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Arc 5: Unknown Prison
Chapter 104: Unlock

Those words ‘not necessarily’ held a lot of meaning.

Su Min himself couldn’t explain why he said that, so he decided not to explain himself.

Soon after he returned to his room, it was time for dinner.

Dinner was the same as lunch. Most of the discussions were centred around the visitations today and there was even one crying because someone had told him that he was cheated on.

Although there was no evidence, just having that suspicion alone was upsetting enough.

Su Min on the other hand didn’t experience any changes to his appetite. The only change was that his food was visibly better than the others sitting near him. The onlookers who saw this were particularly envious.

Someone wasn’t happy: “Why does he get to have something so nice?”

A prison guard nearby replied expressionlessly: “Do you work better than him?”

The prisoner who asked: “………..”

Forget it. He didn’t have a lawnmower ability like Su Min.

As they ate, Su Min paid close attention to the prison guards timing. Afterall, they would always rotate shifts or be rostered to guard a different location.

Probably because all the prisoners were out during meal times, there was a prison guard in all four corners of the room. Escape would be a difficult feat.

After returning to the room, Su Min took note of them again. There were now just two standing by the door.

Two prison guards would be easier to deal with.

As long as he could unlock the door, it shouldn’t be a problem.

In regard to this issue, Yin Ze said: “It’s mainly because we can’t leave the room. If we could leave, we would be able to do more things.”

It was indeed important being able to leave their room.

Su Min walked to the door and carefully examined the lock. It wasn’t something that was impossible to pry open. The only problem was that they didn’t have the suitable tools for it.

Back at the orphanage, there was Xu Yixiang so he could use a hairpin. Here, there wasn’t anything thin and sharp to use.

A wire was even more difficult to find.

Su Min stared at the lock for a while.

Fang Shu Juan supported his injured arm and came over: “Are you looking at this lock because you want to pry it open? It’s not very realistic.”

After all, even if it was easy to unlock, they wouldn’t have a chance to do it.

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Su Min pointed at the lock, “I suddenly thought of something. It should be able to be unlocked but we just need to get our hands onto something.”

Fang Shu Juan asked: “What is it?”

Su Min lowered his voice and whispered: “Foil.”

Foil was something no one was a stranger to, but few people knew how to unlock a lock using one. Because of the characteristics of foil, skilled locksmiths would sometimes use it.

He knew about this method because he had seen it on the news before.

It had appeared in the news not only once and was even something the police force had specifically warned about. Particularly for old locks, it was a very useful method.

There were different types of foil. If you used the ordinary ones, it would take more time. Since the prison here was a prison in a movie, it shouldn’t be too hard to open.

“Are you sure you can?” Fang Shu juan said: “If you can, we can think about how we can get our hands on one.”

Yin Ze walked over from behind, “They don’t use it much in prison.”

Foil was something that you don’t normally use so they naturally had no clue as to how they would go about getting it.

Su Min also felt some hesitations.

Getting foil was like getting a hairpin. It wasn’t something you could find easily.

Fang Shu Juan asked: “Is there any other way?”

Yin Ze shook his head.

They didn’t tamper with locks, so they didn’t even know how to examine a normal lock. Since it was something that required a key to open and they weren’t in possession of a key, they didn’t pay it any attention.

Fang Shu Juan asked again: “Where could foil be usually found? We can try and get it indirectly.”

With him asking that, Su Min suddenly thought of something.

He looked up, “I know a way.”

Because the doors and windows in the room were all barred up and not completely blocked, the three of them moved away from them.

Su Min asked: “Have you ever drank milk?”

Yin Ze said: “Of course I have. I’ve had all kinds of milk before.”

“Then you’re really amazing.” Fang Shu Juan casually commented, “Are you asking about the bottled ones or a specific brand.”

“The ones in a carton.” Su Min said: “Normally, there would be a layer of foil inside the carton to preserve the milk and keep it fresh.”

Fang Shu Juan thought for a moment, “I think you’re right.”

He used to flatten these cartons and then cut a corner to drink it instead of using a straw. Through that opening, he recalled seeing foil inside.

Yin Ze also remembered: “I can’t believe you could think of something like this.”

Su Min also added: “But we don’t have milk.”

So they were once again in a deadlock.

“I know how to get it.” Yin Ze suddenly said, “I have seen brother Hao drink it before. It happened before both of you came.”

Hearing this, Su Min smiled, “Then that makes things simpler.”

After all, he himself was his benefactor.

It was best taking action at night. With another incident likely to happen again, Su Min couldn’t delay things any longer. It was better to strike while the iron was hot.

He called a prison guard over. Probably because of the previous incident with brother Hao and the social meetup, the prison guard didn’t hesitate to bring him over.

Li Hao was lying on his bed. When he saw him, he almost fell off.

Zhang Jian quickly supported him, “Brother Hao, 488 came to your door on his own. Seeing that he’s coming here at such a late hour, he most likely came to have some fun.”

Li Hao slapped him away.

When the prison guard left, Su Min approached the room, “Brother Hao, I would like to ask for your help tonight.”

Zhang Jian internally thought, ‘As I thought’.

Li Hao came over and asked with suspicion: “What is it?”

He couldn’t think of anything that would make Su Min come over and ask for help.

To avoid the others in the room hearing, Su Min lowered his voice: “Brother Hao, do you have a way to get milk? The ones children drink that’s not bottled but in cartons.”

Li Hao asked curiously, “What do you want that for?”

Su Min lied: “Of course it’s for drinking. My roommate was injured, and I want to get it to help him with recovery. I also want to drink some myself, but the prison doesn’t provide us with it.”

Remembering that the person before him had saved his life last time and that he had not had the chance to repay him, Li Hao felt that it wasn’t a big deal helping him get a carton of milk.

He thought about it, “Okay then. I’ll ask about it later.”

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Su Min’s eyes lit up, “Okay.”

With this, they finally could have a chance to leave their room.

Su Min then asked to return to his room. The prison guard was frustrated. The look in his eyes as he looked at Li Hao had changed, and he now regarded him as Flash.

Li Hao was extremely wronged.

However, he acted quickly and soon called over a prison guard. Taking into consideration his past, he managed to get his hands onto two cartons of milk after some negotiation.

He then sent it over to room 8.

The prison guard internally marvelled at how amazing 488 was to make brother Hao send over nice things so quickly.

He completely didn’t consider the other possibility.

After he left, Fang Shu Juan came over to drink the milk. It took him a few minutes to finish the entire carton. After drinking it all, he said, “We can open it up now. Let’s try one at night first. If it doesn’t work, we can use the two together.”

Su Min nodded, “En.”

They couldn’t do anything now with so many eyes on them. If they were discovered, all their efforts would be in vain.


Late at night, Su Min was awake the entire time.

Chen Su also didn’t come over. Probably because he had a human body, he could no longer appear anywhere and could only obediently act as a normal human.

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Su Min kept his eyes open for a while and then approached the door lock.

He gave it a try first and found that it was okay. He then stopped his movements and went over to Fang Shu Juan’s bed.

For some reason, the two of them were again sleeping together on the top bunk.

Su Min was even afraid of accidentally witnessing something he shouldn’t see.

Fortunately, all he saw was Fang Shu Juan’s injured arm rested on Yin Ze. Both of them were fast asleep.

Su Min nudged Yin Ze who slept on the outside.

Yin Ze drowsily woke up: “What’s wrong?”

Su Min said: “It’s time to move.”

With that said, Yin Ze quickly came to his senses. Just as he wanted to sit up, he remembered that Fang Shu Juan’s arm was still lying on him, so he also nudged him awake.

Fang Shu Juan woke quickly and sat up instantly.

Su Min said again: “I tried it. It works.”

“Okay, we’ll get down now.” Fang Shu Juan’s excitement was difficult to conceal. This kind of prison escape scenario was too exciting, and it was something he had never done before.

After the two got ready, Su Min again tried to unlock the door.

When he tried it earlier, it was quite easy to do but now that he was reattempting it, there was a problem. It was too dark.

The hallway was dark and there were no lights in the room. The moonlight outside the window also couldn’t reach that part of the room. All that could be seen was the faint outline of the lock.

Su Min said sullenly: “Can’t see clearly. No light.”

Fang Shu Juan saw this and suggested: “Why don’t we try it during the day and then pretend that it’s still locked?”

Looks like that was their only option now.

Su Min was a little frustrated. He couldn’t help but sigh.

Only the sounds of prisoners snoring filled the corridor. Hearing the heavy breathing and snores, it irritated him even more.

At this moment, the green warning light above the corridor suddenly started to flash.

Su Min was startled. He quickly looked over.

It was as if the connection wasn’t great. The green light flashed again and soon a sound followed.

Yin Ze asked: “What’s going on outside?”

The sound was a little different to the usual sounds.

Su Min pointed at the green sign and, before he was able to say anything, the green sign fell off.

Su Min: “…………”

Did it suddenly break down?

The green sign slowly fell, and it suddenly stopped mid-air.

Su Min watched this and realised that it was because of a ghost. But because the ghost was blocked by the sign, he couldn’t see what the ghost looked like.

The reason why he guessed that it was a ghost was because he could feel a chill. Also, for someone to appear outside like this, they naturally couldn’t be human.

At the end of the corridor was a door. The guards stood outside the door and wouldn’t be able to see what was happening inside unless they opened the door themselves.

Fang Shu Juan was startled, “What is this?”

Yin Ze frowned: “This doesn’t obey physical laws.”

All Su Min could see was a ghost holding the light signage running over to room 8 before placing it on the ground. There were still many cables and wires trailing behind the sign. There was a problem with the sign, and it flashed a few times before darkening.

Suddenly, there was a green light illuminating the lock.

What a big lamp!

Su Min was shocked. He didn’t expect something like this.

He looked closely at the ghost outside and could finally make out the ghost’s appearance. It was a teenaged boy and looked extremely emaciated and thin. The clothes loosely draped over him like he was a doll while his head was rather large.

Fang Shu Juan and Yin Ze couldn’t see the ghost but they could tell that something strange was going on. They both turned and looked at Su Min.

Su Min pointed behind the glowing sign and said briefly: “There’s a ghost.”

Although those words sounded terrible and scary, the person saying it appeared completely unfazed.

Su Min turned to the door and whispered: “Thank you for the light.”

The big-headed ghost vigorously shook the sign.

Su Min got nervous, “Calm down. Calm down.”

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