Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 115: [Halloween Special 2]

Su Min chose C, dirt mound.

Afterall, with Chen Su being so obsessed with dancing above a grave, he felt that he would likely be there waiting for an opportunity to dance.

But if it was a wrong option………

Well if he got it wrong, then he got it wrong. At most he would just get a bad end or make another choice to turn the situation around.

This was a special event organised by the cinema so it shouldn’t be too bad.

With Su Min’s choice, a road appeared before him. It led him straight to the dirt mound ahead.

When he got closer, he saw that the dirt mound was quite large.

The mount itself was about a metre high and the grass above it swayed in the wind. He didn’t know if Chen Su really was living in there or if he knew about this event.

As Su Min took this in, a question appeared again.

【You have selected the dirt mound which clearly looked like it had been neglected. After getting closer, you feel that this dirt mound was probably someone’s grave, but you couldn’t find the gravestone or anything similar so you——】

【A. It’s just a distraction. It’s nothing difficult. I just need to open my third eye.】

【B. This is a grave in the wilderness. You decided to try and find the door.】

【C. Just sit and wait for tomorrow to come.】

【D. There might be something scary inside. It’s better to run away.】

Su Min stared at the four options.

The first option clearly was useless. He wasn’t a heavenly master who could break open his third eye. The third one was even more pointless.

The fourth option may lead him to another place. The dangers associated with that was unknown and there would definitely be more options later.

So Su Min decided to choose B, find a door.

Probably because it was something the cinema set up, the moment he made his selection, he was pulled in by a force. He circled around the grave looking for an entrance.

But he couldn’t find the door.

He looked again at the castle and wooden house and felt that he had probably made the wrong choice.

If he chose the other two, he would have probably already entered the buildings and wouldn’t be wandering around the damned grave here.

【After circling around a few times, you still couldn’t find the entrance, but you have thought of several methods that may help you find it. You decided to give each of them a try. If you’re lucky, it would open. You choose—-】

【A. Bang on the grave nonstop: “Open up! If you dare call me over Chen Su, you should open the door!”】

【B. Take a softer approach and sing at it: “Little rabbit please open the door…….”

【C. There seems to be a shovel there. I should just dig out the grave.】

【D. There is a place next to the grass. Why don’t I try dancing on it? Maybe I could open up a door like that.】

Su Min was startled when he saw the first option.

The options below that weren’t very realistic. It was easy to do B, but it didn’t necessarily mean that it would allow him to open the door. It was better choosing something else.

Su Min chose D.

Afterall, Chen Su was obsessed with dancing on a grave.

He was pulled over to the grave by a force and he started to wiggle his body beside the grass. If he wasn’t mistaken, the cinema was making him do waves.

Su Min: “……….”

They’re really keeping up with the times.

Fortunately, he didn’t dance for long. Soon after starting, a door appeared below his feet and Su Min fell in.

He was then caught by something hard.

It was pitch black. Su Min felt around and didn’t know what it was that was under him. Just as he was about to jump off, another question appeared.

【This grave is so rude. It actually made you fall in like this. Now, it looks like there’s a coffin under you. There must be something inside but how should you open it? You decide——】

【A. You have studied martial arts in the past. You could just kick it open.】

【B. Use your butt to break it.】

【C. Be more civilised and push it open by hand.】

Su Min naturally selected the third option.

After he got off, he pushed the coffin by hand. This coffin clearly wasn’t of very good quality and it opened the moment he exerted some energy.

Su Min was a little surprised. Was it going to end so soon?

Before he could look in, he felt a sharp pain on his neck. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Chen Su’s face next to him.

Su Min: “…………”

【Entering the finale in advance: Three hundred years ago, you sealed your lover in this coffin. Due to poverty, he became a zombie. After hundreds of hears of hunger and thirst, you appeared unsuspectingly and was eaten up by it as food the moment it came out of its coffin…….】

The vision before Su Min’s eyes turned white. His consciousness began to fade.

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He didn’t expect something like this.

Was Chen Su this crazy? Despite the set up given by the cinema, he really bit him. How was he going to continue playing like this?

Just as Su Min was about to die, another screen appeared.

【You are about to die. Amidst the confusion, you see the zombie in the coffin reveal a sorrowful expression. It seemed to have something it wanted to say to you. You decide to———-】

【A. Hah, I’m not listening.】

【B. I want to hear what he has to say.】

【C. He was probably just practicing human expressions.】

Although he felt that zombies might not be able to speak, Su Min immediately chose B.

After that selection, he heard the zombies voice. The problem was that Su Min didn’t understand a single word. It was all gibberish.

It wasn’t a problem if he didn’t understand. The cinema could translate.

【Hundred years had passed. The zombie’s vocal cords could no longer be used but he is very excited. Amidst the darkness, you could sense the changes in his emotions. Even if you were about to die, you guessed that he was probably trying to say———-】

【A. He’s laughing. He’s happy that you were finally killed by him. He will later quarter your body up.】

【B. You should feel honoured that you are my food. He wanted to take another bite.】

【C. Sorry. He wanted to kiss you but his action was too out of control and he ended up biting you to death.】

Seeing those three options, Su Min fell silent.

Even a fool would know that it was option C.

After making his selection, Su Min lost consciousness. Before his eyes closed, he saw Chen Su’s face appear for a moment.


When he opened his eyes again, Su Min was surprised to find himself still inside the movie.

He didn’t know how long the question screen had been there for.

【The zombie saw you die before him and felt very aggrieved. In order to make it up to you, he resurrected you. How pitiful. You now have a chance to replay—–.】

【A. Restart. Of course it’s that rich castle. You firmly believe that your prince is waiting for you.】

【B. After experiencing the dirt mound earlier, to felt that the two options on the sides are both suspicious. You decided to choose the wooden house in the middle.】

【C. Although you have died in the dirt mound, you can now take over his house. Everyday you can dance on top of a grave. You decided to go with the dirt mount.】

You must be crazy.

Su Min grumbled inside. Who would want to dance on top of a grave every day?

He didn’t know who wrote the script, but it seems like the cinema no longer cared about its reputation anymore. It had probably used up the very last of its brain cells.

He naturally selected the castle.

With that earlier incident, he felt that it would be better choosing the more luxurious one.

Su Min walked over to the castle. A murder of crows flew past him before disappearing into the distance.

They then flew back. They were holding something in its claws.

Su Min looked carefully and saw that they were carrying three pieces of clothing.

With the appearance of them, another question appeared.

【Vampires are ancient, elegant creatures. They do not allow outsiders to enter so you must conform to their aesthetics first. You have three sets of clothes before you. Which one was better——-】

【A. Dress up as Cinderella. There’s also a set of glass shoes.】

【B. Just randomly grab one. It didn’t matter which.】

【C. If I want to be a princess, I should be the most magnificent princess. I should be wearing the most luxurious one together with the crown.】

【D. Real men should have the courage to wear women’s clothing. There’s nothing to be afraid of. I’ll put on all three and scare him to death.】

Su Min: “……….”

It’s better not to wear all three. He would end up round like a ball.

He stared at the other three options for a long time. The Cinderella outfit was fine, but it also included a pair of glass shoes. He had never worn high heels before.

After thinking about it, Su Min went and chose C.

Probably because he was still standing outside the castle, the cinema changed his clothes directly. He didn’t need to take off his clothes.

Su Min held up his long dress and climbed the stairs. He knocked on the door.

The door opened in response and countless bats flew out. Behind them was a trail of gold glitter, It looked like a flower girl scattering flowers at a wedding.

Su Min rubbed his eyes and walked in.

The castle was quite big, completely different to the humble dirt mound. Although it was gloomy inside, it still felt rich and luxurious.

Su Min walked all the way up the stairs and onto the second floor.

There was a door at the end of the corridor. After walking over, he could see fine patterns carved into it. He pushed at it, but it didn’t budge.

Please read this from kk translates

Su Min looked around. Another question appeared.

【You are now trying to enter the vampire’s bedroom. He takes hierarchy and respect very seriously so you must change into the clothes he has prepared for you. You choose—-】

【A. That nurse outfit looks pretty good. But it looks like it was torn by something.】

【B. Wow, a bikini. It’s your dream to wear that.】

【C. The wedding dress in the corner looks most normal. Although the cleavage part is quite low, you don’t have a chest, so it isn’t an issue.】

 【D. To hell with his respect. Come on, I’ll just go in naked……No, maybe I’ll just change into a pair of high heels.】

As the options appeared, a cabinet suddenly appeared next to Su Min. There were only three sets of clothing inside.

None of them were great.

Su Min snorted when he saw them.

He was willing to bet that this wasn’t something the cinema thought of. Disregarding the princess dress, those outfits there were definitely someone’s personal interest.

The top two and the last one was naturally impossible.

Su Min could only suck it up and select C. In any case, the wedding dress was a little more normal compared to the ripped nurse uniform or the bikini.

The wedding dress was indeed quite low cut. When he wore it, the chest area was flat.

A bouquet of flowers even appeared in his hands.

Su Min: “……………”

They seem to be very well prepared.

Su Min took a deep breath to suppress his irritation. This time, he managed to successfully push the door open.

The room was large. There were various aristocratic things displayed. A dark ornate coffin sat in the centre of the room.

It was on a completely different scale compared to that zombie grave.

Su Min walked over and pushed at the coffin lid. It was surprisingly easy to open.

Moonlight filtered in through the window. He saw Chen Su lying inside with his eyes closed.

【You open the coffin and find a handsome vampire sleeping inside. He has the same appearance as your lover. You are very happy, and you want to wake him up so you decide to——–】

【A. Bang on pots and pans. Greet him with the warmest of applause. Since there aren’t any pots or pans here, you can try freestyle beat box.】

【B. Pour a basin of cold water and see if he’ll wake up. How dare he sleep instead of greeting you.】

【C. Use your bouquet and hit him. But it can easily injure his face.】

【D. Looks like he wants to be Sleeping Beauty. You just need to satisfy him and wake him up with a tender kiss.】

Su Min smiled when he saw the options.

He selected B but nothing happened.

Su Min paused for a moment. He looked around the room again. There wasn’t a bathroom let alone a kitchen.

Then what was the point of having that option……..

He took a deep breath and selected another one. The first one couldn’t be done but the third one seemed doable.

But the moment he stepped forward, a group of bats flew in through the window, snatching away the bouquet from his hands.

Helpless, Su Min could only choose the last option.

Hopefully he wouldn’t get bitten to death this time.

Su Min bent down cautiously and approached Chen Su’s face. He licked his lips and kissed him.

The cold sensation was the same as the sensation he felt when Chen Su was a ghost. Since he had already kissed him a few times, it was something he could accept.

Su Min could clearly feel two sharp fangs.

He then saw Chen Su open his eyes.

Soon afterwards, he was pulled into the coffin by Chen Su. After a deep kissing session, a question appeared.

【Mr. Vampire is very interested in your wedding dress. He said something but you only heard a few words. With your rich imagination, you think he said——-】

【A. You humans must taste so damn sweet.】

【B. You are so beautiful, be my bride. Let’s enter the bridal chamber.】

【C. Sit down and move on your own.】

【D. It’s dawn. It’s time to close the coffin and sleep.】

Su Min: “…Then D.”

All of them didn’t seem quite right. The first three even sounded dirty, particularly the second and third.

Seeing this, only the fourth option seemed quite normal.

But Su Min had a bad feeling. His intuition had never been wrong.

Soon, his speculation came true.

The coffin lid closed, and he was shut inside the dark coffin. As he laid on Chen Su’s body, he saw the last few lines.

【Congratulations, you have completed the Halloween special and have successfully reached the end: Sleeping with the Vampire. You have unlocked the achievement: “Those sweet years spent with your vampire lover in the coffin”.】

【Please enjoy the next 24 hours.】

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