Arc 7: Taking My Surname
Chapter 149: Passionate Kiss

When Su Min first discovered Chen Su, he had just turned seven.

He had not been at the compound very long, so he wasn’t familiar with the children there. Those children had already formed their own cliques as well, so they didn’t take him along to play.

At that time, his grandparents had not yet retired. After school, he would do homework at home and watch the children play downstairs.

That day, he had only completed three questions in his math book and he no longer wanted to work on it.

Su Min took out a bottle of yogurt from the fridge and walked downstairs. Wandering left and right, he found a small house behind the compound.

He had seen that building from his window before and had thought that it was abandoned so he didn’t pay it any attention.

As he passed by, he heard movements inside.

Su Min wasn’t afraid.

Biting on the straw, he pushed open the door. After adapting to the darkness inside, he saw a child.

The child was very good looking. He looked much better than the ones on TV.

The child was sitting on the ground looking up at him. His lips were thin, and his face was pale. Su Min could see his own reflection in the child’s dark eyes.

Su Min subconsciously greeted him: “Hello.”

The child didn’t speak.

Su Min sucked on his yogurt. He thought for a moment and handed over the yogurt: “Do you want some?”

The other party didn’t answer.

He pushed: “It’s really good.”

After a very long time, a thin and pale arm stretched out from the darkness. It touched the yogurt in his hand. As the hand touched the yogurt, it also touched his hand.

It was cold.

Su Min watched the yogurt get taken away. The child then took little sips from the same straw he drank from.


The first time Su Min took Chen Su home was a month later.

The child said he didn’t remember anything so he would always bring food over to eat with him.

Over time, his grandmother noticed that something wasn’t right.

She had noticed that her grandson had been eating more but he had not been gaining any weight. Where did the food go?

And so she politely asked Su Min: “Don’t vomit after you eat. It would be pointless otherwise.”

The seven-year-old Su Min was confused.

He enjoyed feeding the child who didn’t like to talk. He felt satisfied every time he watched him eat.

The child would often use his straw to drink yogurt. Although he had commented on it, it was useless. Su Min in the end had to bring two straws for each bottle of yogurt.

Su Min felt that this child was much cuter than the other children in the compound.

He started trying to convince the child to go out.

But he couldn’t come into contact with light. In the evening when it was dark, Su Min secretly snuck out of his house and brought him home.

He gave him his clothes to wear.

When his grandmother entered his room, the child would hide in his blankets.

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Su Min didn’t know why the child’s body was cold but it just happened to be summer at that time so Su Min liked it very much.

With the cold body pressed up against him, he lied to his grandmother: “I was just talking to myself.”

His grandmother then left.

Su Min lifted the blanket. The child was lying beside him, staring at him. He said: “She’s gone. Don’t be scared.”

The child wriggled out to reveal half his head.

Su Min rubbed his head. It was very soft. It felt a lot better than his own hair.

Even if he didn’t speak, he was still very cute.

Su Min began to get used to the existence of another person in his bed. At first, the two laid on their backs sleeping like a kindergarten child.

Later, he found himself sprawled over Chen Su while he slept.

When that child was asleep, he was very quiet. His pale face was expressionless, and his eyelashes didn’t move. He didn’t do anything and just allowed Su Min to sprawl across him.

He was like a human air conditioner.

At this moment, he opened his eyes.

Su Min embarrassedly released his hold of him. Looking at him in his eyes, he said with guilt: “You’re very comfortable.”

His dark eyes fell onto him.


When Su Min arrived at the cinema, it was nine o’clock.

Although the cinema wasn’t very busy at this time, there were still quite a lot of people lining up.

Su Min went directly to the innermost one and asked: “Where is Xiao He?”

The staff directed him over.

When Su Min made his way over, Xiao He just happened to come out with a crying man. He comforted him: “Sir, don’t be afraid. We’re outside now. We’re not in the movie anymore. Don’t be afraid….”

He stood in place and listened.

Five minutes later, Xiao He managed to send the man away. He wiped his forehead. His mouth was almost dry from all that coaxing.

He turned around and saw Su Min there. He quickly greeted him: “Mr. Su, why are you here?”

Su Min returned to his senses, “I want to know Chen Su’s contact information.”

He had completely forgotten about it when he left yesterday. Even Chen Su had forgotten about it. Both had become completely silly.

Xiao He opened his mouth. He was obviously surprised.

Su Min was also a little embarrassed, “You don’t have it?”

Xiao He quickly said: “Yes, yes, yes.”

He hurriedly took out his phone and called the person in charge. After explaining that it was Su Min’s request, the person in charge suddenly said a few more words.

Xiao He nodded while listening to him speak.

Su Min didn’t know what they were saying and just heard the words “Okay, okay, okay”, “Yes, yes, yes” and “Uh-huh, uh-huh”.

It didn’t take long for his phone to ring.

The person in charge said: “Mr. Su, let us take you to Mr. Chen. He is not in the cinema right now.”

Su Min answered: “Okay.”

Having someone take him over was better than calling a taxi.

Xiao He was an all-round staff member. Acting as the chauffeur this time, he took him to his destination.

Su Min saw the words psychiatric hospital on the car navigation system.

For a moment, he couldn’t put his feelings into words. There were once speculations about Chen Su’s identity and he had thought that the blogger was wildly guessing.

As it turned out, they were right.

Su Min had never been to a psychiatric hospital before. From the bustling urban life, they drove into the suburbs. Small snowflakes fell outside. It was snowing.

Xiao He spoke up: “Mr. Su, we’re here.”

Su Min had fallen asleep. Rubbing his eyes, he said: “Thank you. I can go there myself.”

Xiao He hesitated: “Please don’t tell Mr. Chen that we brought you here.”

Su Min didn’t understand why but he still agreed: “Okay.”

This psychiatric hospital was very large. It looked more luxurious compared to other hospitals. Su Min’s knowledge of psychiatric hospitals only originated from movies.

Strangely, no one stopped him at the gates.

As Su Min passed by, several men in patient gowns were standing there singing. Almost every single note was off.

He listened carefully and realised that it was a birthday song.

It just sounded pretty bad.

Su Min walked down the path as these strange thoughts appeared in his mind. There were many patients wandering around.

At this moment, a man fell. He still continued to hold onto a paper airplane in his hand with a goofy grin on his face.

Su Min asked: “Are you okay?”

The man playing with the paper airplane said: “Happy birthday hehehe.”

Su Min asked: “You…….”

Before he could finish speaking, the airplane man had run off.

Su Min shook his head. He felt that he had treated that person as a normal person. These people however now think differently to him.

This psychiatric hospital was the largest in this place so there were many patients. Although it was snowing, there were still a lot of people outside.

Every time Su Min met one, the other party would goofily say happy birthday before running away.

Just one or two would have been okay but almost all of them did that.

They were also patients so he couldn’t ask them anything.

Su Min could only accept their blessings and slowly follow the markers on the ground. The decoration in each area was different.

There were two people arguing in the corridor.

“I’m going to claim the throne soon. I suggest that you surrender, or I’ll cut off your dog head!”

“You dare say such crazy words to the worlds top assassin? Watch me shoot you to death!”

The two patients began to shoot imaginary bullets using their hands. From their mouths, they made shooting noises.

Su Min: “…………….”

For the first time in his life, he realised they were quite interesting to watch.

After a while, the two started to say happy birthday to each other before also saying it to Su Min who stood nearby watching them.

Su Min didn’t speak.

He passed by them and reached a building. Looking at the map below, this building was probably were the director stayed.

Su Min took the elevator up to the top floor.

Please read this from kk translates

There was only one office on the top floor. Before he could knock on the door, he saw balloons being released from the other buildings nearby.

There were also several cars entering from outside. They were covered in fresh flowers. As it drove past, many patients would giggle and chase after the cars.

Su Min wondered if one of the patients was about to get married.

Something like this wasn’t unusual. Afterall, patients were also human. If two people really liked each other, doing something as normal as getting married wasn’t strange.

Su Min watched the cars for about a minute before looking away. He headed over to the director’s office at the end of the corridor and knocked on the door.

No one answered.

Su Min waited for a while. After confirming that there was no one inside, he turned around and got ready to leave. At this moment, he saw a nurse who had just arrived.

The other party was also surprised to see him. For a long time, they both didn’t speak.

Su Min asked: “Excuse me, is the director in?”

The nurse clearly looked flustered. She said hastily: “Director Chen isn’t in. Who are you and how did you get here?”

Su Min thought she wanted to kick him out, so he explained: “I came to find Director Chen. Please lead the way.”

The nurse calmed back down and said, “Okay.”

She walked ahead. Along the way, she pulled out her phone and sent a string of messages. She had wanted to make a call but she eventually gave up.

Su Min found it more and more strange. He wanted to ask about it but he held himself back. Pursing his lips, he followed behind her.

It wasn’t until he reached another unfamiliar place that he asked: “Excuse me, are you sure you’re taking me to the right place?”

The nurse turned back and said: “It’s correct.”

Su Min noticed that many patients had followed behind them. Every one of them had strange expressions and they also spoke very strangely.

He couldn’t seem to get used to it.

The nurse turned her head back and pushed open a door.

Before Su Min could react, he was pushed in by the crowd of patients. Everyone started to cheer.

It was an auditorium.

All the seats were covered in flowers. It was extremely vibrant. Despite it clearly being winter outside, it looked like spring in here.

Su Min was pushed all the way to the front by the patients. He didn’t dare do anything nor could he move. Fortunately, they weren’t too forceful with him.

Just as he was about to question the nurse, he turned around and saw Chen Su standing at the door.

In Chen Su’s hands was a bunch of flowers. There were countless flowers of all different kinds in there.

Behind him was the door. At this moment, snowflakes fluttered past. The path leading into the centre of the auditorium was a set of stairs. Like this, step by step he approached Su Min.

As the flowers passed by, music sounded.

The patients crowding around started to cheer. At some point, there were also some firecrackers set off. The flowers on the seats were also pulled off and eaten.

The entire auditorium was filled with the scent of flowers.

He then remembered a second later that today was his birthday.

He remembered the patients he ran into on his way here. As it turned out, they had been saying happy birthday to him?

Chen Su came over to Su Min and said: “You came too quickly. I wasn’t able to finish getting ready so…….”

The cake had not arrived yet and there were only flowers.

The curtains of the auditorium were open, allowing light outside to shine in. With light and darkness intermixed, only the stage where they stood was brightly lit.

Su Min interrupted him: “I remember now.”

He touched Chen Su’s hand which still held the bunch of flowers and said softly: “The first time you touched me was like this wasn’t it?”

Su Min hugged him, “I was the one embracing you while sleeping first. Later it became you embracing me, isn’t that right?”

Chen Su’s dark eyes became heavy with emotions.

Su Min could feel him tighten his grip. He kissed his lips and deliberately suppressed the desire in him. He was moved.

After a while, Chen Su released his hold of him.

Su Min opened his eyes and said softly: “What did you want to say to me before? You can continue.”

Chen Su embraced him tightly in his arms. He took in the light scent coming from his body. There was still the faint smell of snow coming from him.

“Happy birthday.”

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