Arc 5: Unknown Prison
Chapter 106: Prison Escape

This escape route wasn’t short. It was like an underground passage and was filled with twists and turns. No one knew where the passage led.

The three of the followed this passage along and finally reached the end.

There was a staircase. Su Min went up first and pushed at the door. There probably was something blocking the door outside so he couldn’t open it.

“Come and help me.”

The combined strength of the three of them was more than enough. After pushing at it a few times, they managed to pry open a gap.

After Su Min went out, he saw that they were now standing inside the infirmary.

The location of the infirmary was quite far from their rooms, so it was also rather far from the laboratory. Like this, it was a completely isolated location.

Fang Shu Juan had not entered further into the infirmary, “Where is this?”

Su Min said: “The infirmary. That medal over there probably belongs to that man in the white coat.”

There were medals and awards for all kinds of diseases. It was no wonder they had all their medical details recorded. Once one particular research was done, they could move on to study something else.

Those people here using live humans for experiments were complete psychopaths.

Fang Shu Juan said: “It might be chaotic outside. They probably noticed something now. Will we be able to go back now?”

Su Min: “Wait a bit first.”

He stepped out and searched around a little and managed to successfully find the phone in the infirmary. He tried to dial out.

Yin Ze asked curiously, “Who are you calling?”

Su Min smiled and said, “The TV stations and firefighters, and also those who enjoy live broadcasting.”

He had specially asked Chen Su for this information this afternoon.

Su Min’s memory was excellent. He smoothly dialled the numbers out. On the phone, he claimed that there was a fire at the prison and that there may have been a prison escape.

With something so newsworthy, there would definitely be many people rushing over to get the scoop. If it was live broadcasted, things could no longer be hidden.

Sirens sounded outside.

Fang Shu Juan continued to pace back and forth between the entrance and the window of the infirmary. He was afraid of someone suddenly coming.

But perhaps it was because they were lucky, nothing happened even after a few minutes.

Su Min hung up, “I’m done. They’ll be here soon. It might take some time for them to get here and things will start getting chaotic.”

Reporters were not afraid of anything.

“How are we getting back?” Yin Ze said: “That door over there must be locked. We probably have no choice but to wait here to get caught.”

Su Min thought carefully for a moment, “Find a place to hide first. Someone would probably come over in a moment and we can take advantage of the commotion to return to our room.”

The lights outside were bright.

They probably wouldn’t expect anyone to be inside the infirmary with it being so dark.

Su Min felt that it was about time. He said: “Let’s go.”

 After sneaking around for a few minutes, they finally reached the main door.

Yin Ze’s eyes were sharp, “What’s that?”

Su Min followed his line of sight and saw a green sign in the distance. It was that big-headed ghost earlier. It sat there alone by the main door.

The building behind it was emitting smoke.

There probably was a problem with the laboratory. Numerous prison guards ran out to check and no one spared any attention to the locked-up prisoners.

There wasn’t just the one entrance to the laboratory. The one they used was a passaged designed for transporting humans in and out while the other entrance was the real entrance.

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Within the darkness, no one noticed that room 8 was empty.

Su Min then realised that the surveillance cameras may have all been taken down by the ghost.

Because the people outside did their best to avoid being discovered, may of the prisoners inside were still sleeping and unaware of the situation.

Seeing him, the big-headed ghost was very happy.

Su Min patted its head, “We’re going back now. You can go to my room to find me.”

With the big-headed ghost with them, they returned to their room smoothly.

Su Min left the big-headed ghost in the room and relocked the door. He spoke quite a lot to the ghost but unfortunately the other party couldn’t speak.

Faced with a situation like this, Su Min felt quite distressed.

Fang Shu Juan didn’t know where it was and said a work of thanks to the air.

The big-headed ghost giggled to the point that its entire body shook.

Su Min couldn’t help but guide him: “You’re facing the empty space next to it.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Fang Shu Juan was embarrassed. He changed his position, “Thank you.”

This time the big-headed ghost reached out and touched his arm.

Fang Shu Juan keenly felt a cold sensation on his arm, “It touched me?”

Su Min nodded, “En.”

Fang Shu Juan then said a few more words with satisfaction.

Because it was still late, they didn’t talk for long and went back to sleep.


The morning reminder from the speaker didn’t sound this time.

Su Min slept until dawn. This time he also didn’t receive any prompts from the cinema. He could tell that he was not far from the movie’s end.

After washing up, there were some loud noises outside.

No one was being taken out to have breakfast and the prisoners were rioting inside. They banged on the metal doors loudly whilst calling for the prison guards.

Fang Shu Juan walked over to the door, “Looks like things have gotten quite troublesome.”

Otherwise why couldn’t they do something as simple as taking them out for breakfast?

“That’s good then.” Su Min smiled, “I think this prison was probably rotten from the core. Even the prison guards probably weren’t real, and the real ones were dealt with a long time ago.”

He felt that this speculation of his sounded very plausible.

Afterall, lately all the government official characters in web novels had to be representatives of justice. It wouldn’t be surprising for that restriction to also be applied to movies which have a larger audience base.

Sure enough, the one opening the door this time wasn’t the usual prison guard.

Following that, several other people also came in. They held various files and documents in their hands. They were probably from the media.

Surveillance cameras and lights that were broken by the big-headed ghost were littered across the ground. You couldn’t tell who had done it.

As soon as they saw people entering, the prisoners called out: “When are we having breakfast?! It’s almost noon!”

“I’m starving. Why is it so slow today?”

“Can’t you do your job better?”

Someone came out from behind the group. You could tell from his uniform that his status was much higher than the average soldiers next to him.

“From now on, you will be serving your sentence in another prison. Because of an accident here this morning, breakfast could not be served. You will be compensated for this during lunch……….”

They explained quite a few things.

He was probably one of the higher ups so everything was very organised.

The rooms were checked one by one and their identities were matched. They were then made to line up and board a car.

Su Min, Yin Ze and Fang Shu Juan just happened to be together.

When they checked their identities, Su Min also noticed that the chief had glanced over in their direction for a moment. He didn’t know what was going on.

When they lined up to head outside, it was a mess outside.

There were still some bloodstains on the ground that had not been cleaned up as well as batons scattered around. There wasn’t a single person in site outside the prison fence.

Looks like there was a fight.

Fang Shu Juan said: “Looks like they were all subdued.”

Su Min said: “I really wanted to take a good look at them.”

Yin Ze said: “It’s not possible now. I hope they don’t find out. I’m still a little fearful inside.”

It was their first time doing something like this. It was too stimulating.

Su Min glanced at the surroundings, “From now on, forget about it. Don’t mention a single word about what happened. One or two years in prison passes by very quickly and soon you would be released out.”

More importantly, they would later have their sentences overturned.

Yin Ze nodded.

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This time, the care used to transport the prisoners was different to the one Su Min sat in when he was transported to the prison initially. It one specially used for the sole purpose of prisoner transportation and it didn’t allow them to see outside.

Fang Shu Juan examined the car, “The new one seems to be a real.”

There were soldiers standing outside standing straight and tall. They looked particularly admirable.

Li Hao and his younger brothers were rather dense. They didn’t notice anything and greeted Su Min when they saw him, “Good morning.”

Su Min: “………Good morning.”

The new prison was a little far from their current prison.

“What the hell happened?”

“I think I heard gunshots this morning. Someone must have been caught trying to escape from prison.”

“No one is missing though. It might be something else.”

It was at this moment that Su Min managed to learn from the other prisoners’ discussions that this prison was an old prison. Because a new prison was built not long afterwards, the name was assigned to that prison and this prison ended up with no name.

Everyone thought that they would be safe once they were in prison and didn’t expect so many things to happen inside. It was very unfortunate.

The car trudged on.

A few hours later, a new source of light appeared before their eyes. One by one, they hopped off the car.

The new prison appeared before them. It was completely new.

Fang Shu Juan stretched his arms and suddenly thought of a problem. He asked: “Will this place not allow social meetups?”

Yin Ze: “That’s just right.”

Fang Shu Juan said: “You’re so cruel.”

Yin Ze smiled slightly, “Thank you for your compliment.”

He usually had a sullen look, so he looked rather handsome with him suddenly smiling like that. It was even a smile directed at Fang Shu Juan. Even Fang Shu Juan was surprised.

It could be said that Fang Shu Juan had never once received a smile from Yin Ze because he had hated him and his entire being.

Although it was combined with ridiculing words, it was still a smile.

Su Min stood beside them and listened to them bickering. He then heard a prompt from the cinema.

【Audience Member Su Min hello. Congratulations, you have successfully lived until the finale! There is still a five-minute transitional period. Please be prepared.】

It really was as he had guessed.

The ending had to align with societal values. It had to be correct.

Su Min turned around and looked back. In the distance, he could see high rise buildings and before him was the newly built prison.

This was the correct beginning.

Although he felt that the final laboratory scene was too simple, in the end they were only able to escape with the ghosts help.

 Just like the original movie’s plot, everything went up in smoke.

However, after experiencing so many days of prison life, Su Min now deeply appreciated the joy of being free.

Fang Shu Juan suddenly asked: “I wonder if there are ghosts in this place.”

Su Min said: “You can’t see it anyway. What’s the point worrying about it?”

“It’s different.” Fang Shu Juan said: “Before, I could act as if they don’t exist but now that I know that they do exist, I would keep thinking about it.”

If there were ghosts knocking on the door, climbing into his bed or adding special ingredients to his food, he didn’t know what to do.

Su Min was a little speechless, “If you have the time to think about it, why don’t you use that energy to think about how you can get into the same room as Yin Ze.”

Fang Shu Juan thought for a moment, “That’s a good idea.”

Yin Ze snorted beside him.

After everyone got off, someone wearing a prison guards uniform lined them up and called them over by their number.

There were many people before Su Min so he calmly waited in line.

Once the five-minute transitional period was up, Su Min’s consciousness was extracted from the movie.

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KK has something to say:
The end to another movie! This one wasn’t particularly scary – more thriller/mystery than horror I guess?

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