Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 128: Hug

But because he knew that it was Qin Mu Yin in advance, it wasn’t too bad.

Su Min waved his hand and asked: “Is there any difference between what you see from that angle and what you see from below?”

Qin Mu Yin said: “It’s a bit scary.”

From his position, everything was flipped because his head was looking through it upside down. It was dark down there. Although Su Min was standing under some light, it still looked a little eerie.

Qin Mu Yin felt that if he continued to look at this scene, he would probably have nightmares at night.

Su Min looked back down the dark corridor. He then turned back around, “Okay then. You can get up.”

Qin Mu Yin obediently stood up.

Xia He Yin asked: “Is there anything special?”

Qin Mu Yin shook his head, “It’s normal.”

Su Ying rubbed her chin: “Then that means that the person who looked through earlier was watching us, not looking at something else.”

She didn’t know why they would spy on them. They could clearly see them everyday on the ship anyway.

Afterall, things like spying usually happens when they’re unaware of it. If not for Su Min noticing it, they probably would be oblivious to it until the very end.

That send a chill through her.

Su Min went up the stairs. They all sat down at a table. There was no one else there; everyone was having fun outside.

They could vaguely make out their figures through the frosted glass.

“So scary. He ran off so quickly. Who in the right mind would spy on us? They must be crazy.” Qin Mu Yin couldn’t help but complain, “I was almost scared to death.”

Who the fuck would want to see an upside-down head staring at you?

Su Min said: “It can’t be helped. We didn’t catch them.”

“Don’t talk about this anymore. Goosebumps are forming.” Xia He Yin didn’t see the head clearly and only saw it briefly, “We should try and find where that entrance is.”

Su Ying kept her mouth shut and pointed outside.

Su Min followed the direction of her fingers. The short-haired woman and the bespectacled middle-aged man was chatting. Occasionally, they would glance their way.

They were probably talking about them.

While he watched, he said: “There’s no entrance here. There might be one on the other side of the ship. We can go and see.”

In any case, they could admire the scenery from both ends of the ship.

Having made their decision, they all headed straight over to the other side of the ship. On the way, they even ran into the man with the buzzcut, “Where are you going?”

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Qin Mu Yin: “Checking out the other side.”

The man with the buzzcut didn’t doubt his words. He nodded and again joined the other crew members conversations.

This side of the ship was not different to the other side. It was just a little smaller, but you could still see the endless sea stretching out into the horizon.

For the first time in his life, Su Min felt irritated by the sea.

It was probably a similar kind of feeling to when you’re trapped in the same place for a long time. There was no difference between drifting at sea and being locked inside a small dark room.

As time went by, people become more and more irritated. Any longer and there was a risk for depression, and you could even fall sick. Some would even stop talking.

Su Min sighed. He retracted his gaze from the water surface.

“It looks like you can go through that door.” Xia He Yin stood outside a door and patted it, “Let’s go in and see?”

Qin Mu Yin pushed it directly, “Can’t open.”

Su Min smiled, “If you could open it so easily, they wouldn’t have let us come over to this side so easily and would have stopped us.”

Qin Mu Yin spread open his hands, “Then what do we do?”

Su Min walked over and took a look. He was relieved, “Fortunately it was locked from the outside, not the inside.”

“Does that make any difference?” Qin Mu Yin wanted to roll his eyes but he held himself back, “It’s not like we’re locksmiths.”

Su Min smiled, “Who said we can’t unlock doors?”

Qin Mu Yin: “???”

Although the lock was different from most locks, it was something he had seen often so Su Min knew the basic principles behind it.

He removed a hairpin from Su Ying’s hair and, after fiddling with it for a while, they finally heard the door unlock with a crisp clicking sound.

Su Ying blew his trumpet: “My brother is the best!”

The two protagonists immediately returned to their senses and also blew his trumpet, “You’re amazing.”

Su Min fixed up Su Ying’s hair again and complained: “Your compliments sound too shallow.”

Qin Mu Yin thought about it for a moment and started an exaggerated performance: “Wow Su Min! You’re practically a miracle! How can you be so amazing?! You’re godsend!”

Su Min: “………..”

He felt as if he could hear a flock of crows flying by.

Xia He Yin couldn’t help but start laughing, “Stop acting so exaggeratedly.”

Qin Mu Yin pouted and became serious again: “Let’s go in and take a look. Should we also have someone be on the lookout outside?”

The lookout job was something difficult to do.

Su Ying said: “I’ll stay outside then. They would probably lower their guard when they see a child like me.”

“Then how are you going to warn us when something happens?” Qin Mu Yin asked: “Aren’t you playing the role of a mute child?”

Su Ying realised, “That’s true.”

She was playing the role of a shy, mute child. She had almost forgotten about this character set up of hers. It wouldn’t be good if they saw through it.

Xia He Yin raised her hand, “Then I’ll do it. I won’t be much help if I go in anyway. I’ll stay here with Su Ying. We did that last time too.”

It wouldn’t be too hard if they worked together.

Su Min thought for a moment and agreed: “Okay.”

The door opened revealing its dark interior. Only the light from outside entered through the door illuminating the entrance.

It looked like a black hole, endlessly sucking people in.

Su Min took the lead and entered through the door first. A warm and moist gust of air travelled out accompanied by various strange smells. It was a little nauseating.

Qin Mu Yin reacted to this more strongly. He immediately started to retch, “What is this smell? Even the smell of public toilets smell better than this.”

Su Min: “……..The public toilets you go to smell that bad?”

Qin Mu Yin: “It’s just an analogy. This smell is horrible. I can’t even describe how bad it is.”

He covered his nose with his sleeve and breathed heavily through it: “Let’s hurry up. I don’t want to stay here too long.”

Su Min also didn’t want to stay too long.

It was useless staying in a place like this. It would be better for them to leave as soon as they check this place out to rest. In any case, there were still a few more hours until evening.

After entering, the environment around them was a little complicated. Su Min continued to venture forward while he used his hands and feet to feel out his surroundings.

Qin Mu Yin followed behind it. It was completely dark inside, so he didn’t dare run around rashly let alone touch anything.

He was afraid that a hand would suddenly shoot out from within the darkness and grab onto him. With that, rather than an adventurous trip, it would be more like a scene from a horror movie.

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It wasn’t very big. They were probably walking down a corridor and walls were on both sides. As he moved further and further inside, the walls spread further and further way.

After taking a dozen or so steps, Su Min stopped, “I think we should have reached our destination. Have you noticed that the smell is stronger?”

Qin Mu Yin nodded. He then remembered that Su Min wouldn’t see him nod and spoke up: “Of course. I almost vomited.”

That smell was too disgusting. He would rather stay in the bathroom for a few hours than stay here for half an hour. It was just that bad.

Su Min’s night vision was good. Having also been navigating around in the dark for so long, his eyes had adapted and he could make out the things in front of him.

Qin Mu Yin could only squint.

The two stood in place and started to scan their surroundings. They then split up.

Su Min went to one side while Qin Mu Yin continued ahead. He then seemed to see something casting a shadow ahead. He squinted his eyes and walked over, “What is this?”

Hearing his voice, Su Min looked over.

He also couldn’t make out what it was, but he could tell that it was something human-like. Perhaps it was a ghost standing there.

Su Min subconsciously stopped him, “Don’t go there.”

But it was too late; Qin Mu Yin had already approached it. A strange smell surged into his nose causing him to temporarily be unable to react.

Qin Mu Yin immediately started to retch.

Su Min patted him on the back, “I told you not to go over. It’s better not to approach anything here.”

Qin Mu Yin calmed back down, “How would I have known that it was something? What the fuck was that? A specimen?”

Su Min looked over, “No, it’s human.”

The ‘human’ before him no longer retained its original appearance. Everywhere was bruised and you could see skin missing from the exposed parts of the body. It was extremely tattered, and you could even see the bones underneath.

With the clothing wrapped around it, it looked a bit like a mummy.

Su Min reached out and poked the skeleton-like body. It was hard to touch. It wasn’t like how he had imagined.

Qin Mu Yin said: “What is this? Is it a specimen?”

“Do you think that’s a specimen?” Su Min asked back, “Have the specimens you’ve seen all looked like this?”

Of course not.

Qin Mu Yin’s knowledge of specimens basically all came from books. The rest of his knowledge came from his science classes in high school.

Some skeletons were just purely skeletons. Though it was very worn out, the one now was one still wearing clothes.

Qin Mu Yin suddenly realised something. He hid behind Su Min and trembled: “Then what is that?”

Su Min seriously assessed it, “That is probably a corpse. Because of various reasons, it ended up becoming like this.”

Or perhaps they had made it like this.

The corpse had been weathered for a long time and it was also covered in a thick layer of dust so when Su Min retracted his hand, it felt a little rough.

And the smell of the dust also smelt very bad. It was as if all the smells in this place were closely related to that corpse. Perhaps it was because the smell here originated from that skeleton-like corpse.

 It was probably something that would happen to them later too.

The two slowly examined the skeleton-like corpse.

Qin Mu Yin really couldn’t see anything. His eyes were all dark and blurry. He rubbed his eyes, “I’ll look elsewhere.”

After he left, Su Min touched the skeleton-like corpse again but still found nothing. Afterall, it was too dark. Apart from a hard sensation, all he could conclude was that it was hard.

Su Min turned around and prepared to leave.

He didn’t expect Qin Mu Yin to suddenly cry out in panic: “Su Min, get away! It came back to life! It’s going to attack you!”

Su Min was taken aback by his words, and he quickly turned around. He just happened to see the skeleton-like corpse that was originally lying on the ground approach him.

Probably because Qin Mu Yin had pointed it out, it stood in place without moving with its arms spread open and upper body bent.

But why did he feel that it looked like it was about to hug someone?

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KK has something to say:
Be careful Mr Skeleton. If you hug Su Min you might incur Chen Su’s wrath~


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