Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 137: Push Door

When they returned to that room, everything still seemed to be the same.

Su Min didn’t know who it was that came in when they left nor did he know what they were doing but that wasn’t something he should worry about right now.

The door could be opened on both sides.

Qin Mu Yin couldn’t wait any longer. He exerted much effort and pulled it away. Dazzling light poured out from within.

Su Min squinted his eyes. After adjusting to the light, he could finally make out the appearance inside.

“Why does it look exactly like our rooms?” Qin Mu Yin couldn’t help but say, “Could this be our room?”

Su Min said: “It’s not ours. It’s theirs.”

The area that could be used on a ship was limited so the rooms are usually of similar design. At most, there would be two different styles. From the looks of it, it seems that all the rooms are the same except for the captain’s room.

At first glance, this room seemed no different from theirs.

There was no one in there for the time being. Perhaps they were lured out by Xia He Yin. Su Min said: “Don’t delay things. Hurry and go in.”

The two went in.

There wasn’t anything on the bed apart from traces of someone sleeping in it. There were some clues hinting that there was someone was staying in the room scattered throughout. It appeared to be occupied by a female.

Su Min suspected that this room may belong to the one with the short hair because he didn’t see any hair ties. The hair left behind on the sink were also short.

There were only a few females on board. Among them, the woman with the short hair left the strongest impression.

Qin Mu Yin didn’t dare lift the blankets. He was afraid that he would not be able to return it to its original location consequently risking them being discovered.

He shouldn’t raise their suspicions.

“The closet here is normal.” Qin Mu Yin opened the closet again, “There are a lot of dresses inside, but they appear to be of different sizes. There are S sizes and even L sizes.”

The difference was too great.

As far as he knew, girls would usually only buy the same size of clothing that would fit them properly. The difference between a size S and a size L was also too large.

Su Min glanced over and answered casually: “It’s probably because it doesn’t belong to the same person.”

Because these clothes belonged to other people, and because most women love to dress up, the short-haired woman may have just picked out the dresses she liked regardless of the size.

Qin Mu Yin sighed: “Her place is too clean.”

Su Min though this too, “Let’s go out and see if we can directly enter the Captain’s room. He should have some clues there.”

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Time didn’t wait for anyone.

The corridors were completely dark, but they could tell with their naked eyes that the conditions of their rooms were much better.

They were currently in the middle. There were many rooms on either side of them. They walked all the way to the end and then once again went back to the last one at the end.

The last door appeared to be different from the others.

Su Min pushed. The door was locked. It also appeared to be locked from the outside, so this meant that there was no one inside at the moment.

He didn’t waste time this time and quickly unlocked it. He then pushed the door open and entered.

The captain’s room was extraordinarily luxurious.

The reason why they were certain that it was the captain’s room was because there was a large picture hanging from the wall. The person in it was not someone on this ship but he was wearing the captain’s clothes.

That was probably the captain’s original appearance.

Then the person living here was probably the original captain.

There were various trophies and medals displayed. The rest of the things on the table were related to navigation including a globe and maps.

Su Min walked over to the map and saw a lot of circled red dots. He couldn’t tell where they are now.

“Why is there nothing in this room?”

Qin Mu Yin searched around for a long time before muttering in annoyance.

There weren’t any clues in these rooms. It was too clean. They wouldn’t be able to find anything like this.

Su Min opened a drawer only to find few scribbled notes. When he opened it, he saw that the contents were related to navigation and the weather.

It was important to note that the entry was written 25 years ago.

He could almost be completely certain with his guesses.

Su Min placed everything back in place and closed the drawer. He then heard Qin Mu Yin’s surprised voice: “Come here and take a look.”

The bathroom mirror had disappeared.

Su Min looked at it carefully. It was probably broken a long time ago. Only a small fragment remained stuck on the wall in the corner.

Qin Mu Yin asked nervously: “How was it broken?”

Su Min guessed: “Maybe he broke it himself because he didn’t want to see his current appearance.”

He just wanted to see his original appearance and that was why he hung up a photo of himself from 25 years ago.

Perhaps subconsciously, he still desired his original looks.

Qin Mu Yin felt a little scared.

Just as he was about to say something, footsteps were heard outside.

“Someone’s coming.”

As soon as Su Min said that, they quickly left the bathroom. They looked over at a blank area near the bed and pushed against it. A door immediately opened.

Sure enough, that door led them back to that empty room.

The two hurried inside and hid in the passage. This time, Su Min and Qin Mu Yin didn’t leave.

After waiting for a while, the door opened, and someone came in. The sound of footsteps increased. There were at least five or six people.

Su Min quickly did a head count. There were seven people.

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The captain with his big belly stood at the front while the others stood in the centre, “Hui Hui, is it about time?”

Right now, he looked completely different from his usual smiling demeanour.

The short-haired woman was called Hui Hui. When she heard him ask, she nodded and said: “It’s tomorrow for me so I’ll take action tonight.”

The captain said: “The little girl has the advantage of having a tender body.”

The short-haired woman smiled, “It’ll probably be able to last for a while then. I kind of like her body but I don’t know if I’ll be able to speak later. She seems to be a mute.”

Although she heard her crying earlier when she was pretending to be sick, she had never heard Su Ying speak.

The person next to her comforted her: “It’s okay if you can’t speak.”

“I still have a few more days. We should raise them well over the next few days.” The man with the buzzcut said: “They’re much more stupid than the previous ones and always looking like they’re about to fall sick.”

Hearing this, Qin Mu Yin really wanted to curse at them.

Who’s falling sick? If not for the fact that they wanted to investigate, something like falling sick and being stupid had nothing to do with them.

The short-haired woman was very enchanting. There was a hint of a smile in her voice, “I have thought of this moment for a long time. The day has finally come.”

The captain smiled, “The quality this time is pretty good.”

He patted his stomach causing it to emit some hollow sounds, “After Hui Hui’s turn tonight, we will prepare for tomorrow.”

The short-haired woman nodded: “Okay.”

“That’s right, those two are almost ready.” The bespectacled middle-aged man suddenly spoke up: “That man looked like he had a good body but unfortunately his bones had been misplaced.”

Another said: “How unfortunate.”

The captain frowned: “Don’t come out yet. The human skin wasn’t dealt with last time and we were almost found out.”

The short-haired woman promised: “I definitely won’t let that happen.”

“That’s good then.” The captain said, “We can only continue living on like this now. If everyone wants to live, you must always be careful.”

“If we’re discovered, we can just tie them up.”

“It’s better for them to be free-ranged.”

Several of them started talking.

Su Min felt like he was listening to people from rural towns discussing whether poultry such as chickens, ducks and geese should be caged or free ranged.

He couldn’t help but feel speechless.

The captain didn’t interrupt them. Instead, he turned and traced the strange scrawls on the wall with a complicated expression.

He then opened another door. After checking the contents inside, he turned around and said: “Hui Hui, remember to write it in tomorrow.”

The short-haired woman answered: “Understood.”

One by one, the people started to leave the room.

The room instantly quietened down.

They probably wouldn’t return in such a short amount of time. Su Min once again came out from the passage and went directly over to the door.

Qin Mu Yin followed carefully behind.

Su Min pushed open the door. The contents inside instantly shocked the two of them.

Countless skeletons were displayed inside. It was so messy, you couldn’t tell how many there were. It was as if the entire room was buried with bones.

All that was missing was gloomy lighting.

Qin Mu Yin swallowed nervously. He then asked with a shaky voice: “………..What the hell is this? Are these real or fake?”

Su Min glanced over, “They should be real.”

The entire scene was particularly frightening.

Qin Mu Yin refused to enter: “I’m not going in………..”

He recalled the time he was thrown around by the skeletons. If he was thrown around so many times by these skeletons, it would probably be a scene similar to those terracotta warriors he mentioned.

As soon as Su Min entered, he felt cold.

Although the skeletons were scattered messily around, they were all intact. Some were even marked with numbers.

Su Min moved closer.

Without waiting for him to have a closer look, the skeleton before him voluntarily raised its hand and brought it before him.

Su Min glanced at the skull which only had bones left. If it still had flesh and skin, it may have a different appearance right now.

The numbers on the arm was written in Arabic numerals.

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The first few were easy to recognise. It was the date. Following that was a normal number. The one on this skeleton was 6.

Su Min looked at another one, this time it was 5.

The last digit on almost all the skeletons were less than 10. The highest was 8 while the lowest was 1.

When the captain had asked Hui Hui to write it in earlier, he was probably referring to these numbers. He suspected the date was probably a record of the day the body was exchanged.

The single digit at the end was likely an indication of how many times they had changed.

For example, if 5 was written, then they may have changed their bodies 5 times. This also meant that there are 5 victims.

With so many skeletons added up, it was very possible that these are all their victims. After being saved from the sea, they probably thought that they would survive but, contrary to their expectations, they died even more tragically.

Except for these, Su Min didn’t find anything else. He thought about it for a moment and left the room.

The ship is definitely dangerous. There was no point staying here any longer. They must find a way to leave this ship as soon as possible.

They could either defeat the captain and the rest of the crew to take control of the ship and go ashore, or they would need to find a way to escape the ship.

Su Min felt that the second option was more realistic. The male and female protagonist hadn’t encountered any trouble yet, so they likely still possessed the protagonist halo.

Qin Mu Yin was looking in from outside. Just as Su Min reached him, he inadvertently looked up and his eyes widened.

He swallowed and pointed inside: “Su Min, look……………”

Su Min subconsciously turned back.

All the skeletons in the room had taken a step forward. When they saw him look back, they all took a step back.

Su Min: “…………….”

How orderly.

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