You Seem Delicious
Chapter 52: Small Commotion

The words spoken by 021 in the confinement room were all heard by You Huo.

As for whether or not he believed those words, that was another story.

For now, he had only encountered a few insiders—-

154 and 922 had no relationship with him and they’re also part of the opposing faction so they wouldn’t disclose too much information. If you said that they were deliberatively pretending to be stupid…….He wasn’t certain whether 922 was really acting stupid or if he truly was stupid.

As for whether they knew about the system and invigilator A, it was difficult for him to tell for now.

As for Qin Jiu……

Whether they were “incompatible” or “didn’t have a very good relationship”, Qin Jiu at the very least should have interacted with him before.

Qin Jiu definitely knows invigilator A, yet why didn’t he react when he saw him?

Qin Jiu’s reaction contradicted 021’s words.

If what 021 said was true and he was indeed invigilator A, then why didn’t Qin Jiu recognise him?

Was he deliberately pretending to be a stranger for fun? Or was there something wrong with Qin Jiu?

If Qin Jiu was fine, then that would mean 021 was lying. That would mean that this system had nothing to do with him, and he is not the so-called invigilator A she claims he is.


You Huo leaned more towards 021 speaking to truth or, at least, the majority of her words should be the truth.

Because she really had no reason to go through all those loops to avoid being watched by the system just to make up such a lie to an examinee she had only just met.

What could she be planning? To find herself a boss?

How bored must she be…….

But speaking the truth didn’t mean that everything she said was true.

One person’s perspective and view of something can be very one-sided. He must confirm it again with Qin Jiu.

A gust of wind passed through the ruin, sweeping dust along with it.

Qin Jiu changed into a more relaxed posture and asked lazily, “Are you trying to curse me out? Or are you asking that question seriously?”

“What do you think?” You Huo asked back.

“Me? I think you’re trying to curse me out but couldn’t find a reason for it.” Qin Jiu said: “I just gave you an explanation about the system…..Did I say anything that could have upset our top student here?”

He pointed to his ears: “Tell me. I’m happy to listen to your complaints. Where have I said something inappropriate? Please point it out.”

You Huo: “……….”

At some unknown point in time, the ridiculous nickname “top student” had changed into “our top student”.

You Huo internally thought…….If he was deliberately trying to tease him, he probably wouldn’t say something like that.

Who would say something like this to someone they hated? Rather than inflicting damage to the other party, you would probably disgust yourself first.

He looked at Qin Jiu and suddenly asked out of nowhere: “Do you feel like vomiting?”

Qin Jiu: “What?”

It was dark but he could still see the confusion on Qin Jiu’s face clearly.

You Huo shook his head: “Forget it, it’s nothing. I was asking seriously. Have you ever been interfered with?”

Qin Jiu didn’t answer this question directly. He instead fell silent for a moment before saying: “My words may lead to the misunderstanding that the system would interfere with an invigilator’s thoughts without reason or the fact that…….all invigilators could have been interfered with.”

“It’s not the case?”

“Of course not.” Qin Jiu’s fingers gestured a small gap: “Only when necessary. And those situations are not very common because there are rules limiting it.”

Since the beginning of this examination, You Huo often heard them mentioning one word —- Rules.

And later, they would always repeatedly emphasise the importance of that word.

This was based on XX rules, this does not meet XX rules, the system needs to follow XX rules.

You Huo found it a little hard to understand……

“If I am not mistaken, the system should be the one governing everything but based on your words, it still needs to follow some rules?” You Huo mocked: “Isn’t this a bit ridiculous?”

“It’s ridiculous? It’s not ridiculous.” Qin Jiu said, “This is exactly the reason why it thinks it can govern everything. It believes that this is why it is superior. Humans would always violate rules for various reasons, but it won’t.”

“It would never violate any of the rules. No matter the reason. If one day it breaks the rules, it loses the sole reason why it is superior than humans and it would be no different from humans. This is something it cannot stand.”

He said to You Huo: “There is one particular person………You’re someone it dislikes the most.”

“Constantly doing things it hates, constantly breaking the rules.” Qin Jiu shrugged and smirked: “So it doesn’t like the sight of you, yet it can’t get rid of you. As long at it is within the scope of the rules, it would do anything it can to kill you or kick you out.

“But, I’ve always been curious about you……..” Qin Jiu said.

You Huo who was busy massaging his wrist heard this and looked up: “Curious about what?”

Curious about why the system seems to be………more tolerant towards you.

Qin Jiu thought.

But this was something he felt based on his own intuition. His intuition told him that the system seemed to be more forgiving towards You Huo, but it was also cautious and sometimes ridiculous.

It was more tolerant, so it threw him into the coffin? More tolerate, so it sent him straight into the monster’s mouth?

Please read this from kk translates

If he said that out loud, he would probably be mocked.

And so, Qin Jiu just thought this and shook his head: “Forget it.”

In general, bastards who only speak halfway without finishing their words would typically be beaten.

And those listening would urge them to finish.

But unexpectedly, You Huo just calmly let out an “oh” and asked: “So you still haven’t answered the question. Have you been interfered with?”

Qin Jiu: “………”

Invigilator 001 snorted softly: “Why are you so stubborn about this question?”

You Huo: “Because you’re stubbornly avoiding it.”

Qin Jiu: “……..”

There was a moment of confrontation between the two. No one moved.

You Huo rested his chin on his resting knee and stared at Qin Jiu for a moment. He suddenly asked: “Do you find it shameful?”


Qin Jiu touched his chin. On his face was the look of someone who resolutely didn’t want to admit it.

In an instant, the fierce tiger backed off.

He said vaguely: “Why should I feel ashamed?”

You Huo: “How should I know?”

Qin Jiu looked at him exasperatedly.

After a while, he gave up and said: “…….Alright then.”

He lowered his eyes and flipped Zhao Wentu’s phone over before pressing a few of its buttons.

The light from the screen was very dim. Like there was a thin layer of dark fog over it, it was blurred.

“There was indeed a period like that.” Qin Jiu said: “But the official statement said that it wasn’t interference but a bug in the system which resulted in the involved personnel such as the invigilators getting hurt. Unfortunately, when the bug occurred, I just happened to be at the scene. Because of certain reasons, I was there with a certain someone. In short, I was lucky to have survived. After recuperating for a while, I was able to return. As for what happened over those years……..due to being accidentally injured, I have already forgotten.”

You Huo’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. He asked: “That certain someone was referring to invigilator A?”

“How did you know?” His tone was indifferent as usual, but one could faintly tell that he wasn’t very enthusiastic.

Because I seem to be that person you’re talking about…..

You Huo internally thought.

But perhaps it was because the night and environment was too quiet, he hesitated for a moment and didn’t speak.

Very soon, Qin Jiu restored back to his usual state: “But you were right. It was indeed a little shameful. To be interfered with by something that isn’t even human and to have my memory, thoughts and even behaviours controlled indeed makes me feel useless.”

You Huo who was in a similar situation was similarly slapped in the face by the word useless. Internally he called it bullshit.

“Did you recover after being interfered with?” He asked.

“Yes.” Qin Jiu said: “But with you suddenly caring about me so much, I can’t help but suspect that you have other intentions.”

You Huo: “……….”

Get out of here.


Suddenly, there was a burst of beeps.

The two froze and looked at Zhao Wentu’s phone.

Only then did Qin Jiu notice that the night here was strange.

Whether it was “afraid of darkness” or the like, it should be ordinary darkness and light should light it back up.

But here it was different.

The bright light from the screen wasn’t enough to penetrate through the darkness and the writing on the screen was very dim.

Qin Jiu stared at the screen. His first reaction wasn’t to turn the phone on but to look at You Huo with surprise.

“Blind for a while but I’m fine now. Look at your phone.” You Huo said.

Qin Jiu only looked back after a long pause.

Zhao Wentu’s phone rang again.

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The small battery icon in the upper right corner of the screen only had a small sliver left. It tirelessly sent out the low battery warning to indicate that it was about to die any moment.

This was something Zhao Wentu left for Qin Jiu. Perhaps it was a message to him, or perhaps there are some other information inside.

You Huo felt that he was an outsider so, to avoid being too intrusive, he walked away to let Qin Jiu fiddle with the phone.


The ruined phone’s sensitivity was very poor. It took Qin Jiu a lot effort before he was able to enter the gallery interface.

Zhao Wentu had filmed many things in the rest stop. Just the videos alone amounted to twenty and he couldn’t scroll to the very end.

Qin Jiu: “……….”

The screen flickered again indicating that it would let out its last breath any moment.

He squinted and tried to read the names of the videos only to end up lost for words.

Not one of them were serious………

【Chicken Speaking with the Duck】

【Donkey’s Breakfast】

【Get a Dog to Talk to Me】


What the hell is this?

He firmly believed that the video he took of invigilator A wouldn’t be named after animals, so he skipped through a group of animals until he finally reached a suspicious looking video below.

The video was named —– God of Misfortune on the Streets. Mortals Please Avoid.

Qin Jiu: “……….”

The video thumbnail depicted a street intersection.

This was likely the right one.

He tapped it with his finger and watched the screen flicker a few times before suddenly turning black.

What a time to die……..


You Huo walked around a broken machine and managed to pry open a metal cover to a box.

Inside was a row of neatly lined up explosives.

He looked up in surprise, and saw Qin Jiu walk over with a dark expression.

“What’s wrong?”

“No power so it turned off. Didn’t get to see what I wanted to see.” Qin Jiu said in a low voice.

“Is there a place to charge it?” You Huo turned and looked around.

“None here.” Qin Jiu said: “I searched last time.”

“Look for your two subordinates when you’re out?”

Qin Jiu said: “This is the only confinement opportunity left. Next time you violate the rules, the invigilators will be following you around full time; you won’t be able to return here.”

You Huo: “What now?”

“I can only trouble them to come here. 922 will always bring backup chargers when going out.” Qin Jiu looked around and seemed to be looking for something.

“How are you going to do that?” You Huo didn’t know much about the confinement rooms so he didn’t know how they could call an invigilator over after the room had transformed into a ruin site like this.

But Qin Jiu knew.

“I’ll just make a small commotion to get their attention.”

A moment later, he pulled out a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher from the trunk of an old car.

From the box You Huo opened, he took out a few explosives.

A few seconds later.

There was a sudden boom coming from under the cabin, causing the entire ship to shake.

The invigilators chatting in the dining room on the second floor were shocked.


“What the hell is this? Did we hit an iceberg?”

In the confinement room, You Huo watched the explosives explode in the sky. He suddenly felt that this Qin Jiu person was one crazy guy but the next second he couldn’t help but turn his head and laugh.

Let me tell you a joke:

In order to charge a phone, we’ll make a small commotion.

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