Arc 5: Unknown Prison
Chapter 105: Nutrition

Su Min’s words made Fang Shu Juan and Yin Ze dumbfounded.

It took them a while before they remembered that Su Min could see ghosts. They then looked out at the scene outside the door. No matter how you looked at it, it wasn’t something normal.

So was there a ghost helping?

Su Min turned his head around: “You guys help be on the lookout.”

Fang Shu Juan nodded. He didn’t ask anything and just replied: “Okay.”

Since they were now allies, there was no need for him to ask anything. All they needed was trust.

It was Su Min’s first time doing this and he wasn’t very skilled at it. After a few minutes of struggling, the three of them finally heard a soft click amidst the snoring noises.

The door was unlocked.

With a look of shock, Yin Ze said: “It really opened…………”

That just threw out all his worldviews. He had never imagined himself attempting a prison escape. It was something he had only seen in movies. Today, he was about to experience it himself.

Su Min didn’t immediately open the door. Instead, he took a look outside first to confirm that there was no one outside.

The big-headed ghost was still happily standing outside holding up the light source.

Yin Ze added: “What about the surveillance system?”

There were about four surveillance cameras scattered across the corridor used for monitoring the prisoners.

Su Min crouched down so that he was the same height as the ghost and whispered, “Can you help break the surveillance cameras? It’s those black boxes.”

The ghost probably wasn’t very intelligent.

Su Min didn’t know what the cause of this could be. Afterall, that ghost looked like a young teenager, but the intelligence of a teenager couldn’t be so low.

He guessed that the child may have encountered something here.

Fang Shu Juan couldn’t see the ghost and could only see Su Min talking to thin air. He asked: “Will it be alright? It…..Will it agree?”

This kind of unscientific and unnatural phenomenon was quite unbelievable.

Su Min said: “Yes.”

The only way to destroy the surveillance systems without drawing attention was with the help of the ghost. At that time, they could just say that it had nothing to do with them and that they were in their room the entire time.

As for whether or not the cameras could capture an image of the ghost, it would depend on the situation. Some wouldn’t be able to capture it whilst others would only generate blurred images.

Fang Shu Juan and Yin Ze couldn’t see the ghost at all. With a look of confusion, they waited for Su Min’s explanation.

They probably shouldn’t have woken up.

Fang Shu Juan suddenly thought of something else. He asked: “Did you receive help from the ghosts with weeding and cutting trees too?”

Otherwise how could he do it faster than any ordinary human?

Su Min smiled slightly, “I didn’t expect this secret to be discovered by you.”

Fang Shu Juan: “…………”

That tone of his sounded like the words a killer in a movie would say when he’s discovered, and a murder spree would generally follow soon after that.

Yin Ze said: “No wonder you’re so fast.”

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It was naturally a completely different situation with the help of the ghost.

After a few minutes, the ghost hopped back. Held in its hand and in its mouth were several torn down surveillance cameras.

Fang Shu Juan and Yin Ze saw it this time.

They saw four surveillance cameras floating in the air.

Fang Shu Juan: “…………”

Su Min touched the ghosts head, “Thank you.”

He then turned around and said: “Okay. We can go out now.”

“We must find out where that so-called laboratory is located.” Su Min fell silent for a moment, “I’ll try asking it.”

The corridor was quiet.

Su Min lowered his voice: “Do you know of a laboratory…………”

The ghost shook its head as soon as it heard the word laboratory. It appeared to be in agony.

He didn’t even finish asking his question.

Su Min quickly said: “Okay, I won’t mention it anymore. Are you okay?”

He could tell that the laboratory was likely something dangerous. For the ghost to act so fearful, it must have endured some horrific torture before its death.

The other party gradually calmed down.

Su Min changed his way of questioning, “Can you point it out to me?”

The ghost standing outside the door stared at him for a while. It then wordlessly stretched its finger out and pointed to the deepest part of the corridor.

Su Min opened the door a little more and peeked out. After confirming that it was pointing to the very end of the corridor, he gave the ghost his thanks.

Ghosts can be both good or bad. They were killed by the researchers in the laboratory and had met a fate like this so they naturally would help them destroy the laboratory.

Su Min felt that the ending of this movie would probably involve the destruction of the laboratory. The rest would depend on how the story develops.

For example, they may end up getting caught again after escaping. At most, they would just be taken back or be sent to another prison for reformation.

To avoid attracting the attention of the other prisoners, they lightened their footsteps and walked to the end of the corridor.

Because it was a place they didn’t usually go and could only see a wall from the distance, they only realised after getting closer that there was a space at the very end where the wall met with the floor.

The wall was located rather far from the last room and they would usually be sent directly back to their rooms, so it was impossible for them to see that from the distance.

There was a small ladder leading down.

 Su Min looked down the hole and saw that there was another corridor below. It wasn’t very long and there was a door at the end of it.


Su Min and the others didn’t choose to enter through the door leading to the laboratory.

Because that basically meant that they were sending themselves to their deaths if they did that.

In all honesty, none of them expected the laboratory door to be right next to them. They had originally expected to spend the entire night searching for it. With this, it also explained why they would hear those screams every night. With it located so close, no matter how well the laboratory was sound-proofed, sound would still leak out.

Now the problem was how they should enter the laboratory.

“Enter from here.” Fang Shu Juan pointed to a vent above them, “In movies you can usually climb through them.”

A vent like this would naturally have another exit.

Su Min said: “We can try.”

Yin Ze turned to Fang Shu Juan: “Can you climb with your arm like that?”

Fang Shu Juan: “I should be fine.”

“Don’t push yourself if you can’t.” Su Min said: “Why don’t you wait here. Yin Ze and I can go.”

Fang Shu Juan said: “It’s more dangerous for me to stay here.”

Because if someone came, he had nowhere to hide. If he was discovered, he would be in trouble.

He flexed his arm, “In fact, the dislocation has already been fixed and its practically normal. It’s okay now.”

Yin Ze spoke up, “It’s fine yet you pretend to be hurt?”

Fang Shu Juan just smiled and didn’t explain himself.

It took a bit of effort for them to get into the vent. Su Min was the first one to enter with Yin Ze pushing him from behind.

It was Su Min’s first time entering a place like this.

It was covered in dust and there was a bad smell. Mixed with the scent of disinfectants, it was very intolerable.

He slowly crawled forward.

After crawling for an unknown amount of time, a source of light finally appeared before them.

Su Min’s heart immediately lifted. When he reached that opening, he realised that it was the laboratory. In the room below, there were large capsule-like tubes lining the walls. Within it were humans.

It was a shocking sight.

Su Min examined the room for a while and saw that there was no one inside. He then climbed further on and saw that there was someone in another room.

There wasn’t just one, there were three in there. His course specialty allowed him to be able to distinguish the items scattered on the table.

There were all kinds of test tubes, beakers and also human body parts.

Of the three people there, one of it was the nurse from before. The remaining two was composed of a young man and another older man wearing a white coat.

The female nurse said: “Subject No. 156 has undergone some changes.”

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The man in the white coat then brought her and the other person out of the room. With them leaving, Su Min could finally make out the thing behind them. It looked like some sort of controller pad.

He decided to go down.

The vent could be opened with a push. Because it was built underground, it wasn’t very high. It was within the acceptable range for Su Min to jump down from.

After coming down, Su Min went straight over to the controller pad. He stared at it for a moment and saw that it had a self-destruct option. The only problem was that it also required fingerprint activation.

Fang Shu Juan said: “Press this.”

Su Min didn’t think and listened to Fang Shu Juan’s words. He randomly pressed three seemingly unrelated buttons.

Fang Shu Juan said: “This is to cut off the nutrients and electricity connections to the test subjects. Those are for opening the doors to each of the rooms.”

Su Min nodded and turned to look at the table in the room.

Those bloody things placed on it were very disgusting.

He then saw something else and his eyes lit up. He looked up at the ceiling and proceeded to coat the entire room with easily flammable chemicals. Lighting an alcohol lamp, he used it to set alight the room.

Very quickly, the fire alarm sounded.

The laboratory naturally had advanced fire extinguishing systems put in place. In an instant, fire extinguishing gas was released from above, smothering the entire room with smoke.

Su Min said: “Okay, we can go now.”

He held the alcohol lamp while Yin Ze took a box of unused chemicals. As they moved, they threw some out, resulting in a path of fire.

Soon, footsteps sounded ahead.

Su Min and the others pressed themselves close to the wall and listened to the hurried steps. Obscured by the smoke, they couldn’t make out anyone’s faces.

A male voice spoke in a reprimanding tone: “Who touched the controller pad?”

Soon after this, Su Min heard the sound of the automatic fire extinguisher turning off.

The door to each room was closed again.

Fang Shu Juan whispered: “What now?”

Su Min looked around, “Three people. Can we deal with them?”

The three of them were all men. That nurse in the other group also wasn’t someone that would be difficult to deal with.

Fang Shu Juan said: “Yes.”

Taking advantage of the smoke, they rushed in and knocked them out before they could even react.

The young man amongst them struggled a little but was hit in the face by the alcohol lamp thrown by Su Min.

Using this opportunity, they knocked him out.

Su Min used the man in the white coat’s fingerprint to activate the self-destruct option. After hearing the question to confirm his identity, he pressed the button.

They probably didn’t expect anyone to escape out from prison.

An electronic sounded said: “There are three minutes until the laboratory self-destructs. Please leave as soon as possible. Please leave as soon as possible.

A door then appeared out of thin air.

Su Min was surprised: “That seems to the be escape route.”

They had only just entered the corridor of the escape route when they heard numerous footsteps behind.

Su Min’s heart raced. He watched the door between the escape route and the laboratory slowly close. The master of those footsteps also just happened to appear.

It wasn’t someone from the prison. It was the experimental subjects. Dragging their wet bodies out from the capsules, they chased after the man in the white coat and the others.

They were neither human nor ghosts.

Just like that big-headed ghost earlier, they all had a part of them that looked particularly eye catching. Their entire body was covered in a strange smell.

He didn’t know if the man in the white coat and the others knew that their test subjects were heading their way.

Just as Su Min thought this, the door closed. From behind it, a scream leaked out.

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