Arc 7: Taking My Surname
Chapter 144: House

Children’s words are usually very clear and straightforward.

Su Min instantly understood what he meant.

As it turned out, he had become friends with a ghost. This would explain his second uncle’s reaction. It was naturally something they couldn’t accept.

Su Min asked: “Then where is your friend now?”

Xiao Su looked at him, “You can’t see him.”

Su Min still believed that he had the ability to see ghosts. This was also a movie so seeing ghosts was something normal.

He felt that his persuasion skills weren’t too rusty and said: “Why don’t you let me give it a try? Maybe I can also see him.”

Xiao Su tilted his head and seemed to be considered the truth of his words.

He looked very cute doing that. Su Min couldn’t help but rub his head and ask in a warm voice: “Have you decided?”

The child answered: “I still want to think about it.”

Su Min also wasn’t in a hurry: “Okay, then let me know when you’ve made your decision.”

When the two returned, the second uncle had just come back. When he saw them, he let out a big sigh of relief. He thought Xiao Su had gone out doing something strange again.

Su Min sent the child home before returning home himself.

The sky had not darkened yet but the aroma of rice was everywhere. People in the countryside would always eat when its bright out and then go to sleep before ten in the evening.

It worked well with Su Min’s schedule.

It was just that he found it a little strange. He had already grown used to Li Wen Xin and Wang Di pulling all nighters every night and had also grown used to his own room.

Fortunately, he had spent some time in several horror movies, so he had learnt to adapt quickly. All he needed to do was to wait for the plot to progress.

When Su Min returned to his room, he saw that someone had gone through his notebook.

He had kept that notebook in the drawer and even placed a few books on top of it. The door to his room was also closed.

Did his aunt come in?

For a moment, Su Min couldn’t figure out who it could be. He tore off the record in the notebook and burned it with a lighter.

If you looked closely, he had only recorded the happenings last night. If anyone asked, he could just say that it was his diary. They wouldn’t be able to suspect anything.

When it was time for dinner, his aunt came out from the kitchen.

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She said: “I just happened to have some braised ribs. I was worried about you having too much tonic today and end up with a nosebleed so let’s just have that.”


Su Min imagined that scene and shook his head: “Braised is good.”

Since young, he had never seemed to have nosebleeds.

His aunt cheerfully went back to the kitchen to take out the food. She then said: “You can eat first. I’ll go out and water the flowers.”

The flowers outside were in full bloom in their pots. They all sat together.

Every time Su Min came back, the flowers hanging from the walls would touch his head. Something like this would also happen to him back when he lived at his grandmother’s place.

Although there aren’t many now, his grandmother’s place also had a lot of flowers. They would be on the balcony, the yard, and even hanging from the walls.

Unfortunately, he could no longer see that anymore.

Su Min sighed and calmly ate his food.

When his aunt returned, she had a few bites and asked: “That’s right, did you take Xiao Su out to play today?”

Su Min: “Yes, why?”

“Your second uncle asked me.” His aunt thought for a moment, “He wanted me to ask you if Xiao Su was acting strange today.”

Su Min said: “No, everything was normal.”

His aunt nodded: “Normal is good. We’re just worried that something might not be right.”

In fact, she also felt that Xiao Su was normal. Unlike some bratty children, every time he visited he would obediently greet her.

She didn’t know what the second uncle was worrying about.

A child who is not rebellious, has such a polite personality and is so well-behaved – she liked that very much.

After a while, Su Min remembered his notebook. He asked: “Auntie, did you enter my room today?”

His aunt answered: “No I haven’t.”

Su Min said: “My book was moved today so I thought you entered my room. I wonder who it could be?”

His aunt who heard this felt that the situation probably wasn’t good, “Was there anything missing? Maybe a naughty child entered and touched it? There shouldn’t be a thief here.”

Su Min said: “Nothing went missing. It just moved a little, that’s all. Don’t worry, how could there be thieves here?”

“Scared me.”

Su Min didn’t expect this result.

It wasn’t possible for a naughty child to do something like that because he had locked the door and a key would be required to open it.

Unless the child came in through the window.

Or it was done by something that is not human.

Su Min mentally noted this and planned to find out who it could be when he had the time.

The next day, something happened at his second uncle’s place again.

Su Min only found out about this because his aunt ran out while she was halfway through making breakfast. The pot itself almost burned.

When he put out the fire and came out, he saw a group of young children standing around outside watching.

Su Min squeezed past them and saw his second aunt crying in the hall: “What do I do? He’s not normal now………”

Everyone surrounded her and comforted her: “The child only saw something unclean. Let’s go and get a godmother over.”

“I know one. I heard she is very skilled. I’ll ask her to come over and help exorcise the evil from Xiao Su.”

“Why did he suddenly run into evil? Xiao Su is usually very good.”

“Xiao Su’s mother, don’t cry. If you let things continue like this, it’s going to get worse. You can’t leave it……….”

Su Min who heard this found it more and more distasteful.

In fact, seeing ghosts wasn’t something terrible. It was only because they couldn’t see ghosts that they find it terrifying.

This was something that couldn’t be resolved with just a simple explanation.

Su Min said: “I’ll go and take a look. We got along pretty well yesterday. I’ll see if I can talk to him.”

His second uncle nodded, “He’s in his room.”

For the first time, Su Min entered the second floor of the house.

In fact, it was a very ordinary house. There wasn’t anything unusual about it. When he reached the bend at the staircase, he saw Xiao Su standing there.

The noises downstairs could be heard clearly.

Su Min walked over. “They didn’t hit you, did they?”

Xia Su shook his head.

That’s good. Su Min wanted to continue asking but he heard the child say: “There’s a small bag of rice under my pillow but because it was so uncomfortable at night, I secretly removed it.”

Su Min knew about this traditional remedy.

Because a child was frightened, they would leave rice under the pillow and sleep on it for a while. It was believed that it would help them restore their senses back to normal.

He didn’t expect it to really be used here.

“Your parents can’t see your friend so they’re scared.” Su Min helped explain for them: “Don’t worry about it.”

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Xiao Su said: “I know they’re afraid.”

When he mentioned it to them, they all covered his mouth fearing that he would say something scary.

In fact, he just wanted to say that his friend was really good.

Su Min asked again: “Where is your friend now?”

Xiao Su paused. He didn’t speak.

He was probably made scared by the discussion downstairs and thought he was together with the other adults.

Su Min laughed and promised solemnly: “You don’t have to worry, I won’t tell your parents.”

The child gazed at him for a long time, “I’ll take you there.”

When Su Min took him downstairs, the adults all looked over.

Second aunt wanted to rush over but she was stopped by second uncle, “If you go over now, it would get chaotic again. Stop with that crying.”

The adults behind also held her back.

Su Min was worried they would follow. With so many people following, he probably wouldn’t be able to find out anything.

After passing through a street, Su Min was led onto a road he had never been on. He was led to a place by Xiao Su.

In fact, it wasn’t a place. It was just an old cabin. He could even see this place through his bedroom window.

A small face flickered across the glassless window.

Su Min didn’t have the chance to see it clearly.

He didn’t know what this horror movie wanted to tell him but, at present, Xiao Su’s secret seemed to have been revealed.

Xiao Su had a ghost friend. That was all.

This kind of thing wasn’t difficult to understand. Children can see a lot of things adults can’t, including ghosts.

On the news, children would often point somewhere and say something, or they could easily be frightened.

Su Min also watched a movie in the past about a young boy who could see ghosts. The male protagonist thought there was something wrong with the boy and wanted to cure him only to realise that he himself had died a long time ago and could only be seen because the boy could see ghosts.

And it was the same here too.

He had noticed this place, but he didn’t expect it to have a connection with Xiao Su. If he had known this, he would have taken a look at it already.

As he approached the door, he heard Xiao Su’s voice: “You really won’t say anything to them?”

Su Min said: “Trust me.”

Xiao Su hesitated for a long time before saying: “He’s inside.”

Su Min rubbed his head and pushed open the door. In the shadows, there was indeed a child standing there. He appeared to be about the same age as Xiao Su, and appeared to be quite stunned.

The other party was someone he had never seen before.

As soon as Su Min looked at him, he quickly retreated a little. It was probably because he was seen be someone other than Xiao Su and was a little scared.

Xiao Su ran over and said a few things to him before the child finally kept still and didn’t continue retreating.

The two children stood together in unexpected harmony.

Su Min didn’t know the identity of this ghost child, nor did he know the reason and purpose of his appearance. That would probably only be revealed later.

That was also the joy of exploring through the story.

In the chaos, the other party also looked over at him.

No emotions could be seen in those dark eyes. Su Min could even see his own reflection in it.

It was quite clear.

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