HIAHM – CH151 (Extra)

Chapter 151: Hospital Love Story 2

Su Min at first didn’t know what they were talking about. When he heard Wang Zerui’s words, he even wondered if there was something wrong with his brain.

How could bees build nests in an elevator?

Su Min touched his lips and said calmly: “The mosquitoes here are too fierce. I just scratched it and it’s already swollen. Okay then, let’s go back.”

Wang Zerui sighed: “I thought it was a bee. If that was the case, we would need to have the right tools to get rid of it. I remember there once was a beehive outside someone’s office one time, and we had to get the firefighters over to get rid of it.”

He blabbered on for a while. The scary atmosphere from earlier was gone in an instant.

Su Min reminded them: “It’s time to go back.”

“Yes, you’re right.” A nurse said: “We’ve checked it now so let’s go home. I’m sleepy.”

Everyone there reacted and each went back to their homes.

Su Min still had some things left in his office, so he went pack to pick it up. Chen Jinhang and the others were a little further away from him.

His character was a good doctor who took care of himself very well. His office was sorted very neatly and there were even several potted plants sitting on the windowsill making it pleasing to the eye.

Su Min himself never raised plants.

When he came out of the office, there was no one around.

The corridor was also quiet. He was still thinking about the incident in the elevator when he walked past a door and heard sounds coming from inside.

It was intermittent but it sounded like someone’s voice.

Su Min stopped before the door and hesitated over whether or not he should open it. Finally, he decided not to.

Who knows what could happen at night?

It is said that the hospital is a place filled with yin energy. Since its establishment until now, it is not known how many people had died. At first, he felt that it was nothing but, ever since the appearance of Chen Su, he felt that other ghosts could also appear.

What was unexpected was that since he decided not to go in, the person inside came out instead.

A middle-aged man opened the door. Seeing him standing outside, he pulled him in, “Come here and help.”

Su Min wasn’t able to understand what was going on.

He wondered what was going on with this ghost.

Without waiting for him to regain his balance, the middle-aged man inside said with haste: “Young man, hurry and give me that. Don’t stand around in daze.”

Su Min really didn’t know what he should give.

The tools needed for surgery was naturally something he couldn’t touch, so it couldn’t be given to the ghost.

He casually assessed the situation.

There was a patient sleeping on the bed. His breathing was stable. The middle-aged man on the other hand was doing surgery on him.

Because he was a ghost, the equipment he had couldn’t be used on the patient.

The middle-aged male ghost saw that he wasn’t speaking and asked: “What’s wrong with you young people?”

Su Min said: “……..I’m just a intern.”

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“Are all interns like this?” The middle-aged male ghost looked at him suspiciously and then pushed him out.

Su Min could see through the small window the middle-aged man doing CPR. The patient on the bed conversely rolled over and continued sleeping. The middle-aged man moved to the other side of the bed and continued with his surgery.

Su Min: “……..”

Who is this person who’s so passionate about doing surgeries?

Su Min stood at the door and thought for a while. Just as he was about to leave, the door opened again, “You come and study with me tomorrow night.”

The middle-aged man stretched his neck out through the crack between the door.

Su Min was surprised. He then refused: “Sorry, I resign tomorrow. I’m afraid I won’t be able to come study.”

The other party was a little disappointed.

But he still said: “Okay then. Don’t forget save lives and help the wounded when you need to.”

Su Min nodded. When he left, he couldn’t help but glance back down the corridor. He was quite curious about the ghost’s identity.

When he came out, he ran into Chen Jinhang.

Chen Jinhang asked: “Su Min, how are you going to go back?”

Su Min said: “By taxi I guess.”

“Why don’t I drop you off?” Chen Jinhang glanced at Zhao Qingtian behind him, “We can add her too.”

Su Min said: “You can just take her.”

Chen Jinhang stopped talking.

Su Min said: “Alright then, let’s take your car.”

Zhao Qingtian who hurried over from behind was on the phone with her roommate, so she didn’t hear their conversation earlier.

Just as she was about to go out, she was stopped by Su Min, “Xiao Zhao, take Dr. Chen’s car with me.”

Zhao Qingtian hesitated. She looked at Chen Jinhang and finally nodded.

There were no other cars on the road in the middle of the night.

Su Min remembered the incident at the hospital and asked: “Did a doctor here get into an accident in the past?”

Chen Jinhang nodded and said: “Ah, yes. There has been quite a lot of them actually.”

When working as a doctor, medical accidents were something you couldn’t avoid. Even in a hospital, it may occur once every week. There could be various reasons for medical accidents.

Those who have no courage may be better off. Those who were more skilled may immediately pick up the surgical knife but, sometimes, before they could react, their attempt to save the patient could be futile with the patient dying at the table.

Chen Jinhang had been a doctor for a long time so he had seen many doctors dying from this. Of those doctors, there was even one he was familiar with.

Su Min guessed that the doctor earlier was probably the same doctor.

The place he lived at wasn’t far from the hospital. It was in a new apartment building ten minutes away from the hospital.

Su Min and the two protagonists parted ways and he went upstairs alone.

Probably because a ghost had already appeared, the other ghosts also scrambled out. Su Min even saw a ghost practising tightrope walking outside.

The hobbies of these ghosts are really unique.

Su Min muttered this inside and entered the elevator.

To his surprise, Chen Su didn’t appear in the elevator.

Just as the elevator door opened, Su Min found himself blinded.

The originally white corridor had become coated with red. The entire space he stood in was red. It was quite a shocking sight.

He then saw a woman floating around ahead.

It was indistinct so Su Min couldn’t make out her appearance. It was just that the situation had become quite scary.

He looked around. The place where the door should have been had turned into a wall. There were no doors down the entire length of the corridor.

Su Min: “………”

What’s going on with these ghosts

The female ghost in the red dress opened her eyes. She wanted show him a treacherous expression to scare her poor little victim into tears.

But when she saw him more clearly, she herself cried.

She didn’t dare scare him.

Seeing the female ghost bursting into tears the moment she opened her eyes; Su Min couldn’t help but find it funny.

He watched her for a moment before turning around and seeing Chen Su standing behind him.

Chen Su touched his eyes, “Stop looking.”

Despite also being a ghost like the female ghost, he gave Su Min a different feeling. Every time Chen Su appeared, he felt very comfortable.

The female ghost ahead continued wailing. She immediately flew away.

Su Min now could finally see the door to his home. As he opened the door with his keys, he asked: “This is a romance movie. What are you doing here?”

He was stubbornly changing the romance movie into a horror movie.

In just one night, he had encountered three ghosts. There was also this crazy ghost who constantly followed him around.

Chen Su said: “How is it not a romance movie?

His romance was also romance.

Please read this from kk translates

Chen Su felt that it made sense.

Su Min snorted. He then slammed the door, shutting him outside.

Before he could turn around, he found himself pressed against the door.

Chen Su had passed directly into the room. Pressing him against the door, he whispered: “Why did you shut me out?”

Su Min said: “You can come in anyway.”

He tilted his head.

Chen Su’s gaze fell on his lips. He reached out and caressed it: “It looks a little swollen.”

Su Min: “……”

He had managed to lie his way out earlier when Wang Zerui noticed it but now the culprit himself had pointed it out.

For a moment he felt a little ashamed.

Su Min wanted to smack away his hand, but it was caught by Chen Su: “Don’t move.”

Su Min thought he was going to do something, but he didn’t expect him to bend down and lick his lips.

He reflexively turned his head away.

However, he didn’t think that his jaw would be held so firmly by Chen Su. Su Min was held in place, unable to move.

Su Min frowned: “Don’t take this too far.”

He wasn’t even a puppy that liked to lick everything.

With him saying this, Chen Su conversely pushed even further. He kissed him gently and watched the person in his arms start panting.

He really loved this appearance of Su Min.

Every time, he would act cold and resistant to his approaches, but his actions would say otherwise.

Chen Su didn’t dare tell Su Min about this.

He remembered the Su Min in the past. He had always been very beautiful and gentle. He easily managed to squeeze into his memories and take up most of his mind.

Only god knows how hard it had been for him to hold himself back until now.

Su Min rarely revealed his emotions to others and he also rarely got angry at other people but every time he glared at him, he felt that there was a hint of affection within.

If Su Min knew that he was thinking this, he would definitely taunt him and say that he was just imagining things.

Chen Su didn’t take things too far and soon released his hold of him.

Su Min didn’t want to talk to him. He took off his coat and poured himself a glass of water.

As soon as the cold water went into his stomach, it extinguished the heat forming inside him slightly.

Watching his throat move as he drank, Chen Su found himself itching to do something again. He leaned against the table staring at him with a burning gaze.

Su Min frowned and lowered his cup.

He opened his fridge. There was still an apple inside. He took it out and took a bite into its crisp flesh.

Chen Su watched his actions and found it extremely cute.

Su Min was oblivious to this. He asked: “Why are there so many ghosts in this romance movie? Did you bring them?”

If it was just ghosts in the hospital then he could understand but he also saw two when he got home.

And these ghosts got stranger and stranger. He didn’t know what they were originally. Perhaps the one practising tightrope walking was previously someone who did acrobatics.

Chen Su approached him and whispered: “They were here originally. It’s just that no one could see them. Only you can.”

Su Min felt that this made sense.

 Then this would mean that he possessed yin yang eyes. No wonder he was able to see Chen Su when the others couldn’t.

Su Min asked: “So no one was able to see you before me?”

Chen Su’s dark eyes flashed: “Yes.”

Su Min couldn’t see him so he also couldn’t see his expression. Receiving an affirmation from Chen Su, he nodded in response.

He finished the apple in a few bites, wiped his mouth then washed his hands. He warned: “I’m going to take a shower. Don’t come in.”

He knew that Chen Su was shameless so he was afraid that he would do something like that.

Su Min had never come into contact with ghosts before, let alone a strange ghost like Chen Su who constantly followed him around.

Regarding ghosts, all his memories and knowledge regarding ghosts came from movies. They could either be good or evil. Except for ghosts of long lost lovers or the like, his impressions of ghosts were that they were ugly.

There was no one like Chen Su who only thought about sex all day long.

Chen Su answered: “Okay.”

When he heard him answer so quickly, Su Min for a moment felt that it was too untrustworthy. If Chen Su had hesitated for a moment, he would have felt that it would be more credible.

But it was impossible for him not to take a shower.

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