To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie
Arc 5: Unknown Prison
Chapter 91: Stealing a Kiss

Everything was normal until night came.

During dinner in the evening, Su Min and the other two quietly discussed what happened. It was after all one of the rare occasions that allowed them to talk with each other.

At that time, the three of them saw with their own eyes the water surface bubbling over where the person had fallen in.

Blood also had only appeared a while later indicating the moment the prisoner received those wounds on his skin.

Fang Shu Juan said: “I think there’s probably something in the water.”

Su Min’s university specialty was related to this field and he himself also suspected that someone may have placed something in the water causing whatever was in there to become carnivorous.

Afterall, even apocalyptic movies like “Resident Evil” were considered horror movies so it wasn’t strange for something like this to appear in a horror movie.

“Since we were asked to clean the river there, they would have confirmed in advance that nothing would happen.” Su Min thought for a moment and said: “It’s as if the prison didn’t know anything about it.”

Or conversely, perhaps they had just grown too accustomed to something like that and knew that if they dealt with the incident this way it would be easily forgotten.

Su Min didn’t know what the purpose behind the existence of this prison was. With incidents like this happening every day, why haven’t they sent someone over to investigate?

Or was it because they were afraid of causing trouble and have been keeping things under the wrap?

Yin Ze said: “I heard them saying that they have tried investigating it before, but nothing came out of it. Now they just deal with it like that.”

Fang Shu Juan nodded, “That makes sense then.”

Su Min supported his chin and said: “That’s not the issue. The question is what’s inside that river. Unfortunately, we can’t check that.”

They are currently prisoners, so they had no freedom at all. At most, they would be given a bit of freedom to do as they liked while they worked.

Fang Shu Juan had a pretty good impression of Su Min.

Probably because of his appearance, he felt that Su Min was a good person but it may also be because of his good relationship with Yin Ze.

As far as he knows, Yin Ze was someone who rarely got along with another person. At school, he was just a little more friendly with his roommate, yet Su Min had only lived with him for two or three days. Their relationship surprised him.

Su Min said: “As long as we are okay for the time being, we still have time.”

The introduction to the movie said that the two protagonists began to investigate after Brother Hao’s death. It had not happened yet, so they likely had not yet reached the turning point in the movie.

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Fang Shu Juan nodded.

They spent most of their dinner time chatting. When they were done, they quickly finished their food and lined up to return to their rooms.

Yin Ze asked: “Why are you so friendly with him?”

Su Min who was arranging his bed asked casually: “Who?”

When he didn’t hear a response, he realised and turned to sit onto his bed. “You mean Fang Shu Juan?”

Yin Ze perfunctorily let out a sound of affirmation.

Su Min thought for a moment and answered: “I think he seems like a pretty good person. It’s not easy finding someone easy to talk to in a place like this and he also seems to care about you.”

“Impossible.” Yin Ze immediately denied it. “You saw wrong. How could he care about me? That’s impossible. All that’s in his mind is what he can do to hurt me.”

Su Min was surprised, “It can’t be that bad.”

He felt that Yin Ze might be acting vigilant because his girlfriends were stolen by him but there was no girlfriend to be stolen by Fang Shu Juan here.

Although he didn’t understand why Yin Ze’s girlfriends would like Fang Shu Juan, if it was something that was not done intentionally by him, then Fang Shu Juan would have been really wronged.

Yin Ze didn’t continue and just went over to brush his teeth.

Su Min shrugged and continue to make his bed but the moment he turned around, he saw Chen Su lying on it.

That posture of his was like those courtesans you see on TV. All that was missing were the words “Come in dear customer”.

Su Min whispered: “Why are you appearing so early today?”

Probably because time had passed, Chen Su’s silhouette was also faintly visible. Although it wasn’t very clear, it at least wasn’t as thrilling as how it was in the first movie.

Chen Su said: “Isn’t my timing good?”

Su Min pointed inside, “Won’t you be exposed when he comes out?”

Chen Su didn’t look and just pulled him onto the bed. Su Min who was caught off guard fell onto him, “He can’t see me anyway.”

The only one who can see him is the one he wants to be able to.

Su Min supported himself up and said coldly: “Then you’re really amazing.”

“Of course.” Chen Su shamelessly accepted the praise. He sat up and faced Su Min, “Let’s sleep early tonight.”

Su Min: “………..”

As expected, Chen Su didn’t come with good intentions.

Looks like he was not satisfied with appearing in the middle of the night for the past few days, so he decided to appear before the lights were even out.

Su Min turned his head away, “Wait.”

Chen Su pretended not to understand him and said: “Okay.”

Su Min was too exasperated to be angry. He decided to just treat him as if he didn’t exist.

The room was very small. As long as you turned your head, you would see Chen Su staring at him from the bed. It was unavoidable. Yin Ze on the other hand was still in the bathroom.

His bedding would be checked daily by the prison guards. Like he was in the military, everyday he would need to fold it up neatly.

Su Min pulled out his bedding and spread it out. Chen Su was unhappy that his attention was no longer on him and proceeded to grab his hand.

“Don’t take this too far.” Su Min warned.

Chen Su said: “I’ll only do that with you.”

Su Min didn’t expect this response from him. While he was distracted, he was pulled over by Chen Su.

At this moment, Yin Ze suddenly came out and he instantly took the scene in. He was a little stunned and just remained standing in place.

Su Min was a little frozen. He didn’t dare move a muscle.

Yin Ze glanced at him.

He felt that his roommate not only had a bad habit of talking to himself, he also had a bad habit of making random gestures to the air.

At this moment Chen Su got up. He didn’t let go of the bedding and instead bent down to kiss Su Min on the lips.

Su Min was still looking over at Yin Ze, so he wasn’t able to react in time.

After interacting with him for a while, Chen Su knew Su Min’s temper very well. He just quickly stole a kiss before letting go of the bedding.

Su Min who was being watched by Yin Ze felt a little nervous.

Seeing that he probably didn’t notice anything, he was relieved. It was a little thrilling.

As a model student for more than twenty years, Su Min had never done anything so outrageous let alone feel like this.

His emotions were usually very well under control and his life all organised and planned out.

Since he came to know Chen Su, he had experienced a lot of emotions that he had never experienced.

This was also one of the reasons as to why Su Min repeatedly indulged Chen Su.

“You’re done? Then I’ll go in now.”

Yin Ze responded: “En.”

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After washing up, it was time for the lights to go out. The inside of the room was enveloped with darkness and you could only see the dim moonlight coming in from the window.

Su Min laid in bed, but Chen Su was nowhere in sight.

When sleep was about to take over, he felt a cold sensation press up against his back but he soon fell asleep.


Early in the morning, Su Min woke up.

He didn’t remember what happened last night and only just received the cinema’s prompt when he opened his eyes.

【Audience Member Su Min hello. Congratulations on surviving through another day. This is an amazing feat! Please keep up the hard work. Today’s hint: Hair.】

Su Min frowned. He touched his hair.

There weren’t many things that could happen to hair and the memory of the kelp eating man was still vivid in his mind.

Hopefully it doesn’t involve eating hair.

After washing up, the speaker sounded.

All the prisoners lined up one by one and they proceeded over for breakfast.

This time Fang Shu Juan didn’t take the initiative to speak. Su Min didn’t have much to say and Yin Ze as usual kept to himself, so they were silent the entire way.

After sitting down, Fang Shu Juan looked around and said: “I noticed today that there’s something wrong with the room I’m staying in.”

He said this with his usual expression, but Su Min could tell from his solemn tone that he was not lying.

He asked: “What’s wrong?”

Fang Shu Juan lowered his voice: “A long strand of hair appeared in my roommate’s cup. It’s about this long.”

He then used his hand to gesture the length of the hair.

Su Min guessed that it probably reached the waist.

There weren’t any women in the prison so there shouldn’t be any long hair appearing here let along in Fang Shu Juan’s roommates cup.

Moreover, when Fang Shu Juan mentioned the hair, Su Min instantly thought of the hint from the cinema. It looks like someone was going to die again.

But only he was certain about this. Fang Shu Juan on the other hand could only suspect it but he didn’t have any evidence.

Yin Ze said: “There aren’t any women here so how can there be long hair? If you want to lie, make up one that’s more logical.”

Su Min asked directly: “You sure you didn’t see wrong?”

Fang Shu Juan raised his eyebrow and pulled out the hair from his pocket. He placed it on the table, “I didn’t. What about you guys?”

Although it was very thin, you could see clearly once it was placed on the table that it was black.

Fang Shu Juan saw that they weren’t speaking and continued: “I came here later. Was there someone with long hair staying in my room before me?”

Su Min shook his head and said: “I only came here two days before you, so I don’t know who stayed there.”

Fang Shu Juan described how he made the discovery.

He had woken up very early this morning. He didn’t notice the hair when he went to brush his teeth, but he saw it later when he returned to put his cup back.

There was a single table in every room where they would leave their mouth rinsing cups. The cups were white, so the black hair was particularly eye-catching. 

Yin Ze who heard this sneered and said: “With you messing around so much, looks like a female ghost is now looking for you for revenge.”

Fang Shu Juan looked over at him, “Based on how things have been progressing, it would probably mean that my roommate will die tomorrow.”

With his roommate dying, it would probably be his turn soon.

“Why are you looking at me?” Yin Ze looked away and said bluntly: “I’m even hoping that it was you instead of your roommate.”

Fang Shu Juan asked back: “Really?”

Yin Ze said: “Really.”

There was something strange with this exchange between them. Su Min suddenly felt like a third wheel.

He felt as if he had returned back to the orphanage and was watching Yan Jing Cai and Xu Yixiang sweet-talking each other every day.

Although the two here were bickering back and forth, it gave him a similar feeling.

To be more accurate, it was only Yin Ze one-sidedly bickering with Fang Shu Juan. During the past few days here, Fang Shu Juan seemed to have never argued with him nor say anything harsh to him.

Su Min expressed internally that enemies was a rather strange relationship that he couldn’t comprehend.

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