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Arc 5: Unknown Prison
Chapter 103: Affectionate

Su Min cautiously took a step back.

The prison guard outside hadn’t left yet. Seeing him coming back out, he asked vigilantly: “What are you doing? Why aren’t you going in? You only have five minutes.”

Su Min asked: “Did you bring me to the wrong room?”

Because there was still another room, he wondered if he had made a mistake.

The prison guard snapped at him: “No I didn’t. It’s this one. If you don’t want to go, I can just lock you back in your room.”

Su Min then asked: “Do you know who came to visit me?”

The prison guard casually thought for a moment and answered: “Who else could it be apart from your family? I think it’s your wife.”

Su Min: “………”

His character was still a student and he didn’t have a girlfriend so how would he have a wife come and visit him?

The prison guard was impatient: “Are you going in or not? If not, I’ll take you back.”

Su Min said: “I’ll go in.”

The prison guard was afraid of him running away so he watched him carefully. Su Min had no choice but to re-enter the room.

It was still the same as before.

Su Min was a little smarter this time and he touched the wall next to the door. Unable to find a light switch, he could only fumble around in the dark and walk in.

Unexpectedly, the moment he walked in the door closed.

Su Min was startled. He was then suddenly pulled in and held in an embrace from behind. An indescribable faint scent lingered at his nose.

It was completely different from before.

It used to be cold and strange but this one was warm.

A familiar voice sounded next to his ear: “We agreed to meet, and it has only been three days. Have you already forgotten about me?”

Su Min finally was able to adapt to the darkness.

It couldn’t be said that it was very dark but, because he had only just entered from outside, for a moment his eyes weren’t able to adjust.

Su Min retreated from Chen Su’s arms.

As their eyes met, the other party’s eyes appeared to be the only source of light in the room. For a moment, his heart trembled.

It was very strange. Despite clearly being a black iris, it also reflected a bright light. It was as if there was a source of light inside his eyes.

He felt that he had probably never seen Chen Su’s face before.

Probably because they didn’t see each other much over the past three days, with them suddenly meeting again like this, he found it hard to find the right words.

The person standing before him was indeed Chen Su.

Although he had not seen his true appearance from the beginning to the end, Su Min could sense it clearly and was certain of his conclusion.

It was much better than seeing a dark shadow before him.

Su Min suddenly felt like one of the men who dated online through games. He looked forward to seeing the other party, but also felt uneasy.

Chen Su lowered his head, “What’s wrong?”

The two were of similar height. Standing so closely together, their breaths could be felt on each others faces. Su Min looked away slightly and said sarcastically: “You should be glad you’re not ugly.”

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A gently chuckle rose from Chen Su’s throat. He leaned closer and said: “Then you’re satisfied?”

Su Min didn’t answer.

In any case, he was better than he expected.

The main point was that Li Wenxin was someone who had undergone this before.

As a freshman, Li Wenxin got obsessed with an online game. Through it he met a netizen and started to date them online. After a few months, he happily went to meet them only to return with a shrivelled heart.

The other party wasn’t just a man, he was also a crossdressing man.

As for what happened to the two of them afterwards, Su Min didn’t pay it much attention. He suspected that he had probably seen that netizen find him at school.

Upon returning to his senses, Su Min’s eyes fell onto Chen Su’s face again. From top to bottom; eyes, nose, mouth, one by one he assessed it.

Chen Su asked: “Do you remember me?”

Su Min said: “I could tell from your voice.”

There weren’t any issues with his answer, but Su Min sensed that Chen Su appeared to be a little disappointed.

It was only for an instant. Su Min fell into thought and subconsciously recalled the incident with his grandmother, but he didn’t ask about it.

Chen Su then pressed him down and made him sit at the table. He himself stood and with this, there was a slight distance between them.

Su Min now had to look up to see his face.

His chin was just above his forehead.

When he looked up, Chen Su would stare down at him. His eyes were clear, and it glistened like the light from shooting stars.

In the end, Su Min was the one to avert his eyes first.

He looked around the room but didn’t see the prison guard standing around like what Li Hao had warned him. He asked: “Where’s the prison guard?”

Chen Su: “Not here.”

He said it very lightly. Su Min got the gist of it. To him, this was a good outcome. It was better for him to not be under surveillance.

After falling silent for a while, Su Min asked again: “Is this body really yours? It’s not something you possessed?”

He reached out to touch him and it felt very real. It wasn’t like those of a corpse.

Just the thought of himself being hugged by a corpse was rather nerve wracking.

Chen Su grabbed his restless hand and interlinked their fingers: “Would I use someone else’s body?”

The temperature of his palm was a little hot, while his fingertips were cold.

Su Min said: “You never know.”

Although he said this, he believed that it was his true body.

Taking himself as an example, the cinema had created his body in the movie by replicating his true body. It was no different to his real body.

No matter how real it was, it was a body that held his consciousness.

With this held in account, the two of them were no different.

Su Min narrowed his eyes. This intimacy still felt a little strange to him, but it also felt a little familiar.

With those two emotions intermingled, it felt particularly strange.

Chen Su’s right hand reached across to his waist and he even sat down beside him and pulled him closer.

He rested his chin on Su Min’s shoulder, leaned against him and took a deep breath. Cold air travelled past Su Min’s neck causing him to feel a little uncomfortable.

Chen Su was pretty happy.

But he was also a little sad.

Su Min didn’t push him away and he didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t seem to relax now that he saw him, but it also didn’t feel awkward.

It probably was because it was different from what he had imagined.

He had thought that Chen Su would appear at night in room 8 and didn’t expect him to appear in the visitation room.

Chen Su started to play around with his ears.

Su Min was made restless by this action of his and felt a little itchy. Unable to push him away, he asked straight out: “What are you doing?”

Chen Su said in a muted voice: “I want to hear you call my name.”

Su Min called it out: “Chen Su.”

Chen Su was a little dissatisfied: “Listen to yourself first.”

Su Min thought about it and realised that those words were spoken without emotion. It was like a robot reading out a script.

He reflected for a moment and said seriously: “Chen Su. Is it okay now?”

“Not enough.” Chen Su pressed further, “You should say Xiao Su.”

Su Min narrowed his eyes and glanced at him. After not noticing anything wrong with it, he did as requested. He even said it a few times fearing that once wasn’t enough to appease him.

Chen Su rested on his shoulder and took it in happily.

Su Min couldn’t understand why he was so obsessed with him saying his name and he didn’t know what meaning that name held. Chen Su held his face and turned him around.

He didn’t give Su Min a chance to ask anything and kissed him directly on his lips. Their lips and tongues intertwined. Although this act of his was rather strong, it was also mixed with gentleness and care.

Su Min furrowed his eyes and grabbed his clothes.

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The shirt felt like it was made from good material.

Noticing that he was distracted, Chen Su bit his upper lip.

Su Min was in pain. He let out a small hum, but it was soon swallowed up by the other party’s mouth. After a collision, the kiss was extremely gentle.

An unknown amount of time passed before they separated.

Su Min gasped lightly and gave him a slap.

Probably because he was still out of breath, his slap wasn’t very strong. For Chen Su, that action of his felt more like he was flirting.

Chen Su blinked a few times and said: “Your movie is about to end.”

Su Min leaned against him, “Almost.”

Chen Su stared at Su Min. It was as if no matter how long he stared at him, it wasn’t enough. After only seeing him a few times after all those years, it would never be enough.

Su Min then turned his head, “What’s the ending of this movie like?”

“I can’t tell you.” Chen Su said this, but he chuckled, “I can tell you secretly. Everything is gone in the end.”

Su Min said: “It’s no different from my guess.”

Afterall, they were all locked up here and had no means of escaping or fighting back. All they could do was to wait for their ends.

“You’re so smart.”

“Your compliment sounds too forced.”

“No, I was speaking the truth.”

Su Min didn’t continue to banter with him. He suddenly remembered that he had been in here for longer than five minutes, “I should leave now.”

Although no one had noticed, he felt guilty.

Fang Shu Juan didn’t return after a long time because he was getting beaten and was sent to the infirmary to be patched up. If nothing happened to him, people would think that he had some connections.

Though he really did have some connections.

Chen Su didn’t stop him.

When leaving the room, Su Min glanced back one last time.

The sky was bright outside, but it was dark inside. Even after obtaining a body, he seemed to be used to the darkness.

Seeing that he was delaying, Chen Su appeared in front of him in an instant.

Before Su Min was able to react, he was kissed again. He then heard a hastened voice: “How can you look at me like this….”

His voice was muffled and unclear.

Until he was finally released, Su Min furrowed his brows and said: “Are you done?”

Chen Su just chuckled. He reached out and touched his lips. It was a little swollen, “But you’re just too delicious. I still want to kiss you and bite you.”

Hearing this, Su Min glared at him and took a step back.

He then stepped out the room.

This time Chen Su didn’t do anything. He just said: “Have fun.”

The prison guard watching on outside reminded him: “Don’t delay any longer. Time is up. Come back with me.”

Su Min this time only briefly glanced back before following the prison guard back.

The door to the room was once again closed.

A minute later, he returned to his room.

The two people in room 8 were lying on the bed. Yin Ze was even lying in Fang Shu Juan’s arms. Su Min was surprised at this sight.

Yin Ze quickly got up and explained: “I just tripped.”

Fang Shu Juan sat up, “Yes. Yes, you’re right.”

Although Su Min didn’t know what happened, it didn’t stop him from saying something that didn’t align with his thoughts: “I believe you.”

Yin Ze changed the topic and asked: “Su Min, why did you take so long? Did you also try something?”

But no matter how he looked at him, Su Min didn’t appear to be hurt.

Su Min walked back to his bed and sat down, “I’m fine.”

It was probably because Chen Su had exercised some special rights. He had initially suspected that he probably was someone with some kind of special status. Otherwise how could he be able to come and go freely in the movies?

Yin Ze watched him for a moment, “You look like you just lost your soul. Did your girlfriend visit?”

Su Min: “………What are you talking about? I don’t have a girlfriend.”

As soon as he said that, he gained a look of sympathy from Yin Ze.

Fang Shu Juan leaned lazily against one arm, “I thought this visitation would uncover something, but it seems to be all useless.”

They couldn’t even say anything.

Su Min thought for a moment, “Not necessarily.”

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