Arc 5: Unknown Prison
Chapter 96: Report

Hearing Su Min’s question, Fang Shu Juan paused.

He looked around him and said: “If it’s not a prison then where could this be? Something like those research institutes you see in movies where they lock us up, see who can live the longest and then give a large amount of money as a prize to the survivor?”

 Su Min was surprised: “You’re very imaginative.”

To be honest, that was also a possibility but if that was true, they wouldn’t all be able to live until the end. There must be something else.

Fang Shu Juan smiled, “I watch a lot of movies.”

Yin Ze poked at his food and said: “It’s useless even if we know about it. We can’t escape.”

Su Min turned around, “You’re really pessimistic.”

Weren’t male protagonists in movies like these supposed to be filled with vitality and hope?

Yin Ze was a very different protagonist from the ones he had encountered. Since the very beginning, apart from Fang Shu Juan’s first day here, he had not been very emotional.

Upon hearing this, Yin Ze looked up. He suddenly changed his expression into one of excitement and exclaimed: “We will definitely escape! We will survive through this!”

He raised his hand and made a cheering gesture.

Su Min: “…………”

Fang Shu Juan sitting opposite him was stunned for a moment. He did his best holding back his laughter by covering his lips with his fist.

Yin Ze returned back to his usual expressionless face, “How’s that? Filled with vitality? Filled with energy?”

Su Min didn’t know what to say.

After recovering from laughing, Fang Shu Juan supported himself on the table and said: “Yin Ze, you’re so cute. Why haven’t I noticed this before?”

Yin Ze turned to him, “You’re the one that’s cute. Your whole family is cute.”

Fang Shu Juan started laughing again.

This laughter only made Yin Ze feel ashamed. He patted his upper body and glared at him before continuing to eat with bright red ears.

Su Min felt as if he was suddenly fed dog food. (KKnotes: Dog food = AKA PDA)

He slowly sighed and changed the topic: “We don’t get individual free time here?”

Fang Shu Juan naturally have no clue about this.

Yin Ze said: “Yes. The day you’re released from the prison.”

Su Min: “………..”

Why does he find Yin Ze’s words exceptionally harsh?

Fang Shu Yuan laughed again at this response. He said: “Su Min, stop asking. If you continue, his barbed words will pierce your heart.”

Su Min sighed.

Yin Ze said: “Apart from that, there’s also the time while you’re in the infirmary. You can lie there freely and there will only be people guarding outside.

The infirmary?

Su Min keenly sensed the importance of this location.

He suddenly recalled the movie introduction mentioning the presence of a woman. She was the only female character in the movie. “Where is the infirmary?”

Yin Ze said: “At the back. You can only go after applying for a visit.”

Usually they wouldn’t go if there wasn’t anything wrong and the doctors wouldn’t come over to this end as well unless it was for physical examination.

Su Min recalled the moment he entered the movie, “Were all the people during the last physical examination from the infirmary? Why are they all men?”

The last physical examination involved examining newcomers who had entered the prison the past month.

Yin Ze glanced at him suspiciously and said: “Because we are all men. Did you want a woman to examine you?”

As soon as he said that, Su Min felt a chill near him.

He frowned, “Of course not. Just wondering if there are any woman here.”

Yin Ze said: “The people who went said that there’s a woman there, but I haven’t been there, so I don’t know if it’s true or not.”

But it most likely was true.

Su Min thought for a moment, “I want to take a look.”

Fang Shu Juan asked: “Is there anything special there? Also, when is the physical examination? I still haven’t had it.”

Su Min said: “It was done before you came. They did all kinds of checks at that time and then we were sent to work. They didn’t even show us the report.”

He selected several important key points of that experience and talked about it.

Fang Shu Juan: “They’re pretty comprehensive with their examination.”

It seemed to cover almost everything. Things like blood getting drawn and urine sample collections were all done.

Yin Ze frowned and said: “It’s not that easy going there.”

“It’ll be fine if I’m injured.” Su Min said: “If I accidently cut myself and bleed, they naturally wouldn’t stop me from going.”

Yin Ze said: “It’s too risky.”

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Su Min couldn’t think of any other way. Afterall, a cold was just a minor problem and the prison guard would probably just bring some cold medicine instead of sending him over to the infirmary.

He thought about it, “We’ll see.”

After eating, all the prisoners were taken back to their rooms. Probably because of the discovery of the body this morning, there were occasional discussions about it.

After about half an hour later, there was the sound of a door opening.

Hearing this, Su Min quickly walked over to the door. The prison guard had taken Fang Shu Juan out and was busily locking up the door.

He quietly asked: “What are you doing?”

Fang Shu Juan looked at him. He walked closer and whispered: “Going to the infirmary for a physical examination.”

Hearing this, Su Min was stunned. He didn’t expect him to go get a physical examination as soon as they mentioned it.

Fang Shu Juan then said: “I tried asking but surprisingly he agreed so now I’m on my way to the infirmary.

Su Min frowned: “Be careful.”

Fang Shu Juan nodded. He looked over at room 8 and asked: “What’s Yin Ze doing?”

Su Min looked back, “He’s probably tired. He’s asleep.”

Fang Shu Juan grinned and lowered his voice: “If I go now, I might not even return. Wait for me——”

Su Min interrupted him: “What flag are you trying to raise?”

Hearing this, Fang Shu Juan stopped his words.

The prison guard finally finished locking the door. When he turned around, he was met with 488’s pale and sweat coated face.

He asked: “What’s wrong 488?”

Su Min slowly spoke: “My chest hurts a little.”

The prison guard frowned, “Chest hurts? Do you have heart problems?”

Su Min shook his head, “It just suddenly happened. I feel like I’m about to die. I feel very weak.”

As he said this, he slowly slid down and out of sight.

Yin Ze got up from the bed and supported him, “What are you trying to do?”

Su Min indicated for him not to speak.

Met with such an exaggerated act, the prison guard couldn’t remain indifferent. He quickly opened the door and saw Su Min being supported by Yin Ze.

He said: “You take him along and follow me over to the infirmary.”

Fang Shu Juan obediently supported Su Min up. When his eyes met with Yin Ze’s, he sighed and then revealed a smile.

The guard relocked the door.

The two followed behind the guard. Yin Ze stood up and looked out the window. He didn’t know what they were planning.


As soon as they got out, they were met with fresh air.

Another person came and brought Su Min and Fang Shu Juan over to the infirmary, “This one is feeling sick. This one needs a physical examination.”

There was indeed a nurse there. She had short hair and was wearing a white coat. Seeing them come in, she asked: “Where do you feel uncomfortable?”

Su Min said vaguely: “Here?”

Both men secretly assessed the infirmary and tried not to be too obvious.

The nurse took out her equipment and came over to examine him. At this moment, Fang Shu Juan suddenly called out, “I want to go to the bathroom.”

A prison guard came in from outside and took him away.

All that was left in the infirmary was Su Min and the nurse.

The nurse asked, “Where do you feel uncomfortable.”

Su Min pointed to his chest, “Here. It hurts.”

He pretended to be weak.

The nurse listened with her stethoscope and pressed at that spot, “It hurts here?”

As she moved, Su Min shouted out a few times. He held his chest: “It hurts. It hurts here. Am I about to die?”

He felt that he really had a knack for acting.

Nurse: “………You’re thinking too much. You won’t die.”

Su Min: “Really? But it hurts.”

Hearing this, the nurse once again changed her equipment. Su Min stood up, tiptoed over and knocked her out.

Because he attacked her from behind, the nurse didn’t notice him approaching.

Su Min quickly placed her onto the ground.

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As for whether or not he would be suspected, he would just try to come up with a lie when the time comes. Even if they suspected him, they didn’t have any evidence.

It wasn’t easy checking fingerprints here.

And by the time the truth is out, he probably would have already left the movie.

Fang Shu Juan wouldn’t be able to buy much time, so Su Min had to make the most of it. As soon as they return, he wouldn’t be able to do anything.

The infirmary wasn’t big.

There were a lot of equipment’s outside that was covered by sheets that have turned a little yellow. Some residual blood stains could be seen on the walls as well as fingerprints. He didn’t know who had left them.

Su Min looked around and went straight into one of the rooms.

Probably because it was just used, the door wasn’t locked.

The interior of this room also wasn’t big. There was a bed and a bathtub in there. In addition to that, there was a cabinet that occupied about half the wall sitting the corner.

Sitting on the cabinet were transparent glass bottles. Specimens were stored in them and there were also some trophies. Su Min checked several of them. There was a first prize trophy for an anatomy contest and the others were all related to diseases.

His area of specialty wasn’t in this field, so he didn’t know much about it. All he could conclude from this was that the owner of these trophies had spent too much of his time researching diseases.

Su Min looked away and opened cabinet. There was a silver safe sitting inside that was password protected.

He started at it for a few seconds before turning and leaving the room.

He couldn’t open this and it would just be a waste of time for him to attempt. It would be better for him to go out and see if he could find any other clues.

Su Min went over to the place where the nurse was sitting at earlier.

The infirmary was similar to the one at his university and most infirmaries were probably similarly designed. Several medical files were stacked on top of each other and the rest of them were stored inside a locker.

Su Min didn’t look at the ones sitting outside and moved directly to pick open the lock.

He used wire that he had picked up during his venture outside today.

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As soon as the locker was opened, he was greeted with two thick stacks of documents. One sat on the upper level while the other sat on the bottom. The bottom one looked much older in comparison to the one above.

Su Min took out the documents sitting on the upper level.

As soon as he opened it, he saw the medical report of someone in room 1. There was even a photo. That person was still alive.

The records were very detailed. Photos, blood type, muscle and body fat composition and the like were all listed. Some of their old ailments were also listed.

Su Min felt that even his own university hospital didn’t do such detailed examinations when he went.

He flipped to the end and found records of several of the deceased. Their files were also amongst these.

Every report was different.

Su Min quickly skimmed through the contents. As soon as he read the final sentence, he suddenly had a lightbulb moment and he realised something.

These people were all different to normal people.

Every one of them had an aspect that was different when compared with others and these points were circled and highlighted.

Su Min could even see the words “key point” written next to several of the circles.

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