To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie
Arc 5: Unknown Prison
Chapter 93: Shower

To be honest, Su Min found the skeleton hands rather cute.

If the others knew about it, they would probably be pleased to death but they couldn’t see it and could only glare at him with jealousy.

The weeding task went on for two hours.

This time Su Min didn’t do too much but his job was still completed better than the others. Once again, he was looked on enviously.

There wasn’t anyone missing when they counted the heads and Fang Shu Juan’s roommate was still safe and sound.

Su Min didn’t seem to see anything dangerous.

After returning back, they lined up for lunch. Fang Shu Juan stood beside them and said: “I thought something would happen by now, but I guess I was wrong.”

Last time it happened while they were working.

Su Min said: “Hair was found in the room so maybe it’ll happen in the room, not outside.”

The situation this time was similar to the scissor incident and no specific location was given.

“That makes sense.” Fang Shu Juan rubbed his chin, “Then I should pay more attention to his behaviour in the room later today.”

Fortunately, the room was small so he could easily keep his eye on his roommate.

Yin Ze asked: “Does the appearance of hair mean that he’s going to die from hair?”

Fang Shu Juan glanced at him, “It probably is the case.”

They could only make guesses at this point and they didn’t know what the hair meant.

There was more food at the cafeteria today.

Su Min was in a good mood, so he cleared his plate rather quickly. Yin Ze on the other hand, contrary to his usually good appetite, only finished half.

Yin Ze lowered his hand.

Fang Shu Juan asked: “Feeling sick?”

Yin Ze said: “None of your fucking business.”

Fang Shu Juan said: “Yes, it’s none of my business. It doesn’t matter even if you starve to death.”

“You’re the one who’s going to starve to death.” Yin Ze snorted. He used his chopstick to poke around his rice a little and he quickly took a few more bites.

Su Min who was originally going to persuade him to eat a little more kept silent.

Seeing how Yin Ze was acting, he looked like he could eat a bit more.

They returned to their room at noon for an afternoon nap. Fang Shu Juan reassured them that he would keep watch over his roommate.

Afterall, it was something that was going to happen close to them and it would be a chance for them to witness what was happening. If it was to happen in another room, it would be difficult for them to even notice.

Let’s take the current situation as an example. If that hair appeared on another person, they definitely wouldn’t have noticed it.

They would probably only find out after everything had already happened and wouldn’t know about the existence of the hair even until the very end.

Afterwards, they weren’t given another job and was instead taken to the same room where they watched the news broadcast the other day to watch a video about labour reformation.

It also included prison quizzes.

The video even included some examples of prisoners successfully reducing their sentences after performing well and behaving during their stay in prison.

Su Min watched on with interest.

The director didn’t make up the contents here and they all existed in reality. You could easily find similar cases with a simple web search.

Brother Hao’s younger brother whispered to him: “What’s the point of watching this? It’s not like it’ll appear in the quiz.”

“It’s on par to watching a news broadcast.”

“Might as well go to sleep.”

“Brother Hao, why haven’t you looked for 488?”

As soon as he heard that number, Brother Hao glared at him, “What’s there to look for? I want to work hard so you must also work hard.”

The younger brothers: “………….”

Their voices weren’t small, so Su Min heard everything. His impression of Brother Hao had also changed slightly.

When he looked over, Brother Hao also just happened to be looking at him.

He didn’t expect the other party to be so terrified of him. Brother Hao immediately dragged his chair back to move away from the light above him in fear of the lights suddenly falling and smashing him in the head.

Su Min: “………..”

He’s not a monster.

After watching the video, it was already evening. Everyone took a break before heading over to the cafeteria for dinner.

In fact, life in prison was very monotonous. It was probably because there was nothing entertaining in this unknown prison.

The only big form of entertainment that they have here was on certain festive days.

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It was very unlike the prisons overseas which even have libraries, sport stadiums and even amusement parks.

After dinner, Su Min and the others returned to their rooms.

Yin Ze said: “Something will happen tonight?”

Su Min glanced at the room on the opposite end of the corridor, “Probably.”

Nothing had happened yet today and that was already rather unusual. He was almost 80% certain that something would happen tonight.


Fang Shu Juan’s roommate was called Chen Su. He had stayed in this prison for three years and had not run into too much trouble. At most, he was just bullied a little by Brother Hao.

This was information Fang Shu Juan managed to elicit or guess.

Chen Su laid in bed, “You wash up first. I want to sleep a bit.”

Fang Shu Juan was the first to wash. Afterall, the later it was, the more unsafe. This was especially the case in a place like this.

When he left the bathroom, he was greeted by Chen Su’s snoring.

The other roommate was a little more familiar with Chen Su. After he was done washing up, he woke him: “Hurry and take a shower. It’s almost time for lights out.”

Chen Su clumsily stumbled up.

The bathroom here was basically made up of a few walls and a curtain blocking the doorway.

There was also a light inside.

Chen Su murmured: “Why is it so dark?”

The bathroom was originally quite small. After turning on the lights, it was much better. Without any delay, he turned on the tap and started washing himself.

Because the showerhead was rather dirty, they usually just drench themselves in water without using their hands.

When Chen Su was halfway through his shower, he noticed that the water was getting smaller and smaller. They weren’t living on the fifth floor or using a secondary water supply so why would there not be enough water?

He twisted the tap to its highest only to see that it was useless.

Chen Su originally thought that it was because they had run out of water but when he looked at the showerhead above, he was met with a shocking scene.

The showerhead was completely wrapped in hair and water seeped through several small gaps.

He was using the water that was coming out through those gaps to shower earlier. That explained why the water would suddenly get so small.

Chen Su cursed silently: “Who the hell wrapped their hair around this?”

He reached out to remove it. He had originally thought that it would have been a rather easy feat.

But contrary to his expectations, that hair had instead moved to wrap around his wrist. It was as if it had suddenly came to life.

Chen Su couldn’t even make a sound.


The roommate staying on the upper bunk grumbled: “Why is Chen Su taking so long? Don’t tell me he’s self-relieving?”

At this moment, Fang Shu Juan realised that something wasn’t right.

He could still hear the sound of water in the bathroom. Because he was in the room and it was only separated by a curtain, he could hear it very clearly.

Something wasn’t right.

In normal circumstances, water would land on the person below it so the sound wouldn’t be as smooth and crisp as it was now.

He quickly went over to the bathroom and pulled open the curtain.

As soon as he entered, his brows furrowed into a frown.

Chen Su wasn’t in there. All that was left was water flowing down the drain into the sewer. The water even appeared faintly red.

Fang Shu Juan didn’t have a good expression.

The other roommate was still sitting on the upper bunk, “What are you doing?”

Fang Shu Juan said: “Chen Su is gone.”

As soon as he said that, his roommate quickly climbed off from bed. He ran over to check the bathroom. He really wasn’t there. The faint spots of blood on the ground was also almost completely washed away.

He panicked and asked: “What’s going on? Wasn’t he just taking a shower? Why did he suddenly disappear?”

Fang Shu Juan said: “He wasn’t there when I went in.”

Hearing him say that, the roommate instantly recalled the incidents over the past few days. He quickly called out for a prison guard.

Because it wasn’t time for lights out yet, he managed to attract attention from quite a few people around him.

“Another disappearance? We’ve already grown used to it. I’ll be able to leave the prison next month so I’m not afraid.”

“This time it’s our room. Although the room was clearly very normal, he had disappeared just like that.”

“Can you let us go over and take a look?!”

“Who disappeared? How did he disappear? Why isn’t anyone responding!”

Su Min also now came to know what happened.

Like that incident earlier involving someone disappearing in the sewer, the prison guards searched the room only come back with nothing.

Fang Shu Juan stood in the corridor and stood very close to the window leading to Su Min’s room. He said in a small voice: “Disappeared in bathroom while he was taking a shower.”

Su Min said: “Again, another mysterious disappearance.”

But he felt that it probably had something to do with the sewer.

Yin Ze listened to the two discuss this and muttered. It was muffled and not very clear.

Fang Shu Juan suddenly turned his head around, “Were you worried about me?”

Yin Ze snorted, “You heard wrong.”

Fang Shu Juan didn’t continue asking. He just smiled and returned to his room.

The prison guards also left. The lights were then turned off.

Although it had something to do with the shower, something had already happened so Su Min went and showered without a worry.

Yin Ze had just finished showering so the bathroom was still wet, and the floor was slippery.

Su Min took off his prison uniform and reached over to the faucet. Unexpectedly, his foot slipped, and he fell to the ground.

He subconsciously shouted in surprise.

Yin Ze heard this outside, “What’s wrong?”

Before Su Min made contact with the ground, a pair of cold hands supported him and propped him up.

Hearing Yin Ze’s footsteps outside the curtain, Su Min quickly said: “I just almost fell. It’s alright now. You don’t need to come in.”

Yin Ze asked: “Really all okay?”

Su Min said: “I’m okay.”

After he walked away, Su Min pushed Chen Su and whispered: “I’ve already regained my balance so why are you still holding onto me?”

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Chen Su raised his voice and said: “If it wasn’t for me catching you, you would have fallen. Why aren’t you showing some gratitude?”

Su Min said: “Thanks.”

He tried to move away from him, but he couldn’t break free from Chen Su’s iron grip. The latter’s strength far surpassed his.

Su Min knew himself very well. He was an ordinary student that didn’t like the exercise so he naturally couldn’t compare himself with a ghost.

Fortunately, he was still wearing his underwear and wasn’t completely naked.

Chen Su felt that Su Min felt very good. He then recalled the time he touched his butt and couldn’t help but give it a rub. It was still quite perky.

Su Min didn’t expect this act of his and angrily swatted his hand away, “Are you leaving or not?”

Chen Su said: “Not leaving.”

Su Min: “………….”

He had noticed that Chen Su had recently been taking things too far. Was it because nothing much had happened recently, so he was in a good mood?

While he was in thought, a soft kiss fell on his neck.

Su Min’s upper body was bare, and Chen Su was a ghost, so the cold sensation was quite startling. He couldn’t help but shiver.

He tried to push him away, but Chen Su didn’t react at all to his attempt.

The showerhead above still continued to leak water. It was cold. Su Min shuddered and grabbed Chen Su’s hand, “What are you trying to do?”

Chen Su leaned close to his ear, “Don’t talk.”

Su Min snorted. He twisted his hand but unexpectedly found himself being held by the waist.

He asked: “What on earth are you trying to do?”

Chen Su said: “Nothing much.”

But his words were contrary to his actions.

Su Min furrowed his brows. He was pressed up against the wall by him. With his back against the cool wall, a cold sensation ran through his spine.

But that cold sensation couldn’t cover up the sensation coming from below. The alternating hot and cold sensation there felt very good.

Chen Su originally had his hand on his waist. He moved it further down and stopped at the edge for a moment, “Su Min, does it feel good?”

Su Min didn’t answer. His actions got even more daring.

The faucet for the shower was turned on at some unknown point in time. Water fell from above, hitting their bodies while making soft splashing sounds.

Su Min’s ears were hot. It even spread over to his face.

A moan that rose uncontrollably through his throat was swallowed back again so on the surface he didn’t let out a single sound.

After a while, Su Min bent down and collapsed in Chen Su’s arms, “Are you crazy? Why are you suddenly doing this?”

Chen Su pinched his chin and tried to kiss him, but Su Min turned his head and avoided it, “You didn’t feel anything earlier?”

Su Min snorted, “Didn’t feel anything.”

Chen Su fell silent for a long time.

Su Min rested his head on Chen Su’s shoulder and closed his eyes. He then opened his eyes again and asked: “What did you say earlier? I didn’t hear it properly.”

Chen Su turned his head slightly and bit his earlobe. He sighed: “I don’t think you will be able to find anyone better than me.”

Su Min’s ears twitched. He turned his head and moved away from his lips. His earlobe was still a little wet, “I’m afraid you must still be dreaming.”

So narcissistic. And he even sighed.

Chen Su tapped the tip of his nose, “Who else can tolerate you like this?’

Su Min wondered: “What’s wrong with me?”

Chen Su didn’t answer and just laughed. His voice was a little husky and sexy.

Su Min swatted away Chen Su’s left hand.

Seeing that Chen Su wasn’t saying anything, Su Min got up from him, “You can continue dreaming. I’m leaving.”

Today, Chen Su didn’t seem to be in his right mind.

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