Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 110: Deep

It was very late when they arrived at the cinema.

As they made their way there, Su Ying boasted to Su Min her extensive experience with escape rooms. She even mentioned the fact that eight times out to ten she would scare the staff away. She was indeed a qualified horror movie viewer.

Su Min smiled in respect to this.

Because it was the first day of release and because it was a horror movie, there weren’t many sessions running. At night, there was just this one session.

When Su Min took Su Ying over, there weren’t many people around. Most of them were couples leaving after watching a romance movie.

As for the poster for “Ghost Ship” in the main hall, it was the innermost one. You would only see the contents clearly after venturing closer.

There were several people at sea, and they stood facing away from the camera. Opposite them, a large cruise ship was slowly coming closer.

It was true to the movies name.

Xiao He had been waiting in the hall for them for a while now.

Seeing them come over, he immediately walked over with the movie tickets he had reserved, “Mr. Su, you’re finally here. The movie will start in a few minutes.”

Su Min said: “It was a little far.”

Xiao He gave him the movie tickets and said: “You can go in straight away. There aren’t many people tonight.”

Su Min received it, “Thanks.”

The ticket indicated that the movie “Ghost Ship” would start playing in a few minutes.

It was Su Ying’s first time watching a holographic movie, so she was taken over to the front desk to sign an agreement. As her guardian, Su Min also had to sign at the end.

The cinema treated things like this very seriously.

If something went wrong in the movie, all the responsibility would be on them, so they wanted to try and avoid it in advance.

This agreement also included insurance. Ever since the release of holographic movies, they had worked together with the insurance company to protect both parties.

Because he had visited the cinema numerous times, Su Min was already familiar with the process. Xiao He didn’t have much to say so they soon went into the theatre after signing.

As they made their way to the theatre, they heard occasional fits of laughter from within.

Su Min then thought of a question and asked: “Is there anything you need to pay attention to when watching a movie together?”

Xiao He said: “It’s nothing actually but, considering the fact that your sister is still young, you should try and find her as soon as possible to ensure her safety.”

Su Min nodded. That was something he understood. He didn’t feel reassured letting Su Ying play around alone.

Xiao He thought for a moment and added, “If you want to leave, we would ask both parties, You can also forcefully take her out of the movie. You will receive a message if she leaves the movie.”

Please read this from kk translates

Su Ying said: “I definitely won’t be the first one leaving.”

Su Min ignored her answer and said: “Okay, I understand.”

Su Ying’s helmet was also specifically made for teenagers. She put it on and sat there excitedly.

The two sat in the back row.

He heard that the movie this time wasn’t too scary. Su Min wasn’t clear about this so he decided that if he felt that things weren’t right, he would force Su Ying out.

Safety was most important.

On their way here, Su Min had quickly read up about the background of the movie.

“Ghost Ship” was just as its name implied. It was about a haunted and mysterious ship. The entire movie takes place on this ship.

In order to pursue Xia He Yin, the male protagonist Qin Mu Yin invited their friends and rented out a boat to take them out to sea and enjoy the scenery.

But unfortunately, they encountered a storm that night.

A storm at sea was naturally not something good. The ship didn’t last long and soon capsized. They all fell into the sea.

Amidst such a life and death situation, they saw a large cruise ship called “Victoria” from within the fog in the distance. The lights on the ship were still on.

They managed to board the cruise ship.

They had originally thought that they were saved but they didn’t expect themselves to be embroiled in strange incidents one after another.

Like most movies, there was no such thing as an ending where everyone successfully escapes or dies. In any case, everyone else apart from the male and female protagonists were destined to die.

Su Ying said: “Brother, I’ll look for you after entering the movie.”

Su Min made a sound of acknowledgement.

Two-person viewing of the movie allowed two people to watch the same movie together. They could cooperate and work together and could also die together. It doubled the excitement factor.

After Xiao He left, the lights in the theatre darkened. Names of various movie studios appeared on the screen and then they were shown the prelude.

The prelude depicted the sea. A boat was stationed nearby.

There were several people speaking next to him, but their voices couldn’t be heard. The protagonists’ names and details flashed across the screen.

Su Min felt that the boat before him wasn’t the one depicted in the poster.

The name of the movie suddenly appeared in the centre ——- Ghost Ship.

Su Min closed his eyes. A familiar prompt sounded: “Audience Member Su Min hello. Are you ready to enter the movie “Ghost Ship” with audience member Su Ying?”

He answered and soon afterwards he fell into deep sleep.

In the almost empty theatre, the few people present all similarly entered the same state.


The wind by the sea was very strong. The salty smell travelled all the way to the shore.

Su Min squatted by the shore. When he opened his eyes, he almost fell face first into the sea but he managed to regain his balance.

The strong wind gave him a headache.

Su Min’s hair was a complete mess. He recalled getting seasick last time during “Murder Island” and wondered if he would also get seasick again this time.

This movie would have the majority of the plot take place on the ship. If he suffered from seasickness the entire time, he was doomed.

Not far away, a man asked loudly, “Su Min, what are you doing squatting there? We’re boarding in a few minutes!”

Su Min turned around and saw the other person’s face.

The male protagonist Qin Mu Yin was waving at him. His hair had turned into a bird’s nest by the wind. It was terribly ugly.

Su Min: “………”

This movie is really scary.

Seeing that he wasn’t moving, Qin Mu Yin ran over and squatted next to him, “Don’t tell me you’re regretting it now?”

Su Min said: “No.”

It was necessary for him to board the ship to experience to movie so he naturally wouldn’t refuse.

Qin Mu Yin said, “It’s our first time going out there so you must also be curious. They said online that the night view is spectacular.”

Su Min’s mind was chaotic. He searched his memory for information before finally remembering what they were going out to sea for. It was a vast expanse of glowing sapphire blue sea. He didn’t know whether it was real or fake, but it was everywhere online.

He asked: “How long are we going for?”

Qin Mu Yin said: “We will take a look tonight and come back tomorrow afternoon. It’ll take a day. You should also know that we can only see it at night.”

Su Min wanted to snort a few times at him.

That was the so-called legendary death flag. If they could return tomorrow without any issues, he would write his name upside down.

Qin Mu Yin didn’t stay there for long. He patted his shoulder, urged him to hurry and ran back to the boat.

Immediately after that, he received the cinema’s prompt: 【Audience Member Su Min hello. Please receive you script as soon as possible.】

Su Min calmed himself down and accepted the script.

He didn’t know if this script would reveal Su Ying’s identity.

He felt that he was right. That boat before him wasn’t the ship in the movie poster.

Su Min’s felt that this time his character role wasn’t too bad. He could at least live longer than a day.

His role this time was the male protagonist Qin Mu Yin’s friend. As a friend of many years, he was invited to come and see the sea together.

But the weather at sea suddenly changed and they encountered a storm. The boat wasn’t very big and it capsized in the sea.

As a cannon fodder, he died amidst the storm.

Su Min blinked a few times and deeply felt that this method of death was quite torturous. Perhaps he would end up getting eaten by sharks.

The cinema this time didn’t make him die in a shower or some other place.

It was now morning and he still had some time until his death. As for the storm, he would have to see what happens when the time comes.

Please read this from kk translates

The male and female protagonist in this movie were still at an ambiguous stage in their relationship.

The female protagonist is called Xia He Yin and is Qin Mu Yin’s goddess. With a cheerful and bright personality, she had always been popular but until now no one had been able to successfully pursue her.

The reason why Qin Mu Yin planned this outing was so that he could impress Xia He Yin and take advantage of the romantic setting to help with his courting.

Because girls liked things like this.

As for Su Min and Qin Mu Yin’s other friend, Tang Yishu, as well as Xia He Yin’s best friend Song Nan Nan, they were dragged along for the ride.

Su Min: “…………”

For some reason he felt that it was similar to one of the earlier movies he had watched. One was in order to pursue someone while the other was in order to reconcile. In the end, they all ended up dying.

Su Min stood up and prepared to look for Su Ying.

In this story, she is his younger sister. Their relationship had not changed but her age had changed. She had now become nine years old.

When Su Min ventured closer to the ship, he thought for a moment and called out.

Not long after that, Su Ying came out from inside the ship. She touched her face, “Brother, I’ve become a lot younger. Did my appearance change?”

Su Min: “……What change? Nothing changed.”

Su Ying was disappointed, “I wanted to be more beautiful. Otherwise everyone will end up seeing my unfortunate face when the movie is rereleased.”

The young girl’s expression was quite cute.

Su Min was rendered speechless. He lifted her up onto the ship and bent over so that their faces were the same height. He asked in a quiet voice: “Have you received your script?”

“Received it.” Su Ying whispered into his ear. “After the storm, the boat capsized, and I saw you getting eaten up by the fish. I was later also eaten up. It’s really terrible.”

She didn’t understand why the script had to give them such a frustrating method of death.

Su Min: “………..”

Guess they both would end up in fish bellies.

As the two talked, Qin Mu Yin came over, “Stop chattering and let’s board. We can head off now.”

Su Min pulled Su Ying along into the boat

This boat wasn’t too small. It was a little bigger than the one from the island last time, so it was more stable. For the time being, he didn’t feel any signs of seasickness.

The one driving the boat was an old sailor hired by Qin Mu Yin. The boat belonged to his family so he decided to just hire someone to drive.

He was confident in the other party’s skills.

After standing on board for a while, Qin Mu Yin said, “After going back tomorrow, I will pay for your snacks for the next week, okay?”

Su Min: “Why are you so cheap?”

Qin Mu Yin said: “Is that so? Then two weeks. Two weeks should be enough.”

Su Min said words of praise that was contrary to his thoughts: “……You’re really generous.”

Qin Mu Yin squatted down and said to Su Ying: “You have to help this brother out too. If I manage to be successful, I’ll take you out to play.”

Su Ying blinked: “No.”

Qin Mu Yin said: “Why?”

Su Ying: “I have to help my brother with his date. I don’t have time to take care of you.”

Qin Mu Yin was a little shocked. He glanced at Su Min. He didn’t recall Su Min having a girlfriend so what date could he have?”

The tanned middle-aged man in the boat shouted: “We’re leaving.”

As soon as his voice fell, the boats engine sounded and the waves beside the boat grew larger. In less than a minute, they left the shore.

They were heading deep into the sea.

It was time for them to meet the ghost ship.

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