Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 125: Cooking

Whether or not there really was two people living on this floor became the most critical issue now.

Qin Mu Yin’s first words were naturally something he said out of anxiousness, “We can just knock on the doors. If no one opens it, then there shouldn’t be anyone inside.”

Xia He Yin directly rejected this suggestion: “What if there were people staying here, but they later changed to another place? Can you be certain?”

Qin Mu Yin was made speechless by her. After a long time, he could only spread open his hands: “Then what should we do? Do you have a better idea?”

Xia He Yin naturally also couldn’t think of anything.

The two started arguing over this matter.

Su Min even wondered if the male and female protagonist will end up together at the end. Even now, there didn’t seem to be any sparks forming between them.

“We still have to check anyway.”

Qin Mu Yin threw out that last sentence and sat on the bed.

Su Ying poked him, “Why do you have to fight? What’s there to fight about? Isn’t it just choosing between checking or asking?”

Su Min opened the door, “I’ll check and see if they’ve left.”

When he re-entered the corridor, it felt a little damp. The door to that room had already been closed. He didn’t know if there was anyone inside.

He simply went upstairs to check. After seeing the man with the beer belly and the bespectacled middle-aged man, he came back down.

Su Min pushed open the door: “There should be no one. We can go and check.”

Time was limited and any hesitations would put them at risk of being discovered so they had to be quick.

Su Min and Qin Mu Yin split up.

Xia He Yin and Su Ying acted as lookout by the stairs. If anyone were to come by, they would try to act and see if they could lure them away.

Apart from the five rooms used by them, there were another three rooms on this floor. One was occupied by the fisherman, leaving only the remaining two.

Even if the room used by the fisherman was originally occupied, at least one of the last two rooms should be occupied.

Su Min opened open the doors to one of them.

The room structure was the same. There were various different items of clothing in the closet, all of which are men. They hung neatly on the hangers.

Other than that, there weren’t any signs of anyone staying in this room.

Su Min inspected every nook and cranny and only left after confirming that everything was clear. When he left the room, he ran into Qin Mu Yin who had just come out of the other room.

Qin Mu Yin whispered: “Nothing.”

Su Min asked: “Were there clothes in the closet?”

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Qin Mu Yin recalled, “Seems like there was a few sets, and also two dresses. A woman probably stayed there. I’m not sure about the age.”

There wasn’t anything that gave away their ages.

Su Min nodded. In fact, he had a faint guess inside.

If what the captain said that time was true, then two people had disappeared soon after they set off like Tang Yishu and Song Nan Nan.

And it just happened to be a man and a woman.

That was too coincidental. There are no coincidences in horror movies so they must have been done intentionally. Their disappearance is definitely related to Tang Yishu and Song Nan Nan.

There are all kinds of possibilities. For now, Su Min couldn’t pinpoint the exact one.

“…..We’re getting ready to head upstairs. Her feet are uncomfortable, so we stopped here for a bit.”

Xia He Yin’s voice suddenly sounded.

Su Min and Qin Mu Yin glanced at each other. They then acted natural and walked over, “What’s wrong? Don’t block the way.”

A head suddenly appeared from upstairs.

Su Ying could see it clearly. She almost screamed in fright, but she held herself back and instead threw herself into Xie He Yin’s arms.

That head belonged to the bespectacled middle-aged man.

Because the stairs were blocked, he couldn’t come down and could only stick his head in. That scene was inexplicably terrifying.

He smiled, “If you’re uncomfortable, you should take a rest.”

He then retracted his head and the stairs were silent again. In less than a minute, the short-haired woman also poked her head out.

With this happening twice in a row, they were all startled.

That scene was like the moment when you open a door and a ghost’s head suddenly appears. It was too startling.

The short-haired woman looked around and voiced her concern: “Where do you feel uncomfortable? Let me take a look. It’s no good if you feel sick.”

Xia He Yin explained: “She just knocked her feet earlier. It should be fine now right, Ying Ying?”

Su Ying played her role and shook her head.

Xia He Yin smiled, “It doesn’t hurt. It’s okay.”

Seeing this, the short-haired woman relaxed. She wanted to reach out and touch Su Ying’s head, but the stairwell was narrow, and she couldn’t reach so she could only give up.

She said: “I’m glad it’s nothing major.”

Su Ying who heard those words looked up from Xia He Yin’s arms and gave her a small smile.

The short-haired woman was clearly very satisfied.

When she left, Xia He Yin let out a sigh of relief. She walked away from the stairs and ran over to the centre of the corridor, “Scared me to death.”

She thought they would suddenly reach out and do something.

Su Min rubbed Su Ying’s head, “Don’t worry, they won’t do anything to us for the time being. They’re waiting for an opportunity.”

Like Tang Yishu and Song Nan Nan’s case, they’re waiting for the right time.

If it wasn’t him or Su Ying tonight, then it would probably be the other fisherman. Cannon fodders always die before the protagonists after all.

Xia He Yin asked: “Has anyone stayed there before?”

Qin Mu Yin waved his hand, “No. It’s the same as Tang Yishu’s room. There aren’t any traces of people living in there. I don’t think anyone stayed there before.”

Su Min said: “No, the captain shouldn’t have lied back then. Those words were something he accidentally revealed and even he himself didn’t notice.”

Afterall, revealing the fact that someone had stayed there and later disappeared would be giving them away.

It was probably something the movie director set up deliberately. Without a single clue, the movie wouldn’t be able to go on.

Su Ying covered her mouth: “Can we go and take a look at where they stay? I think there will be a lot of clues.”

Su Min said: “We need to find a chance first.”

Because it would be a bad end for them if they were discovered, they needed to plan things properly whilst taking into consideration things like the time, route etc.

Xia He Yin suggested: “What about during mealtimes?”

Qin Mu Yin said: “Lunch is no good. With it being so bright out, there are no places to hide. I think it’s better doing it at night. As the saying goes, the night hides all. Look at thieves. They always act at night.”

The two fell into discussion again.

Su Min: “……….”

This scene was a little familiar. Not long ago, they were arguing. Seems like this pair of male and female protagonist reconcile very quickly.

Su Min interrupted the two, “Night it is then. It’s too dangerous during the day so we’ll do it at night.”

Qin Mu Yin nodded: “Now there’s another question ——— Who can make lunch?”

The four of them looked at each other.

Su Min sighed quietly, “If you’re not worried about the taste, I can do it.”

Xia He Yin was doubtful: “You can?”

Qin Mu Yin was also a little hesitant, “Why don’t we eat what they make?”

Su Min shrugged, “That’s why I said if you’re not worried about the taste, I can do it. If you are, then I won’t.”

The two fell in thought for a moment.

Xia He Yin made her final decision: “You should do it. We’ll help you out.”

The captain’s food was a little unsafe. Congee was the only thing that was acceptable. They didn’t know what could have been added into the other foods.

Su Min nodded, “Okay.”

In fact, it was almost time for it now. After the several hours of storm and the time spend searching around, it was almost noon now.

They didn’t have a phone with them, so they weren’t too clear on the exact time.

After Su Min went upstairs, he went straight to the kitchen. The captain was inside humming while cutting up vegetables.

Seeing him, he asked: “What’s up?”

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Su Min said: “I want to make something today.”

The captain thought for a moment, “Okay, but you’ll have to wait until I finish making this first.”

He had just finished cutting them up. He poured them into the pan and splashed some oil onto it.

Su Min watched his actions. From the beginning until the dish is served onto a plate, nothing looked unusual. Everything was normal.

Perhaps he had been traumatised too severely from his past experiences.

The captain took the dish out and said: “All done. You can use it now. If you need something, just let me know. Don’t mess with the other things here, it’ll make things difficult for me later.”

Su Min answered obediently: “Okay.”

After waiting for him to leave the kitchen, Su Min began to look around the kitchen. It was rather messy and small; just enough for one person. Any more than that and it would be too crowded.

All the ingredients were on the floor, including canned food.

Su Min examined a few of them and found a few that looked okay. He got ready to make a few simple dishes.

These ingredients had been there for a while, so they weren’t very fresh.

Su Min actually didn’t know how to cook and only remembered watching Li Wenxin’s actions.

At first, Li Wenxin had intended on turning the dormitory into an apartment. He brought along with him an induction cooker, soy sauce and even vinegar but they were confiscated less than a month later.

During that month, Su Min had the chance to try his food every day.

Qin Mu Yin and Xia He Yin stood outside the door, “This kitchen is too small so I won’t go in. Good luck Su Min.”

Xia He Yin added soon afterwards, “I’ll do it next time. Although my skills aren’t good, it should be edible.”

As they spoke, Su Min had already started cooking.

After a plate of scrambled eggs and tomato, Su Min pulled out a few more vegetables to wash. When he turned around, he saw Chen Su standing there eating.

The two were too preoccupied chatting as they stood at the door, so they were completely unaware of his presence.

Chen Su chucked, “They can’t see me.”

Su Min didn’t speak. He walked over and closed the door, “You can keep watch outside. I’ll close the door.”

“Why are you clo…….”

The rest of the words were blocked by the door. There was only silence left.

When Su Min turned back around, he found himself enveloped by Chen Su. He wrapped his hands around his wrists and then changed into holding his hands, “I missed you so much.”

He nuzzled against Su Min’s shoulder.

Because Su Min wasn’t sleeping alone and because he couldn’t do anything in front of Su Min’s sister, he couldn’t do anything for the past two days.

Su Min’s ears were itchy. He turned his head away and said: “I still have to cook.”

Chen Su said: “I want to eat too.”

“If you want to eat, then eat.” Although Su Min agreed, he also wondered: “Can a ghost like you taste anything?”

Cold breath blew onto his earlobe. Chen Su’s voice was low, “Am I the first to eat your food?”

Su Min nodded.

Afterall, this was his first-time cooking and even he himself had not taken a bite. Chen Su was indeed the first person, and also the first ghost.

Chen Su released his hold of him. Su Min walked over to the table and smelled it carefully. It smelt quite fragrant.

He was a little proud. He picked up a piece with his chopsticks, “Here you go.”

Chen Su held his hand. His eyes trembled slightly as he asked in a low voice: “Are you feeding me?”

Su Min blinked, “Yeah, feeding you.”

He waved his chopsticks. His other hand rubbed the back of Chen Su’s hand as he urged: “Open your mouth.”

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