Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 135: Help

Su Min rarely had his mischevious moments.

Probably because he had been in these strange horror movies for too long, or perhaps it was because he was influenced by the strange behaviours of the ghosts, that action of his was very smooth.

So smooth even he himself was surprised.

However, it would be too awkward to take back his hand now, so Su Min decided to push further and squeeze Chen Su’s face. He praised: “Pretty soft.”

Chen Su said: “You’re pretty.”

What else could he do? Of course he would teach him a lesson.

Chen Su narrowed his eyes and grabbed Su Min’s hand. Before Su Min could react, Chen Su pushed Su Min down onto the bed.

Su Min’s hand that was held by him was pressed onto his firm chest muscles. His pyjamas had become loose and it had opened up.

Su Min felt a little embarrassed: “I’ve washed my hands.”

Chen Su said: “Do you think this is the time to discuss that?”

The lights in the room were originally bright but it now suddenly dimmed. It gave it an ambiguous effect.

Su Min said: “You started that topic but now you want to deny it? Move, I’m going to shower.”

Chen Su didn’t let go. His lips inched closer and closer.

He used this opportunity to reach inside Su Min’s clothes.

Chen Su’s fingers were very cold. When he touched his skin, Su Min narrowed his eyes sensitively and was slightly startled.

If it was the usual, it wouldn’t have meant anything but for some reason it was rather seductive right now.

Chen Su slid his hands upwards. He relished this sensation and let out a soft sigh.

Su Min pushed him away and said helplessly: “Alright now. Don’t cross the line.”

He noticed that Chen Su particularly liked to take things fast, and it was also too fast.

“I’m not.” Chen Su leaned next to his ear. His voice was clear and deep and there was a hint of huskiness within.

Su Min’s ears felt a little numb.

He then felt that something wasn’t right, and his body stiffened.

The room was silent for a while. Su Min said softly: “……..Do ghosts need a cold shower?”

Chen Su: “Of course not.”

After he denied this, he once again grabbed Su Min’s hand and begged skilfully: “You should help me.”

Su Min: “………Not helping.”

Chen Su suddenly started to tell a story. He straightened his waist, “A long time ago, something like this also happened……..”

His voice was a little hoarse.

Su Min swallowed. His hand was guided downwards. It entered Chen Su’s pyjamas and it came into contact with something hard.

Chen Su began to pant in his ear.

The places where their skin connected seemed to heat up.


Qin Mu Yin’s room.

Ever since they entered, they had been very cautious. They didn’t know what could happen so they could only maintain vigilance at all times.

Qin Mu Yin reminded: “You should go wash up first.”

Please read this from kk translates

Mu Yuan nodded.

In fact, fisherman boats were all rather ordinary. Even if they spend a night on the boat, they wouldn’t wash up because they wouldn’t have the facilities.

But this cruise ship was different.

The rooms on this ship were like hotel rooms. All the facilities were available. The size of the bathroom was about the size of the cabins on their fishing boats.

Qin Mu Yin climbed onto the bed after seeing that he had entered the bathroom and examined the ceiling again. Afterall, they had earlier noted that it was empty inside, so something was likely to come out from it tonight.

He jumped up and patted the ceiling. It indeed sounded like it was hollow, but he also couldn’t figure out how to open it.

He felt that he probably wouldn’t be able to anyway.

When Mu Yuan came out from the bathroom, he saw those actions of his and asked with curiosity: “What are you doing?”

Qin Mu Yin said: “It seems to be hollow up there.”

Hearing that, Mu Yuan also stood on the bed. He looked at the ceiling for a while, “It probably is. You’ll know after opening.”

“The problem is that there isn’t a way to open it.” Qin Mu Yin pointed around, “Look, do you see any gaps here?”

Mu Yuan said, “Maybe the entrance isn’t here.”

He knew about the structure of a ship best. Even a large cruise ship couldn’t be much different from the basic ship designs.

Mu Yuan said, “Let me think about it.”

He got off the bed and circled the room. He then finally opened the closet revealing the hangers inside from which some had clothes hanging from them.

Mu Yuan directly drilled into the closet.

Qin Mu Yin was startled by his actions. He asked nervously: “Is there anything inside? Or is it…….”

After a while, Mu Yuan came back out. He said calmly, “There is an empty space in there.”

He could tell in one glance that there were no other places in this room to hide the entrance. Because the space itself wasn’t very big, it was hidden together with the closet.

Qin Mu Yin’s heart pounded. He also went inside and took a look. When he came out, his entire face was pale.

Mu Yuan asked: “Are you okay?”

Qin Mu Yin shook his head, “I’m going call the others over.”

This discovery was too terrifying.

Qin Mu Yin didn’t have the time to think to deeply about it. He quickly rushed out of the room and banged onto Su Min’s room door.

It was exceptionally clear in the quiet corridor.

After a while, door to the room opened.

Qin Mu Yin almost thought something had happened to him. Seeing that Su Min was still alive, he let out a sigh of relief, “Su Min, I thought you also went missing.”

Su Min said: “It’s not midnight yet.”

Qin Mu Yin was relieved.

Seeing him panicking, Su Min asked: “What’s wrong?”

Qin Mu Yin lowered his voice: “Su Min, come over for a second. There is a major discovery. It has something to do with the ceiling.”

Su Min froze, “Okay.”

Qin Mu Yin was about to continue speaking when he noticed that he had changed his clothes and washed his hair. He asked: “You’ve already showered?”


Su Min randomly replied.

Qin Mu Yin didn’t think much of it and was only casually asking. His thoughts were still occupied by the closet. He just felt that Su Min looked a lot better than before.

He shook his head and went into his room with Su Min.

As soon as Su Min entered Qin Mu Yin’s room, he saw the wide-open closet.

Mu Yuan was standing next to it. All the clothes had been taken out and left on the bed. Even the extra empty hangers had been removed.

The clothes were rather ordinary. Every one of them were different including the sizes.

Qin Mu Yin didn’t dare touch the hangers.

After all, Tang Yishu’s incident had only recently happened and he could still vividly recall the appearance of that human skin. He was afraid that he would similarly become like that.

Mu Yuan who heard this also became scared.

“The ceiling inside can be opened.” Qin Mu Yin pointed inside, “Mu Yuan just discovered it.”

Su Min looked at the closet.

Please read this from kk translates

They had discovered that there was a problem with the ceiling following Song Nan Nan’s disappearance and every room was searched but they couldn’t find the entrance to it. He didn’t expect it to be here.

Su Min looked inside.

There was a dark hole above the closet. It was like a cave-like entrance. Because the front was blocked by the partition, if you didn’t go inside and look up, you wouldn’t have noticed.

And no one would have known that there was such a large passageway connected to the room.

Just the thought that something non-human or a ghost could come out from it at night, Su Min wouldn’t say that he was scared but he felt disgusted.

The disgust towards having his privacy being invaded upon.

Su Min had seen similar Japanese horror movies before. After the female protagonist opens the closet, a female ghost would fall out and chase after them with twisted limbs and distorted expressions.

That scene left a deep impression on him because it was particularly creepy.

However, the director this time didn’t do this. Su Min could see a partition inside. It was about the size that could fit an adult.

If someone crawled out from it at night, no one would notice.

Su Min moved away from the closet. He then looked carefully at its location. The closet was sitting by the bed, which just happened to be the same side Song Nan Nan was sleeping on.

If Song Nan Nan was taken away, it would indeed be hard for Xia He Yin to notice.

Qin Mu Yin had already gone over to call for Su Ying and Xia He Yin. The four of them carefully watched Su Min’s actions.

That closet was like a monster’s mouth. At any moment, it could eat them up.

“Isn’t it scary?” Qin Mu Yin swallowed nervously, “Should we go up and see?”

Su Min thought for a moment and said: “Yes.”

Xia He Yin asked with worry: “Would something happen if you go in? What if you run into a monster inside?”

That was also a problem.

If they happened to run into a monster, that would be really bad.

“It shouldn’t happen.” Su Min thought for a moment, “It’s not the time for them to come out. They would probably wait until later at night.”

After midnight.

Qin Mu Yin said: “There’s nothing you can use to check in advance. In movies, you could put a chicken in first and only enter after confirming that it is still alive.”

Su Ying: “……..Are you treating this as grave robbing?”

Qin Mu Yin scratched his head, “Don’t you think that it was pretty smart?”

As the two spoke, Su Min made a decision: “I’ll go in first. If anything happens, I’ll knock three times. As soon as you hear it, leave this room immediately.”

Xia He Yin refused: “That won’t do.”

She refused to leave behind her companions.

Something had already happened to Tang Yishu and Song Nan Nan. If there was another incident, then there was nothing they could do. Furthermore, she couldn’t watch someone put their life at risk without doing anything.

Su Min looked at her, “Do you have another idea?”

“You can do more with more people. With the five of us here, we can drag it out and kill it.” Qin Mu Yin waved his hand, “There can’t be that many people in there. They wouldn’t be able to turn around if there were.”

Xia He Yin nodded, “Yes, yes, yes. There are twenty people and only two are missing. At most it should be two people.”

If there are two, they still stood a chance.

Su Min didn’t refuse their suggestion. It was not longer a matter of two people as they had already found their substitutes. Instead, the new people would come after them.

He couldn’t persuade them, “Okay then. You can take action when you hear me knocking. If anyone comes into the room, don’t raise their suspicions.”

Su Min was most afraid of someone suddenly barging in.

Qin Mu Yin nodded: “Okay, you should be careful.”

Mu Yuan who had not spoken the entire time folded a hanger and pointed the sharp end outwards.

He handed it over, “Use this and hold it in front of you. Use it as a weapon. If you run into anything, just strike with it. In any case, it would give you a chance to catch your breath.”

Su Min smiled, “Thank you.”

Mu Yuan grinned shyly. If not for his dark skin, you would notice a slight pink tinge on his cheeks.

Su Min went inside the closet and jumped up.

It felt similar to when he was climbing through the vents in the laboratory. The only difference was that this passage was slightly wider, and it was intentionally made.

As he crawled forward, he could feel a cold gust of air come over. It clearly indicated to him that this passage led to an opening outside.

Su Min lightened his movements.

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