Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 136: Room

The passage was a little dark. Su Min couldn’t see anything in front and he didn’t know what awaited him at the end.

Back in the room, Qin Mu Yin was very restless.

Mu Yuan comforted him: “According to him, there shouldn’t be anything happening tonight. No one should be lying in there waiting to ambush him.”

It would be too uncomfortable. He couldn’t imagine himself waiting in that narrow passage for such a long time. It would be uncomfortable to death.

Not to mention, there naturally wouldn’t be a bed in there.

Xia He Yin didn’t say anything. She then suddenly spoke up: “I saw a movie before about someone living in the ceiling secretly peeping on the family inside. The owner never found out.”

Mu Yuan: “………..”

That face slap came rather quick.

“The ceiling is not spacious enough.” Mu Yuan pointed above his head, “Because of the ships structure, although the ship is quite wide, the space in there wouldn’t be enough for someone to live in there.”

Qin Mu Yin sighed, “That would be for the best. Otherwise I would be left with a psychological shadow.

The thought of someone possibly crawling around above his head every night was hair rising.

“Nan Nan she…….”

Xia He Yin swallowed nervously and furrowed her brows.

She spoke in a quiet voice: “Nan Nan said someone was hitting her. Could someone have crawled out from there and done that?”

Xia He Yin had always had this on her mind.

Because she was still annoyed by the water droplets at that time, she couldn’t remember whether the closet was closed or not. Even if it was closed, it could have likely been opened from the inside.

Song Nan Nan just happened to have slept on the side closest to the closet.

Perhaps someone had crawled out from there and then did something to her causing her to disappear so cleanly.

Qin Mu Yin said: “That is entirely possible.”

It was something that couldn’t be prevented.

Su Ying leaned against the bed and was a little worried: “I haven’t heard anything for a while now. Should we also go in and see? Maybe this passage leads somewhere.”

Mu Yuan agreed: “I think it’s feasible.”

He also felt that this passage probably lead to another place. Most likely, it would be the rooms of the other crew members. If that was the case, something was likely to happen.

“I’m worried about Su Min going in alone.” Qin Mu Yin said: “I’ll go in first. Why don’t you guys wait a little more?”

He didn’t wait for the others to respond and entered the passage.

Qin Mu Yin had never done this before, so he only managed to get in with some difficulty. Along the way, he would bump into the sides. It was quite painful.

He felt that it might hurt Su Min even more with his fair-skinned, tender flesh.

At this moment, Su Min could see the end of the passage.

He held his breath and confirmed that there were no sounds coming from the other end before carefully crawling over and stopping at the edge.

It was a little different from what he had imagined.

Su Min thought this passage may lead him to one of the crew members’ room, but that wasn’t the case. There was no bed or bathroom in sight.

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It was just a simple, empty room.

At most, it was about two or three square metres.

Su Min subconsciously looked around. No one was there. There was no equipment or anything of the like in this room. All that were there were miscellaneous items.

Because it was rather dark inside, many of the things in there were dark. From above, it would be hard to identify anything.

He stopped at the edge for a few seconds first and thought about whether or not he should go down before finally deciding to wait a little longer.

It wouldn’t be good if someone suddenly appeared.

At this moment, rustling sounds could be heard. It was as if someone was climbing up behind him.

Su Min was subconsciously startled. Before he could do anything, he heard Qin Mu Yin whisper: “Su Min, why aren’t you moving?”

Qin Mu Yin was crawling behind him with a look of panic.

Su Min let out a breath of relief: “There is an empty room below.”

Qin Mu Yin closed his mouth immediately. He then suddenly remembered that he had already spoken so he didn’t need to worry about being discovered, “Then let’s go down and see?”

Su Min thought for a moment and agreed.

Two people would be better than one.

Su Min took the lead and jumped out from the passage. Unlike the closet in their rooms, it was just a hole here.

He gently landed on the ground.

Qin Mu Yin followed closely behind.

The room was not big. It was just a little larger than their bathroom but there were a lot of small items scattered across the ground.

Qin Mu Yin could see clothes scattered around wherever he looked: “Look at the clothes on the ground. They’re just randomly thrown around.”

If you didn’t need it, you could just throw it away.

Su Min’s attention wasn’t on this. He walked around the clothes and had his eyes fixed on the wall.

The walls of the room were surprisingly flat.

In addition to this, each of them were marked. They were all different and it seemed to be words of some sort.

Su Min carefully approached it. He studied it for a long before saying: “I can’t recognise the words.”

Hearing this, Qin Mu Yin also moved over, “Are these words?”

“It should be.” Su Min said, “I think it is.”

It looked like a child’s scrawl and it was definitely not Chinese characters, but his intuition told him that these were words, not anything else.

He had seen a lot of other foreign languages, but those words also don’t seem to match up. Perhaps it was some kind of uncommmon language.

Generally in horror movies like these, scrawls could be an indication of some kind of spell or curse.

And so, Su Min had a bold speculation. For these monsters to be able to successfully change into another person’s body, perhaps they needed to meet some special requirements first.

Like in the previous movie, when there is a scream, their tongue would be cut off. Once the scare factor is reached, they would soon be replaced.

Otherwise if they could change without reason, it would mean that they could replace their body any time.

Qin Mu Yin said: “But we don’t understand it.”

He paced around and accidentally kicked up a piece of clothing. Just as he was about to leave, he noticed something below it.

Compared to the one next to it, it was a little cleaner.

The ground itself was dark so he initially thought that the floor was like this and didn’t pay it much attention. Now that he was looking at it more closely, it didn’t seem to be the case.

Qin Mu Yin knelt, wiped the floor with his hand and gave it a sniff.

“There seems to be blood on the ground!”

He exclaimed quietly and quickly stood up.

Su Min followed his line of sight and looked over. It looked like traces left behind after the room was flooded with blood.

It was no wonder he felt that this room smelt strange.

Qin Mu Yin said: “Something must’ve happened here.”

“Of course.” Su Min suspected that this was the place they used to change, “If I’m not wrong, the people who were rescued probably died here.”

Qin Mu Yin who heard this started to tremble.

Su Min retracted his gaze and straightened up his body. Under the dim light, a cold expression was highlighted on his face.

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For the first time, Qin Mu Yin realised how scary it was when Su Min had his expression held taunt.

Probably because he was used to seeing a gentle Su Min, he had always had the impression that he had a good temper.

It was to the point that he suspected that he may have seen wrong.

Su Min was oblivious to those thoughts of his. He walked over to the opposite side of the room. There were also scrawls there but they were more scattered and messy.

He hesitated for a moment before reaching over to touch it with his hand.

The walls were very flat. Although it couldn’t be compared to those of high-rise buildings, it wasn’t too bad.

It was also at this moment that he felt a bulge.

Su Min’s eyes remained calm. He touched the same place several times before moving up and down. It was all the same feeling.

There was something in this place.

Su Min moved his hand across the inconspicuous bulge and finally said: “There is a door here.”

In fact, it was not very well hidden and could easily be seen. It was just that their attention earlier wasn’t on the wall here.

Qin Mu Yin reached out to push, “Let’s take a look.”

Su Min quickly stopped him, “Don’t move. What if all the monsters on this ship is in there having a meeting? We can’t risk it.”

Qin Mu Yin: “………That makes sense.”

He quickly retracted his hand.

Su Min stared at it for a long time and then looked at it from the side. He saw that there appeared to be more than just one door there.

There were probably three.

To have three in one go, was one door not enough?

Su Min suddenly had a strange thought, but he quickly tossed it away, “We probably won’t figure anything out here. Let’s go back first.”

Qin Mu Yin naturally listened to him.

The two climbed back again.

Just as Qin Mu Yin entered the passage, a sound came from the room below. It was as if the door had just been opened.

Both were startled. After waiting for a while, the door below was closed again. Confirming that the person had left, they once again began to move.

When they returned to the room, three pairs of eyes were staring intently at the closet.

After Su Min came out and dusted off his clothes, Qin Mu Yin revealed his ashen face. The whole process was as if they had just gone to rob a grave.

Xia He Yin couldn’t bear to look on.

Qin Mu Yin didn’t notice anything wrong. He recounted everything he saw: “……..That door definitely leads to their place.”

As for what that place was, they still held no clue.

That space only exposed half of the secrets of this ship.

Su Min suddenly had an idea. He narrowed his eyes slightly and said: “You now need to come up with a reason to go outside and you need to also get everyone else outside. Qin Mu Yin and I will then go through it again to open the door and see where it leads.”

Mu Yuan said: “Let’s do that.”

Xia He Yin and Su Ying were comfortable with this task. Afterall, they had already done a few similar things. Once again, they had to put their acting skills to use.

They firmly believed that they are acting gods.

After Su Ying and Xia He Yin discussed for a moment, they decided to pretend that Su Ying is sick. This was something those monsters were particularly concerned about.

For a nine-year-old child, it was something they wouldn’t suspect.

Seeing that they were all looking at her, Su Ying thought for a moment and then fell weakly onto the bed. She made herself look particularly pitiful.

The entire room was silent.

Finally, Su Min spoke up and broke the silence: “Why are you so proficient at it?”

Su Ying was a little embarrassed. She said in a small voice: “I’ve done it several times before so that I could stay at home and not attend class………”

For the first time, Su Min understood the difficulties of a parent.

Children nowadays are very clever. In order not to take the exam, one of his classmates had exposed himself to the cold for the entire night. In the end, he only succeeded in catching a cold after the exam was over.

He should learn a little from Su Ying.

When Xia He Yin and Su Ying went out, she started to sob. Mu Yuan stood at the stairs mentally noting the number of people there.

Most of them came out. Among them, the short-haired woman rushed over the fastest. She asked anxiously: “What’s wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable? Sick?”

Mu Yuan sneaked a few glances from the entrance of the stairs. He counted the number of people present and made a hand gesture behind his back.

Su Min and Qin Mu Yin quickly returned into the closet and crawled back through the same passage.

They wanted to open the door in the shortest time possible.

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