Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 133: Gay

Mu Yuan could still vividly remember those people grabbing his arms, his legs and pulling him in all directions.

Like this, he was taken away. The dream ended there. He didn’t know where he was being taken.

It was probably because of that sense of impending despair.

Su Min who listened to the contents of the nightmare found it a bit strange. For some reason he felt that it was similar to the occurrences on this ship. Could it have been a predictive dream?

If it really was one, then the future Mu Yuan would probably be unable to escape successfully. He was probably caught again by the ship.

Afterall, the bespectacled middle-aged man had been very enthusiastic about him.

Qin Mu Yin was completely unaware, “Nightmares like that are generally the opposite of reality. If you were caught in the dream, you wouldn’t be caught in reality.”

Hearing this, Su Min pursed his lips and fell into thought.

That wasn’t impossible.

If the director really set up the dream this way, then their ending would probably involve successfully getting away.

If they wanted to leave this ship, the only way to do that was to take control of the ship. If that wasn’t possible, then they were only left with the option of jumping into the sea.

It would be equivalent to returning to the beginning again. The matter of life or death afterwards would depend on luck.

Su Min thought of the issue with the monster. He looked over at the people chatting merrily and asked: “Of those legends of yours, were there anything strange?”

Qin Mu Yin understood what he was trying to ask and added with a whisper: “For example, the people on the ship no longer being human or the like?”

Before Mu Yuan had the chance to speak, a cold voice suddenly interjected: “What are you talking about?”

They were startled.

They had been chatting intently and had not been paying attention to their surroundings, so they didn’t notice the captain standing near them.

Qin Mu Yin almost cried out in surprise.

He couldn’t help but feel glad that he had whispered earlier. If he had said that at a normal volume, the captain would’ve probably overhead.

They were too careless.

Su Min looked at the captain. “Mu Yuan was saying that he dreamt that he was at sea. We were discussing his dream.”

To be honest, that was true. He had only left out a few key points.

The captain’s dark, murky eyes passed over them one by one. It then stopped on Mu Yuan, “You’re called Mu Yuan?”

He remembered that this was person they had just rescued.

Mu Yuan nodded. He carefully asked: “Are you the captain?”

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The captain smiled, “Yes, I am the captain of this ship. If you need anything, you can come and ask me.”

Mu Yuan desperately gripped his hands to prevent it from trembling.

Su Min noticed this action of his and felt that he must have noticed something, “Okay, we will.”

The captain didn’t say anything and just looked at them. He then left with a smile as his stomach shook. It looked very discordant.

When he left, they all breathed a sigh of relief.

Mu Yuan let out a breath, “I haven’t seen him before…..”

Su Min narrowed his eyes, “In photos?”

“Yes.” Mu Yuan swallowed, “He’s not the captain back then……I have the photo, he’s not that captain.”

As a renowned luxury ship, many photos were taken of the crew before they set off. These photos had been preserved and were kept as memories by the people on shore.

After the ship became a ghost ship, those photos were also published in the news. Almost everyone from the port of departure of this ghost ship had seen it.

Mu Yuan had seen it countless times.

The story about this ship was used by parents to scare children and the photos in black and white could also be seen everywhere.

Mu Yuan’s memory was average, but he could remember something like this clearly.

“I still have pictures on my phone, but my phone got soaked.” Mu Yuan gasped, “He doesn’t look anything like the captain in that photo. They’re practically two different people.”

This information of his was very important. For the people there, it was undoubtedly a ray of sunshine after a storm.

Because it was completely different to the answer Xia He Yin received when she asked.

The captain had personally said that he was the sole captain of this ship and had even mentioned the restrictions back before the ship set sail. If this was true, then it would be inconsistent with Mu Yuan’s words.

Qin Mu Yin felt a chill down his back, “Then is it true or not?”

He was completely confused.

By comparison, he believed Mu Yuan more.

Because the captain may be lying just to fool them.

Mu Yuan’s words made them fearful.

Su Min had a thought, “Look back at those people now. They are the people originally on this ship. Do you recognise them?”

Mu Yuan turned around.

A few seconds later, he turned back and shook his head: “I don’t recognise them. They’re not people on the photo.”

Even their height and bodies had changed.

Su Min now understood. He beckoned Qin Mu Yin over, “Stand in front of me and block me from their sight.”

Qin Mu Yin did as he was told.

Su Min then dug out the diary. He opened it to the first page and showed it to Mu Yuan, “Have you seen the person in this photo before?”

Mu Yuan leaned over and looked, “Seen him.”

Finally seeing someone familiar, Mu Yuan became excited.

“This person was in that photo I mentioned.” Mu Yuan recalled for a moment and emphasised: “I even remember that he was the fifth one in the third row.”

Su Min became even more certain now.

The owner of the diary refused to become a monster, so he ended up becoming a skeleton. He however retained the same appearance as how he looked when he first went out to sea.

The others had probably become monsters. Instead of becoming skeletons, they had become a completely different person. They no longer looked the same as how they were back then.

This further proved that they needed living humans.

Su Min’s first suspicion was that they used the skin of the rescued victims and changed into them to allow them to live on.

He heard himself ask: “Mu Yuan, do you remember how many people went out to sea that year?”

Mu Yuan nodded: “Of course. It was clearly shown in the photo. Let me think, five in the first row, seven in the second, eight in the third. In total that’s——-”


Su Min answered calmly.

Alright. It almost perfectly matched up.

There are currently twelve crew members on board. Adding to that the six skeletons and the two missing crew members, it was exactly twenty.

Qin Mu Yin couldn’t help but speak up: “It really is twenty.”

Back when they were in that dark room, he had said that there wasn’t any meaning behind the number twenty.

Now it matched up with Mu Yuan’s words.

This ship is the ghost ship from that year.

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Mu Yuan didn’t know what thoughts were running through his mind and continued: “That’s not a large number. Usually this many people would go out to sea on a small boat.”

Qin Mu Yin was focussed on the number twenty, “Then where did the other two go? We still haven’t seen them.”

He felt that the two missing people held key information.

Su Min lowered his voice: “They’re probably waiting for us to disappear first. Then they would appear again taking our appearances.”

Based on the current situation, this was his initial guess.

Mu Yuan asked curiously, “What two people?”

Qin Mu Yuan explained it to him, “……….Two of our friends have disappeared and there are also two on this ship who have not made their appearances yet so we suspect they might have something to do with it.”

Mu Yuan who heard this felt his hair rise up in fear, “What’s going on?”

He still didn’t understand. That phrase “appear again taking our appearances” made him slightly fearful.

Qin Mu Yuan comforted him: “Don’t get too nervous. They might notice something.”

Mu Yuan could neither laugh or cry, “How can I not be nervous?”

It sounded like a ghost story. He was most afraid of things like this.

Su Min didn’t join in their conversation. He was constantly pondering over something. He then said: “Those two are probably hidden somewhere right now. Maybe they’re in the process of changing. They’re very likely hiding where the rest of the crew sleeps.”

That was the most mysterious part of this ship, and they had not been there yet.

Su Ying whispered: “Can we interrupt them?”

If they interrupted their transformation process, they could possibly tell whether the monsters are alive or dead.

“Perhaps they have already transformed successfully.” Su Min pinched the inner corners of his eyebrows. It had been a day or two since they disappeared, “Can’t be certain.”

Even if it wasn’t successful, Song Nan Nan and Tang Yishu are probably dead. Unless they needed them to be alive during the process of changing skins. If that was the case, they may still be able to be saved.

Qin Mu Yin suddenly thought of a problem: “Why don’t they change together instead of changing one a day?”

Su Min said: “Maybe it is because of time constraints.”

Mu Yuan finally understood a little, “So you mean that the people on this ship need our bodies to continue living on?”

Su Min spoke with surprise: “That summary is pretty good.”

Mu Yuan pointed at himself and then he secretly glanced at the bespectacled middle-aged man standing not far away, “Then I was chosen by him?”

The bespectacled middle-aged man had been very attentive towards him. He had brought him water, asked him what he wanted to eat, and he even provided him with blankets.

Even his parents only treated him this nicely when he was a child. Having clothes and food delivered right over to him was something he couldn’t get used to.

Before Mu Yuan left the room, he even suspected that the middle-aged man was gay and was planning on asking for advice on how to turn down the other party.

He didn’t expect the other party to be eyeing his body!

Mu Yuan really didn’t understand: “Is my body that good?”

Su Min assessed him for a moment and commented: “Yes, your fresh body is coveted by many.”

Mu Yuan: “………..”

Somehow those words didn’t sound right.

He would rather just act dumb.

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