Arc 7: Taking My Surname
Chapter 141: Start

Su Min thought about it all night and finally couldn’t help but fall asleep.

It was snowing the next day and the weather was a bit cold. Mother Su had prepared some pumpkin and pear congee.

Mother Su’s cooking was very good. Su Min downed a whole bowl in one go.

“What did you and Ying Ying do last night for you to come back so late?” Mother Su casually asked.

Su Min’s movements stopped, “We watched a movie, and then we ate hot pot.”

At the mention of movies, Mother Su remembered Su Ying talking about it in the past, “Can you now also participate in movies?”

Su Min answered calmly: “Yes, but they’re horror movies.”

Upon hearing the words horror movie, Mother Su backed off. She had originally wanted to give it a try on her day off to support her son.

Mother Su said: “Then I won’t watch it.”

Su Min for some reason breathed a sigh of relief. He was glad the adults didn’t watch horror movies.

After finishing his food, Su Min returned to his room

There really wasn’t much to do during university breaks. Su Min didn’t like going out so it could be said that he is a hermit.

He went on Weibo to search for movies.

There wasn’t anything special on the news. The only one was a post questioning the cinema’s grading standards. It was created by a new account.

“I worked so hard for so long but why can’t I clear any of them? Why doesn’t the cinema disclose how the movies are graded? I don’t agree with this. I worked so hard, but I never clear them while others can. And there also that guy who would get rereleases for every movie. Does that guy have some kind of backing? @NewCenturyCinema”

Su Min felt that this person was probably referring to him.

Of course, he also felt that it might be too narcissitic of him to think this.

There are also others who would get rereleases for the movies they watched. Most of them would be suspense movies because they could directly watch the movie and catch the killer. If they were a little smarter, they could find the clues and easily clear the movie.

There were also romance movies. There are quite a few rereleases for those since some fans can be very powerful. In order to be with their idols, they would be willing to attempt the movie over and over again.

And this was also the reason why the cinema introduced holographic viewing technology. With the introduction of this, the number of visitors increased exponentially and it became very popular amongst the female audience.

Su Min opened this discussion on Weibo.

“I also want to see how they graded it. I want to see what grade I got though I am not very good at acting.”

“Surely there must be a reason for you failing. With everything revealed in the rereleases, what secrets could there be? Just use it as a basis and try again.”

“Who are you talking about? I want to go and watch his movies.”

“I also want to complain about this. I tried a movie last time but after waiting three days, I was told I didn’t pass. So angry.”

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“I just know that some people are very amazing. I’m fine with just watching. I think they’re all pretty good.”


The comments under that post were all different. They each stood firm by their opinions.

Su Min didn’t see a reply from New Century Cinema’s end but with this issue being so big, someone higher up would probably reply soon.

He also needed to ask about the movie “Taking My Surname”.

Based on the name, Su Min felt that it was probably a romance movie. Afterall, that phrase was quite popular but he also wasn’t certain. Chen Su after all never does things by the book.

He called the person in charge directly.

The person in charge was probably busy so he only answered after a few rings: “Mr. Su, do you have a movie you want to watch?”

From the movies Su Min had rereleased, they had earned quite a lot of money and this would be the same for Su Min so it could be considered that they’re in a mutual benefit relationship.

Su Min asked: “I have a ticket here. I wanted to ask if there is a movie called “Taking My Surname” about to be released soon?”

The person in charge hesitated.

He sat in his chair as his mind worked quickly. He then hastily replied: “No, but movies that are screened through private screening have nothing to do with us.”

Private screening?

Su Min was reminded by him that there was another possibility.

He had almost forgotten about this service.

Su Min no longer intended on asking any further about the movie. In any case, he was going to watch it anyway. If it was something strange, he would just let Chen Su suffer.

The person in charge asked: “Mr. Su, when do you plan on coming?”

He was a little afraid that Su Min would decide not to come. If that was the case, he would need to think of a way to get him to come over.

Su Min said: “Maybe tomorrow.”

He wanted to rest today. Afterall, his mind would need a break after the holographic viewing experience. Having a break was necessary.

The person in charge said: “Okay, then I’ll make the necessary arrangements for tomorrow.”

Su Min hummed in response.

After hanging up the phone, he took out the ticket and looked at it again. He was again reminded of the movie “Death Show”.

If this wasn’t reality, he may actually suspect it to be related to that movie.

Anyway, he would find out tomorrow. A movie wouldn’t take more than three hours. Indian movies at most would also only be two hours long.

Su Min had already mentally prepared himself.

He had a hunch that he may get the answer he wanted tomorrow.


The weather was fine the next day and the snow outside had melted.

Su Min stayed at home all morning and learned to make a dish before changing his clothes and leaving in the afternoon. Taking along his ticket, he boarded a subway and headed over to the cinema.

Compared to a car, he preferred taking the subway.

Probably because he was used to the cinema near school, he went there again. During the winter vacation, there were many children on the subway.

Su Min sat on the side and loosened his scarf.

When he looked up, he saw two girls sitting opposite him staring at him. Seeing him look over, they turned and looked away.

Su Min found it very strange.

Soon, they turned and secretly looked at him again.

Taking advantage of the time between stops, Su Min asked quietly: “Is there something on my face?”

The short-haired girl covered her mouth and exclaimed: “It really is you!”

She excitedly pulled at the sleeve of her friend next to her. Su Min was a little afraid that she would tear her friends’ clothes.

“I thought I recognised the wrong person.” The short-haired girl said with a blush, “Are you Su Min?”

Su Min hesitantly nodded.

“I’ve seen every one of your movies.” The short-haired girl tried to suppress her excitement, “I’m not brave enough to watch holographic movies, but I love to watch yours. I think it’s very fun.”

It wasn’t very scary and it would be very different from the original. It was just right for someone like her.

Su Min didn’t expect her to be a fan of his.

Although he wasn’t a celebrity and he had no intentions to be one, having a fan was something he was happy about.

He smiled: “Thank you for liking it.”

The short-haired girl didn’t expect Su Min to be so good looking. She even thought that the face she saw on the screen was produced with the help of beauty filters. She now realised how ignorant she was.

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“That’s right, who is this Chen Su?”

Su Min said: “You want to know?”

The short-haired girl indeed wanted to know but she was also afraid of becoming disillusioned, so she quickly shook her head: “It’s better not to know.”

In fact, she just knew about Chen Su because he appeared in the movies as well and that was why she wanted to know about him. Many of the online netizens were also curious but no one knew anything about him.

The moment he was most discussed was when they discussed his true identity, but everything had become peaceful now. They no longer cared about digging up his true identity.

Her friend similarly no longer cared about it.

Su Min wanted to continue but he also didn’t know how to answer.

Should he say he also didn’t know?

Along the way, the short-haired girl asked a lot of questions. Su Min patiently answered every one of them including whether or not there were scenes that were not released.

This continued until they reached their destination.

When Su Min was about to get off, the short-haired girl also happened to be getting off at the same stop. She asked curiously, “Are you going to the cinema?”

Su Min said: “Yeah.”

“Are you watching the recently released “Ghost Ship” from two days ago?” The short-haired girl asked happily: “I also plan on going to see it. I originally wanted to watch the movie holographically, but I decided against it because I was too afraid.”

Su Min saw that she was very excited and didn’t have the heart to say that he had already watched it. He just smiled: “I heard it isn’t very scary.”

The girl sighed: “Haa, you can’t do much when you’re timid.”

The three of them went to the cinema together.

When they went to get their tickets, Su Min said: “I already have my ticket. You can go and get your tickets.”

Xiao He saw him walk over and internally let out a sigh of relief. He thought Su Min had suddenly gotten into a relationship.

He was almost scared to death.

He wiped away the non-existent sweat from his forehead and jogged over: “Mr. Su, over here. I’m here.”

Su Min walked over, “You don’t need to be in such a hurry.”

“It’s nothing.” Xiao He quickly changed the topic and said: “The movie theatre is already set up. You can go in now.”

Su Min nodded: “Okay.”

His purpose for coming here was this so there was no need to waste chatting.

The private theatre this time was different from the one he went to last time. Xiao He took him deep down the hallway and opened a door, “Mr. Su, this is it.”

It was a little dark inside. Su Min walked in.

Xiao He turned on the lights from the back. In an instant, the inside of the room was revealed. There were chairs and tables. All sorts of things were here.

It was Su Min’s first time seeing such an extravagant theatre.

He could now understand why so many people like to have their own personal movie theatres at home. It looked really amazing.

Because no one liked to watch movies at home, there weren’t anything of the sort installed but he now felt fortunate that they didn’t do that. If they did, mother Su would’ve have found out about this by now.

Su Min was still a little worried.

Xiao He closed the door: “Mr. Su, you can choose to play it any time. This room belongs to you for the whole day. If you need anything, you can just find me.”

Su Min turned around and answered: “Okay, I understand.”

Xiao He didn’t hang around for long. He wiped his forehead again and quickly hurried out the theatre. He even thoughtfully closed the door behind him.

There were food and drinks on the table. There was even wine.

Su Min had no interest in wine. He ate a fruit and his mouth was filled with sweetness. He then noticed a blank disc nearby.

It was probably the content to be played.

Like what he had guessed, there was no such movie in this cinema. It was a private show so he would need to put it in himself.

Su Min stared at it for a while and then ate a few more things. He suddenly felt that there was no need to rush things. After eating almost half of everything in the room, he wiped his hands and got ready to watch the movie.

He didn’t know if Chen Su would be mad at him for doing this.

As Su Min though this, he got ready to play the movie. After the screen brightened, he returned to the bed and put on the helmet. Before him, three words appeared: Taking My Surname.

Taking whose surname? His surname?

The answer to everything would be soon revealed. The movie with unknown content was about to begin.

Su Min laid in bed and heard a familiar reminder: “Hello Su Min, are you ready to experience it?”

He noticed that there were a few words missing this time. Even the movies name didn’t appear.

Su Min hesitated for a moment before selecting yes.

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