Don’t Close Your Eyes At Me
Chapter 82: Guests Camouflaged as Villains

Gao Qi immediately threw out curses and pulled out a knife from his waist.

The knife was something he had picked up before they went out. It was the one he had used when he was sleepwalking. He intuitively felt that the town wasn’t safe and stored it there just in case. He didn’t expect it to come in handy so quickly.

Gao Qi had always strongly favoured his friends. If anyone dared to touch his brothers, he would cut their hands off.

It wasn’t a joke.

Unexpectedly, just as the tip of his knife was about to pierce through, another person was a step ahead.

A slender and powerful hand grabbed the “patient’s” arm that was covered with bloody sores and rotting flesh and twisted it in the opposite direction.

There was a crack.

 That rotting hand twitched and fell to the ground before rolling around a few times.


Everyone was shocked. This included Gao Qi who was still holding his knife.

He dumbfoundedly looked at the ruthless man.

Who else could it be apart from Qin Jiu?!

With his lips pursed, he casually flicked off the blood on his hand and turned to Yang Shu: “I remember you brought tissues?”

The domineering Miss Yang was also shocked by his actions. She mechanically pulled out her bag from her dress and handed him the tissues.

And Qin Jiu even gentlemanly said: “Thank you.”

Gao Qi: “???”

“Why did you grab him?” Miss Yang finally couldn’t hold back and asked the question Gao Qi wanted to ask.

Qin Jiu didn’t even look up. He pulled out two sheets of tissues and said: “The Black Death won’t last this long. You also said earlier that with the severity of the disease, it wouldn’t be an issue even if they lose a limb. Or did you actually plan to treat them and give them medicine?”

Yang Shi internally commented: Who discussed the matter of treating or not treating?? Was this the main issue here???

But before she was able to say anything, a scream rang out.

The patient who lost his arm reacted belatedly and instantly started to howl.

With this howl of his, all the other “patients” in the room started to howl too.

The examinees were startled by this and subconsciously covered their ears.

The next moment, the patients curled up in their sheets rushed out. Their bloody hands grabbed at the examinees standing before their beds.

In an instant, screams and shouts filled the entire church.

Qin Jiu felt an arm hook around his neck. The hand was clenched into a fist to avoid it touching his face.

He was then dragged over past a square pillar and his back was pressed against it.

You Huo removed his arm from Qin Jiu’s neck and frowned: “Are you crazy?”

“You mean this?” Qin Jiu raised his blood-stained hand, “I have always been crazy, didn’t you know that?”

The church’s stained-glass windows sat very high up on the walls. The gloomy light from outside passed through the stained glass, leaving only several rays.

Only one of Qin Jiu’s eyes was illuminated under that light. He jokingly blocked You Huo’s line of sight and said: “Don’t look at me like that. According to the nun’s words, you have been infected. Are you scared?”

You Huo: “Not scared.”

A disease from the exam. It obviously wasn’t going to be anything normal.

But he had even entered the coffin before so why would he be afraid of this so-called “infectious disease”?

“That’s no good.”

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“It’s very lonely being alone when you’re sick, Big Invigilator.” Qin Jiu shook the tissue apart and handed one over: “I’ll keep you company.”

You Huo suddenly felt like his heart was gently scratched.


The inside of the church was chaotic and messy.

On one hand, the examinees were scared. On the other hand, they also had other concerns——-

If they fought, they feared that they would touch the sores and also start rotting.

If they didn’t fight, then for how long will they need to run?

Gao Qi and Zhao Jiatong are very capable.

But fighting with your bare fists was already difficult against four pairs of hands let alone the fact that there are more than forty hands that are comparable to that of biohazard weapons.

They pressed down four of the “patients” onto the beds and then tied another two up with the sheets.

Yang Shu wasn’t from the military so she definitely couldn’t fight.

However, neither she nor Zhou Qi dragged them down. The two girls were first-rate in agility and flexibility. As they dodged, they even used their heels to clobber one of them.

But they didn’t have the upper hand.

These patients weren’t afraid of dying but they still wanted to live.

“Fuck! The knife is too short!”

Two black and bloody heads flew over. Gao Qi cursed and pushed Zhao Jiantong behind him.

He subconsciously closed his eyes and internally shouted: This is just a fucking infection! Come one! I dare you to infect my face directly!

As soon as they’re about an inch away from him, he heard a thud.

The blood and flesh he expected didn’t spatter onto his face and he instead heard the sound of something heavy falling.

Gao Qi opened his eyes.

He saw that the two “already infected” great masters had jumped in. They jumped across the bed and joined the chaos.

The so-called strong feared those who weren’t afraid of dying.

As for those who weren’t afraid of dying……….They feared the strong who weren’t afraid of dying.

You Huo and Qin Jiu carried a “what’s done is done” attitude and didn’t hold back.

Those patients were fighting while riddled with sores so they naturally couldn’t match with those two.

And so, it only took 15 minutes in total from beginning to end for the dark little church to “change completely”.

Beds were lying crooked everywhere and the so-called “patients” were all bound by the bedsheets such that only their rotting heads were revealed.

25 of them were lined up along the ground. At first glance, they looked like a group of bowling pins.

You Huo held a metal stool and coldly stood in front of one of them to impose onto him a silent threat.

Patient: “……….”

He moved his eyes and looked up. It met with the eyes of another great devil.

Qin Jiu stood behind him. With his hand touching his shoulder that was covered by the bedsheet, he bent down and asked: “That nun left in too much of a hurry and spoke too generally so we’re finding it hard understanding. Can you explain to us what this disease is?”

Patient: “……….”

He felt that if he said the wrong thing, the stool before him would be thrown over and the person behind him would directly twist his head off.

The examinees watching on the side were already speechless.

On one hand, they felt extremely exhilarated. On the other hand, they were also a little shocked….

Gao Qi looked at Zhao Jiatong with a complicated expression: “Hey, those two……uh, it makes this amiable middle-aged man feel complicated.”

Zhao Jiatong: “Why?”

“No matter how you look at it, we look more like the villains, don’t you think?” Gao Qi clenched his fist and quietly whispered a slogan: “Justice will always prevail over evil—–We’re the evil ones.”

Zhao Jiatong: “…………”

It really does look like it………

Zhao Jiatong: “Do you want them to change their way of questioning?”

Gao Qi: “That won’t do. I’ll just keep quiet.”

To be smashed to death or to have his head twisted off?

This was a death question.

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That patient groaned and said hoarsely: “It’s not the Black Death……..”

Yang Shu rolled her eyes with her arms crossed: “We know that.”

“This town used to have Black Death, but it had already passed. Those who had to die had already died and they’ve all been cremated. When winter came and snow fell, the disease was gone. The number of deceased here in the town cannot compare with the deceased in Carlton Manor……” The patient said slowly.

His eyes were very large. If it rotated around a little more, it looked like it could fall out.

There were also several moments when the right and left eyes were looking in different directions.

Yang Shu who stood on the side frowned. She turned and looked up at the lights inside the church and walked away quietly with bare feet.

The patient continued: “Speaking of the Black Death, the Duke also had it.”

The patient next to him hoarsely added: “Not just him. The Duke, his wife, his child, the butler, and their servants…….All of them.”

“That’s right. The Black Death spread very quickly. Those doctors wore masks and black robes and had themselves completely covered up, but it still got to them. Who could avoid it in the castle?”

Those patients looked like dead people. The words they spoke were also very haunting.

Many of the examinees who heard this felt goosebumps form along their arms, but no one interrupted.

“Later, after who knows how long, news came from the castle’s end. They said that the Duke managed to find a witchdoctor and was soon about to recover. Perhaps it was because they wanted to do good deeds, they sent food over to every household.” The patient said.

“Yes, I remember……They said they were afraid of infection, so they didn’t invite us to the castle. Instead we received fresh beef, mutton and large barrels of wine. After the Black Death, it was the first time we ate so well. That day I ate too much and vomited twice before starting to have a fever…”

Hearing this, You Huo asked: “There’s a problem with the food?”

That patient shook his head: “No. Only I was sick for a few days. The others were fine.”

The other patients agreed.

“My fever came and receded, came and receded. After a few days, perhaps because my body couldn’t handle it anymore, I got blood ulcers both large and small. Afterwards…..I…….”

That patient tilted his head in thought for a while and said: “I forgot……I seem to have always been staying in this church.”

Unable to be cured, he had always been here in the church.

The people around him gradually increased. Like him, they were similarly covered in sores and bloody flesh wounds.

“From time to time, waves of doctors would come – just like you guys. But we don’t remember the specifics…..Maybe some were burnt? And maybe some were infected?”

One examinee finally couldn’t help but ask: “Are you…….still alive?”

The patient was blank for a moment: “I forgot.”

It had been too long. This kind of torture had lasted too long.

They had already forgotten whether they were still alive…….

Yang Shu’s voice suddenly travelled over: “You guys come here.”

You Huo straightened up and looked over. At some unknown point in time, Yang Shu had moved to a corner of the church.

Above her was the church’s stained-glass window.

You Huo tiled his head over and said to Qin Jiu: “Go and take a look.”

The two finally moved away from the patient and walked over to Yang Shu one after another. The other examinees also gathered around.

Looking at it closely, they finally realised that the picture depicted in the stained-glass window wasn’t the ones you normally see in churches. Instead, it was of a person wearing a hood and a mask surrounded by a circle of candles.

The light from outside shone in from those candles. Looking over from their position, those patients bound in sheets were no longer human. There weren’t any blood or flesh on their faces. It was only white skulls.

Those skulls looked blankly over at the group through their dark holey eyes.

Gao Qi cursed: “I knew the history question was just a guise. What kind of history has something like this?”

The Black Death was fake. Sorcery was real.

An examinee trembled while asking seriously: “It might be because I read too many short stories, but this looks like a curse.”

Another examinee asked: “When the sun shines, they look like skeletons……How can this disease be treated? Kill them all?”

You Huo thought about it and turned to Qin Jiu: “I’m going to tie up the nun. You coming?”

Qin Jiu laughed: “How can you do naughty things without me?”

Other examinees: “???”

Gao Qi: “I’ll go too.”

Qin Jiu asked: “Have you been infected?”

Gao Qi: “No.”

“Unfortunately, I have.” Qin Jiu smiled and patted his shoulder: “Just be good and stay here.”

Gao Qi: “……….”

Is being infected something you should be so pleased about???

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“It’s very lonely being alone when you’re sick, Big Invigilator.” Qin Jiu shook the tissue apart and handed one over: “I’ll keep you company.”

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