Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 127: Looking Out

The name Victoria was a rather common ship name.

But to the fishermen here, Victoria was the name of a ghost ship. Like the rumours surrounding the Bermuda Triangle, the legend about Victoria was strange, thrilling and terrifying.

Su Min asked again, “What’s your name?”

The newcomer answered: “Mu Yuan.”

It was a pretty good name. It wasn’t a name you would give to a passer-by cannon fodder. Apart from his dark skin, he was actually pretty handsome.

He drank a large mouthful of water and slowly recovered.

It was also Qin Mu Yin’s first time hearing about the ghost ship. He asked nervously, “Hurry and tell us about it.”

Mu Yuan recalled it for a moment and slowly started to speak: “In fact, I also don’t know if it’s true. It’s just something I heard from others, a little like a short story.”

In this story, Victoria was a ship that was built decades ago. At that time, it was considered a very luxurious ship.

In fact, even now it is very luxurious.

Victoria went out to sea not long after it was built but after a few days of sailing, the weather at sea suddenly changed. They guessed that Victoria may have encountered a storm at sea, and it later never returned.

Mu Yuan took another drink of water, “I heard that they were set to be out at sea for a month but in the end it never returned. It disappeared just like that.”

The technology at that time wasn’t advanced enough to search for traces of Victoria and the storm that time was also very strong so they felt that Victoria may have sunk, just like Titanic.

It resulted in a lot of commotion but as time went on, Victoria was gradually forgotten.

This continued until a dozen years ago where a rumour began to emerge.

Mu Yuan hesitated, “I don’t know where it started from, but it is said that Victoria had not sunk. Those who encountered storms at sea may be lucky enough to be rescued by the ship.”

As soon as he said that, the room went silent.

Wasn’t that rumour exactly the same as their current situation?

Xia He Yin began to tremble. It not for Qin Mu Yin’s support, she would have collapsed in fear, “And then? What happened after being rescued?”

Mu Yuan shook his head, “There are all kinds of speculations. Some say they are returned to shore, others say that they never return. There are also some who say that they remain on Victoria as an immortal being. I don’t know which is true.”

Legends have always been strange.

Su Min had a question, “If they can’t return, then how did this legend come about?”

Mu Yuan said: “Maybe someone made it up.”

In fact, their industry was a little superstitious. If they felt that it wasn’t auspicious, they wouldn’t go out to sea.

But he was young, and not very superstitious.

This time, he didn’t listen to his family and went out alone to sea. He then suddenly encountered a storm. The weather report clearly said that there wouldn’t be a storm.

And so, the current Mu Yuan was very regretful. If he had listened to his family, he wouldn’t have spent a day and night drifting at sea.

Xia He Yin said: “Then the ship we’re on………”

Could it be the Victoria from the legend?

Although it was a question, she actually already had the answer in mind. She was 90% certain it was the same ship.

Many things had happened on this ship and it just happened to be in line with the rumours. If it wasn’t the same ship, how could it be so coincidental?

Please read this from kk translates

Su Min asked: “Are there any legends that are more specific?”

He wanted to know more specifically about the ship.

“This, I don’t know.” Mu Yuan himself only heard it from others, “They just said that they would save those who have fallen into the sea. After being rescued, all kinds of things are said to happen on the ship and all kinds of outcomes were speculated.”

He sighed.

Mu Yuan also felt that he had probably boarded that ship. He didn’t feel fortunate and was conversely afraid.

He naturally knew that the immortal theory was fake.

Once that possibility was ruled out, there was basically only one possibility left; death.

Su Ying took the card from his hand, “This legend is really strange. If no one returns alive….”

Then it would be the same was what Su Min asked earlier.

If no one returned alive, then how did the legend come about?

No one would be bored enough to make up such a specific legend. Even the ship itself had made its appearance.

Su Min comforted him, “Don’t worry too much. You need to rest now. There’s also dinner tonight. You can use that chance to meet everyone here.”

Mu Yuan nodded, “Okay.”

Su Min, Xia He Yin and the others left the room. Mu Yuan laid back down to rest and turned off the lights.

When they opened the door, the bespectacled middle-aged man was waiting outside.

Su Min subconsciously furrowed his brows but when he remembered that the rooms were soundproofed, he inwardly breathed a sigh of relief.

Though he didn’t know how long he had been there.

The bespectacled middle-aged man saw the lights turn off. He restrained his urge to go back inside and asked: “He’s feeling sick again?”

Su Min said: “No, he just wants to sleep.”

“Sleep. That’s okay then.” The bespectacled middle-aged man turned his gaze onto them, “Then don’t bother him.”

Qin Mu Yin: “Okay.”

The bespectacled middle-aged man wasn’t very keen on continuing to chat with them. He turned around and disappeared upstairs.

Xia He Yin patted her chest and whispered: “That startled me. Why was he standing at the door? It’s as if he was eavesdropping.”

Qin Mu Yin said: “I think he was eavesdropping.”

If not, why didn’t he knock on the door? It would be too much of a coincidence saying that he had just happened to reach the door when they opened it.

Su Min glanced at the dark staircase, “Forget it. He shouldn’t have heard our voices. Let’s go and take a look at the ceiling.”

That was still important.

Mu Yian’s role shouldn’t be to just deliver the ghost ship legend. That would make his character’s role too ordinary. There must be something else.

Xia He Yin’s expression immediately changed, “Then let’s hurry.”

There are only a few rooms on this floor. In addition to the rooms, there are actually other places but theywere dark and held no signs of life.

Su Min took the lead and walked over to the end of the corridor.

There was only one lamp in the hallway. Sitting at the centre and shining outwards, it made the ends of the corridor dark.

Su Min relied solely on his night vision.

The space wasn’t very big. Probably because there was another place next door, when he reached out, he touched something that felt like wooden boards.

Qin Mu Yin couldn’t see clearly, “What’s on that?”

It was complete darkness. You couldn’t see anything.

Su Min retracted his hand, “I can’t see anything but a ship like this would naturally have spare rooms for other purposes.”

He wondered if it may hold some clues.

Xia He Yin guessed: “Then would we be able to go in and take a look? But where’s the entrance?”

Su Min retracted his hand again, “The entrance should be somewhere else.”

He turned around. Just as he was about to leave, he saw a pair of eyes not far away. His movements stopped.

Qin Mu Yin was still talking: “Why don’t we go upstairs. It’s so dark here and there’s no light……Su Min, what are you looking at?”

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He turned his head and followed Su Min’s line of sight. He also froze.

That pair of eyes were not very bright but with the aid of the lamp and its position, it shone brightly in the darkness.

It was Su Ying’s first time seeing this. She was so scared she hid behind Su Min but she also couldn’t help but look at it again.

Su Min took a deep breath and walked over.

The other person probably noticed that he had been seen. He retreated and quickly disappeared by the stairs.

When Su Min went over and looked up, it was empty upstairs. There was no one there. That person who was secretly watching them had ran away.

He retracted his steps and once again stood under the light, “Let’s go upstairs. It’s pointless hanging around here.”

The only connecting point to this floor was the staircase.

That man must have been looking down at them from the staircase earlier.

The staircase here was inclined. Because it is the ships second floor, you would need to go down so if you wanted to look in, you would need to lie on the ground.

Like this, you can only stick your head out.

That feeling of threat and the unknown when you don’t know who that person was was something Su Min didn’t like. This was especially the case in horror movies.

Qin Mu Yin was the first to go upstairs. There was nothing in the way and no one upstairs.

“You can come up.”

Xia He Yin followed and soon it was Su Ying.

When it was his turn, Su Min shook his head and said, “Wait a minute. Try and look through to see what you can see.”

Qin Mu Yin nodded, “Okay.”

He decided to try it after Xia He Yin and Su Ying reached upstairs first.

If it was only Qin Mu Yin there and someone suddenly appeared behind him, he wouldn’t be able to react in time.

Its just like when two people are together by a lake. It is easy for one to push the other down. If Qin Mu Yin was pushed down, he would easily be hurt.

Su Ying’s presence reassured him, but Su Ying was only a nine-year-old child. She wouldn’t be able to stop an adult’s attack.

So with Xia He Yin together, he felt that it would be safer.

It wasn’t safe leaving anyone down there so as a man, it was better for him to stay.

Su Min thought this.

The space upstairs was large, and the useable range was wide. Qin Mu Yin laid on the ground and no longer worried about getting dirty. He stuck his head out directly into the stairwell.

Although he had prepared himself. Su Min was still startled.

A head appeared before him. The shock factor from that was still rather strong.

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