To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie
Arc 5: Unknown Prison
Chapter 94: Orange

Noises from outside could travel in, especially the sound of someone singing.

Chen Su was a ghost and the temperature of his body was cold. Su Min on the other hand was human. These two opposites couldn’t be in contact for too long.

Su Min only realised that his clothes were all wet after he stood back up.

He wrapped himself with a towel and said: “Aren’t you leaving?”

He didn’t really mean what he said earlier. If he left the bathroom without having a proper shower, he would probably feel too uncomfortable to sleep.

Chen Su said reluctantly: “Okay then.”

In fact, he didn’t want to leave but he felt that Su Min would probably get angry if he stayed.

After confirming that Chen Su’s presence was gone, Su Min’s expression relaxed. He took off his drenched clothes and took another shower.

This time nothing happened.

Yin Ze was lying on the bed when he walked out. Hearing him come out, he commented: “I thought something happened to you.”

Su Min was in there for a long time and it just happened that only moments ago something had happened to Fang Shu Juan’s roommate. He almost wanted to go and check on him, but he held himself back.

More importantly, his roommates’ habit of talking to himself even in the shower puzzled him.

Hearing this, Su Min randomly threw out an excuse: “I almost twisted my ankle when I went in so I took a while massaging it.”

Yin Ze didn’t find it suspicious, “Are you okay now?”

Su Min: “I’m okay now.”

Seeing that he didn’t seem to be hurt, Yin Ze was relieved, “It’s almost time for the lights to turn off. You should hurry up.”

Su Min made a sound of acknowledgement and proceeded to brush his teeth.

Fortunately, luck was on his side. As soon as he finished brushing his teeth, the speaker sounded, and the room darkened.

Su Min stood there for a moment to adjust to the darkness before fumbling over to his bed. Before he could even sit down, he once again felt Chen Su’s presence.

He noticed that recently Chen Su had been appearing every single day.

Su Min asked: “Didn’t you leave?”

Chen Su said: “I didn’t.”

He was there the whole time and was just waiting for a chance to appear.

Su Min frowned. He didn’t know what he meant by that, but he believed that he probably wouldn’t go and watch him while he was in the shower.

Chen Su just happened to be sitting on the blankets when he pulled at it.

Probably because he had used quite a lot of force when he pulled, the old metal bed made a loud creaking sound. It sounded a little ambiguous in this type of setting.

Someone in the room opposite them knocked on the door.

Please read this from kk translates

Yin Ze also heard the commotion. He rolled around and asked, “Su Min, are you okay?”

Su Min didn’t dare move anymore. He was angry at Chen Su. He lowered his voice and scolded him: “It’s all because of you.”

Chen Su hugged him, “All my fault.”

Su Min quietly snorted and then proceeded to answer Yin Ze’s question: “It’s nothing. I was just thinking about things and couldn’t sleep.”

“Okay then.” Yin Ze rolled back over, “Then quiet down a little.”

Su Min made a sound of acknowledgement.

When no further sounds came from Yin Ze’s end, Su Min also no longer wanted to play around with Chen Su. He laid down on the inside of the bed and got ready to sleep.

He was someone who followed his principles.

Chen Su also laid down next to him.

The bed was a single bed. It was narrow but long enough to accommodate Chen Su’s height.

Room 8 became quiet.

There were still some noises coming from outside the room. It was difficult to tell what it was, but it sounded like shouts that were suppressed inside for a long time and was suddenly let out.

With so many things happening in this prison, the prisoners here were practically waiting for their deaths. Although they didn’t outwardly express it, they most certainly felt suffocated and anxious inside.

Su Min could tell that, despite the harmonious mood during the day, many of them were suppressing their emotions. One day, it would erupt.

Chen Su’s mind on the other hand was preoccupied by completely different thoughts.

After lying there for a while, he couldn’t hold back anymore. He turned over to Su Min and asked: “Have you kissed before?”

Su Min was confused by that question of his and answered: “I have.”

He hasn’t even dated before so how could he have kissed? But before Chen Su asked him this question, the two of them had kissed a few times.

In any case, he didn’t specify whether he was asking about humans or ghosts.

Unsurprisingly, Chen Su exploded as soon as he heard it. He rolled over and pressed him down. In a dark voice, he asked: “Who?”

Su Min frowned, “None of your business.”

Chen Su wasn’t happy hearing this. He felt that Su Min was trying to change the subject and felt suffocated inside.

He fell silent for a while before finally whispering in a quiet voice: “Don’t do it with others.”

He lowered his head and nuzzled against Su Min’s neck.

Su Min didn’t say anything. Chen Su was saying something but his voice was very small so he couldn’t decipher its contents.

His breath wasn’t hot, but cold. It reached his ear causing it to feel a little numb and tingly.

Su Min felt quite good and unconsciously let out a hum.

After a while, he said: “I lied. Stop mumbling. I can’t make out what you’re saying.”

Chen Su looked up again. Without saying anything, he leaned down to kiss him on the lips.

Despite having just taken a shower, Su Min was already covered in a layer of sweat. His hand touched Chen Su’s hand and he gently caressed it.

After kissing for a long time – to the point that Su Min’s lips were numb – Su Min turned his head slightly and gently caught his breath.

Chen Su laid back down next to him and was practically stuck onto him.

Su Min’s hand was gripped tightly by him. No matter how much he tried, he couldn’t pull it out. A strange, inexplicable feeling rose from deep inside him, tightly entwining inside his chest.

He opened his eyes and looked up at the base of the bunk bed above him. He then turned to his right and looked at Chen Su: “When can I see you?”

The tips of their noses touched. Su Min didn’t move away.

Instead of asking him about his identity, he chose to ask this. This was something he was probably most concerned about.

From the first movie until now, he had not seen Chen Su.

In the past, he could accept it. Afterall, he didn’t know him very well but now he really wanted to see the other party’s face.

He felt a sense of urgency that he had never experienced before.

Chen Su lifted his chin and gently pecked Su Min’s lips. He then quickly retracted back, “Three days later.”

Hearing this, Su Min furrowed his brows.

Why was it three days? Why such a specific time? Was something important going to happen in three days?

Seeing Su Min wasn’t saying anything, Chen Su added: “Wait a little more.”

Su Min closed his eyes and said: “Okay.”

Chen Su nuzzled closer to him. This time, he didn’t do anything and just laid next to him. Sharing the same bed and pillow, the two fell asleep.

Once again, the room was completely silent.


The prison at night was very noisy.

After some time, Su Min woke up.

It was still dark outside and there were some sounds coming from down the corridor. Everyone else in the prison appeared to still be asleep.

He estimated that it was probably early in the morning. Afterall, the sky was still dark, and everyone was asleep. It couldn’t be an hour or two after lights out because there would always be people chatting late into the night.

Chen Su was no longer next to him. For some reason, Su Min wasn’t sleepy. He turned over and sat up.

The moonlight outside casted a small rectangular window of light through the window in the room.

Su Min thought for a moment and walked over to the door. The corridor was still as dark as ever at night.

Every now and then, roars could be heard.

Please read this from kk translates

Su Min listened to it for a while and felt that it sounded a little similar to the noises from the first night. It also came from down the corridor.

He could only see about half of the corridor from where he was, and it was completely empty. There wasn’t anything there. But he was certain the noise was coming from that direction.

This went on for another half an hour before it gradually faded away.

Su Min felt that there probably won’t be anything else and got back in bed. After counting sheep for a while, he fell back asleep.


Early in the morning of the next day.

The sun outside shone brightly onto the bed. It was clearly a fine day.

As soon as Su Min sat up, he received the cinema’s prompt. The hint for today was river flow again.

Hearing those words, he immediately recalled the man who died after falling into the river. Even now, he still has no idea what happened.

Yin Ze had already washed up. He sat on his bed and asked, “Why are you still sitting there? Soon we’re going to get called out to have breakfast.”

Su Min returned to his senses, “Okay.”

Various noises could be heard from the rooms outside. With all the clattering and chatter, it sounded like his dormitory back at school.

After brushing his teeth, Su Min checked himself using the mirror.

Good, it’s not swollen.

He was worried about it lasting until morning and getting noticed by the others. If that happened, it would be terrible. Others might even misunderstand and think it was something done by Yin Ze.

At that time, Fang Shu Juan will probably hate him.

Su Min suddenly had this thought and was subsequently shocked by this thought of this. He only recovered from that shock after leaving the bathroom.

He stared at Yin Ze for a long time.

Yin Ze who was stared by him felt uncomfortable: “What are you looking at me for? Is there something on my face?”

Su Min said: “No. I just want to ask a question, but I was afraid of you not wanting to answer so I didn’t ask.”

Yin Ze didn’t understand, “Go ahead and ask.”

Su Min sat down on the bed opposite Yin Ze. After organising his thoughts, he asked, “How long have you known Fang Shu Juan for?”

Yin Ze: “Four years.”

“So you only knew each other after entering university?” Su Min was a little surprised. He had always thought that they had known each other for a long time. Afterall, it also takes time to get a girlfriend.

Yin Ze lowered his head and organised his clothes, “To be more precise, we were in the same course. He lived in the dormitory opposite mine.”

Su Min was even more surprised.

But after thinking about it, it made sense. That such an arrangement, the chances of running into each other was more likely to happen.

Before he could continue asking, the whistle outside sounded. Someone called out: “Line up for breakfast!”

Yin Ze got up: “Let’s go.”

Everyone wore the same prison uniforms, and this also allowed one to better determine how attractive and good looking another person was.

It was also because of this that Brother Hao immediately had his eyes set on Su Min.

But after being traumatised by the events from a few days ago, Brother Hao didn’t dare do anything in fear of something else terrible happening. After a few uneventful days, he had returned to his original arrogant demeanour.

During breakfast, Su Min even saw him winking at him.

The other party sat at the table and made an elegant eating gesture with the spoon in his hand. He then turned and said something to the person next to him.

Soon afterwards, an orange was placed before him.

“This is from Brother Hao.” The person who delivered it said: “He wants me to pass on a message. It’s a blessing for you to be with Brother Hao. Don’t take it for granted.”

Su Min glanced at the orange and felt that this Brother Hao was innocent.

Very soon, under the gazes of everyone present, the orange on the table disappeared. Not a single person had moved.

Brother Hao’s younger brother was dumbfounded. He immediately looked around and asked: “Who stole the orange? Where did it go?”

He didn’t see anyone touch it!

Su Min expressionlessly replied, “I wonder who stole it?”

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