Arc 5: Unknown Prison
Chapter 97: Demand

In all honesty, the writing on the reports were very messy.

It looked like a doctors handwriting.

Su Min was only able to understand those words thanks to his professor whose writing was also very messy. If it wasn’t for his professor, he would not have been able to understand the contents.

As for why those words were circled and marked as key points, Su Min didn’t know.

He just had a faint guess inside that it may important. Afterall, it was specifically circled and marked. As for whether he was right, only time would tell.

The circled unusual features of the prisoners weren’t the type of diseases that you could tell externally or things like AIDS. Instead, they were rare things that usually had no effect on life such as having an extra finger or a larger right atrium.

Su Min didn’t know why they specifically went out to find these people.

The closest guess he could make at this moment was that they possibly wanted to do experiments on them.

Afterall, that was a rather common plot in horror movies. But the biggest question was: Where was the laboratory and why were they kept in a prison?

These were all unanswered questions.

Su Min placed the documents back and then picked up the stack of documents from the lower shelf.

The documents on the lower shelf were a little older and the paper did not look as new as the ones above. They were files of the elders in the prison as well as some that he had never seen before.

Su Min guessed that the ones he had never seen were probably dead.

These files were different to the previous ones. The labels on them were older and they also marked different areas as key points such as strength and vision.

Those whose strength exceeded the normal human standards were marked.

Those whose vision were better than normal human standards were also marked.

Of those files, some were also very bad, much worse than ordinary humans, and they were also marked.

Both strengths and weaknesses were marked and mixed together. By combining the two information, Su Min could guess what they were possibly researching on.

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Other than those documents, there weren’t anything else in the locker.

With time running out, Su Min didn’t continue wasting time flipping through the documents. He quickly skimmed through them and memorised the contents.

With his excellent memory, he had everything completely memorised when he was done.

At this moment, voices suddenly travelled in from outside. It was Fang Shu Juan’s voice: “………Can I see the results of my physical examination?”

The voices were still a little far so they probably would arrive soon.

Su Min was startled by this. He quickly placed the document back and relocked the cabinet. He then nudged the nurse and laid back in bed pretending to have fainted.

With his extensive experience in horror movies, he knew very well how to act.

The nurse got up dizzily and held the back of her sore neck. She suddenly remembered something and quickly looked back only to see Su Min lying there with his eyes closed.

She was suspicious. She called out his number: “488?”

Su Min didn’t respond.

The nurse carefully assessed him and saw that he had really fainted. She frowned. She wondered why she suddenly fainted.

At this moment, the door opened.

Fang Shu Juan and the prison guard entered. The prison guard said: “Give him a physical examination and finish it as soon as possible. Get it done today.”

The nurse transferred her attention over to them, “Okay, I understand.”

Fang Shu Juan glanced at Su Min who was lying on the bed and internally concluded that he probably managed to find something. He just wasn’t sure if he managed to find the key information they needed.

He walked over: “Why did he faint?”

The nurse said: “He probably fainted from the pain.”

She wasn’t a doctor, so she didn’t know what exactly happened. She still held some doubts about what happened earlier.

After looking carefully and seeing that there didn’t appear to be anything missing, she breathed a sigh of relief, “You sit here. I’ll check on him first.”

Fang Shu Juan helped block him from view a little and Su Min used this opportunity to pretend to have just woken up, “What happened to me?”

The nurse said: “Does it still hurt?”

Su Min said: “It doesn’t hurt anymore. Just a little uncomfortable.”

The nurse still gave him a check-up. After confirming that everything was okay, she said: “You should get a physical examination later too.”

Su Min nodded obediently.

He also wondered what would happen to the results from the Fang Shu Juan’s medical examination.

 Because there was only one nurse who had to do many things, just Fang Shu Juan’s examination alone took several hours non-stop.

Su Min used this chance to continue examining the infirmary.

There was clearly another person living in this place and it was most likely a doctor. Unfortunately, they probably won’t be able to see this doctor this time.

Moreover, he felt that it wasn’t likely for a doctor to do these criminal-esque activities. Afterall, how could a doctor study and experiment on so many people whilst hiding it from the rest of the world?

When it was early evening, Fang Shu Juan could finally take a break. He looked a little tired, “The physical examination is done.”

The nurse turned to Su Min: “Your turn now.”

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Su Min nodded at Fang Shu Juan before walking over and doing his physical examination.

Probably because he had already done it once, he didn’t have to do many tests, but he noticed that the nurse was checking his heart very carefully this time.

Although Su Min didn’t know much about these things, he could tell that the nurse was concerned about it.

He couldn’t help but have some doubts. Apart from faking the illness earlier, his heart was fine. Was the nurse checking it more thoroughly because of his faked illness earlier?

Whilst he was distracted by these thoughts, the test was done.

The nurse expressionlessly cleaned up her equipment and said: “All the tests are done. You can now return.”

She called in the prison guard waiting outside.

As if was currently dinner time, Fang Shu Juan and Su Min were taken straight to the cafeteria. The prisoners there had also only arrived a few minutes before them.

As soon as they sat at the table, Su Min was hungry,

The food before him now looked very appetising. He internally decided that he would go have a nice meal once he was done with this movie to treat himself.

Although the movie is only two hours at most, several days had passed in here. With him eating the same things day in and day out, he was a little sick of them.

Yin Ze saw them and asked: “Why did you guys only come back now? What happened at the infirmary?”

He unconsciously looked at Fang Shu Juan who sat opposite him.

Fang Shu Juan said: “It’s nothing. Just a little tired.”

After hearing that, Yin Ze still wanted to say something but he suddenly thought of something and kept quiet.

Su Min shook his head. He glanced at the prison guards standing nearby. Seeing that they weren’t paying them any attention, he whispered: “I saw two sets of medical examination reports.”

Hearing this, the two of them couldn’t help but get serious.

Su Min picked out the important points and told them about it. At the end, he gave them his conclusion of his findings, “So the ones that were specially marked basically all had some accident happen to them. This includes Chen Xu.”

Chen Xu was the one with the extra finger.

“I never noticed it before.” Fang Shu Juan frowned and recalled his stay over the past two days, “It seems that he really did have six fingers. But was that something that needed to be researched on?”

Current medical knowledge regarding this was already quite extensive. A simple surgery to remove the extra finger was nothing difficult.

Yin Ze said: “Why are they researching these?”

Su Min said: “I’m also not sure.”

Fang Shu Juan said: “Not to mention us, it looks like the reports for the older prisoners were different. What did they want to do to them?”

Yin Ze guessed: “Researching how to have better strength and eyesight?

“You say that as if it’s for humans.” Su Min casually commented. They suddenly had an epiphany.

Silence fell at the dining table.

The three of them looked at each other wordlessly.

Fang Shu Juan voluntarily spoke up: “Maybe they’re just doing it for research and after gathering enough information they’re going to try putting it into practise?”

“Would they end up making a monster?” Yin Ze thought for a moment, “That unknown thing in the river that day might be the product of their experimentation.”

Su Min understood what they meant.

It was a little bit like “Resident Evil” where a group of scientists accidentally developed a virus which led to the emergence of zombies.

Such human-based experiments would require the use of human specimens. The group of prisoners here were practically like ready-made specimens for them to use.

Su Min said: “The thing in the river was probably a failed product.”

Because if they succeeded, they wouldn’t need to continue experimenting and researching, and something like that wouldn’t be left in the river. Instead, it would be something that is hidden away and treasured.

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“Having received so many awards and with them specialising in this area, it isn’t surprising for them to do something like this.” Fang Shu Juan sighed. “As the saying goes, all scientists are crazy.”

They could do extreme things for their studies.

Su Min felt that they have discussed enough and proceeded to cut them off, “Okay, let’s eat first. If time runs out, we will have to go back hungry.”

Fortunately, they managed to finish their food as soon as the speaker went off and they were ushered to their rooms.

The sky outside had not darkened yet. With the orange-red sunset rays leaking through the small window, it looked quite beautiful. The mood inside however was quite serious.

All the prisoners were chatting in their rooms.

Su Min and Yin Ze however had nothing to talk about. It was mostly short questions and answers.

He suddenly realised that his personality wasn’t suitable to cohabit with someone with a personality like Yin Ze’s. Neither would take the initiative to chat and would rather keep to themselves more.

It would be better if someone like Li Wenxin who could easily warm up to strangers was here instead.

Back at his dormitory, Li Wenxin would often take the initiative to find him and get him to talk more.

Su Min had grown used to just thinking to himself.

After washing up, Yin Ze climbed into his upper bunk.

Su Min sat on his bed and watched the lights turn off. As the lights turned off, the noises inside the rooms also quietened.

He had a hunch that something would happen tonight.

Su Min walked over to the door. He glanced up and down the corridor. He suddenly thought of something and called out to the nearby prison guard.

The prison guard asked: “What do you want?”

Su Min blinked, “I want a social meetup.”

The prison guard frowned, “Who wants a social meetup? You?”

Su Min had left him with a deep impression. Not to mention his skills in weeding and cutting down trees, he was the one Li Hao wanted to have a social meetup with and later changed his mind.

Su Min pointed at Yin Ze: “Him”.

Yin Ze had just gotten off the bed when he heard this. When he heard this, he was stunned for a moment. Just as he wanted to something in retaliation, he understood what was happening and said slowly: “…………I want to be friends with 644 in the opposite room.”

He said that through gritted teeth.

The prison guard thought for a moment. He glanced at the two of them and walked to the room opposite them: “The room opposite wants to have a social meetup. Would you like to do it?”

Su Min felt that there was obviously preferential treatment.

When Brother Hao looked for him last time, they didn’t ask for his opinion and forced him to go. If it wasn’t for the fact that something happened along the way, he probably would have been sent to that room.

Fang Shu Juan was also surprised, “Who?”

He then saw the prison guard point at Yin Ze. Yin Ze’s expression didn’t look very pleased. He almost had “I don’t want to” written on his face.

He rejoiced and replied: “I would love to.”

Since both sides were willing, the prison guard naturally had no reason to stop them. He transferred him into room 8 and then locked the door.

Fang Shu Juan looked at Su Min, “It was probably your doing?”

Su Min smiled, “Yeah, otherwise how would I get you to come over. Three tanners were able to overcome Zhu Ge Liang so isn’t it better with all of us together.”

Fang Shu Juan smiled. He turned to Yin Ze and asked: “Where is your bed?”

Yin Ze warned: “Why are you asking?”

Fang Shu Jian responded as a matter of factly: “Didn’t you want to have a social meetup with me? Shouldn’t we share a bed?”

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