Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 126: Legend

The kitchen was small, so the two stood very close to each other.

Su Min’s actions were very cute. Chen Su who saw this had the urge to laugh. As it was freshly made, it was still steaming. He held Su Min’s hand and directly took a bite.

A ghost eating human food. No matter how you look at it, it didn’t seem right.

Su Min watched Chen Su’s expression fearing that something strange would happen. He couldn’t help but ask: “How was it?”

He cooked for the first time today, and he had no idea whether the food was good or bad. Afterall, he didn’t have a chance to taste it himself.

He didn’t know how to save him if he got food poisoning.

Chen Su covered his stomach pretending to be sick.

Su Min immediately ignored him, “Stop acting.”

It was clearly just an act. It wouldn’t be like that if it really was food poisoning. Furthermore, the other party is a ghost boss.

Chen Su blinked, “What do you think?”

Su Min thought of the fragrant smell. It wasn’t bad and he even felt that it smelt pretty good, “It should be okay.”

Chen Su just smiled and didn’t say anything.

Su Min didn’t know if he was smiling because it wasn’t good and he was deliberately trying to hide it or if it really tasted okay.

He glanced a him, “You ate without worrying about food poisoning.”

Chen Su said: “Food poisoning has no effect on me.”

Su Min thought about it and felt that it sounded reasonable. For a ghost who has some form of relationship with the cinema, food poisoning naturally wouldn’t have an effect on him.

In an even more extreme scenario, it is estimated that even if he died, he would probably be able to be resurrected on the spot in the movie. This was the advantage of having connections.

Su Min sighed.

Chen Su took the chopsticks in his hand. He picked up a piece and brought it over to his mouth, “Here, try it yourself.”

Su Min grabbed his wrist and took a bite.

He had originally thought that it would taste weird, but it turned out okay. It was just a little plain.

He didn’t dare put too much salt because there wasn’t much fresh water on board. With salty food, you would have the urge to drink water and once you drink water, you would need to go to the bathroom.

Chen Su said: “You should have more confidence in yourself.”

Su Min said: “Are you sure you have confidence in doing something like this for the first time?”

Chen Su leaned on one side and said: “I have confidence in anything you do.”

Su Min didn’t expect Chen Su to say something like this. Feeling that those words of him were too cheesy, he almost laughed out loud.

It was probably because it has been a while since he last heard it.

To be honest, the current Chen Su seemed to be much gentler than before.

He no longer wasted time with Chen Su and quickly cooked up another dish. This time he was a little more skilled.

Chen Su watched on from behind.

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Occasionally, he would deliberately feed Su Min a bite. If he wasn’t afraid of Su Min continuing to cook, he would have probably eaten the entire plate.

So that others wouldn’t eat it.

Su Min was oblivious to these twisted thoughts of his. After cooking for a while, he felt that it was actually quite fun. It was no wonder some people liked to cook.

Li Wenxin himself liked to cook. It actually turned out to be so fun.

On the other end, Chen Su let out a sigh. He felt that he was becoming more and more like Buddha. He finally made his decision.

Xia He Yin and Qin Mu Yin stood outside both worried and nervous, “With the door closed, I’m worried about something happening inside.”

Xia He Yin said: “I’m worried about the food.”

As someone who would often encounter monstrous food at school, she felt that her acceptance for food was pretty good, but she was still a little scared.

Su Ying stood opposite them, “Don’t worry.”

Although she hadn’t seen Su Min cook before, she didn’t think he would make anything that bad.

It would be unlikely for them to die of food poisoning while experiencing a movie. That would be too unfortunate.

To die of food poisoning……

Su Ying shuddered. She was frightened by her own conjectures.

Qin Mu Yin rubbed his head, “I’m not worried about whether or not it is edible. No matter how bad it is, it can’t be worse than those bugs from the first day.”

He recalled that incident and felt sick. The captain wasn’t willing to admit to it and he didn’t know if all the food they ate before this had bugs in them.

When the kitchen door once again opened, Qin Mu Yin and Xia He Yin quickly turned their heads and looked over. They asked cautiously: “How was it? Is it done?”

Su Min nodded, “Done.”

Xia He Yin was relieved. She looked over at the group of people eating not far away and thought that they would eat it no matter how bad it tasted.

But reality was contrary to their expectations.

They ate at a place not far from the others. Su Min clearly saw them look over when he came out of the kitchen.

But perhaps it was because the captain himself said that they could make their own food, none of them said anything.

It was probably because study gods are good at everything.

Thinking this, Qin Mu Yin was a little stunned. He proceeded to eat more.


When they were done, it was already afternoon.

After encountering the storm in the morning, the sky was overcast. In the afternoon, it brightened a little so visibility also improved.

Su Min went onto the deck to take a look. The sea appeared to stretch endlessly into the distance in all directions. There wasn’t a single hint of an island or house.

The ship was probably still in the middle of the sea.

The bespectacled middle-aged man went downstairs after eating and busied himself. When Su Min came over, the door to that room was closed.

Waves of people visited and left.

Qin Mu Yin secretly observed this, “They’re all so concerned about that person. They weren’t that concerned about us back then.”

“We were still alive and well back then.” Xia He Yin recalled, “It seems the newcomer is a little sick.”

Because he was unconscious when he was rescued.

As they spoke, the door suddenly opened.

“…………It’s great that he’s awake. It should be fine now.” The man with the beer belly came out.

Seeing them standing in the corridor, he stopped.

The man with the beer belly hesitated for a moment, “You’re also done eating?”

Qin Mu Yin can now react quickly, “Yeah, just finished. We were intending on heading back to take a rest. That’s right, has that person woken up yet?”

The man with the beer belly nodded, “Woke up.”

Qin Mu Yin said: “That’s good. I was a bit frightened back then. We were also in the same situation as him but I guess we were a little luckier…….”

The man with the beer belly probably didn’t expect Qin Mu Yin to say so much. It was almost like a continuous spill and he could only listen without interrupting.

“Then you……..”

“It was so scary back then. The moment we woke up, the boat capsized, and we all fell into the sea. I’m sure you wouldn’t understand that feeling.”

“That’s pretty scary….”

“Yeah, so when I saw your ship coming over as we clung to the driftwood, we were really glad. We didn’t expect our luck to be so good and that we would be saved…….”

The man with the beer belly was made senseless by his nonstop chatter.

For the first time, Su Min also discovered Qin Mu Yin’s skill at chattering on nonsensically. He was able to drag a single topic on for ages.

He held back his laughter and calmly asked: “Can we go in and take a look?”

The beer-bellied man was too preoccupied by Qin Mu Yi’s chatter. He couldn’t help but say: “Okay, okay.”

By the time the beer bellied man returned to his senses, the others had already walked past behind him and entered the room. Qin Mu Yin remained outside talking non-stop.

Only the bespectacled middle-aged man and the newcomer was in the room.

When he saw Su Min and the others enter, he was stunned for a moment, but he quickly restored his expression and didn’t say anything.

The newcomer was sitting up in bed, “You are?”

Su Min said: “We were rescued like you but that happened a few days ago.”

The newcomer slowly nodded, “Oh……….”

The bespectacled middle-aged man said in a timely manner: “Since you’re awake, if you can get out of bed, you can go up and eat something. Don’t go hungry.”

He didn’t stay long. He wasn’t worried about Su Min and the others being alone with the newcomer and left soon afterwards.

Then Qin Mu Yin came in from outside.

Qin Mu Yin closed the door while complaining: “I almost used up all my saliva talking. I should just join our schools debate team.”

The newcomer sitting in bed gave him a small smile.

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Su Min asked: “Are you a fisherman nearby?”

The newcomer nodded and said: “But I’m still a novice. After going a little further out at sea, I lost my way and got caught up in a storm. Fortunately, I was saved. I thought I was going to die.”

As a fisherman, he had a clear understanding of his situation. After a whole day and night stuck at sea, he was on the brink of death.

If he hadn’t seen the cruise ship, he would have not been able to continue holding on and he would have sunk into the sea.

Su Min internally thought: You may not necessarily live even if you were saved.

Xia He Yin said: “We were the same. We watched you being rescued.”

The newcomer nodded, “When I woke up, I saw the man with the glasses. He was so caring. Even my parents aren’t as caring as him. I’m extremely flattered.”

Afterall, he did pretty much everything to help warm him up.

The newcomer’s lips were very dry. They were moistened by the bespectacled middle-aged man and were currently peeling. He reached for the cup and saw a card next to it.

He curiously picked it up.

Qin Mu Yin casually said: “That’s the introduction to this ship Victoria. There’s not much information.”

There was a card beside the beds in all the rooms which introduced the ship. It was the same card Su Min and Su Ying saw on their first day here.

The newcomer hadn’t opened it yet. Hearing those words, he was surprised: “This ship is called Victoria?”

Su Min could tell that his voice sounded too surprised. He mulled over this and asked: “Yes, Victoria. Why?”

The newcomer was a little hesitant, but he eventually felt that he should tell them what he knew, “There is a saying about the name Victoria. There once was a ghost ship called Victoria.”

In fact, the name Victoria is very common. Many ships would have names like Elizabeth and so on.

But fishermen like him would remember some legends.

The newcomer opened the card and saw the introduction inside. Everything was quite normal but for some reason he became scared.

He then threw the card out and it fell onto his blanket.

That act of his couldn’t be any more obvious. It basically meant that something was wrong.

This movie was called Ghost Ship so the ship they’re on is definitely the one in the legend. It might be useful knowing about the rumours about the ghost ship.

Su Min didn’t expect the new cannon fodder to be so useful. It was his first time encountering a character who appears in the middle of the movie holding an important key to the storyline.

Seeing the newcomer’s actions, he asked: “What is the legend of Victoria about?”

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