Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 138: Escape

Qin Mu Yin had never felt that he would see something like this.

He could still vividly remember the incident earlier that day with the skeletons yet the scene before him was even scarier than that.

He couldn’t help but feel glad that he didn’t go in. If he did, he felt that he would probably end up in the same situation he imagined earlier.

Returning back inside the passage, it was quiet inside.

Qin Mu Yin was at the front as they made their way back to the room. Just as he was about to stick his head out, he saw Mu Yuan’s head and was startled.

Mu Yuan quickly retreated.

Qin Mu Yin jumped out and dusted himself off, “You almost scared me to death. What were you doing looking inside?”

“I was checking to see if you’re going to come back.” Mu Yuan scratched his head and answered honestly. “You just happened to come out when I was checking.”

Su Min came out from behind.

“Did you find anything?” Xia He Yin asked nervously.

Su Min nodded. He said: “There were a lot of things in the room including some strange scrawls. It’s probably something similar to spells or curses or the like.”

“Yeah.” Qin Mu Yin added: “There is a room inside filled with skeletons. You couldn’t count how many there were. At the very least several dozen.”

Su Min returned all the clothes back into the closet and closed the door. Like this, even if someone came through, they would make a sound and alert them.

Su Ying patted her face.

She had almost forgotten that she was supposed to act as a mute when she was out with Xia He Yin earlier but fortunately she didn’t speak the entire time.

The short-haired woman had really believed that she was sick and was extremely anxious.

Later, the captain came. Su Ying was a little afraid that her fake illness would be discovered but unexpectedly the captain also didn’t notice.

They eventually suspected that she may have caught a cold.

Because there was no medicine on board, they decided to give her an extra set of blankets and said it would be delivered later.

Just as they spoke, there was a knock on the door.

Xia He Yin quickly gestured with her eyes. After they entered the bathroom, she opened the door. The short-haired woman stood outside.

She glanced inside, “Is the little girl okay?”

Xia He Yin said: “She just laid down. We’ll see if she will feel better after taking a nap. That’s what we normally do in my hometown.”

The short-haired woman sighed, “This is the blanket. Remember to cover up at night and don’t make it worse. We don’t have medicine here.”

“Okay, I will pay attention.” Xia He Yin took the blanket from her. The blanket wasn’t very thick, but it was not thin either, “Thank you.”

The short-haired woman wanted to enter the room, but she was left outside with the door shutting in her face.

Xia He Yin pretended not to see her act of wanting to enter.

Su Ying pried away the blanket and sat up. She groaned: “She keeps obsessing over me. Like a witch.”

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Su Min came out from the bathroom. His expression was solemn: “She’ll take action tonight.”

But it’ll be too late when the time comes.

Su Ying let out an ‘ah’: “Then there’s no need for us to continue staying here.”

Qin Mu Yin said: “Yes, we need to leave.”

Mu Yuan said: “We need to leave the ship first, but we will need some equipment like a lifeboat. Do they have it here?”

“I haven’t seen any.”

“Since we haven’t seen it after so many days, they probably don’t have one.”

“Even if they did, they wouldn’t let us see it to avoid letting us escape. We wouldn’t be able to use it.”

The people before them probably discovered what was going on and similarly wanted to find a lifeboat but they either died at sea or was turned into skeletons.

So they must not repeat the same mistakes.

“Actually, it doesn’t have to be lifeboats.” Mu Yuan saw that they were in a difficult position. He added: “We just need anything that allows us to float at sea.”

That was the simplest way of rescuing yourself.

They had trained for this and had learnt what to do if they encountered a storm at sea or if their boat capsized.

Mu Yuan promised: “Let me look around and see if there’s anything useful. There definitely would be something suitable.”

Only now did Su Min understand the role for this character.

In the original plot, the male and female protagonist were probably able to successfully escape with Mu Yuan’s help. It was just like their current situation now.

Xia He Yin was also very happy.

Although she was still upset about Song Nan Nan’s situation, her life was more important. She would definitely seize any opportunity to leave this ship.

While she was thinking this, she thought of another problem: “What if this ship follows after us?”

Su Min said: “The best option is to destroy this ship.”

“We don’t have any explosives.” As soon as he mentioned this, Qin Mu Yin became depressed, “Are we going to end up like Mu Yuan’s dream?”

Escaping but getting caught again.

Mu Yuan waved his hand: “Didn’t you say that reality is usually the opposite of your dreams? Why are you suddenly like this?”

Qin Mu Yin let out a large sigh.

Hearing the mention of this, Su Min didn’t find it a problem, “It’s not impossible if you want to blow it up. You just need the right materials.”

The courses he studied had covered this. His chemistry labs naturally played around with chemical explosions.

Even if you didn’t have that knowledge, you would have learnt some things during high school chemistry.

After hearing this, Qin Mu Yin looked over at him with surprise.

Su Min quickly thought of a method, “I’ll go and ask the captain if he has any flour.”

Mu Yuan asked: “What’s the flour for?”

Su Min explained briefly: “Can explode.”

He didn’t explain the principle behind it. It would be a waste of time and effort. It was more important getting their hands on some flour.

They could use the excuse that they wanted to use it to make something.

If the captain only had a little bit, then they would need to think of something else.

Su Min opened the door and went straight over to the hall upstairs. He called out to the captain a few times.

Soon, the captain emerged from the cabin on his end. There was unexpectedly a look of suspicion on his face, “What’s wrong?”

Su Min smiled: “I want some flour.”

The captain asked: “Flour?”

Su Min explained calmly: “Yes, flour. The little girl doesn’t feel good so I want to make some noodle soup for her.”

With the mention of Su Ying, the captain’s expression turned solemn.

He thought about it, “Come with me. There is flour here.”

Su Min followed him into the kitchen and watched the captain rummage around the cabinets. He then pulled out a bag of flour. It was about the size of a rice bag.

He felt that this wasn’t enough, but he also couldn’t say it directly.

“Oh and, do you have any alcohol?” Su Min acted a little embarrassed, “I want to help wipe her down when she later sweats it out.”

That was a very common request.

The captain seemed to be familiar with this. He pulled out a bottle from inside the cabinet and handed it over: “Here. The others are for us to drink so I can’t give it.”

Su Min said: “Yes, this is enough. Thank you captain.”

“Rest well. It’s not good to be sick. I hope she gets better soon.” The captain smiled and left carrying his large belly.

Su Min had earlier suspected that there may be something hidden in his stomach, but he probably wouldn’t be able to find out about it for the time being.

He waited for the captain to leave first before heading back down with the alcohol in his hands. The rest could wait until everything else was ready.

As for the flour, there was only one bag so he would leave it there for now and come back or it later when he thought of a reasonable method.

Please read this from kk translates

When he returned to the room, Mu Yuan was gesturing wildly: “………It should be useable. We can’t try it out now so we can only do that.”

Su Min asked: “Can it be used?”

Mu Yuan said: “I think we can.”

“Time waits for no one. You have experience. It’s enough if it can be used.” Su Min looked over, “Qin Mu Yin, come with me to the kitchen. Mu Yuan and the others should go to the deck and get ready to leave.”

Mu Yuan immediately nodded.

He had intended on dragging over the thing he found to the deck. Although it would be a little difficult, it should be okay with two people helping.

The ship was rather high up from the surface of the sea.

The ropes that were left there for life saving could be used for them to slowly climb down.

Mu Yuan was the first one.

After he gave it a try and shook it around, he let Xia He Yin and Su Ying came down one after another.

There were a lot of alcohol in the kitchen and there were also some left after the party last time. They didn’t expect it to be used in this type of situation.

Su Min poured it out over the beds in their rooms before going to the kitchen with Qin Mu Yin.

He took out all the alcohol in the kitchen. Fearing that the crew members might come out, he poured it everywhere and ensured that every part of the cabin was covered.

Once that was all done, Su Min then dragged a rope soaked in alcohol over. He spread it over under the stairs on both sides.

The door to the cabins were shut tightly so the smell of alcohol wasn’t very strong.

When they were done, Su Min made Qin Mu Yin break open the bag of flour and scatter it everywhere.

Su Min again went to the kitchen to light the fire. He carefully lit the rope and the fire started to travel down the rope.

They then ran over to the deck and climbed down the rope.

Su Min estimated that it was about time for the fire to reach the rooms.

As expected, as soon as he landed, a loud sound rang out from above. It was closely followed by fire raging through the cabins.

It was originally just a small part of the ship, but it quickly spread through.

The small wooden plank they sat on was pulled away by the sea waves.

There were more sounds of explosions which were accompanied by screams. The fire on the ship illuminated the sea.

Su Min saw several people covered in fire on the deck.

He didn’t know if they themselves were easily flammable or if it was because of their bodies. One by one, they jumped around on the deck before desperately throwing themselves into the sea.

Some even wanted to go over to them.

Mu Yuan became tense for a moment, “Quick, quick, quick. Don’t let them catch up. We can’t be caught!”

He didn’t want his dream to turn into reality.

Without any paddles, they could only use their hands. Several people working together would naturally be better than one person swimming. The people who jumped off were eventually caught by the waves and thrown aside.

Over time, the wooden plank they were on also drifted further and further away.

Su Min didn’t know if the captain and the others would burn to death. This was something that he could only know if he watched the movie as he naturally couldn’t fly over to check.

After an unknown amount of time passed, a ray of light appeared in the distance.

Dawn tended to happen rather early at sea. Within a minute or two, the sun had appeared, and it shone brightly over them in the sky.

Victoria was no longer visible.

A reminder sounded in Su Min’s mind.

【Audience Member Su Min hello. Congratulations, you have successfully lived until the finale! There is still a five-minute transitional period. Please be prepared.】

Su Min had grown used to those five minutes.

It would be impossible for Chen Su to appear in a place like this but, considering his words from last time, it seemed that he had made a decision.

Qin Mu Yin sat on the simple wooden plank feeling a little at loss, “Are we going to be drifting at sea for a long time?”

There was no sight of land around them and they were surrounded by sea water. Even a lighthouse couldn’t be seen.

If they stayed like this for two or three days, they would probably starve to death.

It may be better if they had water, but they couldn’t even drink the water here. Humans wouldn’t be able to last very long without eating or drinking.

Furthermore, if it rained they were doomed.

Su Min and Su Ying glanced at each other. They both had the same thoughts. There wasn’t much to worry about. Afterall the protagonist halos over the male and female protagonists was still working.

Sure enough, something suddenly appeared in the distance.

Qin Mu Yin noticed it instantly. He stood up with excitement. After staring at it for a long time, he said, “It seems to be a ship.”

“What if it’s a ghost ship again?”

“On a bright day like today, that shouldn’t be possible.”

He and Xia He Yin started to discuss. After a few minutes, the ship also became more visible.

Qin Mu Yin had good eyes. He spoke with uncertainty: “It might be the navy.”

Knowing this, the people on the plank breathed a sigh of relief. Compared to a normal ship, a military ship was more reassuring.

That was something that shouldn’t turn into a ghost ship.

As time passed, the ship got closer and closer and the sun rose higher and higher.

Five minutes transitional period ended very quickly.

Su Min watched the three people stare eagerly at the ship before returning back to the cinema with Su Ying.

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