Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 129: Play

Su Min really felt that it seemed to be the case.

Because of his previous experiences, even his basic understanding of ghosts had changed. This skeleton could also be considered a ghost.

If it was trying to express intimacy, hugging was indeed one of the options.

It was just that the skeleto remained in place like a statue. It was as if Qin Mu Yin’s words earlier were a lie.

Perhaps it was because he also felt that way. Qin Mu Yin ran over and said while staring warily at the skeleton: “I really saw it move just now!”

But when Su Min looked back, it suddenly froze.

Su Min said silently: “I know.”

It had changed its posture so how could it have not moved?

Qin Mu Yin was a little scared, “Do you think it’s dead? Why can it still move? Could it be a battery powered toy?”

Earlier he had thought that it was a specimen but seeing that it could move, it no longer felt like a proper explanation.

Although Qin Mu Yin still believed in science, everything that had happened on this ship was something he didn’t expect.

It could even be said that his worldviews were subverted.

Su Min again walked around the skeleton. In fact, it was no different from before apart from the change in posture and the slightly more torn clothes.

According to his speculations, it had probably been here for at least a year.

During that year, why didn’t that group of people deal with it?

Su Min felt that it must have something to do with the captain. If not, it wouldn’t have been locked up in here.

If he didn’t have the ability to pick locks, they definitely would not have found out about this.

Su Min pinched his nose and said: “Let’s see if there are any other skeletons like this.”

Qin Mu Yin frowned, “We’re still going to continue? We can’t see anything though. It’s completely dark.”

Su Min said: “They don’t look like specimens. Don’t you think it’s important finding out why they’re in this place?”

Hearing him say that, Qin Mu Yin internally agreed.

He had read some graverobbing novels before. There would always be strange things happening. That skeleton looked like it had probably come from one of those novels.

And he had personally seen that thing move.

Just the thought of it made Qin Mu Yin tremble in fear.

But when he saw Su Min acting so calmly, he almost thought everything that he saw earlier was just an illusion.

Are all top students so calm these days?

Qin Mu Yin scratched his head and couldn’t understand this. When he heard Su Min’s words, he still obediently followed it and started to search the room.

This place was like a funnel. The entrance they entered from was like the tip while the inside is the actual open space which spreads out to both sides.

He and Su Min separated, and each took a side.

Su Min went to the right. There were various miscellaneous items scattered across the floor so he had to carefully step over them.

The further he went, the more intense the smell became. It made him suspect that they may be more of the skeletons inside.

At this moment, Su Min felt something.

There were no lights or windows here so no matter how good his night vision was, he still couldn’t see much.

The thing he touched felt a lot like the sensation he got when he touched the skeleton earlier.

Su Min wondered if he had reached the end. Afterall, no matter how large this ship is, the space down here couldn’t be that big. He had walked several metres himself so if he added it up on both sides, it would have already been more than ten metres.

For a cruise ship, it was wide enough.

When Su Min reached out to touch it again, his hands made contact with a pair of cold hands.

He spoke with annoyance: “Chen Su, stop disturbing me.”

Only Chen Su would do something like that in this situation.

Chen Su rubbed his hand and asked unhappily: “What’s so good about touching a skeleton? Does it feel better than me?”

Su Min thought about it for a moment. He asked: “Are you sure……..you want to compare yourself with a skeleton?”

Chen Su internally felt that he was right.

He sighed and went over to Su Min. He then said: “There are two skeletons in front of you. Both are looking at you.”

If you heard these words normally, it sounded like words from a horror movie.

However, Su Min had already mentally prepared himself, so he was okay. In any case, he couldn’t see them looking at him.

The skeletonn’s eyes were also almost gone. Even if they looked at him, he wouldn’t be able to tell so it didn’t matter.

Two skeletons were a rather small number.

Su Min even suspected that the skeleton was probably of someone who was originally on the ship, or of someone they had rescued.

Both scenarios were possible.

But the former was more likely. According to the legend mentioned by Mu Yuan, this ship should be more than ten years old. The number of people who have encountered storms at sea since then would be more than just this.

Even if it was a couple a year, it would be a lot over 10+ years. How could there only be a few skeletons?

But there was another thing he couldn’t figure out.

If everyone was assigned a rescued person each, then it would have been replaced many times over the past 10+ years. Two just seemed too few.

In any case, two just didn’t seem right.

Su Min for a moment felt that things had become more troublesome.

He asked loudly: “Qin Mu Yin, did you find anything over there?”

Qin Mu Yin replied: “Yes. I found a lot of them. I can’t tell exactly how many there are, but there are a lot.”

He replied exaggeratedly.

Su Min: “………..”

Chen Su tapped Su Min’s nose and held back his laughter, “There’s actually only three on his end.”

Su Min: “………”

Three skeletons were described by Qin Mu Yin as ‘a lot’. This protagonist may not be very good at math.

Then there was a total of six here.

The six skeletons were still fewer than the number of people on board.

Su Min suddenly realised this.

In fact, until now he had only seen twelve people on board. If they included the two they had never met, then there would be a total of twenty people.

Was there that many people altogether?

There must be a connection here.

Please read this from kk translates

Su Min quietly noted this down. He then rubbed Chen Su’s palm, “Thank you.”

Chen Su: “Is there still a need to say thanks with our relationship?”

Of course, there wasn’t a need.

Chen Su said: “If you want to thank me, why don’t you change how you do that?”

Su Min retracted his hand from his grip. Although he didn’t say it specifically, he could already guess what he wanted.

After thinking about it seriously, Su Min touched Chen Su’s lips with his hand.

He pretended he kissed him.

Chen Su: “……..”

Su Min took the lead and smiled, “How was it?”

Chen Su was a little aggrieved, “It’s too short.”

Su Min said: “I thought it was pretty good. It should be like this in the future.”

After Chen Su regained his identity as a ghost, Su Min realised that he had become more accustomed to interacting with Chen Su. Though he didn’t know where this habit of his came from.

Su Min sighed and said softly: “If you like being a ghost, you shouldn’t be human in the future.”

At that time, he just wanted to see what he looked like. He had originally thought that he would see a scary face, but Chen Su had unexpectedly changed his identity to meet him.

Chen Su lowered his voice: “I’ll be whatever you want me to be.”

Su Min’s heart softened.

Chen Su didn’t indulge him just once or twice. He pretty much indulged him endlessly.

Su Min felt that he himself didn’t have the appearance or body that would allow Chen Su to fall in love with him at first sight.

Falling in love at first sight would have its limitations. He had received Chen Su’s fervent enthusiasm and love ever since the very beginning.

And so, he felt that he probably knew Chen Su a long time ago.

So it must have something to do with Xiao Su.

Su Min wanted to uncover the secret himself and find out why he didn’t remember Xiao Su while his grandmother skill remembered.

Afterall, stories heard from another person would always feel like it was someone else’s experiences. Only by uncovering it yourself can you truly accept it as your own.

This was also why Su Min didn’t force Chen Su to speak.

He believed that Chen Su probably also felt this way.

Seeing him fall into thought, Chen Su asked: “What are you thinking about?”

Su Min returned to his senses. He replied ambiguously: “I was just thinking, when can I meet you?”

Chen Su: “Soon.”

He couldn’t wait any longer.

Su Min nodded. “Is this movie about to end? I think we probably managed to find some very important clues today.”

Chen Su thought for a moment. He decided to leak out some information. In any case, if wouldn’t ruin movie, “Then if you kiss me, I’ll tell you.”

Su Min said: “Then don’t worry about it.”

Chen Su said: “Why don’t you have any desire or passion towards acquiring knowledge? It doesn’t match with your top student character.”

Su Min said: “So you also know that I’m a top student.”

Not far away, Qin Mu Yin’s voice travelled over, “Su Min, who are you talking to? Don’t tell me those skeletons can now speak?”

As soon as he said that his voice trembled.

Qin Mu Yin couldn’t see anything there so he could only blindly grope around. Everywhere he touched, it was a place with skeletons. It was as if the entire place was filled with them.

Just as he felt creeped out, he turned around and got ready to go back.

When he was in the midst of running, a force suddenly attacked him from behind. The next second, he found himself in the air.

Qin Mu Yin was held up in the air by the skeletons.

At such a height, although the smell was less bad, he panicked and began to struggle.

Please read this from kk translates

The skeleton remained motionless. It was as if it had no effect on it.

For the first time, Qin Mu Yin realised how lucky he was. Those skeletons didn’t attack Su Min and had instead turned to attack him.

The skeleton earlier clearly had stopped moving but the three behind him wouldn’t stop.

Those three skeletons surrounded him.

Qin Mu Yin watched as he was thrown over. He screamed out in fright and just as he was about to close his eyes and prepare for his end, he was caught by another skeleton nearby.

Qin Mu Yin  was relieved.

Before he could recover, he found himself again in the air. They did almost the same thing again this time and he was caught by another skeleton.

Like this, he was thrown up and caught repeatedly.

Qin Mu Yin was scared stiff.

He had thought that these skeleton were trying to capture him, but he didn’t expect himself to be thrown around like a toy.

It was too fucking scary.

Su Min was still talking to Chen Su when she heard Qin Mu Yin’s intermittent screams. Every time he stopped; it would soon be followed by another loud scream.

Very quickly, Qin Mu Yin’s voice could be heard: “AHHH——— Help! Help! Help me Su Min! AH! Help! These skeletons are crazy!”

Those pitiful cries made Su Min’s scalp go numb.

He jogged over to the centre and saw Qin Mu Yin being tightly bound by those skeleton. They held him up and, with its arm grabbing Qin Mu Yin just under his arms, Qin Mu Yin was thrown up.

The three skeletons were closely coordinated. They worked together like robots in a park.

Su Min: “…………..”

This scene was something he didn’t expect. He thought he would witness the scene of Qin Mu Yin being split into several pieces.

Su Min asked: “They probably just want to play.”

Qin Mu Yin: “Bullshit!”

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