Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 132: Cruise Ship

Just the thought of being on the same ship as a group of monsters was terrifying.

When the incidents earlier happened, Xia He Yin’s biggest guess was that these people were evil people and that was why they would do such things.

But she didn’t expect the possibility of monsters.

Compared to Xia He Yin’s question, Qin Mu Yin was more worried about something else: “What exactly is the monster?”

This diary didn’t describe what the monster was like and the word monster was also something they guessed.

In other words, whether or not he was really talking about monsters was still a question.

“The monster probably refers to their non-human yet also non-ghost like forms.” Xia He Yin replied earnestly: “But I can’t tell that they’re monsters.”

Since the day they were rescued, with the exception for some strange behaviours, they have acted like normal humans.

Xia He Yin didn’t understand what was going on. For this person to deem them as monsters, something must not be right.

Perhaps this person happened to witness something terrible.

Xia He Yin found that she couldn’t imagine it at all. She had seen plenty of horror movies and there were all kinds of monsters in them.

Having encountered such a large storm, the ship started flooding but it had restored back to its original state. That change was too strange.

Su Min frowned: “In any case, let’s check and see if the captain now is the same captain from 25 years ago.”

Su Yin said: “That’s easy to check. We just need ask him and not make it too obvious.”

For example, they could directly ask if the ship was his or if he was the only captain of the ship.

If the people on board haven’t found the diary, didn’t know of its contents and regarded Su Min and the others as ignorant people, they wouldn’t find it suspicious.

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In such a situation, they would usually speak a bit of truth to rest their concerns and let them stay on the ship with a peace of mind.

Su Min flipped through the diary again and only stored it away after making sure he hadn’t missed anything, “Let’s go and ask.”

“Don’t raise their suspicions.” Qin Mu Yin said.

If they say the wrong things, those monsters may act earlier than planned to deal with them. That would be really unfortunate.

Su Min opened the door and said: “It’s late now, it’s time to have dinner. The captain should also be out soon.”

They normally didn’t see the captain.

The captain was also called the first time they were rescued, and he soon disappeared after that. Every time it was time for a meal, he would appear, but he would then disappear inside the kitchen.

Su Min wondered if the captain had rooted himself in the kitchen.

If the kitchen was a place that could fit a bed, he would even suspect that the captain slept in the kitchen all day long.

Probably because he was from the east, he had a soft spot for the kitchen.

As it was getting late and as they are also at scene, the sky quickly turned dark.

A few who were originally on the deck returned and were sitting around drinking and chatting. They looked like they were at a bar.

The short-haired woman came over and asked, “You all don’t like fishing?”

Qin Mu Yin smiled awkwardly: “We have all been living inland, so we haven’t been to the sea at all. We don’t know how to fish.”

“Is that so?” The short-haired woman rubbed her head, “Fishing is fun. You never know what you’re going to get.”

She made a face at Su Ying and said: “If you’re unlucky, you may even encounter a shark.”

Su Ying: “…………….”

She’s really treating her like a child.

The man with the buzzcut also turned around, “You don’t have to go down. The captain will be out soon. It’s almost time for dinner.”

Su Min nodded: “Okay.”

They didn’t have to wait very long. A few minutes later, the kitchen door opened, and the captain came out wearing his hat. The aroma of food rushed out along with him, filling the cabin.

Just the smell alone induced drooling.

Xia He Yin said: “I’ll make dinner tonight?”

Su Min looked at her: “Go ahead.”

Xia He Yin blushed. She said with embarrassment, “Then I only know how to make egg fried rice. We’ll have egg fried rice.”

Su Min was very supportive: “Egg fried rice is fine.”

The female protagonist was going to cook. They should be supportive.

Xia He Yin was very satisfied with their answer, “Then wait a bit. The captain just came out, so I’ll also try and ask about the ship.”

Su Min calmly glanced at the captain.

He stood there with his big belly and even looked a little like the Maitreya.

In normal circumstances, a captain like this wouldn’t normally raise suspicions.

Xia He Yin is a girl with a gentle appearance so that would make it easy for others to lower their guards. Apart from Su Ying, she would be the least noticeable one amongst them.

Su Ying who’s acting as a mute naturally couldn’t ask.

Xia He Yin organised her words and then went over to the captain. She touted: “Captain, after being on this ship for the past few days, I’ve noticed that this cruise ship is actually very big. I’ve never seen such a large ship in China before.”

The captain was obviously happy.

After a while he said: “Of course. My ship was the most luxurious when it was made. Everyone wanted to board it but the quota was limited.”

Xia He Yin smiled, “Then we must be really lucky to be able to get on.”

The captain spoke meaningfully: “You’re not the only lucky ones.”

Xia He Yin pretended not to understand. She asked: “With a ship this nice, is it your own or is it government funded? The ships I’ve seen were not owned privately so the captain would often change.”

Hearing her say that, the captain puffed up his chest in pride: “Government funded? Of course that’s not it. This ship is my own.”

Xia He Yin said: “Captain, you’re amazing.”

The captain smiled at her and said nothing more.

In order not to arouse suspicion, Xia He Yin continued to speak nonsensically about sailing and the ship.

Probably because she is good looking, the captain basically answered all her questions.

At the very end, Xia He Yin asked: “Are there any eggs in the kitchen? I want to try making egg fried rice today and let my friends try my handiwork.”

The captain said: “We have everything you need.”

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Xia He Yin showed a happy expression.

Feeling that it was about time, she walked away, picked up a glass of wine and sat alone for a few minutes.

It was only after that did she return to Qin Mu Yin.

“He said it’s his own ship.” Xia He Yin recalled her earlier conversation with the captain, “Looks no one else would take over.”

Su Min said: “Can you repeat his words exactly?”

Xia He Yin said: “Did you think that I am a memory weirdo like you?”

“There’s nothing weird about it.” Su Min didn’t understand, “Then tell us the main points. Don’t miss out anything.”

Xia He Yin could only remember about half of the conversation, “He said that the ship was very luxurious. When it was built, many people wanted to board it, but spaces were limited.”

Qin Mu Yin rubbed his chin. He speculated: “So the people on this ship were the people who managed to board the ship.”

Su Min was concerned about something different, “This ship set sail 25 years ago. If it was a ghost ship, the captain and the ship had stayed at sea for 25 years.”

No matter how luxurious a ship is, it would not be possible for it to last 25 years.

So that all the more supports the diary’s contents.

Because they had become monsters and because the ship had become a ghost ship, it would have no problem drifting at sea for 25 years.

Qin Mu Yin said: “What if they docked somewhere halfway?”

Su Min glanced at him, “Do you think that is possible?”

A ship that had disappeared suddenly came to shore. That would be a big headline. Just like the Titanic, if it suddenly appeared now, a frenzy of discussions would erupt.

Mu Yuan’s existence proved that the ship had never gone to shore.

Even there were small islands in the middle, it would not be possible for the ship to be at sea for 25 years and not be picked up by satellite.

In short, at present they may possibly be in a different spacetime.

Similar to the unsolved mysteries, the ship would only appear in reality at some point in time.

Xia He Yin sighed: “I’m going to cook first. You can continue discussing. I think it’s better to talk about it after dinner.”

The cabin wasn’t very large so they could easily be overheard.

“Then let’s not talk.” Su Min lifted his chin slightly: “Watch more, talk less. Wait for dinner.”

Qin Mu Yin: “…………”

After Xia He Yin entered the kitchen, a figure emerged from the stairs.

Su Min looked over; it was Mu Yuan.

He didn’t look well. Perhaps it was because he had been drifting out at sea for a whole day and night, or perhaps it was because of the ghost ship.

Compared to inland people like Su Min and the others, as a fisherman from a coastal city, he probably felt more strongly about things like this.

Fortunately, everyone on board thought he was like this because he was unwell.

The bespectacled middle-aged man ushered him over and then gave him a glass of hot water. His lips were too dry, and his face was slightly yellow.

Though he was tanned so it wasn’t obvious.

Mu Yuan thanked him and then came over to where Qin Mu Yin was.

Su Min whispered: “You look unwell. Why didn’t you stay down there and rest?”

Mu Yuan wasn’t in a good mood. He shook his head and said: “I couldn’t stay down there any longer. I had a nightmare and then woke up.”

He dreamt that he was back in the sea and that there was a group of people chasing him from behind, telling him to stop running. In the end, he was caught by them.

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