Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 119: Concern

The corridor outside was pitch black. Only the light from the room leaked out.

Afraid of waking Su Ying who was sleeping inside, Su Min lowered his voice significantly. He didn’t want to create a ruckus.

Chen Su asked: “I don’t look good?”

Su Min: “……..It looks pretty good.”

Su Min after all didn’t lie. Chen Su is practically a walking mannequin. No matter what he wore, it would look like it was tailored for him.

Su Min even suspected that even if Chen Su wore something outrageous, it would look like clothes from some well-known designer.

This was probably the benefit of having a good-looking face.

Su Min leaned against the door, “What do you want to do at such a late hour?”

Chen Su said: “Of course……to do you.”

Su Min: “Get lost.”

Chen Su chuckled, “Your sister is asleep?”

Su Min smiled and said: “You guessed wrong. That’s my daughter, she shares the same surname.”

Chen Su naturally didn’t believe in his words. He was someone who knew everything in the movie, so something like one’s identity was an easy feat for him.

He said: “That missing companion of yours is already dead.”

Su Min nodded. In fact, he had already guessed that that might be the case. Where else would he be otherwise? “I know.”

Chen Su impatiently spoke about the movie before suddenly moving closer. The two now stood very close together, “When are you going to be together with me?”

He could no longer wait.

Su Min smiled, “When I know who you are.”

Chen Su said: “Don’t you already know my name?”

Su Min placed his hand on his shoulder and said calmly, “Chen Su, you should know very well what I mean.”

Chen Su sighed quietly.

He didn’t expect to smash his own foot from his own actions. If he knew about this earlier, he would have spilled the truth out already but this didn’t sit well with him.

Su Min looked at him and spoke enticingly: “You can tell me now. It’s not too late. Or you can just continue waiting.”

Chen Su looked into his eyes. He then shook his head, “Even if I say it, you won’t feel anything. You’ll find out soon.”

Maybe he could speed things up a little.

Hearing this, Su Min frowned. He didn’t understand what he meant but he could faintly tell that he may have forgotten something.

Although he didn’t know what he had forgotten.

Su Min recalled very seriously his past 20+ years of life but no one with the name of Chen Su appeared. His grandmothers’ words however confirmed that there was once someone called Chen Su.

If his grandmother wasn’t wrong, then there was a problem with his memory.

After some careful reflection, Su Min really couldn’t tell which part of his memory was problematic. No matter how many times he went through it, everything seemed normal.

It was so normal, he felt that something wasn’t right.

Su Min’s memory was good. He had long known that. Since young, it had helped him a lot in his studies.

But he also knew very well that no one apart from a few special people would be able to remember every single detail in their life.

Su Min didn’t feel that he belonged to that group of special people.

As for the possibility of having amnesia, he had also considered that but there would always be a gap in the memory if one really did have amnesia and none of his memories were missing.

Occasionally, there would moments where he would forget something such as when his roommates mentioned something he did that he didn’t recall. Just those short moments however were not enough to insert an entire person’s existence.

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Su Min returned to his senses and saw Chen Su staring at him without even blinking. He reached out and touched his face.

A real person.

Su Min asked: “Will you appear like this in the future?”

Chen Su said: “Of course not.”

Su Min nodded. Just as he was about to say something, he was pulled into Chen Su’s embrace. His head rested against his shoulder.

He could feel Chen Su’s breath on his neck. It even made his ear feel hot and damp. It made Su Min feel a little uncomfortable.

Chen Su said: “Don’t move.”

Su Min stiffed up for a while before eventually relaxing. He stretched his arm around him and, like this, the two stood silently at the door.

Chen Su took in a sniff.

Su Min’s smell was something very special to him. Like a poppy, it was enticing and seductive, but it was also poisonous.

Chen Su lowered the corners of his lips and buried himself into the crook of Su Min’s neck.

The corridor outside was quiet. Because of the ships large size, you couldn’t feel it swaying. It was very stable. Even the sound of the waves couldn’t be heard.

After an unknown period of time passed. Su Min suddenly remembered something. He said: “Is your current identity a crew member?”

Chen Su said: “No, I can take up any identity as I please.”

Su Min sneered: “Pretty powerful.”

Chen Su chuckled. The vibrations from his chest could be felt by Su Min, “Not good?”

Su Min said: “It’s good. Only someone like you would use your power for personal gain. Can’t you see that no one in the cinema dares to say anything?”

Chen Su didn’t answer but he internally agreed with his observation.

Su Min had long confirmed that Chen Su had some form of relationship with the cinema. Otherwise it wouldn’t be possible for him to appear in a movie so many times without raising the cinema’s alarm.

The only possibility for this was that Chen Su is someone the cinema couldn’t offend. Be it a high ranking official or superior, the staffs’ attitude was proof of this.

Chen Su also never denied it.

Su Min was about to continue speaking when he suddenly heard rustling sounds behind him. It was then followed by a small feminine voice——–

“Daddy, what are you doing with him?”


Thanks to the incident last night, many of them didn’t sleep well.

Of course, this didn’t include Su Min. After Chen Su left, he slept deeply until he woke up naturally.

After washing his face, Su Min faced the mirror and couldn’t help but laugh.

Su Ying pushed the door open from outside, “What are you laughing at?”

Su Min turned and asked: “Why did you say something like that last night? Weren’t you afraid of getting beaten by Chen Su?”

He had earlier said to Chen Su that she is his daughter, but Chen Su didn’t believe him. He didn’t expect Su Ying to think the same as him after waking up.

He still remembered Chen Su’s expression.

Su Ying supported her face and smiled: “He wouldn’t do that. I’m your sister and you’re his darling. He definitely wouldn’t hit me.”

Su Min’s movements stopped: “What treasure? Stop watching those useless tv shows. They’re a bad influence.”

Su Ying stuck her tongue out at him.

She naturally knew what was going on. The word ‘daddy’ was spoken intentionally. She had been awake for a while and, hearing the two people flirting outside, a single dog like her couldn’t watch on any longer.

If they really started kissing, her presence would be ignored.

Su Min who came out from the bathroom was oblivious of these strange thoughts in Su Ying’s mind. He opened the wardrobe and was relieved when he saw that everything was normal.

Every room had clothes hangers so incidents like the one last night could happen at any time.

Su Min naturally didn’t want to become a sheet of human skin.

Not clearing the movie wasn’t a problem. The problem was whether he would die miserably and painfully. No one wanted to be abused or beaten to death.

Tang Yishu had turned into human skin. It was likely a very painful experience for him to make him cry out like that.

Su Min found it hard imagining that scene. After all, it was too gruesome. Where his bones and flesh went was still a mystery.

He feared that the food the captain brings today could be made from Tang Yishu. If that was the case, then he felt like he was back in the previous movies.

Su Ying finished washing up and came out from the bathroom.

Su Min made the bed and then sat down.

After a while, Su Ying said: “The hint from the cinema today is water. This is a ship and the sea is below us. Everything is related to water so what do we do?”

Su Min said: “Don’t worry. The hint given to us means that someone is going die because of water. You just need to be careful.”

It probably wouldn’t be the two of them.

Su Ying let out an ‘oh’: “Okay then.”

There was a knock on the door. It was then followed by Qin Mu Yin’s voice: “Su Min, are you and your sister awake?”

Su Min opened the door, “What’s wrong?”

Qin Mu Yin didn’t sleep well. The area under his eye was dark. Seeing him open the door he breathed out a sigh of relief.

He explained: “Let’s go get breakfast and we can also try and find a phone along the way.”

Su Min said: “Okay. What about Xia He Yin and the others?”

“I haven’t called them yet.” Qin Mu Yin turned and knocked on Xia He Yin’s door, “Xia He Yin, are you awake?”

Xia He Yin opened the door. She had just woken up and had not yet washed up, “Okay. Just give us a few minutes.”

All her luggage had been lost at sea so she couldn’t get her make up done but because she is in a movie, she still looked pretty.

After a while, Xia He Yin and Song Nan Nan came out together. Fatigue was evident on their faces. They clearly didn’t sleep well.

When they went up, they could hear voices.

Qin Mu Yin was the first to come out. Everyone looked at them and suddenly stopped talking.

Please read this from kk translates

He felt a little uncomfortable, “Good morning.”

Amongst them, a bespectacled middle-aged man greeted him first: “Good morning. Did you sleep well last night?”

Qin Mu Yin: “……….It was alright.”

The other party spoke with concern: “Seems like you didn’t sleep well. Was it because the conditions were poor?”

Qin Mu Yin said: “It’s because of personal reasons. It’s okay.”

He didn’t dare say anything about Tang Yishu. Last night he still held onto the hope that he may still be alive but now he had completely given up.

Qin Mu Yin wanted to leave this place.

When Xia Heyin and Song Nan Nan came out, they also received the same attention and concern from the others. One by one, they responded with lies.

When it was Su Min’s turn, no one expressed any concern. Afterall, he and Su Ying both slept pretty well. The others just gave them their greetings.

Su Min greeted back to maintain the superficial relationship.

They didn’t know what this group of people are thinking inside, but they all pretended to be concerned. Only they themselves knew what their hidden purposes were.

Qin Mu Yin asked: “May I ask if there is breakfast here?”

They didn’t eat much last night and it was rather late now, so they were quite hungry. No matter how worried they were, they should still fill their stomachs.

Su Ying tugged at Su Min’s clothes.

Su Min looked over at the woman with the short hair.

The short-haired woman smiled at him and her eyes moved away from Su Ying. She said: “The captain is preparing breakfast. It’ll be ready soon.”

Qin Mu Yin: “Thank you.”

It was too dark last night. Although it is still overcast today, the visibility was much better. He intended on going out to find a phone.

Song Nan Nan and Xia He Yin whispered in discussion to each other.

Xia He Yin’s eyebrows furrowed slightly. She whispered, “They all look very kind, but I don’t dare go over.”

She lowered her voice to avoid letting the others hear.

“So you also feel the same.” Song Nan Nan covered her mouth, “I thought I was the only one, so I didn’t say anything.”

Every time she looked over she would always find someone staring at her. Every time it would be someone different but the feeling they gave her was the same.

Song Nan Nan had always found it uncomfortable but she couldn’t say specifically why it made her feel that way so she could only keep it to herself.

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