To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie
Arc 5: Unknown Prison
Chapter 92: Weeding

It suddenly quietened down at the dining table.

Faced with such a situation, Su Min didn’t know what to say. Fang Shu Juan also didn’t say anything in response to Yin Ze’s words.

Instead, it was Yin Ze who couldn’t stand it anymore. He turned around and glared at him.

Fang Shu Juan then looked away and moved the direction of the conversation back to the hair: “When I discovered it, I initially didn’t think too much about it and I only realised that something wasn’t right afterwards.”

Su Min reminded him: “Even if someone had stayed there before, the cup would be washed everyday so there shouldn’t be any hair on it.”

So that meant that there were only two possibilities.

One was that his roommate had hidden a woman’s hair somewhere and would often take it out. Maybe it was the hair of his girlfriend or wife’s.

In fact, it sounded quite plausible.

If not for it being a horror movie, it would be quite normal. But this was a horror movie, so he felt that it was more likely for it to be associated with something supernatural.

The second possibility was that something supernatural was at play.

He was pretty certain that it was the latter, but he didn’t know who the owner of the hair was, and he didn’t know if it was related to that white figure he saw the other day.

The cinema’s hint just happened to coincide.

Although Su Min didn’t know why it didn’t appear last night, it had happened before, so he didn’t think too much of it.

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Fang Shu Juan let out an ‘ah’ and said: “And that’s why I felt that something wasn’t right.”

Although he had only been here for a day, he didn’t have to observe too closely. They would naturally brush their teeth and use the cup twice a day and it would be difficult for someone here to grow their hair out to that length.

Su Min asked: “Have you asked him?”

Fang Shu Juan nodded: “I indirectly asked. He doesn’t have a girlfriend and he doesn’t have a girl that he likes. He also doesn’t have a habit of collecting hair. He didn’t seem to be lying.”

Although Su Min didn’t know how he was able to say with such certainty that the other party wasn’t lying, he believed his words. Afterall, he was a protagonist that would survive through this movie.

He thought for a moment, “It really is strange.”

“So I think the next casualty will be my roommate.” Fang Shu Juan raised his chin and indicated, “It’s that person on the second table behind you.”

Su Min and Yin Ze looked back.

The man sitting at the table behind them was facing them. He wore a thick pair of glasses on his face and was eating happily with no knowledge of the misfortune that was about to befall him.

After a while, Fang Shu Juan suddenly said: “Yin Ze, didn’t you say that you didn’t care? Why are you looking?”

Yin Ze who had just turned his head back around looked a little uncomfortable. He said stubbornly: “Why do you care what I do? I can do whatever I want.”

Hearing him say that, Fang Shu Juan just smiled. He turned to Su Min and said: “I’ll watch him over the next few days, but he probably can’t be saved.”

Afterall, the last two incidents were already very strange.

Su Min nodded and said: “You should be careful. Your life is most important.”

Fang Shu Juan nodded and said: “I know.”

Yin Ze didn’t speak and just listened on quietly. He ate quickly and finished the food before him in just a few bites.

They were only given thirty minutes to eat and they were also a group of men so they would often finish their food in just a few minutes. During the remaining time, they would use it to chat and joke around.

As soon as time was up, the prison guard blew the whistle.

When they returned to their rooms this time, Su Min quickly glanced at Fang Shu Juan’s glasses wearing roommate. He was picking at his teeth and joking around with the people behind him.

If it wasn’t for Fang Shu Juan, he would probably wouldn’t know the reason behind his eventual fate.

After returning to their room, Yin Ze and Su Min both searched around.

It would be terrible if there was hair in their room as well.

Fortunately, there weren’t any. The glasses wearing roommate was probably the only one who had it.


Fang Shu Juan adapted very quickly to prison life.

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It probably also had something to do with his personality. He had always been very capable at school. From teachers to leaders, from school brothers to sisters, he got along well with almost everyone.

In all honesty, even Yin Ze’s girlfriends who were rejected by him didn’t hold any resentment towards him and would greet him whenever they met.

The only exception was Yin Ze.

Fang Shu Juan had tried to improve their relationship but it was useless. The other party didn’t fall for it and it even made him hate him even more.

It was the same in prison.

“Why are you asking me so many questions tonight?” His roommate suddenly remembered something as soon as he entered the room, “Don’t tell me you want to……..”

He hugged himself and didn’t finish the rest of his sentence.

Hearing this, Fang Shu Juan fell silent, “You’re thinking too much. I don’t have that preference. I was just a little bored and asking casually.”

His roommate let out a large sigh of relief.

He said: “Scared me. I thought you……..I’m glad I don’t need to change rooms.”

Fang Shu Juan took note of his comment, “You can change rooms?”

His roommate nodded, “Of course you can. If you want to go to another room, you will need to apply for it but the probability of being rejected is 99%.”

Fang Shu Juan was a little disappointed.

He thought that if he could change rooms, he would move to the room opposite him.

It was just resting time for them. After ten minutes or so, they would be taken away to weed. It was probably because of the incident yesterday that the job was changed back to weeding.

As for the location, it was a somewhere different.

Fang Shu Juan walked back over to the rinsing cup. That strand of hair had already been removed by him earlier so there wasn’t anything on it now.

His roommate thought he was looking at something and also moved over to take a look. When he saw that there wasn’t anything, he turned and walked away.

Fang Shu Juan also turned around and it was at this moment that he saw a strand of hair on his back.

The colour of the prison uniform was light, and the hair was black, so it was very obvious.

Fang Shu Juan was afraid of his roommate leaving so he reached over to touch him.

“What are you doing?” His roommate who was touched turned around and looked at him vigilantly. “Why are you suddenly touching me?”

Despite being so handsome, why was he doing something like this? You really can’t judge a book by its cover.

Fang Shu Juan lied: “It’s nothing. I just saw a bug.”

He concealed the strand of hair in his hand.

If he told him about this, he would probably just cause unnecessary trouble and the other party may not necessarily believe him, so he opted to keep quiet.

His roommate assessed him suspiciously. Seeing that he didn’t look like he was lying, he walked away and stood far away from him.

Fang Shu Juan went directly to bed. With his back facing the outside, he examined the hair in his hand.

He compared it with the strand of hair he found earlier.

Visibly, it looked the same. Even the colour and length were the same.

It could be concluded that it belonged to the same person.

Or to be more precise, it belonged to the same ghost.

Fang Shu Juan had not encountered any supernatural events in his life but, with him witnessing those incidents in prison, he couldn’t help but suspect it.

Both the strands of hair were very long and dark, but you couldn’t judge the age of the owner from that alone.

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After carefully examining it for a long time, Fang Shu Juan stored them inside his pocket and decided to show it to Su Min and Yin Ze later.


The new location that needed to be weeded was quite remote.

As soon as the prisoners saw it, they couldn’t help but look at Su Min and mutter.

“……….Don’t let him steal the limelight again. We didn’t manage to eat a single chicken drumstick last time.”

“Does he have a grudge against plants? He deals with them so cleanly every time. Could he be the legendary plant killer?”

“Don’t learn a word and use it randomly.”

Fang Shu Juan didn’t know what happened but he instantly noticed that those comments were all about Su Min. He also recalled similar discussions last time when they were sent to clean up the river.

He was curious: “What did you do to anger these people?”

Su Min responded calmly: “They can’t weed as fast as me.”

Fang Shu Juan felt that it sounded quite normal.

Someone near them heard this and spat onto the ground. He grumbled: “You call that weeding? I think it’s more like overturning the ground.”

Su Min: “……….”

Brother, that analogy is too exaggerated.

Fang Shu Juan couldn’t help but laugh, “You’re that amazing?”

Su Min smiled and said: “Average. They gave me a nickname; lawn mower.”

It wasn’t his fault those skeletal hands wanted to help.

Fang Shu Juan heard this and laughed even harder.

The prison guards allocated sections one by one to each prisoner. For Su Min, they gave him a bigger area and reminded: “You don’t have to work so hard. It’s okay.”

Su Min was very calm, “Okay.”

He just had to move his hand a little less. Like this, he could also use this chance to observe Fang Shu Juan’s glasses wearing roommate.

Su Min gave it a try. As soon as his hand came into contact with a weed, just like last time, the same thing happened.

After pulling it out, those hands quickly hid inside the soil again, but Su Min saw it before it disappeared.

He didn’t know who the owners of these hands were.

Every time Su Min finished dealing with a spot, he would stop and rest for ten minutes.

Whenever he did this, the prisoners around him would glare at him. Their eyes burned with jealousy, but they couldn’t do anything and could only let him do as he pleased.

Afterall, they couldn’t weed as fast as him.

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