Hi all! The following two chapters are Halloween special chapters which have nothing to do with the current arc. I was debating over the idea of cutting the chapters out and posting it after the end of this arc because I was worried about it being too jarring but I decided against it (didn’t want to mess up the chapter numbering). Anyway, if anyone is concerned about these chapters ‘ruining the immersion’, please skip them and come back later to read it once you’re done with the arc/novel~~

Chapter 114: [Halloween Special 1]

There are all kinds of activities in the night of Halloween.

At this moment, Su Min was still at school. The cinema sent him a notice inviting him to a Halloween event.

The cinema’s purpose of organising a special Halloween event was naturally to attract more audience.

In order to get him to agree, the person in charge spent a lot of time convincing him.

Su Min asked: “What activities are there?”

The person in charge said: “That……It is a secret. Because there are many options, the basic contents are all different. It’ll depend on your choices.”

Su Min was a little surprised. If it was all different then it would mean that the cinema must have created lots of content. They must have required a whole bunch of screenwriters.

But it did sound quite exciting.

The person in charge said: “This is an experience designed for everyone so it’s not scary, but it is very interesting. You can also choose to experience it by yourself. It’s up to you.”

Su Min considered it for a moment and decided on solo-viewing.

He wasn’t used to experiencing movies with a group of strangers. There were only a few people in movies, but to experience it with everyone was too much.

At seven o’clock in the evening, Su Min went to the cinema.

Because they had laxed out the rules this time, the cinema was packed with men, women, children and the elderly. The majority were children.

Only a few selected solo-viewing and they were mostly single dogs. Like him, they chose a lonely experience.

Seeing that another person had come over, several children dressed in strange costumes ran over and said: “Trick or treat!”

Su Min had grabbed a bunch of candy before he came over in preparation for this. He gave a few to the children before finally managing to escape.

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He went over to the front desk to collect his ticket. He was then taken to the theatre by a staff dressed in a bloody nurse outfit.

At the end, the nurse smiled at him, revealing blood-stained teeth: “I wish you a happy experience.”

There were very few people in the theatre. There were only a few sitting in the room.

Su Min found a seat at the back and wore the helmet. It was no different to the usual movie viewing experience.

After the vision before his eyes turned dark, several lines appeared.

【Welcome Audience Member Su Min.】

【Today is Halloween. We have specially prepared a Halloween event for you. Please remember that every choice you make tonight will affect your next experience so be sure to choose carefully.】

【We wish you an enjoyable Halloween special viewing experience.】


Late at night, everything was silent.

Su Min was awakened by some noises. After getting up, he realised that the noises came from outside the door. He didn’t have the time to look around. He approached the door as if he was drawn to it.

He peeked through the slit between the door.

The door was very old and rickety, and he could hear sounds coming from outside. As he looked out, a transparent screen appeared before his eyes.

【You were sleeping when you suddenly heard a noise outside and was awakened. Through the cracks of the door, you saw a group of skeletons moving around outside, filling the hallway. You guessed that the reason they have gathered at your doorstep was because——–】

【A. It is a holiday today and they wanted to dance for you.】

【B. With you being so cute, they naturally wanted to show their affection for you.】

【C. This question is too hard. You can’t guess.】

Su Min didn’t choose. He took a look at his surroundings first.

The room was very small, only a few square metres. The bed he was on earlier occupied half of the room and there was nothing else there apart from a small window on the wall.

Su Min mulled over it and selected A.

Today was Halloween and this was a Halloween special. He guessed that the contents should have something to do with Halloween, but he didn’t expect this type of game play.

He was then directed to open the door. The group of skeletons outside scrambled to enter the room. In an instant, the small room was packed.

The skeletons were not tall. They were almost the same height as children.

Su Min asked: “What do you want? Candy?”

He patted his pocket. There wasn’t anything in it. He wondered if the skeletons would perform tricks on him because he didn’t have any candy.

Clearly, he was thinking too much.

Because the skeletons swarmed over, lifted Su Min up and carried him out the room.

Su Min: “???”

There was a long hallway outside. It was as if there was only that room earlier in this building. There was a staircase at the very end of the corridor and like this he was carried down.

Along the way, a skeleton fell. Its body fell apart, and then it reassembled itself.

Seeing this, Su Min was shocked.

Once that skeleton was done reassembling itself, it rejoined the army of skeletons and stumbled along.

Again, a transparent screen appeared.

【This group of skeletons appear quite dangerous. You were lifted by the skeletons and they even did a few things to you. Clearly, they held ill intentions. What do you think they would do next?】

【A. Tie you up and burn you.】

【B. Those who are not the same as us must die. They will bury you and suffocate you to death.】

【C. It’s too scary. You have no idea.】

Su Min didn’t know what link was between the options. After selecting the first option earlier, they ended up carrying him out.

It also wasn’t the other two options.

This meant that the choices he made was closely related to their subsequent behaviours.

If he chose the former two, he would probably end up dying so Su Mi chose C.

He really didn’t know.

After making the selection, they had reached outside. It was dark and spooky outside, and the streets were filled with small balls of spirit fires as well as pale ghosts floating around.

Su Min felt that he may have accidentally stumbled into a ghost’s lair.

The skeletons walked around the street. When they reached a fork in the road, a pumpkin carriage stopped before them.

It was a little different to the one Cinderella used.

The pumpkin carriage still had a face on it and the horse at the front weren’t horses. It was instead a strange creature he didn’t recognise.

Su Min kept silent. He was pushed into the carriage by the skeletons.

The pumpkin’s face instantly revealed a strange cackle. It opened its mouth wide revealing the dark hole inside.

Please read this from kk translates

Su Min stared at it for a while only to find that there wasn’t anything strange.

【You were sent onto a pumpkin carriage. This car is a little different. You suspect that they’re trying to take you somewhere. There is a three-way intersection before you. You decide to go———】

【A. Left. Men to the left, women to the right.】

【B. Right. They definitely want to trick you into choosing left but you’re not going to do that.】

【C. Middle. When in doubt, choose C.】

Su Min didn’t know what the answer was. All three roads disappeared into the darkness. He couldn’t tell what was ahead.

In order to know the results of his choice sooner, he decided to choose the middle.

The pumpkin carriage travelled on accompanied by its strange cackle, it flew down the middle road like a mad sheep.

Along the way, a ghost gave Su Min a handful of candy.

He opened it and found that inside those colourful wrapping papers were small bones. There were even the words “chewing stick” written on it.

Su Min: “……..”

He was neither a dog nor a cat. He didn’t need something like this.

The road was very quiet. Occasionally there would be some musical fountains around, but it only played ghost music and blood flowed out instead of water.

An unknown amount of time passed, and another question appeared.

【This pumpkin carriages cackles nonstop. With those sharp teeth, something definitely wasn’t right. You became frustrated hearing it, so you decided to——-】

【A. What a nuisance. I’ll just give it a beating.】

【B. Feed it the chewing sticks and let it use it to clean its teeth.】

【C. Give it a self-reflection session.】

【D. Maybe it’s because it’s old. You can go and repair it.】

Su Min didn’t have any repair skills, so he decided to go with the second option. It could also help him get rid of it. He shoved a handful of it into the pumpkin’s face.

The other was very satisfied. It no longer opened its mouth and instead started to chew on the bones.

Along the way, Su Min saw countless ghosts. They were all different. One by one, they wandered outside. He didn’t know what they were doing.

The pumpkin carriage stopped before three buildings.

He got off from the pumpkin carriage and quietly assessed the three buildings before him. He didn’t know what the cinema was up to.

The pumpkin carriage behind him started to cackle again.

The first building was a castle. It looked like those that you see in fairy tales, but it was black and a little gloomy. Someone high up must be living there.

The second building was a small wooden house that looked like it was very roughly built. There were strange things hanging outside that he couldn’t make out because it was too dark and there were sounds coming from inside.

The third one was a mound of dirt. On it was a small patch of grass. It was eerily quiet. He didn’t know who’s grave it belonged to.

The question soon followed.

【There are three buildings before you. If you choose the right one, you will meet your lover but you are not sure where your lover could be so you need to make your selection carefully.】

【A. Of course it’s the rich castle. Even if you died, you want to be a princess. Your prince must be waiting for you inside.】

【B. That castle is definitely a trap. The wooden house is better. A common life is a happy life.】

【C. The dirt mound looks like its about a metre high but the more impossible the option is, the more likely it is to be correct.】

Su Min considered the three options and fell into deep thought.

He felt that with the three buildings being so different on the outside, the inside must also be very different.

In a game like this, it would either be death or a normal ending.

Disregarding where Chen Su may be, at the very least the identities and lives of the people living in these three places are very different.

It looks like the one in the luxurious castle was the most well off while the one in the dirt mound was the most unfortunate.

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