Arc 7: Taking My Surname
Chapter 140: Gifting Flowers

There were only the three of them in the small theatre.

Before he could even have the chance to react, Xiao He brought the roses in after speaking and stuffed it into Su Min’s hands. He then let out a big sigh of relief.

He had waited outside the entire time fearing that he would miss them or come in too soon.

Su Ying asked: “What’s goin’ on?”

She had become so excited even her local dialect came out.

Su Min glanced down at the bright roses. Seeing that Xiao He was about to leave, he asked: “Wait a minute. Who sent these?”

Xiao He pointed inside, “There’s a card.”

Using the opportunity while Su Min was looking down, Xiao He quickly flew out from the theatre like he had engines attached to the back of his feet.

He probably ran faster than anyone else did in competitions.

Su Min remained silent. He pulled out a card from the bottom. There was no nonsense written on it and it was signed off at the end with Chen Su.

As expected, it was him.

He was wondering who it could be. It was impossible for the cinema to do something like that but now that he knew that it was Chen Su, he wasn’t surprised.

Su Ying stepped in and looked, “What does it say?”

Su Min covered the card, “Children shouldn’t be too concerned about adult affairs.”

“Don’t you know that I’m not a child anymore?” Su Ying pouted and corrected his words, “I saw it. It said ‘love you’ hahahaha.”

She was afraid that Su Min would hit her so she quickly jumped away after saying that.

Su Min could tell that she probably only saw a few words and didn’t mind. After all, their relationship was already an open secret.

He said: “Let’s go. I’ll take you home.”

Su Ying nodded: “Okay, let’s go home.”

When they left the cinema, there was almost no one around. Several staff members were chatting in the corner and they all looked over when they walked out.

Although they were acting and smiling normally, Su Min was certain that they were hiding something.

It was probably the relationship between the cinema and Chen Su.

The roses were fresh. Su Min had no intention to throw it out because that would be too much of a waste but taking it home would mean that he would need to think of an excuse.

Fortunately, Su Ying was there to help.

When they got back to her place, the adults were getting ready to go home. Seeing the flowers in his arms, they were a little stunned.

The others thought he got into a relationship and teased: “I’ve haven’t heard anything about Xiao Min being in a relationship. Turns out, you already have a girlfriend.”

“Now we don’t have to worry about you not being able to get married in the future.”

Although same-sex marriages were common, normal marriages were still more mainstream so they had never questioned Su Min’s sexuality.

Su Min himself also never thought about it.

He didn’t know if he was gay, heterosexual or bisexual, and he didn’t know how to tell. He just felt that he should be together with someone he liked.

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When Su Min placed the flowers on the table, the children watching him asked innocently: “Were these flowers not accepted? Brother is so pitiful.”

Su Min: “…………”

You have pretty good imagination.

Su Ying exclaimed loudly: “When we went out, we ran into a classmate who has a crush on brother. She bought these for him.”

“Then Xiao Min accepted it?”

“Girls nowadays are so proactive. I think its good for them to take the initiative. Otherwise all the good boys would be gone.”

“Such a big bouquet. She’s probably sincere.”

Su Min heard their discussions and internally thought: That sincere “girl” Chen Su didn’t even show his face.

How very insincere.

What exactly was he waiting for? Su Min had a small speculation.

Not long after staying at Su Ying’s place, mother and father Su drive home. Su Min naturally went back together with them.

Along the way, Su Min recalled some movie events.

For example, the food on the ship. It was definitely not the food they had originally brought onto the ship when it first went out to sea because it had already been more than 20 years since then. Even if the food wasn’t eaten, it would have already turned into ashes.

But despite that, the kitchen was still new, and the food was fresh. There was even flour and alcohol. That was very strange.

In the original movie, some short scenes were revealed as the characters reflected on their past. After the captain and the others encountered danger and underwent some changes, they found themselves in a strange place.

It was like the land of the demons.

The more specific it was, the more issues there would be so there weren’t many scenes about it. This was the same for the process of exchanging bodies.

Because it would mean that they would need to think about the cause and effect, and how they should set it up. Without it, they just needed to worry about depicting the incidents occurring on the ship.

Like this, the movie would take place in a specific setting, and the background behind it all wouldn’t be the main focus.

Like some of the large production horror movies, monsters would appear, but they wouldn’t waste any effort explaining the bug behind it.

There was a group in his chat that constantly received notifications.

Li Wenxin: “Brothers, hurry and get up!”

Li Wenxin: “How can you be sleeping at such a good time in the evening? It’s time for us sand sculpture netizens to party!”

Su Min saw that he was extremely excited and couldn’t help but reply: “Are you this happy because you passed all your exams?”

Li Wenxin: “Let’s not talk about that. I don’t have the courage to check my results. I’ll check it after the New Year.”

Li Wenxin: “Wow you’re actually still awake at this time? Is something about to change?”

Before Su Min had the chance to reply, he received another message.

Li Wenxin: “Great master, you actually didn’t go watch a movie? That’s unusual. I didn’t see you there when I went to the local cinema and thought you finally failed at clearing the movie.”

He even gloated for a bit.

In the end, he was thinking too much. As usual, a top student was still a top student. He would never let him down.

Wang Di: “Why didn’t you watch it? Was it not good? If that’s the case then I’m not going to watch it.”

Su Min said: “I just finished watching it.”

Li Wenxin: “You watched it so late this time. Was it any fun?”

“Nothing much. I took my sister to the movies.” Su Min replied: “You can watch if you want to. It’s not scary.”

To him, it wasn’t scary because there wasn’t anything terrifying in the movie.

Li Wenxin: “Just from those words of yours, I’ve decided not to watch.”

Wang Di: “Then I’m also not watching.”

Su Min: “…………”

Seriously? Why won’t these two trust him?

Mother Su who was sitting in the passenger seat saw Su Min sitting at the back playing on his phone. She couldn’t tell if he was typing something or looking at something so she asked: “Xiao Min, are you dating?”

Su Min answered: “No.”

“You didn’t accept the girl who gave you flowers?” Mother Su wondered: “Then that girl must be very upset.”

Su Min: “………Didn’t look upset.”

To be more exact, he couldn’t see that.

Mother Su was stumped by his words. She thought he had no love cells in him and said bitterly: “Even if you don’t see it, she might be upset inside.”

Su Min said: “Then it can’t be helped.”       

“You’re about to graduate but you haven’t been in a single relationship.” Mother Su sighed, “Mum wants to see you get married.”

Su Min put down his phone, “It’s still too early for me to get married. Stop thinking about it.”

“Why can’t I think about it? Which mother wouldn’t want to see their son get married?” Father Su interjected: “If you have someone you like, hurry and pursue them. You might regret not doing that later.”

Mother Su also added: “That’s right. There are only a few girls in your field. If you really can’t find a girl, a boy is fine too. Did you want to live alone as a monk?”

“Speaking of which, the son of the newcomer in our company got a boyfriend. He seems to be very filial. Everyday he would brag that he now has two sons.”

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“That’s usually the case. One would come with another. With technology so advanced, all you need is permission.”

Su Min: “………Alright then.”

What else could he say?

He was initially afraid of the two finding out, so he had hidden the card in his pocket. Now that he thought about it, he felt that he was probably thinking too much.

They didn’t even think in that direction.

These adults usually didn’t have the opportunity to watch a movie, let alone watch the re-released movies. Their adult colleagues also wouldn’t know that he was their son.

So Su Min had nothing to worry about.

He mainly wanted to know about what happened in the past but he couldn’t ask directly. If he did, the adults would probably fabricate more lies.

It was a simple thing for them.

It was just that Su Min didn’t expect mother Su to say that she didn’t mind him finding another man. He had never thought that they would be so accepting.

Under such circumstances, it would be difficult for them to reject Chen Su’s existence.

When they returned home, it was already very late.

Mother Su said: “Give me the flowers. I’ll put them in the vase for you?”

Of course, Su Min refused: “I can do it myself. I still have a few empty ones in my room.”

Mother Su didn’t think much of it and let him do it his way.

Su Min’s heart was racing fast. He was worried that she would suspect something. He went straight into his room and placed the flowers on his desk.

After he took a shower, he went to find a vase for the flowers.

When he opened the wrapping paper, a sheet of paper was exposed at the bottom.

Only then did Su Min realise that there was another card.

He had only pulled the other one out randomly earlier. The other one inside probably fell to the bottom with all the walking so he hadn’t noticed.

Su Min pushed away those roses and opened the card. Even after checking its contents, he didn’t understand the intentions behind it.

It was a movie ticket.

It looked just like a movie ticket, but it wasn’t a movie ticket in the traditional sense. There were only three words on it: Taking My Surname.

There was no time written on it, only an address.

But it looked like a movie ticket.

Su Min wondered if Chen Su wanted him to watch something.

For the time being, he didn’t know what it could be. He placed the flowers in the vase and added some water before lying down in bed with the ticket.

Su Min went online and searched. There wasn’t a movie with this name and he couldn’t find any information about it at all. He had never seen such a movie ticket.

At first glance, it looked like a very suspicious looking ticket.

It was different to the ticket he received last time from Chen Su.

The ticket for the hospital movie given before had the name and time written on it. It looked like a normal movie ticket. What was going on with this one?

Or would it all be exposed if he searched it?

Su Min couldn’t figure it out.

The only thing he was certain about was that his relationship with the cinema was definitely not simple. For him to be able to do something like this, he must have some kind of strong connection.

Xiao He even helped him deliver the flowers.

Su Min checked the newly released movies on the official website of New Century Cinema but none of it had this name.

If it wasn’t listed on the website, then it wouldn’t be a released movie.

Since it wasn’t released, then was he going to make him watch air?

Or did Chen Su get his hands on a short video and wanted to enjoy it with him?

Su Min made many guesses. They all made him speechless.

Finally, he wondered if he should give the cinema a call to ask if a new movie was going to be released. Perhaps Chen Su was afraid that he would not go so he did this as a precaution.

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