Arc 5: Unknown Prison
Chapter 83: Friendship

You don’t get many opportunities to move around freely in prison but there still existed a big brother/leader of the group. Every time a commotion occurred, it was because of them.

This would include torturing this and that, and starting things up. In any case, it was because they had nothing better to do.

 The prison guards usually turned a blind eye to these things so the weaker ones would naturally be bullied.

Su Min’s character was a newcomer. As he walked down the corridor, he attracted many inmate’s attention and was soon targeted.

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This unknown prison was a male only prison. As the saying goes, where there’s no women, even grass would start to look appealing.

This was particularly the case for a good-looking man.

The big brother locked onto him when he saw him during mealtime and decided to take Su Min back with him afterwards. The guards didn’t take it seriously and Su Min ended up dying on the way.

As for how he died, all he knew was that the lights in the hallway suddenly went dark and, when it turned on again, he had disappeared.

Although on the surface it may seem like he had just gone missing, in a horror movie it basically meant that he was dead.

The car suddenly stopped.

Su Min was taken off the car. Perhaps it was because he was good-looking, the officers weren’t too rough with him. Their attitudes however weren’t great.

He had now reached the prison.

A prison guard came over. He pulled along Su Min’s handcuffs and spoke irately: “Follow them in. Hurry.”

Su Min now saw that there was another car next to him. Several people got off. They were not people that he had seen on the poster.

They were probably a group of cannon fodders.

Su Min followed them in. When they reached a room, he saw that there were more people inside who were getting inspected and having their photos taken.

A prison guard who was taking notes said: “Pretty handsome. What’s your name? How old? Are these things yours?”

Su Min answered the questions one by one.

Although the cinema would set up a basic character script for viewers, the name, identity, birthday etc would be the same as those of the audience so there was no need for them to act.

His current identity was that of an art student. This year, he was still in school but, because of accidentally committing manslaughter after confronting his classmate for using his artwork fraudulently, he was given a sentence of two years.

The sentence was probably something the movie made up.

The person at the front said: “Take your things and go to that room.”

Su Min and a few people went in. It was then followed by a physical examination and photo.

The real check would involve getting them to undress but this was a movie and it wasn’t particularly important, so they skipped through very quickly.

For the first time in his life, Su Min held up placard for a photo.

He could already imagine getting ridiculed by his classmates when they see it later.

After coming out, the guard said: “Once we get some things, we’ll go in.”

The things they were getting were naturally things like blankets, cups etc. These were all basic necessities. The rooms in the prison was not too bad. Although it was smaller than a student dormitory, there were beds and a bathroom.

Su Min was led down the corridor by the prison guard.

The corridor was long. There were countless rooms lined down it. The floor was still a little damp and the entire wall was painted white. It looked like a morgue.

Su Min was a little taken aback by this thought.

Every time he passed a room, there would be someone holding on the metal bars, looking out. When they saw his handsome appearance, they would even whistle.

As soon as Su Min turned around, they would jeer at him.

The prison guard knocked on their door with his baton, “What are you jeering at? Hurry and go back. If you continue, I’ll take you out for a beating.”

Those words of warning were not taken seriously. They still continued to jeer and catcall.

Because Su Min knew that there was something wrong with the prison, he carefully observed the prison’s situation. He was then brought over to room 8.

The prison guard opened the door to room 8 and pushed him in. He said coldly: “This is your room in the future. Remember your number.”

Please read this from kk translates

He undid the handcuff on Su Min’s hand and then locked the door.

The sound of footsteps gradually faded in the distance.

Su Min’s prisoner number was 488. It was sewn onto his prison uniform. It would have been a rather auspicious number if the first number was removed. (KKnotes: 4 is a homonym for death in Chinese and hence regarded as an unlucky number. 8 is regarded as an auspicious number because it is a homonym for wealth)

Yin Ze who was in the room heard the commotion and stretched his head out from the bed, “Hi. My name is Yin Ze. My number is 556. What’s your name?”

Su Min pointed at himself, “Su Min.”

Yin Ze studied his face. He warned him: “For what reason did you come in? Here, a rapist is considered the lowest of the low. I hope you’re not one?”

Su Min said calmly: “I came here for murder.”

Yin Ze studied him closely. He didn’t expect him to be able to commit murder.

But everyone had their own secrets. On the surface they may look weak but there were those who could kill several people despite that.

He took the initiative and said: “I’m the same.”

Su Min knew about his circumstances.

The character script had revealed some information to him. Yin Ze’s family situation wasn’t very good since he was a child. His father was violent and wouldn’t divorce his mother. This went on for many years until one day his father suspected his mother of cheating and beat her up at home. Yin Ze just happened to witness this when he got home and accidentally killed his father in the process of confronting him.

Speaking of which, it was quite similar to his character. Both had accidentally killed someone after confronting the other party.

Yin Ze got off the bed, “With your arrival today, they will most likely teach you some rules during dinner.”

Su Min casually found a bed, “What rules?”

“For example, greeting the big brother.” Yin Ze smiled, “It’s that big muscle head in room 5. He used to be part of a gang but was reported by one of his underlings and ended up here.”

Su Min thoughtfully commented: “That’s pretty unlucky.”

He looked around the room. The bathroom consisted of a squat toilet and shower. There was only enough room for one person to stand in there.

But the positive side of it was that it had a curtain. It was probably because the movie couldn’t directly expose the body, so the director had included that.

As far as the big brother was concerned, Su Min wasn’t too concerned about it.

Unless he didn’t want to have dinner, it was something that was unavoidable. He could just not go when the time comes, or he could create a ruckus. No matter how indifferent the prison guards were, they naturally wouldn’t allow anything to happen in the prison.

The prison room was a little gloomy.

Su Min took a deep breath and laid down in bed. He thought over the possible incidents that could happen here.

The introduction mentioned that there would be screams every night. He suspected that it might be because they would bring a prisoner out and torture them.

But there were ghosts in the prison so that meant that people had died here. As for where the ghosts were, he didn’t know.

Su Min thought about this for a long time and eventually fell asleep.

After an unknown amount of time passed, he was startled awake by a whistle.

It was the prison whistle. It was both loud and harsh.

This was followed by a clanging sound. The prison guards voice came in from outside. He opened the doors to the rooms one by one, “Line up. You get half an hour.”

Yin Ze reminded him: “Time to eat.”

The sky outside had darkened. The corridor was filled with men wearing their prison uniforms. Because they were arranged according to their room number, Su Min and Yin Ze cut into the line one after each other.

Although the people behind them were not happy, they couldn’t do anything about it.

After entering the cafeteria, Su Min felt that it was not too bad. It looked like the cafeterias at university. The only difference was that there were prison guards watching them.

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He himself didn’t find that burdensome so he got his food and started to eat.

Yin Ze sat opposite him. He introduced him to the people here one by one, “See that? That’s the big brother. They call him Brother Hao.”

Su Min almost laughed out loud, “Brother Hao?”

He looked over. Brother Hao also just happened to be looking over at him. His eyes suddenly brightened up and he winked at him.

Su Min’s eyelid twitched. He looked away.

“Hahahaha.” Yin Ze also saw this. “You’re fancied by him. He will try something as soon as he sees someone good-looking. Be careful later.”

Su Min asked: “Will he torture?”

Yin Ze said: “It depends. If you’re too resistant and he gets angry, he would be forceful. If you are gentle, he will love you kindly.”

Su Min had a strong urge to laugh. Why is this Brother Hao so ridiculous sounding?

And, appropriate for his name, Brother Hao had his head completely shaved. It gave off the vibe “I am the strongest brother in this prison”.

It made it hard for others to ignore.

As they chatted, someone stopped by their table.

An apple was placed in front of Su Min. The short man asked: “It’s from Brother Hao. What’s your name? Which room are you from?”

Su Min said: “I don’t eat apples.”

“Even if you don’t eat it, you must eat!” The man placed the apple in his bowl. “You dare refuse something from Brother Hao? Eat! Eat it all!”

Su Min: “……….”

Okay, okay. It was a free gift anyway.

After the short man left, Su Min took the apple out of the bowl, “Why is that man a little dumb?”

Yin Ze couldn’t’ suppress his laughter, “They’re all his underlings.”

Su Min looked over. Brother Hao over there again gave him a flirtatious wink. He even moved to show off his muscles.

He turned his head back and whispered, “For how many years did Brother Hao stay here?”

Yin Ze thought for a moment, “Probably about five years.”

Su Min thought: No wonder he’s so old-fashioned.

After leaving the cafeteria, they still needed to line up in the order of their rooms. This time, having eaten their fill, they walked a lot slower.

The ground was wet. It even had a strange smell.

Su Min didn’t know what that smell was but it made him feel uncomfortable. It felt like the smell was coming from all directions.

The others around him didn’t seem to notice it. He didn’t know if it was because they had grown accustomed to the smell over time.

When he returned to the room, Su Min asked: “Has everything been normal ever since you came in?”

Yin Ze stopped, “In what aspect are you referring to?”

Su Min said: “Every aspect.”

Yin Ze pulled away the blanket, “It’s been the same. During the day we have class and weeding in the afternoon. At night we stay in the room and would hear all kinds of sounds.”

He didn’t say what sound it was, but Su Min suspected that he was probably referring to the screams.

There was a knock on the door, “Number 488, come out.”

Su Min walked over to the door and asked: “Going out now?”

The prison guard knocked on the door and then pointed to the room diagonally opposite. There, there were several men looking out through the window staring in his direction.

He said: “They want to have a social meetup with you. Come with me.”

Su Min: “…………”

They even allow rooms to have social meetups with each other in a prison?

Su Min looked back and asked Yin Ze: “You can do something like this here?”

“They can’t deprive us after all.” Yin Ze didn’t find it strange. He warned him: “Over a week, they would do it several times. At night there would sometimes be noises. You can cover your ears.”

The prison guard urged: “Stop delaying. Come with me.”

For the first time, Su Min felt that he might have entered a fake prison.

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WHERE ARE YOU CHEN SU?! Su Min’s chrysanthemum is in danger!!


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