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Arc 5: Unknown Prison
Chapter 87: Jealousy

The noise from outside passed into everyone’s ears, and then went out. No one remembered. Su Ming was now quite sure of Chen Su’s temper.

He didn’t break free, but a sudden thought came to his mind. It was as if he hadn’t made a mistake from the beginning.

This was something Su Ming suddenly realized.

Chen Su lowered his voice and said, “If you keep doing this, I am going to get angry.”

Hearing that, Su Ming thought back, and guessed what he was talking about. Presumably he was referring to the screams in the corridor every night.

He fell asleep last night listening to that voice.

It was as if someone was being tortured. Li Wenxin told him before that he suspected that the prison guards were torturing people and stealing from others.

After all, apart from prisoners, the only others here were the prison guards (AKA thieves)

The remaining were oblivious ghosts who were being tricked by thse thieves and helping them earn money by reading stolen content.

Chen Su said: “They did it unknowingly.”

 He couldn’t intervene. Afterall, all his attempts to stop it from getting stolen was futile.

 Su Min: “I know. The prison guards are the true bad guys. I don’t know what to do anymore. I feel so helpless.”

Chen Su remained silent.

Su Min expected this reaction of his. Many people have tried to do something about it but none succeeded. No matter what they tried to do, it was still copied and not credited.

After a long period of silence, Chen Su said, “They’re trash.”

 Hearing that, Su Min snorted in affirmation.

Chen Su’s heart tickled when he heard this. He did his best to hold himself back.

His little Su Min is so cute. He didn’t know why people would do this to him. How could they be so heartless?


Su Ming slept until the early morning.

He checked beside him. Chen Su was gone.

Su Min sighed silently.

When he was done washing up, Yin Ze also woke up and stumbled into the bathroom.

 Su Min sat on the bed thinking about the thieves.

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There are thieves everywhere in the prison and it was disgusting. Disgusting dumps like this place were everywhere. To avoid it, all you needed to do to avoid it was to search the title online.

Even the first one was better than this place.

Su Min thought of everything that was taken away. All the blood, sweat and tears that he had sacrificed. His heart ached badly.

 But Su Min couldn’t do anything.

At seven o’clock, the speaker sounded. It was time to eat.

Breakfast is still the same as yesterday. Although Su Min was upset, he wouldn’t starve himself. After all, he still had numerous fans waiting in anticipation for the rest of the story.

After breakfast, it was time to work. Again, Su Min was tasked with transforming incoherent words into a proper sentence.

A fellow prisoner asked: “Is it hard?”

It was known to be a rather difficult job. It not only required significant amounts of time and energy, you also had to have a good grasp of the language.

Su Min calmly replied: “It’s hard but it’s worth it. But when I see it taken away from me, I feel a part inside me dying.”

Every word was spoken with pain. The other prisoners could tell how much it pained him.

The ‘robbed’ Su Min did his best to look calm.

After all, he was certain someone would help. Perhaps those skeleton hands from last time.

On the bright side, Brother Hao no longer bothered him anymore.

The prisoners were then taken to another place.

 They gave Su Min a pen.

Because the prison was built in the middle of the mountain, there were not many forms of entertainment. They could only resort to getting the prisoners to entertain themselves.

But the benefit of this was that they didn’t have to worry about prisoners escaping.

Due to yesterday’s feat, Su Ming was divided into the area with many trees.

He wondered if the skeleton hands from yesterday would appear again to help him.

Su Min sat down onto the ground with his pen and paper.

He started to use his wild imagination and his hand flew across the paper. He happily imagined all kinds of scenarios he wished would befall those horrible prison guards.

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When he looked up, he suddenly saw a prison guard fall to the ground clutching his chest.

Su Min was a little surprised. He wrote another line down.

Again, another prison guard fell.

Su Min: “…” 

It was too coincidental. Was it just karma or did his silent wishes come true?

To acertain his suspicions, Su Min decided to try again. He once again placed his pen onto the paper.

This time he watched a nearby prison guard through the corner of his eyes as he began to write.

The prison guard fell.

 Su Min: “…”

He didn’t know what to say.

He hadn’t even finished writing a full sentence for the prison guards to fall. It was as if they were porcelian dolls. It was too unrealistic.

 Su Min sighed silently.

This time he didn’t try too hard. He just placed the pen onto the paper. And once again, a prison guard fell.

A few hours later, the prisoners gathered.

They were shocked by the scene before them: “What happened to them?”

 “Did they all fall asleep?”

“It looks like they’re not breathing. Looks like karma struck back at them for their evil deeds.”

“These wicked thieves deserved it.”

“They sure as hell deserved it. I can’t believe they would do something so heartless just because they were greedy for money.”

Su Min listened to their discussions and just kept silent.

The other prison guards checked them and couldn’t find anything suspicious. They only faintly suspected Su Min.

The prison guards gathered everyone and turned to Su Min: “488, was this your doing?”

Su Min: “………….No sir.”

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It was done by those ghosts. Not him. Nope, definitely not him.

The prison guard bitterly said, “Don’t need to do this next time okay. Just tell us if you have anything you’re happy about and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Su Min pretended to be happy, “Okay, then remove the things you’ve stolen.”

The prison guard didn’t reply.

The prisoners were transported back.

Because the ride was not short, when they arrived it was time for lunch. They didn’t return to their rooms and went straight to the cafeteria.

Unsurprisingly, Su Min received two chicken drumsticks. It was one more than yesterday.

He received jealous looks from the other prisoners.

Yin Ze said: “They’re just trying to bribe you.”

Su Min said: “I know.”

Yin Ze said: “Then that’s good. They really have no morals.”

 After eating, they went back to the room together.

 After taking a nap, Su Min got out of bed and saw that it was already past three. Heard footsteps coming from the corridor outside.

 Some prisoners called out: “Hey, there’s a new guy.”

Su Min thought for a moment. It was probably Fang Shu Juan, another newbie entering this wonderful world of literature.

He glanced at Yin Ze who was lying in bed not moving an inch. He reminded him: “Someone’s here.”

 Yin Ze didn’t move, “Oh.”

 It didn’t concern him. He only had to stay here for one year and he would be out in a blink of an eye. There was no point associating with anyone here.

Su Min glanced at Fang Shu Juan. His serial number was 644. He was handsome and tall. He looked a little sick.

Since he and Yin Ze are enemies, they know each other. Later, they would even seek justice for all the prisoners here and help everyone claim back their hard work.

Su Min greeted him , “Hello.” Fang Shu Juan turned around, saw Su Min, and greeted him: “Hello.”

The prison guards didn’t pay them any attention. Su Min introduced himself and asked: “What’s your name?”

Fang Shu Juan smiled, “Fang Shu Juan.”

Su Min raised an eyebrow. “Oh, I have a roommate, Yin Ze.”

 Hearing this name, Fang Shu Juan said “Oh, he lives opposite me. Must be fate.”

Su Min asked: “You know each other?”

Fang Shu Juan said,” Old friend.”

The prison guard pushed him into the room, then locked the door. The two talked across the empty corridor.

Su Min could tell that Fang Shu Juan was very passionate. He still held a positive impression of the prison guards but he won’t think that for long.

Fang Shu Juan went to get acquainted with his roommate. Su Min went back to bed and sat there. He said, “Yin Ze, the person across from us is your old friend.”

Yin Ze calmly said, “Who? I have no friends in this field.”

Su Min said: “He is called Fang Shu Juan.” After hearing that, Yin Ze sat up directly from the bed. His expression changed, and he mumbled: “Fang Shu Juan … Why is he here?”

Su Wen didn’t expect Yin Ze to react so strongly.

Yin Ze did not continue chatting with Su Min. Instead, he jumped off the bed and went to the window. He shouted Fang Shu Juan’s name.

 The two rooms were just opposite each other. The gap was only one meter. They could even touch if they both stretched their arms out.

Yin Ze: “Don’t trust the prison guards. They’re greedy bastards that steal from us while claiming that they’re ‘helping’ by making it more accessible.”

Su Min nodded fervently next to him.

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