Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 130: Eating Fish

Playing with them was impossible. It was something that would never happen in this lifetime.

Qin Mu Yin was tossed around until he was completely dizzy. He even suspected that these skeletons did it deliberately to torture him.

This thought of his was entirely possible if you considered the fact that he had exposed their secrets earlier.

Su Min touched three of the skeletons. Their movements were very mechanical, and they were completely motionless. Only their arms raised and lowered, like robots in an amusement park.

Like this, Qin Mu Yin flew around in their hands.

Su Min coughed a few times and patted one of the skeletons’ arms, “Don’t play anymore. If you continue, you might get into trouble.”

And so, the skeletons obediently stopped.

Qin Mu Yin was ecstatic., “Why the hell do these things listen to you? Aren’t we both humans?”

How could there be such a big difference between them?

Su Min patted the shoulders of the remaining two skeletons. One by one, they stopped and the last of the skeletons threw Qin MuYin away just before it stopped.


Qin Mu Yin fell to the ground.

Fortunately, the skeleton wasn’t tall so he only hurt his butt slightly.

Qin Mu Yin timidly hid behind Su Min, “There’s something wrong with these things. Look, they’re not doing anything to you.”

Su Min said: “Maybe my face is more popular than yours.”

Qin Mu Yin: “I can tell.”

So annoying. They actually did something like that to him. He wasn’t even a three-year-old boy.

If it wasn’t for Su Min coming over to save him, he would probably be the first in the world to die from something like this.

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After the three skeletons stopped, they remained motionless.

Su Min looked around. They were actually no different from the one earlier. Their bodies were human-like and they also wore normal human clothing. It had just become very worn out with time.

One of the three skeletons was female, and the rest are male. They appeared to be of different ages.

It was very random.

Su Min shared his information: “There were two skeletons on my end. Adding the three here and the one from earlier, there are a total of six.”

Qin Mu Yin: “Six?”

The number didn’t seem special.

He suddenly remembered, “Aren’t there exactly twelve people on board? If you included the two who didn’t appear, then there is a total of twenty people.”

Su Min nodded, “That’s right.”

Qin Mu Yin wondered: “Disregarding that, how did these people end up in this state right now?”

Was this some kind of experiment?

Su Min pointed to one of the skeletons hands, “Look here. It looks like it was air dried. From the state of the clothes, it has probably been a only a few years.”

Hearing this, Qin Mu Yin reached out to touch it.

Because the ship is at sea, it is rather humid. The clothes looked like they had been soaked for a very long time and would break off as soon as you pinch it.

If it had been many years, the clothes would probably be long gone. It wouldn’t be hanging off their bodies like this.

Qin Mu Yin thought for a moment, “Could this be their victims? Would Nan Nan and Yishu be here?”

As he said that, he got ready to search for them.

Su Min didn’t stop him, “I haven’t seen Song Nan Nan or Tang Yishu. They’re probably not the same as these people.”

He could think of a number of scenarios.

Why are the people on this ship rescuing people from the sea?

Who exactly are these skeletons?

Where did Song Nan Nan and Tang Yishu go?

If they could figure out the identity of these skeletons and the reason for them becoming like this, they would have probably solved the case. Song Nan Nan and Tang Yishu’s whereabouts would also be revealed.

Su Min felt that these skeletons must be very close with the people on the ship. Perhaps their acts of saving people from the sea had something to do with these skeletons.

Qin Mu Yin ran out from the other end, “Scared me to death. There are so many skeletons inside. My god, it’s too terrifying.”

Su Min reminded him: “There’s actually only three.”

Qin Mu Yin complained: “Is three not enough? How many did you want? Did you want a thousand soldiers and horses like those terracotta warriors?”

Su Min laughed, “Then the unlucky one would be you.”

Qin Mu Yin: “……….”

He thought back to when he was thrown around by the skeletons.

Let’s forget about the terracotta warriors.

If there were thousands of skeletons here, he would probably be thrown to his death before he could return back to the hands of the first skeleton.

Qin Mu Yin shuddered and shook off those strange thoughts, “Should we check and see if there’s anything else in here?”

Su Min nodded, “Yeah.”

This time, Qin Mu Yin followed closely behind Su Min. He no longer dared to separate from him fearing that he would be caught again.

The skeletons stood silently in place.

When they passed by one of them, Qin Mu Yin couldn’t help but touch it. The moment his fingers came into contact, the clothes in the skeleton fell off.

Qin Mu Yin: “…….”

He should keep his hands to himself.

Hearing the noise, Su Min looked back, “Let’s see if they have any form of ID on them.”

The four here were easy to search. Their clothes were tattered so things could easily be found.

Later, Su Min once again returned into the darkness.

The two skeletons here were a little difficult to search but it was still okay. After searching around for a long time, he finally managed to find something.

It was something rectangular about the size of his palm.

Su Min took it out and was about to go back to the centre of the room to take a closer look at it when he suddenly heard noises coming from the door outside. It was Xia He Yin’s voice: “Ying Ying, don’t move.”

She said it very urgently.

Su Min quickly hid it inside his clothes and called out to Qin Mu Yin: “Let’s go. Someone’s here. Hurry and leave.”

In fact, they weren’t far from the door.

Within a few seconds, the two were out. Qin Mu Yin handed the lock over and Su Min quickly relocked it. The whole thing only took about ten seconds.

They were so nervous; their palms were a little sweaty.

Xia He Yin and Su Ying stood by the side of the ship where they passed by earlier so that they could see the people on the deck in the distance.

Su Ying leaned against the railing.

Xia He Yin held onto her nervously. Someone then came by, “What are you doing here?”

Qin Mu Yin was fiddling with something on the ground. He looked up, “Aren’t you guys fishing there? We were afraid of disturbing you.”

The one who came was the tall and thin man. He rarely interacted with them.

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The tall and thin man looked calmly at the door. When he saw that the lock was still in place, he looked away and said: “We probably won’t be able to catch anything today.”

Qin Mu Yin pretended to be disappointed, “Then we won’t be able to eat fish.”

The tall and thin man stopped. He then revealed a smile, “Why? Did you really want to eat fish? Do you like fish?”

Qin Mu Yin felt that his smile was a little strange, “It’s okay. My mother likes to make braised fish. I only eat what she makes.”

The tall and thin man smiled, “You’ll be able to eat that when you get back.”

He then looked over at Su Min. Su Min was bending over helping Su Ying rearrange her clothes. He behaved very normally.

Xia He Yin’s hair was all ruffled up by the wind, “Let’s go back. It’s so cold outside. I want to go back to our room.”

Being watched outside was a bit scary.

Su Min said: “Okay.”

The tall and thin man nodded and said: “Yes, it’s too cold outside. It wouldn’t be good if you got sick. You should go back and rest.”

One after another, they returned to the deck and then went inside.

The tall and thin man remained on the deck.

The man with the buzzcut came over and asked: “What were they doing here?”

The tall and thin man shook his head while he continued to stare through the glass, “The door is fine. They were probably just wandering around.”

“They won’t be that clever.” The bespectacled middle-aged man said: “They’re probably still feeling fortunate that they were rescued.”

Normal people would think this way.

After returning, Qin Mu Yin pushed open the door, “Let’s go to my room.”

Su Min who entered last subconsciously glanced at the stairs. No one was peeping.

The room’s soundproofing was pretty good.

Xia He Yin’s hands were trembling, “Scared me to death. When that person came over, I called out, but I was also afraid of getting their attention.”

In the end, Su Ying was clever.

Fortunately, they had already come out when the tall and thin man came over.

In fact, Xia He Yin had always been paying attention to their actions over on the deck. They had been both intentionally and unintentionally glancing over at them since the very beginning and was just staying put.

“I saw them chatting with each other. They were probably talking about us.” Xia He Yin recalled back, “And then the tall and thin man came over.”

Fortunately, the ship was rather large so it would take at least ten seconds for them to get from the deck to where they were. If it wasn’t for that, they would have been caught.

Su Ying ruffled her hair and said: “That tall and thin man glanced at the door. He must have been afraid of us going in.”

Children easily noticed these small details.

The tall and thin man probably thought no one noticed this action of his but she had noticed it a long time ago.

Su Min said, “It’s because it holds their secrets.”

Though he didn’t know why these people didn’t get rid of those skeletons.

Qin Mu Yin rubbed his hands, “Let’s not talk about this.”

Xia He Yin nodded, “Or did you find something? Was Nan Nan and Tang Yishu in there?”

Su Min and Qin Mu Ying checked the room first before recounting everything that had happened inside.

Xia He Yin who heard this couldn’t help but gasp.

She had never seen skeletons before and had only heard it from Qin Mu Yin but she felt as if she had seen it with her own eyes. She would have probably been scared to the point of crying if she saw them.

On the contrary, Su Ying appeared regretful, “If I knew this, it would have been nice if I also went in to take a look. I actually missed out.”

It was no good being a child.

Xia He Yin: “………….”

She couldn’t be compared to a child. She felt really ashamed.

Qin Mu Yin asked: “Did you find something in the end?”

“I did.” Su Min pulled something out from his pocket, “I found this from one of the skeletons.”

Fortunately, the clothes he wore had large pockets and the thing he found wasn’t too big so it could easily be hidden.

He had wanted to find something that may give him a clue about the skeleton’s identity but in the end he had taken it without having a chance to look at it carefully.

Xia He Yin asked curiously, “What is it?”

Su Ying could see it clearly from below, “It looks like those small notebooks. The one that are only palm sized.”

Qin Mu Yin guessed: “Is it a diary?”

The so-called sailing diary.

Qin Mu Yin was thrilled when he thought of this, “If that is the case, then it would record everything that had happened. It will have everything we want to know.”

Su Min said: “We’ll know once we open it.”

He blew off the dust. This notebook was quite filthy, and the edges were ragged. He was afraid of accidentally breaking it.

Xia He Yin and the others held their breaths. They watched Su Min slowly open the notebook without even daring to blink.

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