Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 134: Nuzzle

Mu Yuan who realised that he was being targeted felt very restless. He constantly had the feeling that he would be sliced up at any moment.

He was originally a little worried when he found out about the ghost ship in the room but now that everything was made certain, the last of his hope was extinguished.

This was the rumoured ship where no one would return from.

Mu Yuan sat there silently; his mind filled with depressed thoughts.

Qin Mu Yin felt that he was pretty pitiful, so he sat next to him and shared his experience.

“……..It’s all my fault. If not for my suggestion, we would be hanging out at a beautiful scenic spot by the shore right now.”

Mu Yuan said: “Yeah, it’s all your fault.”

This really was all Qin Mu Yin’s fault.

Qin Mu Yin was reluctant to back down: “You can also only blame yourself. If you didn’t insist on going out to sea, you could be playing on your phone at home right now.”

Mu Yuan again became depressed.

Su Min watched the two discuss ‘you’re at fault, I’m at fault’ and felt that he could even see a cloud of gloom above their heads.

It was an unusual scene.

Soon, Xia He Yin reappeared with her egg fried rice. Although it didn’t look very appealing, it tasted rather good.

They didn’t ask for much anyway. Egg fried rice itself was a simple but scrumptious dish. They each cleaned off their bowls quickly.

Xia He Yin was almost crying with joy: “I didn’t expect you to like my egg fried rice so much. Should I make it again tomorrow?”

Qin Mu Yin froze for a moment.

He compared Su Min’s skills with Xia He Yin’s skills and said hesitantly: “Why don’t to take a break? Don’t tire yourself out.”

Xia He Yin glared at him, “What? Not satisfied?”

Qin Mu Yin: “I don’t dare, I don’t dare.”

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He was more interested in Xia He Yin’s appearance before but now that he had been exposed to her true personality, he found it quite fun.

She wasn’t the cold beauty like he had imagined nor the bad person like some girls had claimed.

The others on the ship had already eaten. When they saw that they were eating egg fried rice, they all smiled at them.

The tall and thin man said: “It smells really good. I didn’t expect you to be so skilled. It’s no wonder you’re not eating the food made by the captain.”

The person next to him laughed: “The captain might feel wronged HAHAHA.”

“They after all have their own preferences. It’s understandable for them not to like what the captain makes.” The man with the buzzcut patted Qin Mu Yin’s back, “It’s fine as long as you eat well. People who don’t eat well will fall sick.”

The others around them nodded in agreement.

Su Min almost lost his appetite.

Just the thought that these people were using other people’s bodies while thinking terrible thoughts was terrifying. Even the expressions they made were not truly theirs.

Su Min frowned. It was a little sickening thinking that.

He thought of a rumour he had heard before.

There were some novels that touch on the existence of a skin smith. This was a professional who specialises in sewing up corpses but as time passed, another theory emerged.

Some believed that they would skin another person and wear that. Like this, they could become the person who was skinned and live using that person’s identity.

Perhaps the monsters on this ship used this method too.

When Tang Yishu first disappeared, they saw his skin, but that skin soon disappeared after they went out.

It was almost certain that it was taken by these people, but it was still a question as to how they used it. The wearing skin theory was just a guess.

As for Song Nan Nan, Su Min didn’t see how she disappeared. The only information he had was the water droplets and her commenting that someone was hitting her, so it was still a question whether she was skinned.

As long as those two can be found, it could basically confirm everything.

Afterall, the monsters mentioned in the diary were only described with that one word. It was still a question whether there was only the monster that was an issue or if there was also something else that was strange.

The people on the ship watched them while they warily watched the people on the ship.

Everyone had different thoughts in their minds.

But the eventual thought was basically the same: That is to make themselves successfully live on.

The people on the ship didn’t watch them for too long. Perhaps it was because they felt that it could arouse suspicions, after telling them to pay attention to safety, they dispersed.

The tense atmosphere instantly cleared up.

Mu Yuan couldn’t help but wipe his forehead.

The smell of egg fried rice had become fainter.

Qin Mu Yin took a few bites and couldn’t help but say: “Look at how they looked at us. It felt like they were looking at us like those people on the internet looking at farm animals. Those farmers would also have that expression as they look how much their pigs have fattened up.”

The more he thought, the more he felt that it was similar, “And then they would boast a few words: Looks very good. The meat is tender and fat. If we sell it during the New Year, it would definitely be sold at a good price.”

Xia He Yin: “…………..”

Su Min: “………….”

You’re comparing yourself to that?

Does this male protagonist have something wrong with his mind? He actually compared himself to a pig and even said that he’s fat.

Su min said calmly: “It is pretty fat. It’s about time to kill.”

Qin Mu Yin: “………….”

He finally realised what he had said. He was practically demeaning himself.

And he even came up with the words tender and fat. Why didn’t he think of something like this when he was doing his exams in high school……..

After eating, they returned their bowls and chopsticks back to the kitchen.

Some people on the ship had already returned to their room while others remained chatting outside on the deck. Su Min thought for a moment and decided to return to his room.

He urged: “There are still a few hours left until midnight, we don’t have much time. It’s best that everyone doesn’t sleep tonight.”

Except for Mu Yuan, the others knew everything.

After Tang Yishu and Song Nan Nan, they basically could guess that something would happen in the middle of the night. If they didn’t sleep, they could stay alert.

Mu Yuan froze, “Then should I stay with you tonight?”

Qin Mu Yin thought for a moment and proposed: “Why don’t you come to my room? The two of us can chat and keep us alert.”

“Sounds good.” Mu Yuan nodded.

In any case, they weren’t going to be sleeping. It would be more reassuring having two people together than being alone. It would not only be safer, they could also help each other out if they run into trouble.

Su Ying moved over to Su Min and whispered: “Then tonight I want to sleep with sister He Ying.”

Su Min was a little surprised but he didn’t show it, “That’s fine but it might be a little dangerous being near the female protagonist.”

“It’s better than having two cannon fodders stay together.”

Su Min: “……Alright.”

Su Ying laughed. She felt that she shouldn’t hang around as the third wheel. Since the movie is nearing the end, she should give the young couple some time to catch up.

Xia He Ying is the female protagonist and she is very attractive. Sleeping with a beautiful sister and burying in her chest is much better than sleeping with her brother.

After Su Ying suggested this, Xia He Ying didn’t have any objections.

“But that means your brother is sleeping alone?” Qin Mu Yin suddenly spoke up: “If something were to……”

Su Ying said: “It won’t.”

Xia He Ying was worried: “That’s not good. Why don’t you also squeeze into Qin Mu Yin’s room? Since you’re not sleeping anyway, you can just sit in the room together.”

Su Min said: “I’m fine alone.”

Two people sitting on a bed was fine but it would be too crowded for three.

Qin Mu Yin was originally going to continue insisting when he suddenly recalled the incident inside the dark room earlier.

Even the skeletons didn’t react to him and seemed to be very obedient. He probably would be fine alone.

Qin Mu Yin thought about it and agreed: “Then call out if anything happens.”

Su Min nodded: “Mn.”


There was never a clock on this ship so Su Min and the others had no idea what the time is right now.

Su Min could only rely on guessing.

Fortunately, the cinema would send out the hints every night at midnight so he could at least use that as a standard. The rest would depend on mealtimes.

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It was now after dinner. At most, there are still four or five hours until midnight. It couldn’t have exceeded by too much.

Things tend to happen after the hints are provided by the cinema so something would probably happen after the hint tonight. Like this, they could at least mentally prepare themselves.

Because Xia He Yin had women’s clothing in her room, she decided to stay there.

Su Min happily stayed in his room alone.

Although his sister is in a nine-year-old body, she is not nine. Even if she is nine, it wasn’t very convenient.

Although he knew that he slept rather stably at night, he didn’t’ dare move around too much.

Su Min sighed and opened the door.

There was a familiar feeling in the room. As soon as he closed the door, he was immediately embraced and pressed up against the door.

Chen Su nuzzled up against his ear: “Your sister is finally gone.”

Su Min: “…………Did you threaten her?”

“………..” Chen Su could neither laugh nor cry. He said: “Why would I threaten her? I should be trying to please her.”

Su Min thought so too.

He rubbed Chen Su’s ear and then moved his hand down to his earlobe. Although it was cold, to him it felt nice.

It felt a little like the pads of a cat paw.

It was soft. He continued pinching it.

Chen Su was pinched by him for a long time. When he saw that he had no intention to let go, he turned his head sideways and asked, “Feels nice?”

Su Min retracted his hand and cleared his throat: “It’s not bad.”

That expression of his was something Chen Su couldn’t help but love. Speaking nonsense with a look of seriousness whilst exuding a hint of cleverness. It made him desire him more.

He wanted to break him.

Su Min suddenly noticed that the material felt different. He was a little surprised: “Only a day had passed, and you have changed your clothes again?”

Did he come into this horror movie to play dress up?

Chen Su: “I didn’t.”

Su Min pointed at his clothes, “You weren’t wearing this before.”

Chen Su stood up: “Look.”

Su Min: “………”

It turned out to be pyjamas.

Those were also some flirty pyjamas. As expected, only Chen Su would be able to wear that.

It was also perhaps his first-time seeing Chen Su wearing pyjamas with his chest exposed. It wasn’t obviously exposed and could only be seen every now and then. This gave it a faint hint of sexiness.

For the first time in his life, Su Min felt that this fresh meat before him was really good.

The words he used to appraise Mu Yuan earlier would be more suitable for Chen Su right now. It was practically tailored for him.

Chen Su tugged at his clothes and raised his chin to force him into looking at his eyes: “How is it?”

He couldn’t bear it anymore. The feeling of Su Min’s eyes scanning over him made him feel like he was on fire. Even as a ghost, he couldn’t help it.

The neckline was already quite wide so when it was pulled, it slipped down on both sides.

Su Min silently looked away.

What was going on with this sudden gimmick? He’s even deliberately seducing him. Though it was pretty nice.

Chen Su saw him look away and got up to nuzzle against him.

Su Min who was nuzzled against for a long time found it a little uncomfortable. He pushed him away and spoke up: “Stop it. I haven’t showered yet so I’m still dirty.”

Chen Su moved to sit on the bed, “Okay, you should wash your hands.”

Su Min: ???

He checked Chen Su’s expression and suddenly understood why. It seemed that after touching the skeletons, he had only washed his hands once before eating.

He probably didn’t notice that.

Su Min suddenly felt mischevious. He took the opportunity to touch Chen Su’s face and asked, “What are going to do if I don’t wash my hands?”

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