Arc 5: Unknown Prison
Chapter 99: Upper Bunk

After the headless ghost went in, it never came back out.

Su Min didn’t know if it was because it had left through a different place or if it was still inside Brother Hao’s room. Both possibilities were equally terrifying.

Yin Ze asked: “What did you see?”

Su Min thought seriously for a moment and finally decided to tell them the truth. Afterall, it was an important clue.

But because he was afraid of scaring them, he carefully selected his words, “A headless ghost just entered Brother Hao’s room.”

Though he felt that those words spoken was not much better anyway.

Fang Shu Juan and Yin Ze stared at him. For a long time, they didn’t say anything.

Su Min wondered if the words he used was too shocking causing them to be frightened to the point that they didn’t know how to react.

In the end, Fang Shu Juan recovered first. He debated for a moment and asked: “Are you sure what you saw wasn’t human?”

How could there be a headless ghost?

Su Min: “It was a headless ghost. One without a head.”

Yin Ze frowned. He then recalled something else, “Then earlier you were also talking to a ghost?”

Su Min didn’t expect him to ask this and admitted honestly, “Yes. I was afraid of scaring you, so I didn’t say anything.”

They couldn’t see Chen Su anyway, so it didn’t matter revealing it.

Fang Shu Juan said: “Let’s not talk about the past. Just now, what did you see exactly? Can you describe it in detail?”

Su Min nodded and gave them a detailed description.

After listening to him, Fang Shu Juan was feeling a little complicated, “You can even go write horror novels. Just that scene you described was terrible enough.”

Yin Ze’s expression was stiff, “Is it out now?”

Su Min said: “No. I don’t think we will see it come out. Last time it was like this too.”

He then told them about the incident last time.

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He had seen this twice now. If it was really as he had speculated, Brother Hao would probably get into an accident tomorrow. Maybe he would go missing or maybe he would die.

Unfortunately, he didn’t meet the person last time so he couldn’t verify this theory of his.

Fang Shu Juan recalled the incident last time involving Chen Xu and the hair, “So to say, that hair may also be the doing of a ghost and I just didn’t see it?”

Su Min said: “It is possible.”

He thought back to that white figure he saw that night. Its body appeared to be wet. At that time, he was with Chen Su and wasn’t standing too close so he didn’t notice.

This time with the headless ghost, he could see it clearly.

“Was Chen Xu’s death in the water ditch related to the hair?” Yin Ze asked, “Or is that something we’re still uncertain about?”

Fang Shu Juan said: “I am certain because I saw it. It was just a quick glance, so I didn’t tell you guys but now that I think about it, I’m certain I didn’t see wrong.”

Fang Shu Juan once again described what he saw.

At that time, Chen Xu’s corpse was in the water ditch. It was then brought up from the ditch by the prison officers. His face just happened to be facing up.

Later, when the prison guards dragged the corpse away, perhaps it was because there was too much water in Chen Xu’s stomach, water constantly leaked out and there were also some small black hairs mixed within it.

At that time, he had thought that it was just his imagination and that it was probably just something dirty from the sewer. Because the corpse was taken away too quickly, he didn’t have a chance to look closely.

If he mentioned this, he would only raise concerns, so he decided to keep it to himself.

If not for Su Min suddenly mentioning that, he probably wouldn’t have thought of that scene he witnessed and connected the dots.

Su Min said: “Then there are two cases now.”

He didn’t enter the prison long and had only been here for the past few days, but several people had already died. The incident with the scissor however could possibly have just been a suicide.

In comparison to that, the two recent deaths had a strong association with the situations that occurred before their deaths.

Yin Ze said: “Then tomorrow brother Hao would probably have a close encounter with death.”

Su Min suddenly felt that brother Hao was quite pitiful. That headless ghost meant that he would definitely have his head severed off. Just the thought of it was terrible.

“If it happens tomorrow, then that means our speculations are correct.” Fang Shu Juan said: “If any strange phenomenon happens to us, it basically means that we are going to die.”

Although this sounded terrible, it was better than nothing. They would at least have a chance to find out about it and try to avoid it.

He just couldn’t understand why the ghosts would do this.

Yin Ze wondered: “Why don’t they just kill them directly?”

Su Min said: “Maybe they’re trying to find a substitute.”

Fang Shu Juan: “Substitute?”

Su Min said: “Do you know about water ghosts?”

The two said in unison: “Of course I know.”

After saying that, they looked at each other and fell silent. The other party’s face however wasn’t clear in the dark room.

Su Min didn’t notice this strange mood and continued: “If water ghosts wish to leave the river or lake where they died, they must find a substitute and kill them the same way they died to take their place.”

They were probably doing something similar.

If his guess was correct, these ghosts were probably killing the others the same way they had died so that they could successfully leave this place.

As for whether or not the laboratory knew of the existence of these ghosts – Su Min felt that they probably didn’t know.

Su Min said: “They may look like they’re selecting rooms at random, but it is likely that those rooms were the rooms they had stayed in when they were alive.”

When he said that, Yin Ze felt a chill run through him.

When he first entered room 8, the room was empty. He had stayed there for a few days before Su Min came.

He didn’t know how many people had lived in room 8 before.

If all four prisoners staying in the room previously had died, then that would mean that there were four ghosts who would come back and try to make them their substitute. That really was very grim situation.

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Yin Ze suddenly thought of something, “So does that mean that those people who had gone missing or had died here was used as a substitute?”

Otherwise, how could there be so many unexplainable deaths?

Fang Shu Juan said: “It’s very likely.”

The casual tone in his words made Yin Ze a little angry. He wanted to strike back but he restrained himself.

Su Min didn’t say anything.

Those ghosts would appear here because they had died here. It must have something to do with how the first generation of ghosts had died.

And this resulted in an endless cycle of deaths.

Su Min pointed outside, “That scream is gone.”

Fang Shu Juan said: “Looks like that person’s torture is over.”

“Since it has stopped now, we can go sleep. It won’t appear again anyway.” Su Min yawned and said: “Otherwise we won’t have enough energy for tomorrow.”

There shouldn’t be any more incidents occurring tonight.

Fang Shu Juan nodded in agreement.

It was now very late. Su Min didn’t know what the time was but since he hasn’t received the cinema prompt yet, he guessed that it was probably not midnight yet. He could sleep for a few more hours.

Every time he experienced a movie, his sleep quality was poor.

This was particularly the case for those that span over several days.

Yin Ze climbed back in bed and slept with the blanket bundled around him. It was quite cold inside the prison so you would easily catch a cold without it.

Before he could even have his eyes closed for a full minute, there was a sudden sound behind him.

Yin Ze opened his eyes and turned around only to see Fang Shu Juan climbing up. He was startled at first and this quickly changed into an angry outburst, “Why are you coming up?”

Fang Shu Juan said: “To have a social meetup with you.”

Social meetup your head!

Just as Yin Ze was about to continue complaining, he was pressed down by the other party and had his mouth covered: “Su Min is asleep.”

Fang Shu Juan was stronger than Yin Ze and he easily suppressed him.

Fang Shu Juan said: “I just wanted to give you an explanation. At that time, I really didn’t steal your girlfriends. Every time I try to explain, you don’t listen.”

Yin Ze sneered.

He didn’t particularly like his girlfriends either. Afterall, they had only been dating for a week and at most he only held good feelings towards them. What made him annoyed was that every time they broke up with him, they would say that they liked Fang Shu Juan.

If that wasn’t done intentionally to anger him, then what was it?

Fang Shu Juan sighed: “Why are you so dumb?”

Yin Ze ignored his words and kicked him. The bed was originally small and with it also being quite old, it made a loud creak.

The two of them stopped their movements and stiffened.

Su Min who was getting ready to sleep heard the sound and asked: “What’s wrong?”

He heard Fang Shu Juan’s voice reply: “It’s nothing.”

The room then fell silent. There were just soft whispers coming from outside which conversely sounded rather loud in this situation.

Su Min didn’t continue to ask.

But when he was about to roll over, he suddenly noticed something.

Fang Shu Juan’s voice earlier seemed to be coming from the upper bunk opposite him………

He subconsciously wanted to turn his head around to check but he thought about it and decided against it.

If he turned around and Fang Shu Juan and Yin Ze also just happen to be looking at him, it would be too awkward.

Su Min silently decided that he should just mind his own business and go to sleep.

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