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Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 117: Coat Hanger

After hearing what they said, Song Nan Nan grumbled: “Sure, you can get scared but who would fall sick from getting scared? We’re not children.”

Xia He Yin said: “Maybe they think we’re weak?”

To be honest, she also felt that their concern was strange but she couldn’t explain why. Since they were concerned about them, she couldn’t say anything about it.

Xia He Yin said: “It won’t hurt us anyway. I wonder if they would really put the corpse back.”

As he said this, someone ahead had already thrown the corpse back into the sea.

Although the sound of the waves was loud, the corpse still made a loud noise when it fell back into the waters. It soon disappeared under the rolling waves.

Tang Yishu finally returned to his senses.

After experiencing something like this, he was no longer eager. He didn’t even want to go to the side of the ship anymore. He quickly rushed back to Qin Mu Yin.

Qin Mu Yin was so shocked, he was speechless.

It was fine if a fish couldn’t be caught but he didn’t expect a corpse to appear.

And looking at the corpse, it was likely that something similar had happened and they may have also encountered a storm at sea. This person here was unfortunately not too lucky and didn’t encounter a ship that would rescue them.

The man with the buzz cut saw Tang Yishu move away and was very disappointed. He quickly fixed up his expression and asked, “Not fishing anymore?”

Tang Yishu shook his head like a rattle, “No more.”

If he ended up fishing up another corpse, he would definitely have a nightmare tonight. One was already difficult to take in.

The bespectacled middle-aged man had already reeled back his fishing rod. He threw it back in the sea, “I want to continue fishing. Just in case I manage to get something.”

The short-haired woman laughed: “How can there be such good luck?”

The middle-aged man smiled: “That’s not necessarily the case. If I manage to catch something, you guys won’t have a share of it.”

Hearing this, the short-haired woman snorted. She didn’t refute his words, but you could tell she didn’t agree with it.

There was still a bucket filled with seawater sitting on the side. It swayed along with the ship.

From Su Min’s side, he felt that this short-haired woman didn’t really like that middle-aged man. They were probably just normal acquaintances.

He guessed that everyone here were probably not long-term friends.

Perhaps it was because his luck was bad, that bespectacled middle-aged man didn’t end up catching anything afterwards. He was very disappointed.

Su Min and Su Ying stood and watched on the side.

He thought for a moment and asked: “What do you think they’re trying to catch?”

Su Ying: “Probably humans.”

She felt that normal fishing wasn’t possible. It wasn’t something possible in a situation like this.

Su Min glanced at her, “That’s possible.”

Afterall, fishing didn’t have to be done in the middle of the sea. Most of the fishing he saw on TV were done by the shore. He had never heard of fishing in the middle of the sea like this.

They had only revealed a little bit earlier, but it would take a while before they would reveal their true selves.

Su Min reminded her: “For the time being don’t get too close to them and don’t let them touch you.”

Su Ying heard his words and nodded, “I understand.”

She still remembered that short-haired woman. She would need to keep away from her.

After staying around for a while longer, Qin Mu Yin and the others went back inside.

Some more food had appeared over on the table. They only ate it after checking and confirming that everything was normal.

Su Min had some cake earlier, so he wasn’t very hungry. He watched the others clean off the food on the table.

After eating, they all went down to the second floor.

The steps were a little steep and the further down you went, the colder it got. It made them shiver uncontrollably. The lights were also dim.


Late at night.

Su Min made the bed and said: “You can sleep with me tonight. If a ghost appears at night, you will feel cold.”

The bed wasn’t too small. It was enough for a child to join in.

Su Ying laid on her side and said: “I can’t do that. If your boyfriend comes, I would be in the way.”

Su Min: “…….Do you think that’s possible?”

He felt that Chen Su wouldn’t appear because there was a child present.

Su Ying: “That’s true, it’s not very likely. I probably won’t be in the way since you would just ignore me.”

She then laughed out loud.

Seeing Su Min ignoring her, Su Ying said: “Okay, okay, I’ll sleep with you. I’m already so old yet I’m sleeping with you.”

In fact, she wanted to sleep by herself, but she was a little scared.

Because something was bound to happen if you slept alone. Rather than the first night, it was more likely to happen on the second night. Afterall, cannon fodders exist to die.

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Su Min said: “Something will probably happen tonight.”

Something strange usually happens on the first night.

Hearing this, Su Ying immediately looked up. She asked curiously: “Then do you think it would happen to one of us??”

Su Min said: “Probably not us.”

Su Ying recalled the events tonight. It seemed that only Tang Yishu approached the others more and even had physical contact.

She guessed: “Is it Tang Yishu?”

In fact, she was also touched by the short-haired woman. At that time, she felt that her eyes as she looked at her was strange, but she couldn’t explain why.

It could also be herself.

Su Min sat down, “Apart from the male and female protagonists, the most likely candidate is him alone. His room is opposite ours. We should keep an eye on him tonight.”

Perhaps they could save him if they made it in time.


Tang Yishu was actually in a rather good mood.

Afterall, it wasn’t easy for him to survive until now. He had already forgotten about the fishing incident and went straight to bed after a shower.

It was his first time staying on such a luxurious cruise ship. It was something he would never be able to enjoy in his entire lifetime.

Thinking this, Tang Yishu turned off the light and went straight to sleep. There weren’t many sounds outside, and you couldn’t feel the swaying of the ship.

Before long, he had fallen asleep.

In the dark, Tang Yishu felt something poking his back. He sleepily pushed that thing away with his hand.

It was a little thin, but it didn’t budge.

Tang Yishu was too sleepy and didn’t pay too much attention to it. Although he found it strange, he soon fell asleep again.

When the pain got so bad it felt like it came from his bones, he couldn’t help but wake up startled.

That pain emanated from his neck, to his shoulders and then down his back. It was a sharp, stabbing kind of pain.

He couldn’t see so he could only reach over to touch it.

Using his other hand, he turned on the light. He then pulled hard at it but that stick-like thing didn’t move. It was as if it was sucked onto him.

It hurt more and more, more and more.

Tang Yishu felt something sticky and quickly retracted his hand. After seeing his blood-stained hand, he couldn’t help but scream. He almost fainted.

The bloody smell around him grew stronger and stronger.


Su Min was brushing his teeth. Su Ying knocked on the bathroom door, “Brother, are you done? You’re still putting on your clothes?”

He rinsed his mouth and opened the door, “What’s wrong?”

Su Ying pointed out the door, “I think I heard a scream just now. It came from outside. Should we go and see?”

Su Min paused for a moment, “You really heard it?”

Su Ying nodded, “I heard it once and I didn’t hear anything after that. I don’t know if it’s because something had happened.”

Su Min thought for a moment, “Let’s go out and see.”

Despite knowing that something was bound to happen, Su Min felt that not many people should die on the first night.

Probably because she wasn’t the only one who heard the noise, when Su Min opened the door Xia He Yin also opened her door.

The corridor was illuminated with very dim lights. When they looked at each other, their complexions looked terrifyingly like ghosts.

Xia He Yin was startled by Su Min and Su Ying. She covered her mouth to stop herself from making a noise.

She and Song Nan Nan slept together. They had been chatting the whole time when they heard sounds coming from next door.

And so they came out to check on the situation.

Song Nan Nan asked: “Su Min you also heard the noise?”

“Heard it.” Su Min said and moved to knock on Qin Mu Yin’s door.

A minute later, Qin Mu Yin opened the door while rubbing his eyes, “What’s wrong? With you knocking on the door in the middle of the night, I thought it was dawn already. Why aren’t you guys sleeping?”

Su Min said: “We heard a scream.”

As they spoke, Su Ying was already knocking on Tang Yishu’s door.

As expected, no one came to open the door even after knocking on the door for a full minute. It was as if they couldn’t hear the knocks at all.

Xia He Yin said: “Is he not inside?”

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Qin Mu Yin asked: “Is he dead asleep?”

Su Min said: “The sound seemed to have come from this room. You’re not going to take a look?”

Xia He Yin felt that he was trying to say something. She suggested: “Why don’t we take a look? Do any of you have a key?”

Su Ying knocked on the door again.

Su Min stepped forward and twisted the doorknob. To his surprise, the door directly opened: “He didn’t lock it from the inside.”

Since it was open, they all entered the room.

Because the structure of the room is the same, the location of the light switche is also the same. Su Min took the lead and turned on the lights.

At first glance, they didn’t see Tang Yishu in the room.

Qin Mu Yin looked around and speculated: “Did he step out because he couldn’t sleep? Maybe that’s why he didn’t lock the door.”

Su Min checked the bathroom. There was no one inside.

He felt that it was unlikely for Tang Yishi to go out in the middle of the night. It was both late at night and many things had happened during the day so he should be having a good rest.

Song Nan Nan yawned. She pulled away the blanket and sat down while grumbling: “What’s with him going out in the middle of the night? Let’s go back.”

The bed here was quite soft.

Not intending on waiting until Tang Yishu returned, she got ready to stand up, but she saw something in the corner of the bed partially obscured by the blanket.

After looking more carefully, Song Nan Nan stuttered: “T-that coat hanger……..what’s on that coat hanger?”

Xia He Yin glanced over casually and said: “It’s probably originally like that. A plastic bag. Why are you so concerned about a coat hanger? You can just put it back.”

She rubbed her head and got ready to go back to her room to sleep.

Song Nan Nan felt that something wasn’t right. She grabbed onto her: “Yin Yin, look at that. Is that hair……..”

Because she was so shocked, she couldn’t speak properly.

Hearing her say that, Su Min directly pulled away the blanket. Only now, the entire coat hanger was revealed.

Qin Mu Yin said: “It really is a coat hanger.”

The entire coat hanger was very ordinary. It was brown and it had a yellow transparent plastic bag hanging from it. Like this, it laid quietly on the bed.

At first glance, it looked very ordinary.

Su Ying reached out and touched it. She then quickly retracted her hand. She whispered: “Brother, is this that thing?”

Su Min frowned. He bent down and moved closer.

After moving closer, he could smell something strange. It was a smell he couldn’t be more familiar with. Afterall, he had encountered it many times and had even come into close contact with it.

If he was right, the thing hanging from the coat hanger was human skin.

And it was a full set.

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