Misplacement Game – CH37

Arc 2: Luxury Cruise
Chapter 37

Xu Ziyue felt that he should turn around, but he was also reluctant to do so.

With the pale skin displayed right before him, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! It would be a pity not to appreciate it, okay?!!

To maintain his almost non-existent image, Xu Ziyue tried to restrain the thirstiness in his eyes. If he scared Austin…..that wouldn’t be good.

Austin pushed his wheelchair and turned into the room, “Come in and talk.”

“Ohh…..” Xu Ziyue nodded dumbly, followed him in and closed the door behind him.

“Did you just take a shower?” Xu Ziyue stood on the side looking down from above at the two pink spots on Austin’s chest…….. He glanced again and again and again. It was as if his eyes were no longer under his control.

“Yeah.” Austin nodded. When he noticed Xu Ziyue’s gaze, his eyes darkened. He pushed his half-length hair to one side. The water from the hair had dampened his robe causing it to stick close to his body and reveal the outlines of his body.

Xu Ziyue’s gaze got even more passionate.

He then moved his eyes from Austin’s body to Austin’s face……If he saw Austin’s face, he liked it very much. He liked to see the various expressions and emotions that could appear on that face. And when he saw Austin’s body….he liked it too but it was a different type of liking.

He wanted it.

It wasn’t a case of wanting to have a body like that, he wanted that body.

Of course, it referred to……… complete possession.

Austin asked: “It’s late. Do you need something?”

His voice pulled Xu Ziyue’s train of thought which had gone off the tracks back.

“I’m here to ask something…………..”

Austin looked at Xu Ziyue questioningly: “What is it?”

Stop it! He wouldn’t be able to ask the question if he continues looking at that face!

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Xu Ziyue closed his eyes and opened it again. This time, his eyes moved to stare at Austin’s legs, “I just want to know what’s happening with Wu Wenshan. Why is there a little girl following him? Does Wu Wenshan really have the intentions to hurt me? And…..are you helping me?” When he asked the last question, Xu Ziyue anxiously looked up at Austin’s face.

When his eyes fell back onto Austin’s legs, he couldn’t help but have some more doubts.

After just taking a shower, why were the legs still so covered so tightly?

Even if there’s air-conditioning in here, wouldn’t it be too uncomfortable?

Austin said: “It’s better not to know too much.”

“You should know that human curiosity is very strong……And if I don’t know if he really has bad intentions, how would I know if I should continue to interact with him?” In fact, Xu Ziyue was able to control this curiosity of his very well. This was especially the case in a world like this were “curiosity can kill the person”.

“So then, you’re not afraid that I’m going to hurt you?”

“I’m afraid.” Xu Ziyue nodded, “But…….why would you want to hurt me? The same applies for Wu Wenshan. We don’t have any problems so I don’t know why he would do it.”

Austin who heard this laughed and waved Xu Ziyue over.

Xu Ziyue obediently walked closer and then crouched down next to Austin. He looked up at him, “What’s wrong?”

“There doesn’t need to be a conflict of interest or hatred for someone to want to hurt you.” Austin’s hand gently rubbed Xu Ziyue’s head.

Xu Ziyue blinked a few times. His heart rate gradually increased.

“Do you know about jealousy?” Austin gently pinched Xu Ziyue’s cheek.

Xu Ziyue only knew to nod his head in response.

“Look.” Austin picked up the card hanging from Xu Ziyue’s neck with his finger, opened it and showed the side with the stamps to Xu Ziyue, “You got these, but he couldn’t. You’re safe, but he’s always in danger. That is why he doesn’t want you to have it so easy.”

Austin released the card allowing it to fall back down, “That’s it.”

“So, what did he do?” Xu Ziyue returned to his senses. He desperately tried to retain the other things apart from Austin in his mind.

Austin smiled. The gaze he used to look at Xu Ziyue seemed to drip with honey. His next words however gave Xu Ziyue a feeling of being soaked by a bucket of ice water in the middle of winter.

“He said……that you will leave me after you complete your task and said that you liking me is a lie; that it was all for the sake of using me to get the stamps.”

Xu Ziyue: Fu#^#%@%!!!


Xu Ziyue was burning with anger. He had the urge to rip off Wu Wenshan’s mouth but, in front of Austin, he wanted to shrink into the size of a dust particle.

He suppressed his anger, raised his hand and swore to show his sincerity: “I solemnly swear! I really, really, really do like you!”

“…..your face.” Xu Ziyue quietly added two more words at the end.

“Then what about leaving me?” Austin’s expression showed no joy nor anger. As usual, it was just a faint smile. However, it was also because of this that Xu Ziyue did not feel reassured.

Not to mention, Austin had immediately grasped onto the key point.

“That………” Xu Ziyue lowered his head. He was still crouching next to Austin’s wheelchair, “I believe that the good-looking are a different species. I…..I want to look more.”

Long silence ensued.

Xu Ziyue stared at the ground until flowers were about to bloom out from it.

After the long silence, Austin asked again: “So you did it for the stamps? And along the way……because I’m good looking……”

Xu Ziyue quickly interrupted, “No, no it’s not. I don’t need the stamps.” He raised his hand and quickly tore the card hanging before his chest.

He wasn’t able to tear it in half completely because Austin had grabbed Xi Ziyue’s hand.

Xu Ziyue only had one word to say about this physical contact: Awesome.

Austin released his hold and then rubbed his thumb over Xu Ziyue’s eyes.

Xu Ziyue: “………..” This isn’t good for my heart.

Austin’s actions were extremely gentle, but the words he spoke were the complete opposite: “Don’t you think that your love…….is too cruel?”

Oh no………

Sure enough, it can’t be rectified.

Austin didn’t care about Xu Ziyue’s reply, “Your words are inconsistent. You still plan to leave but you tore that card………So it means that you don’t need to collect all the stamps in order to leave, is that right?”

Xu Ziyue looked at Austin again and saw that he was still as good looking as usual. However, he now understood; Austin would never become the owner of this ship if he wasn’t powerful enough.

The fact that the little girl listened to Austin’s commands was proof.

And now while he and Austin talked, he had always been in control of the conversation. Little by little, he got the information he wanted.

Xu Ziyue now no longer believed that this person was the person he thought he was!

Gentle, pure, kind…….those were probably all fake.  (╥_╥)

He himself was almost stripped clean but Austin on the other hand was still shrouded in mystery.

“Seeing your expression, looks like I was right.”

Xu Ziyue looked up at Austin: “……..You’re really amazing.”

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Austin raised his eyebrow, “You’re not afraid of me?”

Xu Ziyue had crouched until his legs were numb. He sat down on the ground. “Buddha has no fears.”

Austin didn’t understand but he could guess the general meaning.

And so, he laughed, “Then what are the conditions for you to leave this world? And…..what’s the truth of this world?”

Xu Ziyue had already adopted an “ask all, answer all” attitude and wholeheartedly accepted Austin’s question.

But he was still shocked.

“How do you know everything?!” Xu Ziyue looked at Austin with grievances and also with admiration, “I didn’t say anything about this!”

“Yes.” Austin nodded, “It’s because others have talked about it. Also, my ears are very sensitive so even if you stand further away, I can hear you clearly.”

Xu Ziyue: “………….” Completely speechless.

Xu Ziyue said: “Then shouldn’t you know already……? Why are you asking me now?”

“Because I want to hear it from you.”

Xu Ziyue: “……………..” What kind of NPC is this?? So amazing?!

Wait a minute……..He can’t be the boss, right???

But he’s a boss that was more dependent on intelligence?? Because Austin’s legs……..Xu Ziyue suddenly felt that it might not necessarily be the case.

Just as Xu Ziyue was about to say something, Austin was one step ahead, “My subordinates will also report to me once they find out so don’t lie to me.”

“……….So, you knew about our existence from the beginning?” Xu Ziyue asked.

“Not exactly. The tour guides bring new people on board every month so it’s common getting groups of tourists. Just by accident, you stumbled in and later while I followed you around, I overheard some very interesting things.” Austin propped his upper body on the wheelchair armrest an reached out to touch Xu Ziyue’s face, “I then noticed afterwards that it was strange.”

“……………” So in the end it was still because of him? (╥_╥)

Xu Ziyue shed tears inside. This……..is probably the so-called butterfly effect.

Austin said: “It’s your turn now.”

This isn’t a case of you clap once, I clap twice…..But even if Xu Ziyue complained inside, what needed to be said should be said. Afterall……..

“Would you let me off if I don’t say it?”

Austin smiled, “No.”

Xu Ziyue: “Oh.” (? _?)

Xu Ziyue continued to struggle: “What are you going to do if I say it? Are you going to capture everyone that’s like me on the ship?”

“Hmm……..that will depend on your performance.” Austin grabbed a tuft of Xu Ziyue’s hair and held it there. As he tugged at it, Xu Ziyue felt slight pain on his scalp.

“How should I perform well?”

“Honesty.” He looked at Xu Ziyue, “If you don’t say it, others will. I just need to let them get the stamps.”

He had to admit, what Austin said was true.

And so, while studying Austin’s expressions, Xu Ziyue slowly began talking about the world and the game.

After listening, Austin remained silent for a long time. No one knew what he was thinking.

Xu Ziyue sat cross-legged and waited for Austin to finish thinking.

“What about you? Are you different from them?” Austin appeared to have understood something. He no longer asked about the horror game and instead asked about Xu Ziyue.

“That’s because………I’m playing a love capture game.” Xu Ziyue looked everywhere except at Austin.

Austin said: “Then that capture target should be me.”

Xu Ziyue raised his hand and clapped expressionlessly. He exclaimed with an exaggerated tone: “Congratulations, you are correct!”

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