Arc 4: Shocking Orphanage
Chapter 79: Grandmother

Li Wenxin thought this way because they were able to run into each other in two completely different movies and even continue to act so intimate.

Could Su Min have been single for too long and that’s why he wanted to set himself free inside a movie?

Seeing his expression, Su Min could guess what he was thinking. He said directly: “Go watch the movie. Stop talking so much.”

Li Wenxin felt aggrieved: “Who’s the one that’s making me have all these questions?”

Wang Di also spoke up: “That’s right. Didn’t you see everyone in the audience gasping because of your actions?”

Su Min: “……….” So ashamed.

Fortunately, this scene only lasted a few scenes. This time it was dragged a little longer because it was witnessed by the female protagonist but later, because he wasn’t the protagonist of the movie, most of the scenes were not revealed.

Su Min was able to appear in the movie mainly because he acted together with the protagonists.

Speaking of which, it was also rather strange. In almost every movie, the protagonists had been very friendly with him and they didn’t doubt him even once.

Although in this movie the female protagonist was suspicious, it was about something different. In fact, she still trusted him wholeheartedly.

Su Min felt that it might be because he looked too much like a good person.

Li Wenxin casually commented: “It’s probably your charm.”

“The ability to attract everyone’s attention?” Wang Di pointed at the audience in the cinema, “Su Min can you see all these people who were surprised by you?”

Su Min: “……..Somehow that doesn’t sound right.”

Wang Di countered: “How isn’t it right? Didn’t you see them surprised? Wasn’t it because of your kiss?”

Su Min thought about it. Indeed, that seemed to be the case.

Although every time Wang Di said this, he felt a little ashamed, it was true so he couldn’t refute it.

The scenes following that weren’t special. The scene involving Han Qinqin’s act of disposing of the food being discovered by the director and her subsequent gruesome death once again appeared before the audience’s eyes.

Fortunately, it wasn’t shown too long.

Now that he was watching the movie, Su Min realised that when he wasn’t with Yan Jing Cai and Xu Yixiang, they were practically always talking about him.

Su Min: ………Looks like I left a deep impression.

Li Wenxin smacked his thigh and laughed wildly, “When you’re not in Jianghu, your legend still exists. They couldn’t forget about your feats hahahaha.”

Someone in front turned around: “Can you keep quiet?”

Li Wenxin quickly shut up.

Talking in a movie theatre was taboo. Afterall, you came to watch a movie and naturally would be annoyed if you were disturbed.

Su Min on the other hand wouldn’t warn the others because it didn’t affect him.

In the final scene, Ming Ming let them leave. Li Wenxin felt that it was very different to the spoiler he saw. How could he let them leave just like that?

Was it really because of his charm?

The summary and spoiler that he had seen wasn’t like this. They had left after a confrontation with Ming Ming so something like this was just too simple.

But soon the scene changed.

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This time Li Wenxin didn’t dare speak but the moment he saw the final hugging scene, he couldn’t help smacking his thigh like crazy. He was utterly shocked.

Now that it was the end of the movie, the audience also didn’t care too much. They all started laughing and some even took out their phones to take a photo.

When the theatre lit up again, the big screen still displayed that scene. It shrunk into a small window on the side as the credits rolled.

After coming out from the theatre, Su Min was teased by his two roommates.

But he didn’t say anything and just allowed them to speak. In the end, Li Wenxin got tired and gave up.

On the way back, Su Min browsed through some real-time Weibo posts.

“Hahahaha did you all know that I’ve recently started to ship a couple that would automatically scatter sugar everywhere? This one was much more delicious than the last ones.”

“Hurry and go to XX to eat dog food! It’s especially yummy. I discovered this great god last time and it’s amazing!”

“I didn’t expect so many SuMin fangirls. I thought I was the only one. Crying tears of joy.”

“I have already started to search up the next movie. Don’t worry everyone, I asked a insider and in another two months it’s our world again! HAPPY!”

“Wuwuwu, after watching this movie today I went back to watch the other movies. It’s getting sweeter and sweeter but I’m not afraid! I love sweet things and won’t be satisfied if it isn’t sweet. Let me be showered with sweetness!”


Su Min scrolled down further. He scrolled until he reached a particular post and saw a little yellow book. It really was a little yellow book. (KKnotes: Porno/novel with explicit content).

He was surprised that they were able to post this up onto Weibo without getting reported. Wasn’t Weibo supposed to be quite strict?

Su Min thought about it and decided to click in.

The background of the little yellow book changed. It wasn’t set in the movies that he had experienced and was instead in a classroom. It was probably because he had played the role of a teacher.

The entire text wasn’t long. It was probably only about a thousand words but the contents of it was so explicit Su Min felt his face heat up.

Are all yellow book writers so amazing?

He saw phrases like “Chen Su’s hands searched under his clothes”, and it was soon followed by “That person under him timidly refused but it was soon swallowed up and replaced with moans of pleasure.”

Su Min didn’t expect this.

There was even, “Hot palms swam around inside the clothes and it slide across the skin. From top to bottom, it gently rested at……”

And then he collapsed in Chen Su’s arms.

Su Min couldn’t help but close the Weibo page. He deeply felt that fans nowadays are too crazy and decided that he won’t look at things like these ever again.

Su Min had always been true to his words and he really didn’t search for related content after that.


A month passed and early winter was here.

Su Min was afraid of the cold, so he had already had himself bundled up with thick clothes. Li Wenxin on the other hand worried more about his appearance and looking handsome. This eventually resulted in him torturing himself into catching a cold.

Soon, sounds of his sneezing filled the entire dormitory.

Su Min couldn’t study in peace anymore and couldn’t help but complain: “Who told you not to wear more? I reminded you a week ago.”

Li Wenxin pulled out a tissue to wipe his nose. He responded in annoyance: “You look handsome even in a windbreaker but it’s not the case for us. I can only be handsome like this.”

Su Min didn’t understand what clothes had to do with handsomeness.

As soon as it was winter, his hands and feet would freeze. At home he would have already turned on the heater but he couldn’t do this at school so he could only use a hot water bottle.

Everyone who knew him knew about this.

As for this suggestion of his, Li Wenxin immediately shot it down: “People like you who look good even in thick winter jackets shouldn’t talk.”

Su Min shrugged and didn’t continue.

As soon as he opened his book, his phone rang. It was a call from home.

Su Min went over to the balcony and picked it up: “Mum.”

Mother Su on the other end asked: “Su Min, do you have a lot of classes over the next two days? No vacation?”

“Not many classes. Tomorrow is the weekend so I’ll have a short break.” Su Min explained briefly, “What’s wrong? Want me to come back?”

Mother Su hesitated and said: “Your grandmother fell at home and is now in hospital. See if you can come back.”

Su Min frowned: “How did she fall?”

“The nanny was in the kitchen and didn’t see. Grandmother fell by herself but fortunately the injury wasn’t serious, and she just needed to rest to recuperate for a while.”

Su Min said: “I’ll go back tomorrow.”

Mother Su answered: “Okay, let me know when you’re here.”

After hanging up, Su Min massaged the corner of his eyebrows.

He had not seen his grandmother for a while and would usually spend Chinese New Year at home with his parents. They no longer spent it together as a big family.

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His grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s quite early and sometimes wouldn’t recognise him. All he knew was that she stayed together often with a nanny who took care of her.

Su Min wasn’t very close to his grandmother, but she was still his grandmother.

He called the course supervisor and requested for leave. The course supervisor very quickly agreed to his request.

Li Wenxin didn’t expect to see Su Min packing up as soon as he returned from the balcony, “With you doing this, what happened?”

Su Min searched for his clothes as he responded: “I’m going home tomorrow. Help me leave a note for the course supervisor.”

Li Wenxin let out an ‘oh’ and agreed.

Early in the morning of the next day, Su Min went straight home.

Mother Su wasn’t at home so after he dropped his suitcase off, he bought a ticket back to his hometown. It was about a hour ride away.

When it was noon, Su Min arrived at the hospital.

There weren’t many people in the inpatient department. Yesterday Mother Su had informed him of the ward, so he went upstairs and asked a nurse for directions.

Upon entering, a nurse just happened to be doing some checks, “Here, stop moving around. Try not to move around too much okay? Lie here properly and you can go home in two days.”

An old lady responded with “okay” and few times.

Because it was a single room, it was very quiet and there was only her in the room. The nurse saw him come in and was stunned, “You are?”

Su Min answered: “She’s my grandmother.”

The nurse nodded and said: “Grandma’s doing okay and didn’t get hurt too much. She can be discharged in two days.”

Su Min moved a chair over and sat down next to the bed.

The old lady’s face was covered in wrinkles, but she looked very kind. She had always liked children very much and he had spent most of his time as a child with her.

He then returned home for high school and had been attending university in the city since. Since then, he had only returned every now and then for New Year and he gradually started to interact less with his grandmother.

It was also during his third year of high school when his grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. At that time, Su Min didn’t have the time to return home.

Su Min helped adjust the blanket and called out: “Grandmother.”

The old woman smiled. She took her hand out from the blanket and grabbed Su Min’s hand, “Xiao Min…….Xiao Min.”

Su Min asked: “Do you want some water?”

The old lady wrinkled her face and refused: “No……No water. Candy…….Want candy.”

“No candy.” Su Min reminded her: “You can’t have that now.”

He had been advised by the nanny not to let his grandmother eat junk like that.

The old lady wasn’t happy about this. She narrowed her eyes and turned her head away. It seemed that she didn’t want to pay him any more attention.

Su Min smiled with exasperation. He placed her hand back inside the blanket.

Perhaps it was because she was hit drowsiness, the old lady soon fell asleep. An hour later, she dazedly woke up.

Seeing that Su Min was still there, she had already forgotten about what happened earlier: “Xiao Min, you…..it’s just you?”

Su Min nodded: “En, just me.”

The old lady was quite elderly now. The skin on her face wrinkled together and she was too tired to speak, “You…..you alone………”

Su Min moved closer to her: “What?”

“Xiao Su……….Xiao Su isn’t here?” The old lady asked incoherently with glazed over eyes.

Su Min couldn’t tell whether she was saying “Xiao Su” or “Xiao Min” earlier, but this phrase quickly surprised him.

He pressed on: “Is it Xiao Su or Xiao Min?”

The old lady who was asked spoke louder this time and emphasised: “Xiao Su……..Xiao Su!”

Before Su Min had the time to speak, Mother Su’s voice suddenly interrupted them, “Mum, what nonsense are you talking about. Did you remember the wrong person again?”

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