Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 116: Fishing

The captain immediately denied it.

With that being said, Tang Yishu felt a little ashamed. Afterall, it was something the captain gave out of generosity. It wasn’t polite saying something like that and making it seem as if it was something the captain had done intentionally.

It was also possible that the captain himself didn’t know.

Qin Mu Yin stepped forward, “Captain, we didn’t mean that. We just saw some bugs in the food so we——-”

Before he could finish his sentence, he saw the captain’s dark expression.

Qin Mu Yin subconsciously stopped.

The captain mutter: “That’s impossible. You must’ve seen wrong. It’s impossible for something like that to happen. You’re definitely mistaken.”

Xia He Yin said: “We all saw it.”

The captain said: “I have to see it with my own eyes.”

As soon as this sentence was uttered, they were stunned. Afterall, it was already dealt with earlier and there wasn’t anything for him to see anymore.

Seeing their expressions, the captain smiled slightly, “Don’t lie to me. That is not very nice. I don’t like it.”

Su Min’s back went cold.

Although he said that with a smile, it gave him a bad feeling. It was as if there was a dark meaning hidden behind those words of his.

As a child, Su Ying naturally felt that even more strongly,

She shuffled closer to Su Min and hid behind him. Using her short stature, she looked up at the captain and his jiggling flesh.

This captain was too overweight.

The people around them heard the commotion and they all came over. The short-haired woman asked: “What happened?”

Qin Mu Yin said: “No………”

Before he could finish, the captain interrupted him: “They’re saying that the food has expired. How could that be possible?”

The short-haired woman was also surprised, “That’s impossible. You must’ve seen wrong. The captain saved you. You shouldn’t be saying things like this.”

Everyone around them started to discuss.

Qin Mu Yin’s skin was thin. He felt embarrassed with so many people around, “Maybe we saw wrong.”

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Xia He Yin also said: “We saw wrong……”

The captain’s expression finally went for the better, “It’s okay if you saw wrong, just don’t misunderstand me. I hope you have a good time here.”

He turned and walked away.

The door on the side quickly closed after him. It was blocked by the captain’s large figure earlier and with the door closed now, they couldn’t see what was behind it.

The short-haired woman said: “The captain doesn’t like people questioning him, so he was very angry. You probably saw wrong. Don’t worry about it.”

Su Min made a sound of understanding, “I know, thank you.”

The short-haired woman smiled. She saw Su Ying behind him, and her eyes lit up, “Is she your sister?”

Su Ying didn’t say anything. She pretended to be scared.

The short-haired woman saw this and was even more excited. She reached out wanting to touch her.

Seeing this, Su Min reached out and covered Su Ying, “Sorry, my sister is afraid of strangers. She’s not used to being around people she is not familiar with.”

With him covering her, Su Ying could no longer see what’s in front.

The short-haired woman stopped. She then casually withdrew her hand and said with a smile: “That’s okay, you guys go have fun. Rest well.”

When she left, she again glanced at the girl standing behind Su Min.

With her departure, there were now only a few of them left.

Xia He Yin rubbed Su Ying’s head, “She seems to be very interested in your sister. Does she like children?”

Su Min said: “Maybe.”

That look of hers gave him an uncomfortable feeling. This entire ship also wasn’t right. Although they looked human at the moment, it was possible that these people aren’t human.

Qin Mu Yin said: “Let’s go back.”

They returned to the place where ate.

Because some had left for the deck, there weren’t many people on the dance floor. The music had also soothed down.

Song Nan Nan listened to their conversation and looked down only to exclaim with surprised, “The traces from earlier are gone. Look at the ground.”

The traces of the bugs that were crushed earlier were all gone.

Tang Yi Shu squatted down and looked closely, “It’s really gone. It’s as if nothing had happened. Did we all see wrong?”

“Impossible.” Song Nan Nan could still clearly remember it. Just the thought of it made her feel sick, “Everyone saw wrong at the same time?”

Earlier, there were still some traces left on the ground after Su Min’s sister flicked it onto the floor and crushed it. It was no longer visible now.

Qin Mu Yin said: “Maybe the captain really didn’t know about this and that was why he didn’t believe it. It does sound a little exaggerated saying that it expired.”

People wouldn’t usually believe it.

Su Min thought for a moment, “Is it usually like this when food expire?”

He hadn’t cooked before. The food given to them earlier was also something that was cooked up from raw ingredients. It wasn’t something premade.

Qin Mu Yin guessed: “It might be canned food?”

Su Min shook his head, “The food they eat should have been prepared normally. It didn’t look like canned food. Have you bought canned food like this that still needed to be cooked?”

In general, canned food on a ship like this could be eaten directly. Even if they were processed, all the bugs in it would have died.

Qin Mu Yin hesitated. “Maybe that’s what they bought?”

Xia He Yin said: “Not dying despite being cooked? It’s common finding these things at the school cafeteria but they’re usually dead. This isn’t normal.”

“Yeah.” Tang Yishu also felt that it wasn’t right. “Didn’t they say that those that are high in protein would die in high temperatures? These ones were still alive.”

Those bugs were very tenacious.

In any case, Su Min had never seen something like this before.

So he attributed it to the ghost ship. Despite being strange in real live, it was something far too common in horror movies.

Anyway, it was something worth noting.


It was already late when the party ended.

Su Min and the others stayed at their table for more than ten minutes, but they were unable to reach an answer.

Various exclamations could be heard coming from the deck.

Qin Mu Yin said: “Should we go check it out?”

Su Min said: “Let’s go.”

There were six or seven people on the deck. Amongst them was the short-haired woman. They were all leaning on the side looking down at the sea.

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The island could no longer be seen, and the sky was still dark.

There wasn’t even a little bit of moonlight. Looking down, the sea looked pitch black and the swaying object in the water looked like waves.

No matter how far into the distance you looked, it was all just the dark sea.

Su Min didn’t like this type of environment. It was more uncomfortable and helpless than being on an island because the ship was too small. It didn’t give him a sense of security at all.

He looked away.

Su Ying whispered behind him: “What are they doing over there?”

Watching the group of people leaning on the side of the ship and looking down, it gave them the impression that they would all fall off with a little turbulence.

It was really terrifying.

Upon hearing this, Tang Yishu stretched his neck out, “Looks like they’re fishing.”

Xia He Yin was surprised, “They want to catch fish to eat? Will they be able to catch any from such a tall ship?”

They walked over and started to hear the soft discussions amongst the people there.

“Throw the line out. Throw the line out quick.”

“I didn’t get a catch, how disappointing. I’ve tried many times now.”

“I thought I got one earlier, but I was wrong. How are we going to share something so little? We have more than a dozen people here.”

“What if I get unlucky later when we draw the lots?”

The short-haired woman was among them, but she didn’t express any dissatisfaction towards their discussions. Instead, she was very calm.

It wasn’t loud but they could hear it if they listened carefully.

Su Min felt that it sounded a little strange, but he couldn’t figure out why it didn’t sound right and could only keep a mental note of it inside.

Seeing them come over, the people fishing stopped talking and turned to look at them

Tang Yishu was quick to warm up to the others. He moved closer and asked: “Are you fishing?”

A middle-aged man with glasses smiled slightly, “Yeah, fishing. But I didn’t catch a single one. I’m too unlucky.”

Tang Yishu asked: “Can I try?”

He had never fished in the sea before and was eager to try after watching them.

The glasses-wearing man: “Sure.”

He handed Tang Yishu the fishing rod and made way for him. He even patted him on the shoulder, “I hope you manage to get something.”

Tang Yishi said excitedly: “I’ll do my best.”

He threw out the line. Everyone around him watched and no longer cared about their own fishing rods.

Song Nan Nan said: “Why are they all watching him fish?”

Qin Mu Yin said: “Maybe they’re curious.”

Su Min assessed the other parties and said: “Let’s also go and take a look. He really might end up catching something.”

When they walked over, the people watching Tang Yishu glanced at them for a moment before turning back and continuing to watch.

Fishing at sea wasn’t an easy feat.

After a long time, Tang Yi Shu yelled: “It’s so heavy. I must have caught a big fish!”

Qin Mu Yin was surprised, “It really could be done.”

He also looked out, but he could only see the rolling waves. Although he couldn’t tell visually how high up they were, he could tell that it was pretty high.

Su Min moved back a little before looking over.

He didn’t dare stick his head out from amongst the crowd in fear that someone may casually push him over. Once he falls into the sea, it would be game over.

Su Ying said: “Why do I think that the thing he caught probably isn’t a fish?”

Although she wasn’t sure, she herself knew that this was a horror movie. If he caught a normal fish, it was too unreasonable.

Before them, Tang Yishu reeled the line in with great effort.

The people around him helped him pull it up. As it got closer and closer, the thing hanging from his fishing line became more and more visible.

Qin Mu Yin leaned against the side of the ship and asked hesitantly: “Is…….is this a fish? It doesn’t look like one.”

Though it looks quite long.

Tang Yishu didn’t have the time to pay attention to this and just directly pulled it up.

He used all his strength and this resulted in him falling back onto the ground. The fishing rod and the thing he managed to catch also fell onto the deck.

This time they could see it clearly.

It wasn’t a fish, it was a corpse.

The clothes on the corpse was tattered and there were also some small wounds on the body. The most noticeable feature was the swollen face and exposed limbs.

Tang Yishu was covered in water. Seeing the corpse, he almost vomited. Song Nan Nan who stood closest to it screamed.

A man with a buzz cut saw this and moved over instantly to embrace her shoulders. With bright eyes, he whispered words of comfort.

In the dim light, Su Min saw him lick his lips.

But it was just for a short moment. Soon after that, everyone’s attention was drawn over to the corpse.

Qin Mu Yin stammered: “Th-this corpse………”

The short-haired woman said: “It may be someone who encountered an accident at sea. Let’s hurry and put it back. It won’t be good scaring the others.”

The others looked at it and agreed, “Yes, we can’t leave it here. It’s too scary. It won’t be good if you get sick.”

“Hurry and put it back.”

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