Arc 7: Taking My Surname
Chapter 142: Village

“Have you packed everything?”

He suddenly heard a male voice. When Su Min opened his eyes, he saw a hand flash by and he subconsciously swatted it away.

The other party hissed in pain. He complained: “What are you doing? I’m kind-heartedly reminding yet you actually hit me?!”

Su Min could finally see who the other party was. He said: “Sorry, I was just lost in thought earlier and wasn’t paying attention.”

He assessed his surroundings and saw that he was in a dormitory.

Noting the professional textbooks on the table, it appeared to be a university dormitory. These books also happen to be covering the same major he was currently studying. He didn’t know how Chen Su knew about it.

But after thinking about it, he realised that his major was already revealed to the public. Perhaps that was how Chen Su knew about it.

The other party was a thin, bamboo-looking man. It was Su Min’s first time seeing such a thin man.

The thin man san said: “Your phone rang just now.”

Su Min nodded. He reached out for his phone and saw that it was a call from someone saved as “Mum”.

He called back. It didn’t take long for the phone to connect.

The other party was a middle-aged woman: “Why didn’t you answer your phone earlier? When will you be coming back today? I’ll go and buy some things.”

Su Min had no idea when he was supposed to go back. He could only turn the phone into speaker mode and search through his phone.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t find anything. In the end, he could only make something up: “About seven.”

“Okay, pay attention to safety as you make your way home.”

Su Min hummed in response and hung up.

His physical body seemed to be his own. Including the little habits from earlier, there was almost no difference from this and his real body.

There must be something on his phone.

Su Min went through his phone and finally found the answer in a taxi app. It was a small village. Just the fare itself was several hundred yuan.

He must be really rich.

But that was something that was arrranged a long time ago. Su Min couldn’t delay things any longer and quickly called a taxi over.

When he left the dormitory, he went out of his way to look at the structure both inside and out. It was almost the same as his dormitory. The only difference was the placement of books and the like.

Su Min dragged his suitcase over to a taxi.

The taxi driver was a bit reluctant when he heard the village name: “That place is too remote. I won’t be able to get any passengers back so I’ll lose money like this.”

Su Min said: “Then add another hundred yuan.”

Driver: “Deal.”

He agreed without any hesitation.

Su Min: “……..”

The driver made an extra one hundred yuan so his heart was filled with joy. Along the way, he played many songs and sang along. Su Min on the other hand fell asleep to those songs.

It was almost dark when he woke up.

Su Min had never heard of the village name. He didn’t know if it was something that was made up. That woman’s voice was also very unfamiliar.

He asked: “Master, do you know this place?”

The driver was very talkative: “I know. I came here once before. At that time, I took a university student……..Ah, could that have been you?”

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Su Min felt that it probably was him.

The driver glanced at him a few times and compared him with the person in his memory, “Ah, it really is you.”

Su Min: “………Yeah.”

The driver has good memory, but it had been a long time since he last took him here. It was probably because he was good looking that he remembered him.

Su Min listened to him talk about various things. He even touched on ghost stories: “You probably don’t know about this but there are lots of ghost stories in our line of business. If you want, I can tell you a few.”

“This happened just a few days ago. A colleague of mine does night shifts. When he was done, it was almost one. At that time, he had no intention to take on any more passengers, but someone ran onto the road and stopped him.”

“Seeing that there were no other cars on the road, he let that person on. After asking for the destination, he sent that person back.”

“Soon after that person left, a pair of drunkards then came. They saw that his door was open and it automatically closed and even asked him if the car was broken………..”

“Don’t you think that’s scary?”

Su Min didn’t feel anything.

The driver then continued and spoke of a few more. From domestic to foreign, taxis to buses, he even spoke about tractors.

He then asked cheerfully: “Afraid?”

Su Min couldn’t say he wasn’t, so he just nodded: “Afraid.”

Driver: “………….”

He didn’t seem scared at all.


The sky had completely darkened outside.

As they ventured closer to the village, the area became more and more remote and the road got more and more bumpy. Su Min opened the window and looked outside.

He wondered if this was a horror movie.

Did Chen Su want him to watch a horror movie taking place in a small village?

Su Min looked around and felt a little clueless. He couldn’t figure it out at all.

It was still summer so the wind at night was very cool.

Su Min chatted with the driver occasionally along the way so time passed quickly and it didn’t take long for them to reach the destination.

Light came from the village.

Su Min saw that it was almost eight o’clock.

He hurriedly paid the driver and dragged his suitcase down the road. The roads in the village weren’t that bad.

The village here was not the same as the usual villages. The floors were all concrete, houses were made of brick and each building looked like a resort villa.

As soon as Su Min got closer, he could smell flowers.

It was only eight o’clock, so it wasn’t long after the sky darkened and everyone was still awake. There were children playing at the village entrance. Seeing him come over, they all surrounded him.

Su Min went through his pockets and unexpectedly found some candy. He divided it amongst the children and used this opportunity to ask where his place was.

The children answered and quickly left.

Su Min went over in the direction the children pointed out. It was a two-storey cottage with a garden. Flowers were currently blooming and there were even flowerpots hanging outside. If this was a place in the city, it would have costed a lot of money.

His own place looked this good?

He had a faint sense of familiarity to it. Su Min stood at the door and carefully examined the building. He then finally remembered that these flowers were cared for by his own grandparents.

They both loved gardening. This was something he remembered.

Su Min looked down the road. He walked down the small stone path and pushed open the door. Rich aroma of food poured out.

It was a very familiar smell.

A middle-aged woman came out, “You’re back. I thought you wouldn’t be coming back today. Wash your hands and eat.”

Su Min didn’t know if she was supposed to be her mother.

The problem was that he couldn’t call her that.

“Auntie made you some stew. It’s made from chicken raised at home so you must finish all of it.” The woman said with a smile.

Su Min felt relieved. It was okay to call her auntie.

He smiled slightly, “Okay.”

When the food was all served, Su Min looked at it carefully to check and ensure that nothing strange was added. Fortunately, he didn’t see anything.

He and his aunt were the only ones here. The other party ate heartily making Su Min also have the urge to eat.

He sighed and decided to eat.

He didn’t know how long he would be for. At worst, he could just die from being poisoned.

After eating, he used the excuse of wanting to wash the dishes to examine the kitchen. It was very normal. It was nothing like the ones in horror movies.

Although Su Min was a little relieved, he was still confused.

So why did Chen Su want him to watch this movie? Even now, he still didn’t understand. Was this the village Chen Su lived in as a child?

Su Min suddenly felt that this speculation of his seemed quite likely.

If this village was a place Chen Su had lived in before, or is currently living in, then it would be normal for him to find it unfamiliar.

Though he didn’t know why this village was set up as a place where he resided. Su Min had no impression of this village.

And he also didn’t know when he would be able to see Chen Su.

It wasn’t impossible for him to run into young Chen Su. Su Min was kind of curious about what he was like when he was a kid and if he looked that same as how he looked now.

He himself looked nothing like how he looked when he was younger.

Su Min thought this and went outside.

Everyone outside had their doors open. There were some elderly people sitting outside chatting and another group of women sitting around gossiping. The mosquitoes didn’t affect their mood at all.

With the appearance of Su Min, they turned their heads and greeted him warmly: “Xiao Min, you’re back? How was it out there?”

“My son’s mathematics is not good. Can you please teach him a little? I’m about to die from anger because of him!”

“I killed a goose today. Do you want to come over tomorrow to for lunch?”

“I haven’t seen you for a long time. Xiao Min, you have become more handsome. Sure enough, the city is different. The water and food there is different.”

Su Min was frightened by their enthusiasm.

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When he managed to get away from, he let out a big sigh of relief. He didn’t plan on going any further fearing that he would encounter the same thing again.

Su Min decided to go home.

His aunt saw him return and was surprised: “You’re back already? Why don’t you stroll around longer?”

Su Min said: “I’m a bit tired today. I want to sleep.”

“Then hurry and go to bed.” His aunt asked with concern: “Are you going to have breakfast tomorrow? Young people these days don’t like to have breakfast. It’s not good for your body. You can’t do this…….”

Seeing that she was getting more and more naggy, Su Min quickly interrupted her: “I’ll eat.”

The other party finally smiled, “Then I’ll make more tomorrow. I’ll also throw together some small dishes for you.”

Su Min nodded: “Anything is fine.” As long as it is edible.

After washing up, he returned to his room. The window in his room just happened to be facing the street so he could see the people coming and going.

Su Min looked out for a while and didn’t see much. He eventually laid down in bed.

Unexpectedly, he instantly fell asleep.

When he woke up again, he didn’t know what the time was. He heard sounds coming from the door followed by the aunts voice: “Coming! Coming! I’m almost there!”

They seemed to be quite anxious.

Su Min sat up in bed. He moved to open the door and saw his aunt dressed to go out: “What’s wrong?”

It was already ten o’clock yet she’s heading out?

His aunt gathered her clothes and glanced at him: “It seems that your second uncle’s child was scared by something. Everyone is hurrying over. You don’t have to go, you can just stay here and rest.”

For a moment Su Min couldn’t react. He didn’t know who this second uncle was.

After his aunt ran out, Su Min quickly followed.

He still knew nothing about this movie and there was finally an opportunity for him. Su Min felt that he would miss something important if he didn’t go.

He saw his aunt hurry over to a small villa not far away. As soon as he entered, he saw that the lights inside were all on.

Many adults were standing around in the hall. They all looked like they had just arrived and some were even wearing pyjamas. They all huddled around quietly discussing something.

But their voices were too small. Su Min couldn’t hear anything.

He remembered his aunt’s words from earlier. Something had probably happened to his second uncle’s son and it appeared to be quite serious.

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