To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie
Arc 5: Unknown Prison
Chapter 89: Red

Su Min felt that Chen Su must be addicted to acting.

If he really was scared, how would he have watched so many horror movies and not have any reaction when the ghosts appeared?

Chen Su probably just wanted to use this as an excuse to feel him up.

Su Min asked: “Did it greet me just now?”

Chen Su said: “No, you saw wrong.”

Su Min was also just casually asking and didn’t really expect to hear a reply from him. Afterall, despite its vague appearance, he had seen it with his own eyes.

That white figure just stood there and wasn’t doing anything.

Su Min didn’t know what it was trying to do.

He had a vague impression of the people living in room 3. There were three people there and they would often mingle with Brother Hao. They had even tried to provoke him before. As for their names, Su Min had no impression.

At this moment, the white figure entered room 3.

It went straight through and the corridor then returned to its normal appearance. It was as if it had never appeared in the first place.

Su Min removed his line of sight and once again started to observe the corridor.

The corridor at night was actually quite bright but, like the safety exit signs you see in shopping centres, the light that illuminated it was green and dull.

With a light like that in this kind of setting, it was a little haunting.

He didn’t know where that scream from earlier came from. There were ghosts residing below the prison and there didn’t seem to be any rooms above them. On both sides were rooms where prisoners resided in and it was empty in the centre.

Su Min still remembered vividly the screams that sounded like something that came from a human.

From the cries at the beginning to the screams at the end, it clearly indicated that things weren’t so simple. It was like the screams you would hear when a human is getting eaten by a monster.

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When Chen Su saw him deep in thought, he lowered his head and proposed: “Want to dance?”

Su Min was still examining the corridor. Hearing this sentence, he couldn’t help but say: “What did you just say? Did I hear wrong?”

Chen Su repeated himself: “Dance.”

Su Min turned to look at him. He lowered his voice and whispered: “Are you acting crazy again?”

He had just mentioned dancing yesterday yet why is he proposing it again today? Was he possessed by a dancing god who knows nothing but dancing?

Chen Su firmly denied: “No.”

Su Min patted his face. The sensation was cold. “If you want to dance, go dance yourself. No one will notice.”

With the head of ghosts taking the lead, it may even result in a ghost party with the other ghosts here.

Chen Su said: “If you don’t want to then forget it.”

Probably because their voices had unintentionally gotten louder, Yin Ze heard the commotion and asked drowsily: “You’re still awake?”

Su Min replied: “Awake. I’ll sleep soon.”

He didn’t continue talking to Chen Su. He returned to his bed and got ready to sleep. He decided to deal with the other things tomorrow.

Chen Su also followed over.

Su Min felt that he wouldn’t be able to make him leave. In addition to that, he had gotten used to sleeping with him for the past two nights, so he wasn’t too concerned about squeezing in the same bed as him.

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Yin Ze who slept on the bed opposite his rolled over and continued to sleep.

After a while, the cinema’s hint arrived.

【Audience Member Su Min, congratulations on surviving through another day. Please keep up the good work. Today’s hint: River flow】

Su Min was confused by the words: river flow.

Because over the past few days, he didn’t see a hint of a river anywhere. It would be difficult even finding a small water canal so where could there be a river?

Is tomorrow’s event going to be related to a river?

Su Min for a moment couldn’t guess what could happen. He could only close his eyes and sleep. As for tomorrow’s event, he decided to think about it tomorrow.


The next day, Su Min as usual woke up very early.

Fang Shu Juan in the room opposite his had also woken up early and he even greeted him. As for Yin Ze, he only woke up around the same time as the rest of the prisoners.

Yin Ze had already forgotten about what happened last night, “Why do you always wake up so early? You’re always already done by the time I wake up.”

Su Min answered: “I’m used to getting up early.”

Contrary to his expectations, there were no strange sounds coming out from room 3. It was as if nothing had happened.

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would have even suspected that the situation last night had never happened.

Su Min remembered not seeing something like this during the first night. Of course, it might also be because the white figure stood in a place he couldn’t see from his room.

Afterall, the corridor was very long and room 8 was located relatively close to the front so it would be difficult seeing the rooms further down.

Over the past few days of staying here, one had died due to a pair of scissors, another died because of the sewer and the third death had still not yet been determined.

The hint given last night was river flow so that would mean that someone today would die in a river. It was still a question as to who it would be.

The prison guard blew the whistle and the speaker sounded.

As they lined up for breakfast, Su Min was as usual stuck in the middle. He asked: “Did you guys notice anything strange last night?”

Yin Ze said: “No.”

Fang Shu Juan asked, “Did something happen?”

He had only just arrived yesterday and didn’t know much but he could tell that things weren’t so simple here especially after that incident yesterday.

Su Min said: “There are usually screams at night.”

“Screams?” Fang Shu Juan frowned. He naturally understood what that word meant, “Do they do torture here?”

Yin Ze mocked him: “Only you would think that.”

Fang Shu Juan wasn’t angry, “You can tell me what it is.”

Yin Ze: “Dream on.”

Su Min looked at those two and said: “It probably isn’t torture but I’m also not too certain what it could be.”

Yin Ze said: “Why are you telling him so much? I think it would be better if he was the one screaming at night.”

Fang Shu Juan: “I can see how much you hate me.”

Su Min really couldn’t understand the reason for their rivalry. The things he said to Chen Su weren’t this harsh and, although he knew that Yin Ze didn’t really mean it, those words could still be quite hurtful.

As they ate breakfast, Yin Ze took the initiative to sit in a seat away from them.

Fang Shu Juan slowly sighed.

Halfway through the meal, Su Min could no longer hide his curiosity. He asked: “Why does Yin Ze hate you so much?”

Every time he mentioned something, he would almost always explode and act all prickly. It was very obvious that Fang Shu Juan’s existence stirred him up.

What did he do to cause him to hate him so much?

Fang Shu Juan fell silent for a moment and said: “Does it count if every girlfriend of his ended up confessing to me?”

Hearing this, Su Min was startled: “Really?”

“Really.” Fang Shu Juan explained simply, “Usually they would date for about a week and then his girlfriend would fall in love with me. That’s how his relationships ended every time.”

Su Min looked over at Yin Ze who sat not far away and turned back, “He really did his best not killing you.”

Fang Shu Juan only smiled in response.

Su Min didn’t expect them to have this type of story between them. It’s no wonder Yin Ze would always look as if he had killed someone important to him. With his girlfriends stolen, no wonder he was unhappy.

Despite being a university student, he lived a life no different to that of a single dog.

Su Min was curious as to why every girlfriend of Yin Ze’s would fall for Fang Shu Juan. The two of them were complete opposites in appearance.

In contrast to Fang Shu Juan, Yin Ze looked more like a rebellious youth.

It was understandable that the girlfriends may not like rebellious youths, but the likelihood of them falling for Fang Shu Juan instead was just too unpredictable.

In fact, neither of the protagonists in this movie really committed a crime. If they did, the movie would not have been allowed to be screened so the movie would naturally reverse their sentences later.

Although it sounded a little far stretched, the director had no other choice.

Su Min’s character was set to die halfway through the movie, so it didn’t matter whether or not he really did commit a crime. His crime was also something done unintentionally so his sentence wasn’t long.

After breakfast, everyone once again got in the car.

They drove around and soon they were dropped off in the middle of nowhere. There wasn’t even a building in sight.

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They were in left in a barren mountain.

Yin Ze hopped off, “What are we doing today? I haven’t been here before.”

The prison guard very quickly gave them the answer, “Today’s job is to clean up the river. After clearing it up, you can go back for lunch.”

Because there were some who didn’t pay attention, they quickly asked the people around them to repeat the prison guards’ words.

One replied: “Cleaning up the river.”

Soon someone started to curse: “Why are there so much to do lately? Just weeding itself was enough and yet we had to cut trees and clean rivers. Are you making us do a whole year of work in one go?”

“We’ll be exhausted to death! Fuck!”

“It’s all because the weeding was all done! It’s all that 488’s fault. Why did he have to work so hard? Crazy bastard!”


The “crazy” Su Min felt very wronged.

It wasn’t he himself who wanted to get all the weeding done, and the movie naturally also wouldn’t let them weed every day because they still needed to let the plot progress. What kind of viewer would be willing to watch them weed all day?

As they moved over to the river, there were even some who wanted to push Su Min down, but they restrained themselves when they saw the three of them together.

As for the most powerful Brother Hao, he now kept his distance from Su Min and even his underlings were ordered not to approach Su Min.

So there weren’t many who really had the intention to do something to him.

Yin Ze looked at Su Min, “I’m afraid they hate you.”

Su Min sighed, “Let them hate.”

In any case, they wouldn’t do anything to him. He wondered if there would a mysterious power helping him again this time with cleaning the river.

Although Su Min said that, he was more concerned about what was soon to happen at this river. After thinking about it for a long time, he could only speculate that the river possibly had the ability to eat up people.

But the part of the river that they were tasked to clean up was dried up. There were lots of leaves and branches as well as plastic bags and the like. There was only water if they moved further ahead.

Su Min and the other two jumped down into the dried-up river bed. It had already completely dried up and the smell was a little unpleasant. He didn’t know where that smell came from.

He felt that the prison’s sewer may be connected to this place.

But he didn’t have any evidence so Su Min couldn’t prove it. He could only continue to observe the situation as he cleaned up.

This time the river was cleaned up together by a group of people. Probably because it couldn’t expose itself, nothing strange happened.

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It’s just that whenever Su Min touched something, he didn’t need to exert much energy to lift it up. They were probably secretly helping him out.

He held some rather favourable feelings towards these little ghosts.

Half an hour later, just as Su Min felt that nothing was going to happen, someone suddenly called out: “Someone fell in the river!”

Everyone’s eyes moved over.

Su Min also threw down the things in his hands and ran over. Someone who was standing near the river had fallen in.

He could only see the water bubbling in the place where that person had fallen in. It was like the water was boiling.

Although they were all prisoners here, there were some who had the intention to jump in to save him. But soon, they could only hold onto that thought and look on from the distance.

That bubbling part of the water had turned red and it gradually dispersed out.

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