Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 139: Feeding

After coming out of the movie, Su Min took off his helmet.

There weren’t many people in the theatre in the first place and, with some leaving early, there were only a few remaining.

After Su Ying took off her helmet, she couldn’t be more excited, “Wow, has it always been this amazing experiencing horror movies? I want to experience it more!”

She had only watched others experience horror movies and it felt like she was watching a movie. Even if it was in 3D, it didn’t leave her with much of an impression.

Personally experiencing it was so much better than that.

It was no wonder so many people were willing to experience it. Unfortunately, she still couldn’t do it alone so she could only take an adult along.

Thinking this, Su Ying decided that she would continue holding onto Su Min’s thigh. With him here, it meant that she could experience countless horror movies.

 The lights in the theatre had already turned on.

Some of the other audiences who were heading out heard Su Ying’s words. They glanced over at her and whispered: “These days kids like to brag too much. Even I couldn’t clear this movie.”

Su Ying: “…………”

Why did they think that she was bragging?

Su Min couldn’t help but laugh. He lightly ruffled the little girl’s head that was about to emit steam. “Don’t be angry. Let’s go eat.”

“He left so late but he didn’t clear the movie?” Su Ying’s mind was on something different, “Then what was he doing here?”

Watching the movie on the big screen?

Wasn’t that too pitiful?

Su Ying’s mood improved when she thought this, “Let’s go, let’s go. Should we go for barbeque or hot pot? Hurry and choose one.”

Having barbeque in winter was just as good as having hot pot.

Su Ying eventually decided on hot pot.

She was the birthday girl so Su Min naturally didn’t refuse. After leaving the cinema, he took her over to Hai Di Lao.

There were still many people there despite the late hours, but they just happened to have a table with a window view available.

After Su Ying made her order, she passed the menu to Su Min and then went online to check the movie comments.

Afterall, it had been released for a day now. Although the viewership rate of this movie may not be high, there would still be people watching it. The movie side would also try to promote it.

Su Ying went directly to the movie’s official bog.

The movie trailer was pinned to the top. When she clicked into it, she saw the same storm they encountered at the beginning of the movie. After boarding the ship, various strange events began to happen.

At the very end, the trailer stopped at a scene depicting the captain peeping through the stairs.

Su Ying was shocked: “Turns out it was the captain peeping at us at that time!”

At that time, they didn’t know who that head belonged to. With the trailer quickly showing a snippet of that scene, they finally realised that it was the captain.

The captain was laying on the ground, peeping at them from the stairs.

Su Min took the phone from her and watched the trailer, “I was actually thinking that it could be him. I didn’t expect to be right.”

Afterall, the captain was the strangest acting one in the movie.

He was also very curious about the contents of the captain’s stomach. Afterall, that large stomach was a very eye-catching feature of his.

Su Min returned her phone and asked: “Do you want to go home after this or watch the movie again?”

Su Ying said: “Of course I want to watch the movie!”

With her finally having the chance to be set free, she naturally wanted to make the most of it.

Watching the movie would also allow her to figure out the things she didn’t understand.

Su Min said: “The session tonight was the last one so even if you want to watch it again, you can only wait until tomorrow.”

Su Ying was a little disappointed.

As the two conversed, the food was pushed over on a trolley by the waiter. The two together ate three- or four-people’s worth of food.

Su Min didn’t expect Su Ying to be able to eat so much.

As it turned out, he had underestimated the little girl. All that food wasn’t enough. If not for her fear of getting a big belly, she would have probably ordered more.

Su Ying had an appetite that was contrary to her appearance.

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Towards the end of their meal, the cinema called.

“Mr. Su, you left your belonging in the theatre.” It was the staff Xiao He’s voice: “It’s a scarf.”

Su Min realised he didn’t bring it back with him, “Okay I understand. I’ll go over to pick it up.”

Su Ying said: “Try asking him to see if that really was the last session for the day?”

Su Min was helpless. He could only do as requested.

Xiao He quickly answered, “Yes, there’s still one more. A private session.”

“Private session?” Su Min repeated. “Since it’s a private session, then forget about it.”

Xiao He quickly explained: “Mr. Su, you are our VIP member so it’s okay. We have a theatre that only accommodates a few people. There’s no one using it tonight.”

Su Min had never bought a member card so he didn’t know of this benefit: “Wouldn’t it be too troublesome?”

“No, it’s fine. We just need to play it.”

Su Min thought about it, “Okay then. I’ll go there with my sister later.”

Xiao He responded cheerfully: “Okay.”

Su Min didn’t know why he was suddenly so excited. He found it very strange, but he didn’t ask about it and hung up.

Su Ying asked: “What private session?”

Su Min explained briefly: “A session for members to watch movies alone.”

“It’s something so good?” Su Ying’s eyes widened, “Then when I have time, I want to buy a members card. I’ll be able to watch it together with my classmates.”

Member cards could be purchased online.

Su Ying went over to the members page. There were various types of memberships, but she didn’t see anything about private viewing sessions. She was a bit confused for a moment.

There wasn’t anything about it online. Was this something only offered to special members?

That sounded reasonable. Afterall, he had cleared several movies. Su Ying closed the webpage and continued to eat.


An hour and a half later, they returned back to the cinema.

It was already late at night so there weren’t many people around apart from a few couples watching a late night movie or getting ready to watch a new movie premiering tomorrow.

As soon as Su Min and Su Ying reached the hall, Xiao He who was waiting came over.

He carried a small paper bag in his hand. It was very intricately designed and even had the words “New Century Cinema” written on it.

Xiao He handed it over, “Mr. Su, can you check to see if it’s the correct scarf?”

Su Min opened it. It was indeed his scarf.

“It’s mine.” But there was no need for this paper bag. They didn’t have to do that. The customer service of this cinema was really too good.

Xiao He breathed a sigh of relief and asked, “That right, as for the private session, did you have a movie you wanted to watch? We can arrange for it.”

Su Min casually asked: “Old movies are okay?”

Xiao He answered: “All okay.”

Su Min didn’t expect that to also be okay. His purpose however was “Ghost Ship”: “I want to watch “Ghost Ship” but it was the last session earlier.”

“That’s fine.” Xiao He smiled, “We can put it on right now. It would be faster than an old movie.”

Su Ying urged: “That’s great. Let’s go in then.”

Xiao He nodded and took them over to a small theatre. It was a very luxurious theatre with about five or six seats. There were various equipment next to each of them.

Su Min had never watched a movie in such a place.

Xiao He communicated with his colleagues and had everything arranged for them. A few minutes later, the movie began to play.

Su Min and Su Ying both put on their glasses.

The beginning of the movie was no different to their experience apart from the fact that they weren’t there. Even without them, the storm still occurred.

After boarding the ship, the short-haired woman had her eyes on Xia He Yin.

Su Min didn’t know why she fancied Su Ying so much before. Perhaps it was because Su Ying was so young and tender.

Tang Yishu and Song Nan Nan as usual went missing the first two nights.

Tang Yishu’s closet door wasn’t closed. From inside, a sickly thin man crawled out. He didn’t know what he had smeared onto the clothes hanger, but he had stuck it onto Tang Yishu’s back.

Su Min saw that it had the same indecipherable scrawl he saw on the walls in the empty room.

The movie probably didn’t allow bloody scenes, so the scene turned to the window before again showing Tang Yishu’s skin lying on the bed.

Song Nan Nan’s disappearance wasn’t bloody or gruesome.

An arm reached out from the closet to pull at Song Nan Nan. In her sleepy state, Song Nan Nan would always reach out and swat it away. Eventually the arm would slap her back and that was why she thought someone was hitting her. In the end, she was dragged into the closet.

Following that, a woman drew something on Song Nan Nan’s body in the empty room.

The last scene that appeared was Song Nan Nan’s body constantly convulsing. It was as if the bones inside were being reorganised.

Both laid on the ground, paralysed.

When someone opened the door and dragged Song Nan Nan whose body was still being reorganised into the room, Song Nan Nan complained: “It hurts. I still need a few more days.”

She was no longer Song Nan Nan herself.

Everything continued on as usual. In the end, the male and female protagonist and Mu Yuan tried to escape together. The only difference this time was that their method of escape was more troublesome.

Please read this from kk translates

Qin Mu Yin and Mu Yuan sneaked into a room that looked like the ships control room. They found a barrel of gasoline and spilled it everywhere.

In fact, the eventual method was the same. They still destroyed the ship.

But this time Mu Yuan was caught by someone on the ship and together they fell into the sea. If it wasn’t for Qin Mu Yin and Xia He Yin working together, they would’ve also been taken away.

The camera finally returned to the burning ship.

The captain was also burning. His clothes were burnt, revealing the skin inside.

The reason for his large stomach was because it was filled with bones.

He had encountered a problem as he changed his body. The other party’s body was too small, and it couldn’t support him so the excess went to the stomach, breaking open his belly. All the bones that protruded out were covered by his clothes.

As time passed, the empty stomach began to rot. This continued and began to spread over to the rest of his body.

Eventually they were all burned.

With the movie ending, Su Min removed his glasses.

It didn’t mention anything about how the captain and his crew found out about this replacement method but that wasn’t important anymore. Afterall, they were no longer human.

The director didn’t necessarily have to think about the origins of that method.

Su Ying took off her glasses and explained again: “It’s so exciting. Turns out the captain’s stomach looked like that. It’s so disgusting. Wouldn’t that mean that all the food he ate would fall out?”

Hearing this, Su Min couldn’t help but think of a movie.

In that movie, a man had become a puppet. When the protagonist’s stepmother fed his father, everything he ate fell out from the back.

In any case, everything was fake.

Su Min got up from his seat and said to her: “Okay, it’s midnight. Time to go back.”

Su Ying hadn’t spoken yet when the door to the small theatre was pushed open.

Xiao He looked in from outside and whispered: “Mr. Su, have you finished watching the movie?”

Su Min said: “It’s over.”

Xiao He then retracted his head. Su Ying and Su Min both didn’t understand his actions.

A few seconds later, the door was reopened and a large bouquet of roses appeared. Xiao He appeared from behind the bouquet, “Mr. Su, this is for you.”

Su Min had a look of confusion.

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