Arc 5: Unknown Prison
Chapter 100: Thank You

In fact, there were no sounds after that.

Su Min slept until early morning. When he woke up, Fang Shu Juan had already washed up and was sitting on the bed.

He seemed to be in daze.

After Su Min returned from washing up, he saw that he was still sitting there. He wondered: “What are you doing sitting there and not moving?”

Fang Shu Juan said: “Nothing to do.”

Yin Ze from the upper bunk got down and went over to the bathroom without a word.

Fang Shu Juan glanced out the small window and said: “The weather today looks good. It probably is a fine day.”

Su Min also looked over and saw that he was right.

The past few days were also fine days, but they weren’t as good as today. Although the weather was something that could not be controlled, he felt that the weather in a horror movie could be quite useful.

Afterall, many directors would use the weather symbolically.

Su Min looked away and sat back onto his bed, “I wonder if brother Hao will go missing or have something happen to him today?”

He didn’t want any more people to die.

As far as he knows, the prisoners here were not given death sentences. As long as they are reformed, they could restart their lives again.

And for brother Hao, although he often claimed to be the big brother in the prison, he didn’t really do anything. The most exorbitant thing he did was forcing himself onto the other prisoners.

Compared to dying in the prison mysteriously, Su Min preferred that he received legal retribution.

“It’s not like he won’t die just because we hope that he won’t die.” Fang Shu Juan folded his blankets, “I just hope that I can get out of here sooner.”

Su Min asked: “How many years were you sentenced?”

Fang Shu Juan smiled: “One year.”

Su Min nodded. That was a little less than his. Yin Ze’s was probably the one with the longest sentence out of them but they would all get a resolution to their sentences by the end of this movie.

Because unlike foreign movies, no matter how you wanted to film domestic movies, it must still be legal and pass the screening. Although the protagonists do not necessarily have to be a great representative of justice, you weren’t allowed to overdo it.

Horror movies were not exception.

That was why his character’s crime was accidental manslaughter. Details like these had to be changed in order to meet regulations.

As they spoke, Yin Ze stepped out of the bathroom, “There’s another ten minutes until it we go for breakfast.”

Su Min said: “Let’s pay more attention to brother Hao today.”

The contact time they had with brother Hao wasn’t much. Something would probably happen between breakfast and lunch.

After waiting ten minutes, the speaker and whistle sounded.

The doors opened one by one and the prisoners lazily lined up for breakfast. Everything began as per usual.

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Sitting at the dining table, Fang Shu Juan said, “Why don’t we drag brother Hao over so that we can watch him closely?”

Yin Ze immediately countered that suggestion, “Use your brain a little before you speak. Do you think he’s someone you can drag around as you pleased?”

Fang Shu Juan said: “I can’t but someone else can.”

He looked at Su Min.

Su Min could only say: “I’ll try.”

It would be a rather difficult feat taking a human away from a ghost.

Fang Shu Juan said: “It’s okay if you can’t. We aren’t saviours anyway. We just need to ensure our own safety.”

In a situation like this, keeping oneself safe was the most important.

After breakfast, they were again sent outside to weed.

Su Min as usual didn’t need to do much and he spent most of his time mulling over how he should go about bringing brother Hao over.

Finally, when they were almost done with their weeding, he started to act.

On their way back, Su Min walked over to Li Hao and called out to him.

Li Hao was messing around with his younger brothers and had a long stalk of grass hanging out from his mouth. After hearing Su Min calling out to him, he was very suspicious.

He asked: “You’re looking for me?”

Wasn’t he reluctant to approach him before? And with all those strange things happening, he didn’t want to get too close to Su Min.

Su Min said: “We’re looking for you. Not me.”

Li Hao: “………What’s the difference?”

Su Min wordlessly looked at him. He then said: “Of course it’s different. We are three people, and I am just one. Who taught you maths?”

Li Hao said innocently: “I have never attended school.”

Su Min sighed.

In fact, he could tell that just from his manner of speaking. He just didn’t expect Li Hao to admit to it so quickly.

Su Min said: “We have something to say.”

“Spit it out then.” Li Hao looked warily at him. He was afraid of something happening again, “Otherwise I’m leaving.”

Su Min said: “Let’s go over there to speak.”

Li Hao thought about it and eventually agreed.

Because they didn’t need to line up when returning and could walk in pairs or threes, the prison guards didn’t pay them much attention.

As for his little brothers, they were all driven away.

Along the way, Su Min didn’t mention anything about saving him and only asked about some things about the prison.

Li Hao had stayed in this prison longer than Yin Ze and had also witnessed more things. He didn’t hide anything and easily told him everything.

It was also at this moment that Su Min realised that the prison was hiding a lot of things.

Since a long time ago, people had been dying here. Numerous people had been killed and taken as substitutes.

As they chatted, they soon reached the prison gates.

Li Hao had almost spoken until his lips were dry. He finally stopped and asked: “Why are you asking so much?”

Su Min said: “Don’t you find it strange?”

Li Hao said: “It is strange. But no one told us anything.”

They were prisoners. Even if they felt that prisoners didn’t matter much, no one revealed to them anything. No matter how dumb he was, he could still tell that a lot of people had died mysteriously.

Before Su Min was able to continue, Li Hao felt himself being pushed from behind. He wasn’t able to react in time to this and ended up getting his head stuck in between the metal barriers covering the windows.

He shouted: “Fuck, which bastard did this?!”

Li Hao knew that it wasn’t Su Min’s doing because Su Min was walking next to him. Everyone else was walking in front.

And in this prison, no one dared to treat him like this because they feared his retaliation.

As soon as Li Hao thought this, he felt his scalp go numb.

Su Min was also surprised.

He was standing right next to Li Hao and he didn’t expect such an unexpected development. He instinctively knew that something wasn’t right. He quickly tried to pull Li Hao out.

The gap between the metal bars weren’t big and it took quite a lot of effort to pull him out. It took them a few seconds before he was finally able to pry free.

Because of the force, both of them stumbled back a few steps.

Li Hao called out “Ow, ow, ow, ow”.

As soon as the prisoners ahead of them looked back, they were met with a scene of Li Hao and his bleeding scalp.

Fang Shu Juan was also secretly watching them. For a moment, he felt as if there was an invisible knife cutting down.

Everything had happened too quickly, and they weren’t able to react in time. Even Li Hao himself was stunned.

If not for Su Min pulling him out, he would have already been dead.

Yin Ze came over from behind and asked: “Are you okay?”

Su Min nodded, “I’m okay.”

Everything had happened too suddenly so even he himself had not been able to process the situation.

This incident scared the rest of the prisoners. No one expected something like this to happen suddenly.

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If he was stuck there, he would have probably died on the spot.

“Who dares to do this to brother Hao? Do they no longer wish to live?”

“I was shocked. I thought he would be fine if he was pulled out, but I didn’t expect him to get such a severe injury.”

“Brother Hao would probably go on a rampage. We might suffer later.”

“It wasn’t me anyway. I’m not scared.”

“………..I find it quite terrible to look at. His head doesn’t look like something caused by the metal bars. Was there someone inside messing around?”

Li Hao’s head was bleeding. It hurt, but it was nothing compared to the thrill of having a close near-death encounter. His heart raced uncontrollably.

This was different to the strange things he had experienced before.

At that time, he just felt a little lucky but this time he felt like he was about to die. It was worlds apart.

This was especially the case when he felt that biting cold chill on his head.

He originally had a very short shaved head of hair but now it had become bald. A part of the skin on the surface was also shaved off. Fortunately, it wasn’t deep, and it wasn’t too serious.

Li Hao touched his head. He then brought his hand before his eyes. It was covered in blood. He was startled by this and he asked nervously: “Am I going to die?”

He had been in fights and he had also lost some blood but he had never been hurt like this. It was a completely different feeling.

Su Min reassured him: “No, it’s just a scratch.”

Li Hao breathed a sigh of relief. He then hissed in pain, “Fucking hell. If I find out who pushed me, I will kill him.”

Su Min internally commented: That person has long been dead.

Fang Shu Juan who was checking the situation ahead returned. He whispered: “I looked. That situation earlier wasn’t right.”

He was walking in front earlier when he suddenly saw Li Hao stuck between the metal bars. It didn’t look like something you would do to yourself. The only other possibility was being pushed by someone.

Su Min nodded, “It indeed doesn’t look right. The other party took action.”

Earlier he had felt a slight chill, but it soon disappeared. It was strongest when he was trying to pull Li Hao out.

After hearing him say this, Yin Ze and Fang Shi Juan instantly understood.

Su Min had revealed to them before that he could see ghosts. This meant that their earlier speculations were correct and that these ghosts were trying to find a substitute.

“Let’s talk about this later.” Fang Shu Juan assessed their surroundings, “Let’s leave this place first. He will probably need to go to the infirmary.”

The prison guard came over and asked a few questions.

Li Hao explained for a long time, but no one believed him. They all felt that he was mentally ill and this angered him to no end.

The people walking behind him didn’t see anyone pushing him.

In the end, the prison guard took Li Hao over to the infirmary.

The rest of them returned to the cafeteria. They all acted as if nothing had happened. Afterall, only a few of them knew the inside story.

Li Hao returned from the infirmary when they were just about to finish lunch.

Probably because the prison guards were being considerate, they allowed them to stay about twenty minutes longer to finish their food.

Li Hao’s scalp was covered with gauze. It looked a little funny but those who knew about what happened found it scary.

Like this, it was easy for the ghost to find their substitutes. This cycle continued endlessly until the prison guards who had arrived later didn’t know what to do.

Because most of them have finished eating, they were each biting onto a toothpick and chatting. Most of the contents were about the incidents happening over the past few days.

It was either that or they were discussing over when they wanted their families to come and visit them.

Su Min listened to a bit of the conversation and remembered that there was still a lot to ask about the prison. He spoke up and asked: “Do you know when we can have visitors?”

Yin Ze thought for a moment, “If I didn’t remember wrong, it’ll be tomorrow.”

Su Min was surprised, “That timing is quite coincidental.”

Fang Shu Juan and Yin Ze didn’t understand his words. Only he himself knew that after today, it was soon the end of the movie.

At this moment, Li Hao who was sitting diagonally opposite walked over and said: “Thank you for your help today. I’ll protect you from now on. If anyone messes with you, you can just tell them my name!”

He felt that his name was something quite useful.

Su Min said: “Thanks.”

In fact, no one dared to mess with him. Afterall, despite all the ghosts here, there was still the boss Chen Su. That person probably felt that he lived too long.

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