Arc 4: Shocking Orphanage
Chapter 77: Choice

Once again returning back to the theatre, Su Min had become used to it.

This time there were still quite a few people in the theatre, but they were not wearing helmets and were just watching the movie directly. Everything was still dark.

There was still the ending credits and the Easter eggs remaining.

This horror movie didn’t have anything major and even the songs played at the end was quite ordinary. As for the Easter egg, it revealed how Xiao Chen really cooked.

It was the scene Su Min saw. He used his hands to stir through the food and it wasn’t achieved through special effects. Instead, the actor had his hands hidden in his clothes and he had used a fake hand to cook.

After adding in a little effect, it looked extremely realistic.

Su Min saw this and wanted to laugh. It was really shocking seeing that scene in the movie earlier because it was his first time seeing something like that. He had seen many things in horror movies, but he had never seen something like this before.

As usual, Chen Su’s name didn’t appear in the cast list. He was used to this. He placed his helmet down and got ready to leave.

Speaking of leaving, he had actually fulfilled Chen Su’s wish at the end before he left the movie. That was truly a shocking decision of his and he even suspected that something had possessed him at that time.

Su Min could faintly tell that he was a real person.

But Chen Su himself didn’t say anything. He seemed to be preparing something. Unless he personally found out about it himself, even if he asked about it, he probably wouldn’t get the answer he wanted.

The lights in the theatre turned on and the audience started to leave while quietly chatting with each other.

“Unbelievable. I bought a ticket for holographic viewing, but I ended up just watching the movie the normal way with the others.”

“Next time I’m not coming with you. We agreed that we would live until the end, yet you ended up dying before I did.”

“Fortunately, I managed to last a few minutes longer than last time. This can be considered making a progress. Maybe next time I’ll be able to make it to the end. Wouldn’t that be great?”

“………I almost wet myself because of that child. To think that he could do something like that. I almost chose to leave the experience voluntarily.”

Su Min listened to their conversation in silence.

No staff came in this time. When Su Min finally came out of the theatre, he just happened to run into Xiao He who was about to enter.

He quickly stepped forward, “Mr. Su, please come here.”

Su Min nodded.

“Have you thought about the proposal last time?” Xiao He asked hesitantly: “If you haven’t thought——-”

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Su Min said: “I have decided.”

Xiao He breathed a sigh of relief, “Then can you tell me your decision?”

The gift from the cinema last time was the option of choosing from a list of upcoming movies. Although the release date for them weren’t very close, most of the movies have already been set.

The range was quite wide. It ranged from horror movies to romance movies, and even included suspense and animations.

Following the experience last time in a romance movie, Su Min even wondered if Chen Su would also appear in the animated movie.

At that time, it would have turned into a horror animation which can be very scary.

Xiao He smiled, “Then please come with me Mr. Su.”

Su Min followed Xiao He out through a different exit and entered a new room filled with various posters.

Some of them were posters of recently released movies while others had not yet been released. Most movies would have already had their posters done before the movie is even released.

If the box office and reception of the movie is good, they would then release another limited-edition poster. It would be released while the movie is still hot commodity amongst the fans.

Xiao He said: “Then please let me know of your decision. At that time, the movie will only have you as the its holographic audience.”

This was something the cinema regarded very highly of.

Because holographic viewing was a means of attracting audiences, once it is locked onto only one person it would mean that there would be less ticket sales. Although it originally may not have many ticket sales, it would at least reduce in number after this is set.

But now, they have given Su Min this opportunity.

Su Min thought about it and pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket, “This one.”

Xiao He looked at and started to search for it on the computer.

He had originally thought that it might be a horror movie with a strange name, but he was shocked after reading the synopsis.

It turned out to be this movie. He even wondered if it was a mistake by the superiors. How could they even let 18+ movies through…….

Xiao He asked: “Are you sure you didn’t choose the wrong one?”

Su Min said: “No, it’s this one.”

Xiao He sneaked a few glances at Su Min but Su Min remained expressionless. Internally he was in awe at how brave he was. With an18+ movie like this, the script given by the cinema would definitely be very stimulating. He didn’t even know if he would be able to bear it.

Although he had not seen the movie, he could guess what it was about.

Holographic viewing technology had only been out for a few months and had not yet released any 18+ movies. This would be its first one.

The gift for him was something one of the heads of the cinema gave. Although he didn’t know why they would give him something like this, he was just a lowly staff so he could only do as he was told.

Xiao He prepared everything and said: “Done. We will notify you when it is released. You just need to bring along with you your ID card.”

Su Min nodded, “I can go now?”

“Of course you can.” Xiao He quickly stood up and said: “If you pass the scoring this time, you will receive a text message.”

This had been said many times so Su Min already know of the procedures. After leaving the staffroom, he returned to the cinema hall.

There was a long line outside the ticket machine.

Su Min glanced over at the poster for “The Last Supper”, listened to some of the discussions and proceeded to leave the cinema.


Because he had watched the morning session, it was noon when he returned to the dormitory.

Li Wenxin finally got out of bed. After washing up, he saw him return and quickly said: “Let’s go eat together.”

Su Min agreed: “Okay.”

There were a lot of choices at the university cafeteria and there were also quite a few stores around it so you didn’t have to eat at the cafeteria every time.

This time they chose to eat at a rice noodle store.

The pot here was a very large pot. The two of them could easily finish a few metres of rice noodles. Li Wenxin ate a lot, so he also ordered some pickled vegetables while Su Min in turn ordered a few vegetarian dishes.

Ten minutes later, the food was served.

Li Wenxin asked as he ate, “How was the movie experience today? I finished watching the spoiler for the movie in bed earlier. Did you reach the finale?”

The rice noodles were very fragrant, and its taste was strong.

Smelling this, Su Min felt a little hungry, “It was okay. I succeeded.”

“With a roommate like you, I really need to go out and boast about it.” Li Wenxin said: “How did you get a brain like that?”

They were both human but why are they so different.

Disregarding their school grades, how could he also be able to successfully get through every single horror movie he watches?

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Though it was undeniable that he had received a little help.

Su Min changed the topic, “What spoiler did you watch?”

Li Wenxin was originally quite simpleminded, and his thoughts instantly got distracted by this, “It’s so twisted. The orphanage was fake. It had been deserted after a fire a while back and the orphanage they went to was something the child created.”

Although he didn’t watch the movie, he was able to get a basic understanding of the plot of the movie after watching the spoiler and reading through some movie commentaries, so he was too lazy to go watch it at the cinema.

Su Min asked: “So it was all thought out by the child?”

He had guessed that the orphanage was fake. The last fire scene was probably a representation of the orphanage in Ming Ming’s heart burning down.

“Not really.” Li Wenxin thought for a moment, “What I saw mentioned that part of the reason why the other ghosts existed was because of their lingering regrets and obsessions. After the boy strengthened that, they co-existed.”

Su Min understood now.

So that was why they would disappear after being seen by them. Because after co-existing, they all came under the young boy’s control and they could be controlled at will.

It was just like that sky. Whether it was bright or dark depended on Ming Ming himself.

Su Min drank a bit of water and asked: “By the way, did they reveal anything about that doll?”

Although he guessed that it was his younger sister’s doll, it wasn’t confirmed even until the end, so everything was still a mystery.

Li Wenxin nodded: “Yeah. That doll belonged to his younger sister, but his younger sister died a long time ago. The boy then became crazy after that and everyone at the orphanage was killed by him.”

It was no different from Su Min’s guess.

Ming Ming’s younger sister probably died because of the orphanage. That was why Ming Ming had always wanted to take revenge on the orphanage and burnt them all to death.

He then saw the letters from Su Min and Yan Jing Cai and the others, and he called them back in order to repeat that method of killing again. When they returned, they had thought that it was because the old director had called for them but in fact it was the young boy.

Su Min didn’t expect the email to have been sent out by Ming Ming.

Because, logically, it was difficult thinking that a child could send out an email. Killings weren’t strange but it was hard associating a child with emails.

Li Wenxin said incoherently: “You didn’t see that?”

Su Min said: “The things I see usually isn’t the complete picture.”

Afterall, he could only see things from his own perspective. Ming Ming’s sister’s incident also happened before the movie took place. Unless it was something like “University Thriller” where the deaths would repeat themselves or if someone spoke about it, he wouldn’t know about it.

Li Wenxin seemed as if he understood: “Oh.”

Su Min pulled out his phone and started to check the movie reviews.

Sometimes it was more fun reading movie reviews than watching the movie itself.

There were many ticket stubs posted in real-time on Weibo.

“In any case, I felt that it was too simple. I thought it would have some amazing storyline but, in the end, it turned out to be something like that.”

“Wuwuwuwu I played hide and seek with him and pissed myself when I was caught so I had to leave the viewing experience. I feel so wronged. I shouldn’t go around wetting myself like that. I was wrong……..”

“I wanted to seduce the female protagonist, but I ended up getting beaten up. Why is the male protagonist so violent?! Bad rating!”

“Why did that young boy want to kill people? Because the orphanage wronged him? What the hell did they do? Did they abuse him or sexually assault him?”

“After watching the whole thing, I don’t have much to say apart from keeping away from orphanages and questioning the identity of the sender behind every email I receive.”

“Can I just say ——— I peeked into the kitchen and watched Xiao Chen cook for a while and I had to say that his technique was really good. Without a change to his expression, he managed to serve up dishes most chefs nowadays can’t make!”


Seeing that comment about Xiao Chen, Su Min wanted to laugh.

Looks like that kitchen scene wasn’t only discovered by them and there was even someone who watched on for a long time. Weren’t they worried about being turned into food themselves?

They themselves didn’t dare watch for too long because they feared for that.

Su Min read through the real-time comments on Weibo for about ten minutes and managed to get an understanding of the scenes that he didn’t see himself through it.

Ming Ming’s sister was also an orphan at this orphanage. After an accident in their family, they were left at the orphanage together and they relied on each other for support.

But when they were adopted, they were separated. The first to be adopted was the younger sister. The other party was unwilling to adopt Ming Ming because they already had a boy at home.

Soon after separating Ming Ming from his sister, that family returned to adopt another child. It was because Ming Ming’s sister had died.

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