stay there and burn to death?” Yan Jing Cai was anxious again, “No way………”

Although Ming Ming said that it was all done by him, he still couldn’t watch a child stand in a sea of fire and not do anything.

Xu Yixiang held tightly onto Yan Jing Cai’s hand, “He probably wouldn’t come out. He probably intended on doing this when he let us go.”

The sky suddenly brightened.

It was as if the darkness earlier was just their imagination. Even the sun that they had not seen the past few days had appeared.

Su Min watched Ming Ming disappear into the fire, “This is his world.”

Knowing that everything was done by Ming Ming, he understood everything.

The old director, Xiao Chen and all those children were not human. It could be said that they are ghosts.

Since the very beginning, the orphanage was under Ming Ming’s control. Everyone apart from the people who had come back weren’t human.

The prompt from the cinema appeared——–

【Audience Member Su Min hello. Congratulations, you have successfully lived until the finale! There is still a five-minute transitional period. Please be prepared.】

Sure enough, Su Min was right.

Not far behind the three of them was a wide road, and before them was the burning orphanage. The flames soared up into the sky.

Su Min couldn’t’ describe what he was feeling at this very moment.

This movie was one of the most special movies that he had experienced. A child had planned the entire thing, and, in the end, he had let them go.

Those children had died in a fire and it probably had something to do with Ming Ming. More likely, it had something to do with the doll’s owner.

That was why Ming Ming wanted to call them back and burn them too.

But in the end, he changed his mind and walked into the sea of fire himself.

Xu Yixiang couldn’t help but say: “We’ve really come out. I thought we would have to have another meal made from Xiao Chen’s body parts.”

Su Min felt that, with Ming Ming being able to control the sky outside, the last meal they had was indeed supper.

If he didn’t come in, everything would have followed the movie synopsis and the name of the movie would be very consistent with the story.

Yan Jing Cai said: “I’ll definitely have a good meal when I get back.”

He and Xu Yixiang who had managed to survive through this held each other and wept with joy. They no longer paid attention to anything else around them.

Su Min turned around and saw Chen Su suddenly appear beside him.

Chen Su said: “Let’s also hug.”

The atmosphere here was ruined in an instant by those words. Su Min couldn’t help but want to snort at him, but he held himself back, “You go hug yourself.”

Who wants to hug him?

Chen Su said: “Isn’t it good hugging me? It feels very comfortable during summer.”

Su Min laughed at his ridiculous words.

In the end, Su Min’s words were useless. Chen Su pulled him into his arms causing his cold temperature to pass through the thin clothes on Su Min’s body.

Su Min thought for a moment and eventually stretched his hand around his waist.

Xu Yixiang who had her head rested on Yan Jing Cai’s shoulders was facing Su Min while crying. When she opened her eyes, she was shocked.

There are even ghosts during the day!

Five minutes wasn’t long. Su Min’s consciousness soon faded from the movie and he left the scene.

The movie stopped there.

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