Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 120: Cooking

So when she heard Xia He Yin say that, Song Nan Nan couldn’t help herself.

She thought back for a moment, “When I looked back, I would always see someone looking at me and smiling. Sometimes they would quickly look away as if they were afraid of being found out.”

It was really too strange.

If it happened once or twice then she wouldn’t think much of it but it happened quite often.

Song Nan Nan was not a fool. She naturally felt that something wasn’t right, but she also didn’t know why.

Xia He Yin patted her shoulder, “It’s okay. As soon as we find a phone, we can contact someone and go back.”

As long as there is signal, they could call for another boat. No matter how much money is required, she wanted to go back.

This place was too dangerous, and they didn’t know if Tang Yishu was still alive. Thinking that he was likely dead, she didn’t want to stay here any longer.

If she stayed here for another day, she would become more irritable.

“I know.” Song Nan Nan lowered her voice: “I just can’t stay here any longer. It feels dangerous. You know what I’m saying?”

Hearing her words, Su Min sighed internally.

Su Ying stood next to him and tugged at his shirt, “Brother, bend down. I have something to say to you.”

Su Min bent down, “What is it?”

Su Ying leaned close to his ear and said quietly: “Will this Song Nan Nan be the next one? Look at her now.”

Hearing her words, Su Min looked at Song Nan Nan.

Having not rested well last night, Song Nan Nan looked very languished. Coupled with her anxiety about their current predicament, she looked like she would break down any moment.

It really looked like something would happen to her.

To be honest, Su Min knew that it was inevitable, but he naturally didn’t wish for anyone to have anything happen to them.

He said: “Pay more attention tonight.”

Su Ying nodded, “I know.”

Song Nan Nan didn’t know they were talking about her. After mulling in her anxious thoughts for a while, she said to Qin Mu Yin: “Can we have breakfast now?”

Qin Mu Yin was about to speak when the kitchen door on the other end opened.

Breakfast was congee. When the captain came out from the kitchen, the original crew went over to greet him.

“You’ve worked hard captain. Today’s food smells great. It smells much better than yesterdays. I can’t wait.”

“Captain’s skills have improved by leaps and bounds.”

“Did you add something to the food today captain? HAHAHA.”

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Hearing those words, Su Min’s heart fell.

He was afraid that the captain may have cut Tang Yishu up and added his internal organs and meat into the food. That would really make it a cannibal’s food.

That sentence itself sounded too ambiguous.

The captain smiled slightly and replied: “What could I have added? It’s still the same as before, plain congee. Let’s hurry and eat. Don’t let it get cold.”

After hearing this, Su Min subconsciously sighed.

By contrast, the reactions of the others turned cold.

After waiting for a while, Xia He Yin was the one who eventually went up and quietly asked a few questions. She then came back contently.

Qin Mu Yin asked, “What did you ask?”

Xia Mu Yin said: “I asked him if we could have breakfast with them and the captain said we could cook and use their ingredients.”

Hearing the last part of her sentence, everyone’s eyes brightened.

Su Min didn’t expect the captain to actually let them use it. He was worried that something similar to Xiao Chen from “The Last Supper” would happen again.

Not only putting parts of his body into the food, he used his own hands to stir and didn’t allow anyone to not eat. Even the orphanage director would check to make sure they’ve eaten.

The captain this time was much better.

Song Nan Nan quickly thought of the bugs from last night. She quietly whispered: “I hope the captain’s ingredients are normal………”

Xia Mu Yin also wasn’t certain, “I hope so too.”

Su Min said: “We’ll know when we see it. We can wait and make something at noon. Can any of you cook?”

Song Nan Nan raised her hand: “I can. I can cook. Don’t worry, I’m pretty good. You won’t end up eating anything inedible.”

Su Min didn’t ask for much: “It’s enough if its edible.”

He just didn’t want to eat anything strange. It didn’t matter if it didn’t taste good.

The captain brought out a pot of plain congee and placed it on the table. He then brought out several bowls and even two different pickles.

For the people at sea, this was plenty.

The short-haired woman and man with the buzzcut was very accustomed to this. They quickly filled their own bowls and sat down to eat.

Su Min watched them quietly.

They ate normally and you could even hear the sound of them slurping it down. It sounded very delicious.

Su Min looked back at the pot of plain congee.

Superficially, it looked like the ones you see at home. It was a little thick and you could still see the small individual rice grains.

Qin Mu Yin picked up a bowl, “You guys want some?”

Xia He Yin and Song Nan Nan both wanted a bowl. After all, they didn’t each much last night, so they were very hungry.

Su Min looked at the congee and shook his head: “I’m not hungry.”

Seeing that he wasn’t eating, Su Ying immediately said that she also didn’t want to eat. Her brother after all was an experienced viewer so she would naturally follow his actions.

He was indeed not hungry, and he also had a habit of not eating unclean things. As for the protagonist and the rest of his party, he felt that it would be pointless not letting them eat. If he did so, in a few days they would starve to death.

Freshwater at sea was inherently scarce and difficult to maintain.

While they were having breakfast, Su Min and Su Ying went out to the deck outside to assess the situation.

The weather today wasn’t very good. It was cloudy outside. The seawater was no longer black like last night and was instead a dark blue.

The spot where the fished-up corpse laid last night had dried up without a trace. It was as if it was never there in the first place.

After breakfast, they started looking around for a phone.

Qin Mu Yin was the most anxious one. His good mate had disappeared and had likely become a sheet of human skin. Inside he was both shocked and scared.

No one knew if it would be their turn next.

The cruise ship was very big but the actual range where they could move about was much more limited. The lower floor consisted of rooms and the upper floor included the deck, kitchen etc.

There were no phones in sight.

Qin Mu Yin got more and more anxious. He even looked like he was about to explode, “What’s going on? Why isn’t there a single phone around? Do they not need it?”

Xia He Yin looked around, “I also couldn’t find one.”

Song Nan Nan said in a small voice: “I’ve searched everywhere but I couldn’t find one. I think they may have one in their rooms, but we can’t go in.”

They didn’t know why the rooms they were assigned didn’t have phones. With the cruise ship being so big, it should at least have one.

Seeing that he was anxious to the point of being mildly irritated, Su Min calmly reminded: “Did you notice that they don’t even use their phones?”

That sentence of his returned him to his senses.

Qin Mu Yin immediately looked at the group of people standing not far away. He instantly understood the meaning behind Su Min’s words.

Su Min continued: “Since our first encounter last night, we have pretty much met everyone on board. Have you seen anyone using a phone?”

No one.

Song Nan Nan said: “They really weren’t. Do they not use phones? If I haven’t lost my phone, I wouldn’t be able to part with it for more than half an hour.”

Nowadays, everyone was basically stuck to their phones.

Su Min himself also rarely found himself not using his phone. Although he couldn’t be considered a phone addict, he would always carry it around with him.

The people on this ship didn’t use their phones. This basically meant that they were not connected to the outside world and are totally isolated from everyone else.

That was a very dangerous situation.

Su Min and the others could basically be considered to have entered a tiger’s lair. All that was left was when the people on board planned to take action. When the time comes, they wouldn’t be able to resist.

At noon, Song Nan Nan made food. Her skills were quite good. The ingredients were originally very simple but the food she made looked much better than the food outside.

At the very least, it was cleaner than the food the captain made.

Su Min finally ate something at noon. Nothing was more reassuring than eating food made by yourself.

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After their meal, the crew all went onto the deck and happily started to fish. Su Min didn’t know why they were so interested in that.

They were clearly out in the open sea. It was basically impossible catching fish like this.

“I believe I can catch something today. Don’t disturb me.”

“There’s no storm today so why would there be fish? You should just go back and sleep. I don’t think you’ll catch anything.”

Su Ying found it strange: “Why would there only be fish if there’s a storm? Would the fish be lifted up by it?”

Su Min: “………….Too naive.”

Su Ying stuck out her tongue.

The middle-aged bespectacled man was very excited about fishing. In comparison, the short-haired woman was a lot calmer. She just watched on from the side and didn’t participate.

As for the captain, he rarely made his appearance.

Naturally, they didn’t manage to catch any fish. Not even a piece of cloth was picked up. They were left completely emptyhanded.

In the evening, Song Nan Nan was again the one in charge of cooking. Although the ingredients were not fresh, it was still edible.

As Su Min ate, he constantly looked over at the people fishing on the deck. He realised that the entire day today was quite normal.

It was too normal. So normal, it was strange.


At night.

Again, Song Nan Nan shared a room with Xia He Yin.

With the incident last night and coupled with the heightened tension during the day, Song Nan Nan soon started dozing off after lying in bed.

Xia He Yin turned off the light, “Let’s sleep earlier tonight.”

In the darkness, Song Nan Nan hummed and closed her eyes: “I can’t keep my eyes open anymore. I’m going to sleep………..”

As soon as she said that, she fell asleep.

After an unknown period of time passed, Xia He Yin was awakened. Feeling water dripping onto her face, she reached out and touched her face.

She was awakened by the water droplets. Just when she was sleeping soundly, drops of water fell onto her face. It naturally was something very uncomfortable.

Xia He Yin sat up and turned on the light.

Song Nan Nan was already fast asleep. Those actions of hers didn’t wake her up.

Xia He Yin carefully examined the area above her head and saw that there wasn’t any water there. The ceiling looked fine.

She was very confused.

After thinking about it, Xia He Yin couldn’t fight back her sleepiness. She laid back in bed and soon fell asleep.

But she was again awakened.

Song Nan Nan opened her eyes. She asked drowsily: “Yin Yin, why did you hit me just now? It hurts.”

Xia He Yin was still not completely awake, “Who hit you……..”

Song Nan Nan insisted: “You clearly just hit me. You kept on hitting me. Just once or twice was fine but you hit me constantly.”

Xia He Yin felt that her voice sounded like the buzzing of mosquitoes. She closed her eyes and said, “What nonsense are you on about? I’m very sleepy. Don’t bother me and sleep.”

After that, she no longer heard Song Nan Nan’s voice. She once again fell asleep.

Like this, she slept until dawn.

Xia He Yin had a biological clock and she woke up naturally at dawn. She stretched her back and sat up, “Nan Nan, are you awake?”

No one responded.

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