To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie
Arc 5: Unknown Prison
Chapter 95: Fog

There were three people sitting at the table; Fang Shu Juan, Yin Ze and Su Min.

The younger brother looked around for a long time and could only turn to the other two and ask: “Did you take the orange?”

Fang Shu Juan spread open his hands, “No.”

They were all wearing prisoner uniforms and you could see in one glance that they didn’t take it. Brother Hao’s younger brother called Zhang Jian was very confused.

After lingering there for a while, he could only return back to Brother Hao’s side.

Brother Hao’s full name was Li Hao. Just like his name, Brother Hao was a rugged and sturdy man with minimal education, so he had always wanted to find an educated partner.

But when he entered the prison, there wasn’t a single woman around. Surrounded by a group of men, over time they had adapted and compromised.

He was originally given a life sentence, so he had stayed in this prison the longest. During his stay here, there were only a couple that caught his eye and a few that willingly presented themselves to him. He however didn’t care too much about them.

When Su Min came, Brother Hao was excited.

He looked good and appeared to be quite studious. At once, you could tell that he must be a university student. Wasn’t this his ideal partner?

Zhang Jian whispered: “Brother Hao, the orange disappeared.”

Li Hao was staring at Su Min. Hearing his words, he returned to his senses and asked: “What’s going on? Didn’t you deliver it to him?”

“I did. I gave it to him. I even put it on his table.” Zhang Jian said: “But it disappeared soon afterwards.”

Li Hao frowned: “Disappeared?”

Zhang Jian nodded quickly. “Yeah, yeah. It disappeared. They didn’t look like they had taken it but the orange disappeared.”

Li Hao looked back at Su Min. He felt suspicious and kicked Zhang Jian: “Did you hide it away for yourself instead of sending it over?”

Hearing this, Zhang Jian quickly shook his head, “I don’t dare do that. Brother Hao, do I look like I have an orange hidden on me?”

They were all wearing the simple prison uniform. There wasn’t anything in his pocket.

Li Hao could no longer sit still. He stood up: “It really disappeared?”

How could something so ridiculous happen?

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Before Zhang Jian could answer, someone sitting on the other side of the table widened his eyes and tugged at Li Hao’s clothes, “Bro……Brother Hao!”

Li Hao was irritated: “What?”

The other person pointed at the table, “Brother Hao………The orange!”

Hearing the uneasiness in his voice, Brother Hao looked down at the table. An orange sat in his rice bowl.

But it was different to the orange given earlier. It had already been peeled open and the originally gorgeous flesh inside had become mouldy. It clearly had gone bad.

Li Hao froze. He sat back down.

“This orange disappeared just then………” Zhang Jian swallowed, “How did it suddenly appear here?”

He was the only one who came from the other table. That orange had suddenly appeared out of thin air.

It was as if someone had intentionally done it.

The oranges in prison were issued by prison guards. Except for special occasions, they were given to prisoners in accordance to their performance and behaviour. It was a rather rare item.

Something like this had never happened before.

What’s more, the orange skin was very fresh, but the flesh inside had become mouldy. What kind of fruit goes bad like that?

Li Hao suddenly had a thought and he looked over at Su Min only to see that he was smiling at him.

Although it wasn’t very obvious, it was most definitely a smile.

Li Hao felt that it was a very pretty smile and smiled back.

“Bro…..brother Hao……..”

When he looked back down, he saw that even the orange peel had grown mouldy. The entire fruit had gone bad from inside out.

Li Hao: “……….”

There’s something wrong with 488!


On the other end, the three of them ate as per usual.

Yin Ze said: “Looks like Brother Hao really fancies you. It has already been several days and he’s still eyeing you.”

Fang Shu Juan: “Fancy?”

Su Min reluctantly explained: “Brother Hao has been in prison for a long time and now find men pleasing to the eye.”

Fang Shu Juan smiled, “Maybe he was born with it.”

As soon as he said that, Su Min and Yin Ze both looked at him.

Fang Shu Juan didn’t think that there was anything wrong with what he said and continued to eat, “I wonder where we’re going today. We still don’t know where my roommate went.”

Yin Ze lowered his head and didn’t say anything.

Su Min ate a mouthful of congee, “We should know soon.”

After that, the three of them didn’t speak.

Although they were equally as confused, neither Yin Ze nor Fang Shu Juan asked where the orange went.

Fang Shu Juan felt that there was no point asking and that it had nothing to do with him.

Yin Ze on the other hand ate while deep in thought.

He usually heard Su Min talk and Su Min had previously admitted that he had a habit of talking to himself. With him looking so normal, he found it strange for him to have such a strange problem.

Last night, it was even stranger.

Yin Ze secretly glanced at Su Min and then he looked over at Brother Hao. He wondered if it was because of something else.

It was also at this moment that he saw the orange.

Yin Ze froze for a moment. A different thought surfaced to his mind.


After a half an hour rest after breakfast, the prisoners were taken away again.

The prison guard casually announced that they have free time outside today and didn’t need to work.

Fang Shu Juan sat on the ground and said: “Why are they doing this so suddenly today? It’s very inconsistent with everything happening lately.”

After a while, Yin Ze said: “Maybe it’s because so many things have been happening continuously.”

“Impossible.” Su Min said: “Lots of things have happened here. It wasn’t just once or twice.”

Maybe they really only intended on giving them some free time today.

Su Min looked around, “Is there a river here?”

Fang Shu Juan sat up, “I don’t think so.”

All they could see was flat land. There wasn’t a river in sight. If they were on top of a mountain, they could look down at the things below.

Su Min assessed his surroundings and couldn’t find a river. Maybe he would only find one in the afternoon.

They sat there in daze.

Half an hour passed


Suddenly, there was a sharp cry.

Su Min immediately looked over and saw several people standing on the edge of the road. They had their heads bowed and were looking at something.

Fang Shu Juan: “Let’s go and see.”

Because of that noise, many had already made their way over. Su Min and the others reached the crowd as the latecomers also gasped.

Turns out, there was a sewer by the road.

When they got closer, they could smell a stench coming from inside. A corpse laid face down amongst the murky black water and was completely motionless.

Su Min: “………….”

Can this also be considered a river?

The cinema’s hint made him a little speechless.

It was clearly a small ditch formed by the water coming from the sewer. What river? He mentally decided to file a complaint when he gets out.

“Why did he die here? Who is he?”

“Can’t tell. The number tags on his clothes have already darkened and we can’t see it anymore.”

 “Is anyone missing today?”

“I don’t think so. I haven’t heard of anyone going missing. Could it be that person who disappeared yesterday?”


Fang Shu Juan could tell instantly that it was his roommate Chen Xu.

The discussions attracted the prison guards over. They sent everyone away and banned them from approaching the sewer before bringing the corpse out.

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Although they weren’t standing very close, Su Min could still make out the appearance of the front of the corpse.

Because it was the sewer, the entire body was covered in filth and you could no longer see his face clearly.

But his chest was bulging, as was his arm. You couldn’t tell if it was swelling caused by excessive soaking in the water.

Very soon, the body was taken away by the prison guards.

Yin Ze wondered: “How did it get here?”

Chen Xu clearly disappeared from his room so how did he suddenly appear outside? It was a completely impossible feat.

Fang Shu Juan said: “Maybe it leads to the rooms?”

Su Min nodded his head, “It probably does, but it’s also a little strange.”

Hearing him say this, Fang Shu Juan looked at him, “Why?”

Su Min said: “Don’t you remember the structure of the room? He could only have disappeared through the sewer, but do you think the sewer is big enough to fit him?”

Of course it couldn’t. This was also something that couldn’t be answered for that earlier incident involving a corpse suddenly coming out of the sewers.

Every time someone died, strange things would happen before it occurred.

Su Min speculated that as long as these strange incidents didn’t occur, they would be safe.

Su Min recalled something from the previous movie and didn’t immediately jump to the conclusion that the ghosts were evil.

Fang Shu Juan thought for a moment, “Maybe there’s a place we overlooked. Unfortunately, we can’t tear down the sewer.”

They were in prison, so their range of movement was limited, and they were constantly being monitored. As soon as they tried something, they would immediately be discovered.

And if they reported anything, they may conversely bring themselves more trouble.

When it reached noon, the prisoners were once again taken back inside. The car drove all the way back to the main prison base.

After Su Min got out of the car, he assessed the location.

He had been staying there for a few days and would take a look at where he stayed whenever he went out. It was very large and quite high. Visually, he estimated that it was several metres high.

But the ceilings were also quite high in their rooms.

The structure of this prison wasn’t the same as the others. The top looked like those of a residential house.

Su Min took in his surroundings for a while before going to the cafeteria together with the others.

As for the corpse, the prison guards didn’t provide them with any explanations.

After they sat in their respective seats, Fang Shu Juan whispered: “It’s him.”

That corpse was definitely Chen Xu.

Su Min paused, “There are now two sewer incidents. One came out from it in the room and the other appeared in the sewer outside.”

Why were there so many incidents revolving around the sewer?

Yin Ze said: “This prison has always had problems.”

After so many deaths, the prison guards just calmly dealt with it.

Many of the victims were not given a death or life sentence and was just given a sentence of several years but they died after entering this prison.

Yin Ze also had never seen anyone come over to investigate these incidents.

Su Min initially had a thought, but he had quickly tossed it aside. With all these incidents happening one after another, this thought once again appeared in his mind.

In all honesty, it was a rather scary thought.

Was this really a prison? Are those people really prison guards? Are the prisoners really prisoners?

Su Min was sent over in a police car. If it wasn’t a prison, then did the police who brought him over know about the incidents going on inside here?

These questions colluded together forming a thick fog of confusion in his mind.

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